Thursday, December 31, 2009

All Dolled Up Doll Clothing
Custom Red Party Dress

We ordered this item from Terrie to be a Christmas party dress... but Christmas has come and gone and we haven't posted about it yet. :P

Now it will be a New Year's Eve party dress...heehee. It is a very pretty red dress with a lot of beautiful detailing. We saw a picture of it and asked Terrie to make us one, and there was just enough fabric left for us. Cassie (fka Julie) is time-traveling this week (like Ruthie) and modeling this gorgeous frock.

It has a high-waist marked off by a silky red ribbon that ties in the back. The bottom hem is scalloped and edged with thread. There are two layers of fabric, which make it very shimmery. The bodice is gathered and we arranged it so that you could see both fabrics at the neckline. The wonderful silver heart necklace was included with this purchase. Everything about this dress is exquisite. Thank you so much Terrie!

Please enjoy the photos below.

Who else is staying up until Lanie is available on the website???

Lanie's Camper Slideshow

Lanie's Camper and Gear $295.00

Included: Fake shower, under-the-counter refrigerator, sink, and stove
The corkboard on the back wall folds down to be a bed, the cushioned bench on the right side opens up for storage
Gear: sleeping bag, teapot, camp cup and plate, saucepan, bread, 2 food jars, sauce jar, potholder, recycling bin, pasta box, 2 juice cans, 2 drink cartons, 9 sticker sheets (stickers can be used to decorate the camper and are removable)

Weighs: 43 pounds
Measurements: 11 1/4 inches wide, 26 inches high, 31 1/2 inches long
Adult assembly required
Cannot be shipped by USPS, or to Hawaii, Alaska, APO, FPO, or American Territories (due to its size)

Lanie Catalog Numbers, Prices

Hello again! Some people received their catalogs with Lanie in them, so that is where you can find the item numbers.... I will do a camper slideshow in the next post...

Lanie the Doll (with her Meet outfit)-- G0730-- Price $95.00
Lanie's Meet Accessories (Bunny, Messenger Bag, Laptop, etc.)-- G0734-- Price $32.00
Lanie's Nightgown, Slippers and Orangutan-- G0898-- Price $28.00
Raccoon and Can Set-- G1561-- Price $28.00

Lanie's Camper and Gear-- G0740-- price $295.00 (see slideshow in above post)

Lanie's Garden outfit (tank top and white shorts outfit)-- G0746-- Price $28.00
Lanie's Butterfly Outfit (red dress and orange cardigan outfit)-- G0744-- Price $28.00
Lanie's Hammock Set (hammock, pillow, journal)-- G0748-- price $38.00
Wildlife Set (fox, squirrel, owl, butterflies)-- G1563-- Price $34.00

Lanie's Starter Set (Meet Outfit, Doll, Butterfly Outfit, Garden Outfit, Meet Accessories, 2 Books)-- G0758-- Price $174.00
Four Tee-Shirts Sets for Girl and Doll-- $29.00 each-- Numbers: G0756, G0752, G0754, G2031

Doll Closet Polka Dot Dress

Goodbye 2009. And Goodbye Chrissa, GOTY.

Yes, in amongst the fits of Lanie excitement we must remember that Chrissa and her friends are on their way out of the AG "building." :(

So here is another Linda/Chrissa post with her modeling a polka dot dress from Etsy seller Doll Closet. The crocheted white hat was included with the dress, but we added the white belt ourselves to make a high waist for the dress, instead of an A-line dress. Linda stole Sundari's (fka Sonali) Meet shoes to go with the dress.

Please enjoy the photos!

All three Doll Closet/Christmas-y outfits from this week...

Byebye Chrissa.
We are very happy that you joined our "little" family. :)

More Lanie Pics

AG has already them loaded up onto their website server and combined with the catalog numbers, we can find the images of the new Lanie items... Here is a slideshow of a lot of the items so y'all don't have to plug in all the item numbers into a web address to find them. :)

Looks like the GOTY 2010 stuff is going to cost Penny a lot of pennies.... heehee.

p.s. There is also a camper and goodies that are included with it... but since it costs $295 it is too depressing to show the pics here... :'( But seriously, let me know if you want to see them, too. I can give it its own slideshow.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Doll Closet Christmas Skirt

I am a spastic blogging fiend today! Three posts so far! Yikes! I'm almost as spastic as Lanie's squirrel friend. ;)

Next up for our Christmas-y posts is this skirt purchased from Etsy seller Doll Closet (just like the previous dress). However, this time, being a skirt it had to be paired with other items from other sellers. Or else Sabrina would be half-naked....

