Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quinny and Co Crafts on Etsy!

Just wanted to help out a loyal reader by announcing the opening of her new Etsy shop! It's called Quinny and Co Crafts and you can find it by clicking here.

Here are the currently available items... so cute!

What's Melody Valerie Couture Been Up To?

Heehee... creating the Spring 2010 Line of course! This Saturday, April 3rd, is the big release date for the new spring line from Melody Valerie Couture... Very exciting!!!

What else has MVC been up to recently??? Well while working feverishly on the spring line, they have also started up a new 1950s project for us at The Doll Wardrobe. What could it be? We gave the designers at MVC three dress designs to choose from...and one was picked out to be created as a doll-sized version (with different colors and fabrics, though).

Here are the three choices:

Which one do you think the MVC designers
chose to be our next custom 1950s dolly dress?
Any guesses?

p.s. Stay tuned later today for some Etsy shop news from one of our readers!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hot Topic Clothing We Want in Doll Form

What kind of crazy post is this???

Well after looking at the Project Doll Runway contest and the Liberty Jane ValenSpring contest, we were thinking about how we'd love to design clothing for AGs too! But as dolls, we can't really sew.... nor draw fashion.... and honestly, Penny can't do those things either. :(

But we can dream! That takes no skilz at all! Haha! So we chose one clothing store we love and picked all the clothing available there that we'd love to see turned into AG-sized clothing! Do you guys ever pick out human-sized clothing you'd love to see in dolly form??? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments!

These Hot Topic clothes would be for our older teenage dolls, like Stella, and we'd definitely want the skirts to be a little bit longer.... But golly it would be awesome to have such items in our doll clothing collection..... even if they are just for my stepsister and her friends! ;P

Sdls275 is Back!

After quite a long while away from Ebay, Seller sdls275 has started up her auctions again! Huzzah! We were beginning to think that she wasn't coming back. Let's hope that she is back for good! Heehee.

Here's the link to the Ebay shop---- there are currently three auctions up for sale: a 1930s spring dress, a yellow coat, and an ensemble for Kirsten. All three auctions end this Thursday, April 1st, 2010.

Monday, March 29, 2010

More Liberty Jane Denim Combos

Before we get to the rest of this post, some quick news: there's a new Liberty Jane Clothing outfit from the 2010 Spring Line available in an Ebay auction! It is called "Boomerang" and it is pretty cool. See the LJC collage below....

We love, love, love everything about this outfit!
It is the first installment of "Outback Libby" design.
Auction ends April 4th, 2010.

Today's Liberty Jane Monday features Lira and Kaya wearing two pieces of custom-made denim clothing. Yay! Lira is wearing the tee shirt from "Code Red," with a LJC blue tank top, and a blue denim skirt. Kaya is wearing a new silky purple LJC jacket with the sheer tank top from "Picture Day" over a black tank, paired with blue denim jeans. They look pretty chic in their fancy duds!

Enjoy the pics!

Well so far we have seen three of the new LJC spring outfits...I wonder what other outfits will be available???.... So exciting to think about what is around the corner!

p.s. The winners of the 2010 LJC ValenSpring Contest have been announced here... click the linky! Congratulations winners! And a thanks from us to everyone who entered--- we always have such fun watching your videos on Youtube and Facebook during these contests. :D We wish we had even half of your design talents and creativity!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

See PDR Round Two Outfits!

Here is the quick update I promised! The Project Doll Runway Round Two outfits are up and available for viewing. Click the linky to see them for yourself! There are some pretty fantastic creations in there--- the kind of outfits that make me wish we could order some for us dolls here in Badger's Wood! ;)

And remember, you can vote in this competition if you are a member of the AG Playthings Message Board and/or the Over 18 AG Live Journal community.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Project Doll Runway

Are you a member of AG Playthings Message Board or the Over 18 AG Live Journal community?

Then you can vote in the Project Doll Runway competition! If not, you can still see the awesome outfits being made by members of those communities for this competition! Fun times!

What am I talking about??? Well every year around the springtime very organized organizers organize "Project Doll Runway." It is a doll version of Project Runway- that famous reality show that pits clothing designers against each other. Every round of the competition is a new type of challenge, and the dolly seamstresses make an outfit from scratch to satisfy the challenge.

Here is the link to the Round One entries, so you can see people's awesome creations! The Round One challenge was to make an outfit for a current or past Limited Edition Doll of the Year, such as Lanie, Jess, Kailey, etc.

Round Two entries should be posted on the PDR blog page soon. The Round Two challenge was to create a modern outfit inspired by any time period. I will post an update here when the new entries are available for viewing. And again--- if you are a member of the aforementioned communities, you can vote in Round Two--- just read through the PDR blog posts to learn how! :)

Seejoansew "Squeak's Outfit"

The last time we showed off a Seejoansew outfit was awhile ago... so I think it is time to revisit Beds-n-Blankies and the Punk Pirate line from Fall 2009. Don't have a clue what I am talking about? Click here to visit the online shop of Beds-n-Blankies. I encourage you to surf around the site- there is a lot of cool stuff there. Our outfits were purchased from the Sassy Separates section of the store but there is not any Sassy Separates currently for sale, FYI.