So what you see below is one of the eared hats from Etsy seller Lavenderlore, a blue tank top from Liberty Jane Clothing, a multi-colored scarf from Liberty Jane Clothing, the Christmas tree skirt from Doll Closet, and brown knee-high lace-up boots from Liberty Jane Clothing. I love, love, love these boots.

It is just the kind of mish-mash outfit that Sabrina loves to model.
Quirky. Just like Sabrina.
Please enjoy the photos!

Doll Closet Christmas Dress

Here is the beginning of those Christmas-y posts I was talking about a week ago... yeah, I'm a bit slow per usual. But I am finally back from my out-of-state excursion and I have the time to organize these things.

First we have a Christmas-themed Asian-style Crossover dress purchased from Etsy seller Doll Closet. It is created from a novelty fabric with words like "Naughty," "Santa," "Joy," etc. printed on it. Our Ruthie (fka Jess) is modeling this fun dress for us. It came with the red tie-on belt that can also be used as a headband and of course can be used for other outfits as well. Always nice to have those types of versatile accessories.

Want to visit the Doll Closet shop?
Click here.

Please enjoy the photos!

Another Lanie Doll Pic

Here is another picture of Lanie. It shows us another outfit, the hammock, butterflies, and some wilderness friends. They are pretty cute animals. Though the squirrel is a bit large.... ;)

I wonder if you can buy those tiny butterflies as part of her collection??? They look really nice in her hair.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lanie Doll Pic

One more week until we can order Lanie..... here is a picture of the doll courtesy of the interwebs. Classic face mold. Looks like hazel eyes.

So what do you guys think? Interested in Lanie???

Penny Bought Us a Surprise Holiday Gift

Yes, Penny says she ordered all of us dolls a new holiday gift today but she isn't spilling the beans as to what it is she ordered. She says it is going to be a surprise. Well, it can't be Lanie....because she can't be ordered yet. What is it? New doll duds? A new pet? New furniture? ???

So what do you think the surprise is?

Downtown Disney Pictures!

It's Sunday again, and we have another
Walt Disney World slideshow!

Here is the final group of photos from Florida. They include snapshots from all around Downtown Disney, including some inside the largest World of Disney store in the world (which includes things like skeleton pirates and Beauty and the Beast character sculptures). You'll also see Mr. Potato Head, Stitch, a Lego Transformer, the Flight of Wonder helium balloon, a Mega Blok Captain Jack Sparrow, a dinosaur skeleton and so much more! It was a fun place to take photographs.

Hope you like the pictures!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas readers!

I was going to do a lot of posts while on vacation this week... but then there was the air travel, and the driving part, and the family dinners and such. So I am running out of free time! But I will post some Christmas-y things eventually. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tagged by Lola :)

Okay, so I have to admit I didn't really understand what "I tagged you" meant.... but we went to Lola's Blog and figured it out... I guess it is like the game of Tag- as in now "I'm it." It is quite an amusing concept to play Tag via Blogs.... So here we go---- there is a series of questions and I have to give my answers to them. I hope I do this correctly:

List 7 songs your into right now. . .
1. Ravel's "Bolero"
2. The theme song from "Christmas Vacation" movie
3. The Nutcracker "Waltz of the Flowers"
4. VV Brown's "Shark in the Water"
5. Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas"
6. Loreena McKennitt's "Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance"
7. Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's "No Air"

What car do you want when you are older????
A limo, so someone else can drive me around all day ;)

Where do you want to live when you grow older???
A big log cabin in Colorado.

Where do you want to go to college???
Someplace where it is free. :P

How many siblings do you have????
Two, my twin sister Ellie and my little sister Maggie.

How many children do you want when you grow up????
Hmm, never thought about that much. But maybe two.

Boy or Girls???
Well, if I happened to have kids... I guess I would choose girls.

City Girl or Country Girl???
Country Girl. Too much concrete gives me a rash. :P

Flying or Driving??????
Flying. Soooo much faster than driving.

Biking or Swimming????
Hmmm, either one is cool. But I guess swimming is my preference. In a pool down in Walt Disney World.

Do I play sports? Nope. No hand-eye coordination and my vinyl limbs don't really bend that well....

Books or movies?????
Both are awesome, but I usually end up watching a lot more movies than reading books.

Schools or chores????
Hmmm, chores. They are way easier than Math class.

Inside or outside?????
Outside, even though I'm trapped inside all the time. ;)

Wednesday or Sunday?????
Sunday. I get to sleep in and then eat brunch.

Friends or Family??????
Can't really pick one or the other. That's how life is. You need both. ;)

Fried or Scrambled eggs????
Either way. But scramby eggs with melty cheese can taste pretty good.

Pancakes or cereal?????
Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup sounds great right about now.... you are making me hungry.

Big meal or something small?????
Hmm, small I guess. I am only 18" tall. I can't eat that much food.

Movie or T.V. show???
TV shows. I am addicted to TV shows. Especially older ones that I can watch all the episodes ever created over several weeks. Like "The Greatest American Hero" and "School Rumble," silly stuff like that. ;)

Favorite thing to do outside????
Garden. When we had a garden; we don't anymore. :( So I guess now hiking is my favorite thing.

Favorite meal???
Umm, anything not cooked by Penny. She is a terrible cook. (Don't tell her I said that.)

Place to read a good book???
On the couch. Comfy couch. With chocolate chip cookies and cocoa by my side...

Favorite vegetable????
Peas. Me likey the peas.

Where do you want to live when you graduate???
A big log cabin in Colorado, much like the same place I want to live when I grow up. :)

What time of day do you like best???
Dinnertime, when we go out to a restaurant to eat. ;)

What is your favorite flower????

Do you like writing????
Yes, very much so. But I never have enough time to write everything I want to write.

What is your favorite month????
Hmmm, don't know for sure, but probably October. Halloween time.

Do you like adventure????
Only if it doesn't involve any injuries or hospital stays afterward. :P

Do you collect anything??? If so, what do you collect????
We collect doll clothing. Lots and lots of doll clothing.... ;)

Do your grandparents live near you????
Nope, several states away.

Are you bored of this???
I'm already finished? Too bad. It was fun to answer the questions! :)

Well, I guess in the interest of "tagging" I will tag all of my readers. Choose one question to answer from those listed above and answer it in a comment. You don't have to answer all 33ish- just do one if you want to play along with the "Tag" game. (And make sure you list which question you are answering so we know what you are talking about, heehee.)


Our Crazy Christmas Tradition

Slightly off topic, but still amusing. During every Thanksgiving vacation our little family sets up a Christmas display on the upper kitchen counter. It's not your "normal" Christmas display...

Baby Jesus in the Manger??? Nope....
A Department 56 Dickens Christmas Village??? Nope....
Snowmen??? Christmas Trees??? Gingerbread Men???
Nope, nope, and nope.
American Girl Dolls??? Nope....
(Though this would be awesome.)
Little Toy Animals Dressed in Crazy Costumes???

Every year since Penny was much, much... much... younger, she and her family would create dioramas of her Sylvanians/Calico Critters for the holidays. It started with things like The Nutcracker, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Emmet Otter's Jug-band Christmas, and so on. Every year is a new theme. And every year it becomes a little more... involved.

This year's theme is "A Peter Pan Christmas." Penny kind of went a little "overboard" and gathered some pretty elaborate props. But we think it was all worth it. Want to see some pictures? I hope so, because we have some to show you. Way way way too many. But we are trying to tell the story of Peter Pan... heehee... Hope you enjoy the photos!

The Darling Children's Bedroom, Peter Pan Teaches Them How to Fly

The Lost Boys and their Treehouse Home

Native Americans and their Teepee Home

Tigerlily is Kidnapped by Pirates and taken to their Ship past the Mermaids while the Crocodile Waits for His Dinner....

Will Peter Pan save Tigerlily from the Pirates???

Picture from Renata!

Renata S., one of our Rebecca Giveaway Winners, sent us a picture of Rebecca in her new home!! How exciting! Here she is with Julie, Paige (fka Kit), and the Nutcracker. ;)

She looks so happy with her new friends!
Thank you so much for sharing this photo with us Renata!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Liberty Jane Summertime Chic

Happy Christmas Vacation everyone!

My last day of school until 2010 was on Friday and I enjoyed being lazy today. And now I'm looking forward to some prezzies for moi on Friday. Ah, prezzies.....*starts daydreaming about prezzies*

So what do we have for you today? Another Liberty Jane outfit, of course! This ensemble comes from the Summer 2009 LJC Line, and it was called "Summertime Chic."

It is a great mix and match outfit with last week's outfit. My spoiled twin sister Ellie gets to model today's outfit and it is shown in three different mix and match versions. The first is the original format: light purple knit tank top, silver shiny-ish shrug, and a jean skirt with a ruffled plaid edge. Fantastic! The second version is the tank and shrug combined with the silver/grey skirt from last week's outfit, and the third version is the jean skirt and shrug with the purple sparkly halter top from last week. Make sense? I hope so...

There are also some snowflake ornaments being featured in our photos, along with the embroidered turquoise clogs from AG that we bought back in June at AGPNY. The overall idea is that there will be a whole lot of photos below... Hope you enjoy them!

"Summertime Chic" Outfit....

Mix and Match #1....

Mix and Match #2....

Ellie is so lucky to be modeling some Liberty Jane this week! And her hair looks so cute in this post.... but don't tell her I said that...

Liberty Jane Clothing is on vacation until January 1st, just like my vacation from school! Anything you buy between now and then will be shipped on January 4th, 2010. Click here to visit their sites. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Animal Kingdom Pictures!

Another Sunday, another Walt Disney World slideshow!

It's like we planned it!.... Well, we are trying to be productive with our posts........trying........ ;)

At the Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom you get to see a lot of animals and more animals and then some more animals.... so you can guess that there will be a lot of animals in the photos below. And of course, there are those blue Florida skies, wonderfully green grass and lush plant-life (which are certainly not in Badger's Wood in December...)

Enjoy the photos!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

All Dolled Up Doll Clothing
Three Twilight Shirts!

Remember when we mentioned "Twilight" right before the "New Moon" movie opened? Well, Terrie at All Dolled Up Doll Clothing mentioned that she could make up some shirts with Twilight images on them. So we got some for our Twilight fans here in Badger's Wood. :D

The three long-sleeve shirts have the following pictures on them: Edward and Bella, Edward (just like the image on our blog!), and Jacob. Two white, one black. All pretty awesome. So who is lucky enough to get one? Well, we decided Stella, Sundari and our JLY #44 should each get one. #44 has been officially named Arista Lee Navarre. Yes, a little different than what we were all thinking about before with Autumn and Jessica, etc. But she finally just spoke up and told us her name in a very straight-forward manner. So now she is one of Stella's school chums.

Well you can't just wear boring ol' duds with fantastic new "Twilight" shirts; so we paired up the shirts with some clothing we had hidden away in our Doll Wardrobe. Heehee. Arista is wearing a beautiful pleated purple skirt from Etsy seller HelensHandmades. In addition, her boots, Sundari's cropped pants and boots, and Stella's skirt and tights come from Ruby Red Galleria. This is a Hong Kong company known mostly for making really great doll wigs (some of which fit AGs). They also have a small clothing line. Click here to see the clothing they carry which fits AGs. Stella's shoes are the sparkly high tops from Liberty Jane Clothing that came with the "Code Red" outfit.

As you can see below, we played with the Photobucket "stickers" option a little bit for this post and added some "Holiday Decorations" to this first picture. It amused me greatly to do this. Stella was a bit upset at first that I added bows onto them all, but then she admitted that they all looked very cute. ;)

These are some pretty wonderful shirts!
Especially that Edward shirt... he's so handsome.... ;)
Thank you so much Terrie!!

Interested in visiting the All Dolled Up online store
to see all the wonderful things Terrie has available for you?
Click here!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sewsecret4dolls Fall/Winter Outfit

Happy Eighth Night of Hanukkah!

Here is our Rebecca again to say farewell to Hanukkah 2009 and show off some more of her holiday presents. Tonight she received this neat-o outfit from Etsy seller Sewsecret4dolls! The ensemble included the long-sleeve dark brown shirt, embroidered jeans (so fancy!), and tan crocheted hat and scarf. An awesome set!

Doesn't Rebecca look good in everything? Speaking of Rebecca, we wanted to let our readers know that our three Rebecca Giveaway winners have received their dolls and they are all very excited and happy to get their prizes. It feels good to know that they are all greatly appreciated!

So the last time we did a "What doll should we give away next?" poll was awhile ago and our readers may have changed their minds a bit from the last poll. Especially since Kirsten is being archived and the GOTY 2009 dolls are going away/gone.

We won't do another doll giveaway for a bit of time, but we wanted to know if there are any ideas or requests from our readers? The new JLY doll #41 is on the list of possibilities (dark black/brown wavy hair and green eyes), and Sonali was also pretty high up on the list. And there may be some of you wishing you had a Kirsten. Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?

Linda's Nayasdesigns Blue Dress

Another Linda/Chrissa post!

This dress pictured below may look familiar to The Doll Wardrobe readers because Susan Shapiro has this same 1940s dress from Etsy seller Nayasdesigns in green! Yes, now they have two dresses that are matchy-matchy. It is a pretty dress pattern (with the combo of ruffles and short sleeves, the buttons down the front, and the full skirt) and it came with a headband, and the white tights. Again, this is a great color with Linda's blue eyes. And once more, a puppy makes an appearance to enhance the cuteness level of this post.

Super-thanks to Nayasdesigns for another great dress!
Click here to visit her Etsy store!

Like this dress?
Click the picture below to see one with the same
design currently available from Nayasdesigns!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lanie, GOTY 2010

Well, its December 16th and we already have a sneak peek at Lanie, the Girl of the Year for 2010. Amazon and Barnes and Noble can be thanked for "leaking" these book covers out into the world. ;)

So, as you can see below, she is blonde, with curly hair and possibly green/hazel eyes. The eyes could be any color really... but that is the word on the street... green or hazel. Cute-looking illustration. I wonder what face-mold the doll will have?

We have been thinking about getting more blonde dolls... but we were contemplating #24 or #27 because pics of them are always very beautiful. Hmmm, well we will have to see what she looks like in dolly format before we decide to get her or not....

How about you? Is Lanie already on your wish-list?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Liberty Jane Spring 2009 Outfit

Happy Liberty Jane Monday!
And Happy Fourth Night of Hanukkah!

For today's Liberty Jane Monday we have a flashback to Spring 2009 when we purchased the main outfit for this post- I believe it was called "Spring #8".... a sparkly purple halter top and a silver/grey skirt with a sequined band above a ruffled edge. It is a pretty snazzy outfit and works well as a holiday party outfit, even though it was in the Spring 2009 Liberty Jane Line.

For the Mix-N-Match Game, we paired the silver/grey skirt from this outfit with the top from Code Red with a grey tank top underneath it (because the Code Red patterned tee is see-through on its own). Stella, my stepsister, is modeling both outfits for us tonight and they look pretty awesome with her black hair and dark brown eyes.

And here is the usual link to the Liberty Jane Clothing online store. They have now listed their Holiday 2009 Collection (3 cute outfits) in the store for easy holiday shopping. Yippee!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mickey's Not-So-Scary
Halloween Party Pictures!

Thirteen years later, we finally get around to showing you some of those pictures we took down in Florida at Walt Disney World in late October! We know that these aren't very "wintry" pictures but now that it is turning into a very very cold winter here in Badger's Wood, we thought that by posting these photos we can daydream about the 90 degree weather we enjoyed while down there...

We begin with the Boo to You Parade at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom. It starts off with the Headless Horseman riding the parade route as a signal that the fun is about to start. Sorry for the terrible pictures, but capturing a moving parade at night is kind of difficult...

But here is the synopsis of what you are seeing:
1) Headless Horseman
2) Boo to You Parade sign being rolled by witches
3) Witch (who was rolling the sign)
4) Frolicking Disney characters
5) Daisy Duck in the fancy gazebo
6) Winnie the Pooh and his friends in Halloween costumes (3 slides)
7) Captain Hook's pirate ship being followed by the hungry Crocodile (4 slides)
8) Pirates of the Caribbean float with Captain Jack Sparrow at the summit (2 slides)
9) Haunted Mansion tribute with the Graveyard Keeper and his Dog, Ballroom Dancing Ghosts, and Hitchhiking Ghosts (4 slides)
10) The Fall-Decorated Chicken Coop
11) The Boo to You Skeleton Band (2 slides)
12) Jafar in his Castle
13) The Evil Queen from Snow White in her castle
14) Goofy's Candy Company vehicles (2 slides)

Here are the Magic Kingdom Halloween decorations in the daylight...

And here are some more Party pictures, including some of the Haunted Mansion staff dressed up in special spooky costumes, Madame Leota, the Haunted Mansion at night, the pet cemetery, and some guests in Tim Burton character costumes.

Also, there is a cast member who is "painting" with water on the sidewalk. He is creating Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. And the last photo is Cinderella's Castle lit for the party. It would change colors all night- magenta, blue, green, etc.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Hanukkah!

It's the second night of Hanukkah, so we thought that we'd show you Rebecca today with her silver menorah, her nesting dolls, and a new green dress from Heritage Clothesline (Heritage4's Etsy shop).

So for the first night of Hanukkah, Rebecca received this two-tone minty green dress with a fantastic patterned fabric and a wonderful design. In the pictures below she is wearing it over a white tee shirt with gathered sleeves that we got from Liberty Jane Clothing. Tonight, Rebecca's Hanukkah gift was the nesting dolls that Penny purchased for her a long long time ago. Aren't they adorable? Penny tried to find a set that resembled the set in the NYC AG Place Rebecca curio cabinet.

Happy Hanukkah!

Update Vintique Designs Stockings

Vintique Designs just reported to us that their local internet service provider has "upgraded" services, and it has disconnected about 500 people - them included!

They can't receive emails until this issue gets resolved... which may or may not be next week. So their email system is kicking back incoming emails as undeliverable.

They apologize for the inconvenience, and they will contact us again when it is fixed.

Melody Valerie
The Holly and The Ivy

Yay! We actually created this post before the holidays are over! It's a big accomplishment for us since we are usually six months behind in our posting schedule... but we thought it was important to post this now since these are Christmas-themed items.

Melody Valerie's Christmas Line 2009 is the Holly Coat, which you see modeled on Mary (fka Ruthie), and the Ivy Cape, which I am modeling. Yay me!

As of the moment when I wrote this post,
there were 2 capes and 4 coats left.

The Holly Coat is handcrafted with a red wool exterior, gold cotton-silk lining, and gold-plated buttons. Buttons and button-holes. Sometimes a challenge for doll clothing made from thick fabric, but here they are very easy to use. This coat looks particularly smashing on dark-haired dolls, as you can see with our Mary. Under the coat she is wearing the Melody Valerie SchoolGirl dress which we will be showing you soon in another post. :)

The Ivy Cape is made from a deep green mini-corduroy, with a silver cotton-silk lining. The off-white pearly buttons work with loops to close the cape and again, are very easy to use. I am modeling this cape over the Melody Valerie Wintry Meadows dress which you saw on my sister Ellie earlier this month. My sister and I think, personally, that the cape looks best with long dresses that go to the floor. It really adds something visually to the way the cape drapes.

We have to say this: doll outerwear is not an easy thing to create. The fit has to be just right or it will either look (a) too bulky and your AG will resemble the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters or (b) too snug and you won't actually be able to put on any clothing underneath the outerwear. And then your doll will feel just a bit chilly. Not every seamstress can master that magical in-between zone where the outerwear fits just right, but Melody Valerie certainly has, as you can see in the photos below.

We think that the MVC Christmas 2009 Line is gorgeous and we hope that Melody Valerie Couture continues to craft outerwear in the future. Thank you MVC for these awesome and unique items!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintique Designs
Christmas Stockings for AGs

We wanted to post about Vintique Designs' custom stocking service for those of you who have started decorating your home for the holidays and might be looking for Christmas stockings for your American Girl doll.

According to Vintique Designs: "The stockings are 8.5" long from the top of the loop to the end of the jingle bell; all cotton with a nice cotton lining, and decorative trim. They are washable, and will hold a pair of doll shoes + other small items in their 2" diameter.... They're great fun... the photo with our Felicity is to show for scale."

Cost is $10.99 + $1.85 shipping, and will be custom made. They currently have 7 different fabrics, as shown in the pictures below, and they will fill orders as fast as their little fingers can sew them! Please feel free to email them at to place your order or ask questions. They take Paypal, checks or money order.

Looks like Felicity gets to be Santa's helper this year!
Lucky girl!

They're so pretty!
Just looking at them makes me want to start wrapping
dolly-sized presents to put in them....

I tried to talk Penny into getting one for each of us dolls, and then she reminded me just how many stockings that would be...... and that the fireplace mantle would be a bit "busy." Obviously the solution to this problem would be to build four or five more fireplaces..... right?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Liberty Jane Code Red

Another Linda/Chrissa post!

Yes, I'm swarming you with them this month.... heehee. Here is our Liberty Jane "Monday" for this week... which is of course, actually a Liberty Jane Wednesday.....

Our main outfit for today's post is the Fall Line 2009 Code Red outfit, and it has been mashed up with the Fall Line 2009 Green Peace outfit you saw on Emily in her blue wig awhile ago. The Code Red outfit came with 5 pieces: periwinkle(ish) jeans, sparkly converse sneakers, black vest, white tank top, and patterned tee shirt. Our mix-and-match outfit features the sneaks, jeans, and vest combined with the black and white shirt from Green Peace. The vest and shirt combo kinda looks like a black jacket!

Linda is a big fan of the sparkly converse sneaks since they match her favorite Christmas tree ornament--- the sparkly silver reindeer we got from Target 400 years ago. Okay, it was just four years ago. But it feels like longer than that..... So say hello to our awesome silver reindeer-- Dancer! Yeah, we aren't very creative with our reindeer names around here...

So here is Code Red....

And here is the Mix-and-Match outfit!

Yay! We managed to create a Liberty Jane post this week! Yippee!

Interested in Liberty Jane clothing for your dollies?
Click here to see their Ebay auctions!
Click here to visit their online shop!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Linda's Dollies Dressmaker Frock

As promised, we have more posts on Linda/Chrissa!

Here is a striped 1940s dress from The Dollies' Dressmaker that is based off of a dress shown in a 1947 Sears catalog.

What is The Dollies' Dressmaker?
Click here to find out and shop at their online store!

What's so awesome about this dress? Well the fabric for one thing. It is vibrant and fun and looks great on Linda. Second, the crissy-crossy-stripy effect created by the changes in direction of the fabric. Third, the little floral applique on the bodice that corresponds with the pocket on the skirt that has another applique! So cute! And fourth, those who have been reading the blog know that Susan Shapiro already owns the brown version of this dress. This way the girls can be matchy-matchy when they go to school! And of course, we just had to throw in one of our puppies to increase the cuteness factor a bit more. ;)

Want a dress like this for your dolly? The Dollies' Dressmaker is actually carrying one like it right now. Look below for a picture and click here to check it out online.

So you probably noticed that our Liberty Jane Monday didn't happen yet this week... but we will try and get one in before the week is gone. December will probably be a month of us posting a whole bunch of random stuff sporadically. Eek! But we only have fourteen more days until we leave again on a jet plane. 14 Days! Yikes... and we just got back...

And we'll be going to American Girl Place in New York City in mid-January! We'll be sure to take some photos of the new GOTY 2010 display and goodies. So that's another thing to add to our "Post About This Eventually" List... ;)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Pilgrim Duds

Yes, we finally get back to those pilgrim outfits I talked about on Thanksgiving but couldn't actually post all the pictures of because the computer I was working on was so sloooooooooooow. It was not a computer that was meant to do photo-editing. I'm sure some of you out there know too well what I am complaining about.

But complaints aside for now, we managed to snag ourselves two Pilgrim outfits this holiday season- one from Donna Cotterman's Etsy shop and the other from Ebay seller DollhouseDesigns_inTime.

Want to visit Mrs. C's Etsy shop?

Want to investigate DollhouseDesigns_inTime's Ebay auctions?
Click here!

I, Nora Demington, am modeling the Pilgrim ensemble from DollhouseDesigns_inTime (on the right), and Sabrina M. Dove is modeling the Pilgrim outfit from Donna Cotterman.

The ensemble from Ebay came with 5 pieces: bonnet, collar, jacket, skirt, and apron. The outfit from Donna came with 3 pieces: bonnet, jacket, and skirt. So in truth, because everything is separate pieces-- it is all interchangeable!

Don't we look so sweet? It was nice to have these costumes for our Turkey Day festivities. Unfortunately, despite still being able to frolic around in our pilgrim duds, we have run out of T-day leftovers. Ack! Somebody is going to have to start cooking again! Where's that Chinese take-out menu......

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keepers Dolly Duds
1940s Plaid Dress for Linda

Waaachaaaa! Sneaky sneak sneak attack!

Back on September 3rd one of our readers- Avery V. - noticed Chrissa in the guest review of the VintiqueDesigns56 Work-A-Day set. She was surprised to see her since we had never announced owning Chrissa. This was in fact Adventures in AG's Chrissa.

But indeed, we actually did already have Chrissa here in Badger's Wood. Yes, with the subtle moves of a highly-trained ninja we acquired ourselves a "Linda Rinaldi" doll to complete our 1940s four-pack of friends. We just wanted to wait until December 2009 to show her off. "Why?," I hear you ask....

Well because Linda, fka Chrissa, is the Girl of the Year 2009 and December will be the last month to buy her from AG. So this is going to be our little farewell tribute month for Chrissa. We will try and post about Linda/Chrissa several more times in the coming weeks.

First off for our Chrissa tribute we have Linda modeling a Keepers Dolly Duds plaid 1940s dress which is ideal for school-day attire. We just love this dress with its two-fabric design and the little buttons and bow on the front under the collar. And the light blue in the plaid fabric looks pretty neat with Linda's eye coloring. To top it all off, Linda is sporting some mighty fine pigtails to complement her new Keepers frock.

She is quite a pretty doll and we are lucky
to have her here in Badger's Wood.

Stay tuned to The Doll Wardrobe for more
Linda/Chrissa posts this month! Yay for 1940s clothing!
And yay for GOTY dolls!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Melody Valerie Wintry Meadows


Yes, that's right folks--- The Melody Valerie Couture small Christmas line was outerwear! Wowser! We had been dreaming about MVC dresses, while we should have been imagining coats and cloaks! What a nice surprise! :)

We ordered one of each item, the Ivy Cape and the Holly Coat, and they are already here! So we should be showing them to you today on the blog in order to be timely, but I think we all know that I am a wee bit behind in my posting. I haven't even finished posting on the Fall 2009 line!

So that is why today we are looking at my twin sister Ellie modeling the Fall '09 Wintry Meadows dress. This is a very elegant dress and its beauty is difficult to capture in photos. But we added an up-close shot of the fabric in the slideshow to give you an idea of the texture and color of the dress. It is a deep green, but in most of the photos it looks darker than it is in person.

Ellie said this dress was her favorite because of its uniqueness with the long sleeves, wide neckline, and gathered bodice. With her honey-blonde-reddish hair and hazel eyes, the Wintry Meadows dress looks especially smashing on Ellie. And I bet it would look really fabulous with the MVC Ivy Cape and Holly Coat.... if I can ever get around to taking pictures of those items.....

Interested in shopping at the MVC Etsy shop?
Click here!

Want to learn more about MVC?
Read their blog here!

Rebecca(s) Giveaway Winners Announced!

Well, its December 2nd here in Badger's Wood and
the holidays are starting early for three lucky winners!

Yes, indeed I said three lucky winners!!!
We are pretty good at surprising you, right?

The winner of the Grand Prize: the much-less-wonky-eyed Rebecca Doll and the complete prize package including her accessories and a handmade outfit is...

Christine H.!

Congratulations Christine!

The winners of our two runner-up prizes of slightly-wonky-eyed Rebeccas with their paperback Meet books are...

Anna Z. and Renata S.!

Congratulations Anna and Renata!

We have emailed all three winners via the email address they provided and request that the winners respond to that email within a week so that we know where to mail your prizes. If we don't get an email back from you within seven days we will have to pick a new winner or winners. So be sure to check your email accounts. :)

Again, congratulations winners!

And for those who did not win a Rebecca Doll, don't be too sad-- we will be having a lot of new giveaways coming up soon, and maybe even some new dolly giveaways. So there will be more chances to win right around the corner!

Thanks for entering the contest everyone. We really appreciate your interest!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sewsecret4dolls Winter Jumper Set

Still can't decide if you want to enter our Rebecca Doll Giveaway?

Here is our Rebecca Isaacke modeling a nice Winter jumper set from Etsy seller Sewsecret4dolls. Doesn't she look cute? The outfit includes the patterned corduroy jumper, the green knit turtleneck, the crocheted green hat, and the crocheted burgundy purse. It is quite a sweet set, perfect attire for those holiday shopping excursions.

Anyone else excited about the Giveaway
winners being announced tomorrow???

All of the Rebeccas here sure are
anxious to find out who is going to win. ;)
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