So who gets to model today's wearables??? Lira Sartorius!! Black and white clothing can look pretty awesome on an almost-bleach-blonde doll, let me tell you. Lira is rocking the Punk Pirate outfit formerly worn by "Squeak"- one of Seejoansew's models who is a unique pink-haired doll.

What came from Seejoansew for this outfit? And what did we add? Well the hat, scarf, black tank top, skirt, and blue socks were all made with care by Joan. The black bracelet, flashy boots, and the white tie-on sock garters we added ourselves for a bit of pizazz.

Enjoy the pics below! And please speak up in the comments if you have a Seejoansew outfit yourself. We are curious to know what our readers own from this shop! :D

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Liberty Jane Denim Mix and Match

Well, if you are like us, you are currently drooling over the new Liberty Jane outfits and wishing they would magically appear on your doorstep in the next five minutes. But alas, this is not possible... so we must be satisfied with the LJC we already have. :)

Today we take three pieces of custom denim- the black jacket, a pair of black jeans, and a blue skirt- and mix and match them with some of our other LJC items. I am wearing the "Copy Cat" tank top over a purple tank top, paired with the blue denim skirt. Since it is purple-ish, has stripes, and involves the "Cat" tank top-- I am naming this outfit "Cheshire Cat." Meanwhile Ginny is wearing the black jacket and jeans with the twinkly starlight tank top. She has named this outfit "Starry, Starry Night." So basically these two outfits are derived from last week's outfits for this version of our LJC Mix and Match game.

Here we are discussing which outfit is better...
"Starry, Starry Night" or "Cheshire Cat".....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Second Outfit of the LJC Spring Line!

It's called "Getty Villa Stroll" and it represents the first "Malibu Libby" Southern Californian style duds from the new International Collection of the Liberty Jane Clothing Spring Line 2010!

The Getty Villa is this thingy here... if you are wondering...

It is part of the J. Paul Getty Museum in California,
modeled after the Villa of Papyri in Herculaneum, Greece---
and it is a very popular destination for both tourists and locals!
Read more about it here.

Want to bid on "Getty Villa Stroll"?
Click here to see the current Ebay auction for this outfit.
Auction ends March 28th, 2010.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Doll Clothes by Evie Coral Dress for Cassie

Cassie has a new dress! It is a two-piece dress with a "jumper" or overdress, and a guimpe or blouse that goes underneath it. The main coral and raspberry fabric is very beautiful and it is accented by the tiny-checked fabric on the collar, the edge of the sleeves, and the bottom of the skirt. This is a pretty cool pattern, with a unique type of collar and sleeve design for the jumper. We fell in love with it the instant we saw it listed on Etsy.

Thanks Evie for this wonderful dress! Cassie loves it! This was our first purchase from Etsy seller Doll Clothes by Evie and we highly recommend checking out her shop yourself. Click here to do so! And if you like this dress in particular, there is one from the same pattern available in the shop right now: click here to see it!

Enjoy the pics of the new dress!!!

First Outfit of LJC Spring Line Revealed!

Pics of the first outfit of the Liberty Jane Clothing Spring 2010 Line have been revealed on the LJC Facebook page and in their Ebay auctions shop.

Want to go to the auction? Click here!
Auction ends in 7 days, on March 26th, 2010.

It is called "Harajuku Station"....
and it is the first outfit in their new International collection....

This is definitely a five-star outfit LJC!
We love, love, love the colors!
(No pink! Huzzah!)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mystery Girl Comes Out of the Rain

Who is this mystery girl???
She has come out of the spring rain into our home and is now interrupting Kaya and Connie as they get ready to set the table for dinner... Who could she be?

Got any guesses readers???

Well, I've never been very good at keeping secrets. So I'll tell you the news: Connie's sister, Katie Bonacorsi, has come to live with us here in Badger's Wood--- Yippee!!

Katie is a JLY #14 with the new type of bangs. She has the same hair color and style as Connie, but her eyes are blue. She came to us wearing the new turquoise AG raincoat, bucket hat and green wellies. Meanwhile Kaya and Connie are also wearing modern clothing, including the sweatshirt and jacket Penny purchased at AGPNY in January. So both Katie and Connie are time-traveling for this post, as they really belong in the 1950s. ;)

Enjoy the pics of Katie being welcomed by
Kaya and Connie, and of course, photos of their dolly duds, too!

Connie is happy to have her sister here with her, as it was getting a little lonely being in the 1950s all by herself. Heehee. Look for upcoming posts of 1950s clothing with both Katie and Connie here at The Doll Wardrobe. Toodle pip for now!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liberty Jane Black Denim Duds

We are going to call today's little creation "Black Cat" as a tribute to Liberty Jane's "Copy Cat." The tank top I am wearing today comes from "Copy Cat," but you can buy it separately in the Liberty Jane online store for $10.00, which is what we did! The rest of my outfit consists of the black cropped denim jacket and black denim skirt custom-ordered from LJ, and the leather boots and necklace from the Summer Camp outfit. Because the "Copy Cat" tank is see-through in parts of the pattern, I am wearing a white tank top underneath it.

As you can see, I am posing by a print we have here in Badger's Wood of a black cat, as a tie-in to our "Black Cat" outfit. Aren't we clever??? The print comes from: Some of our favorite prints are from this shop!

Enjoy the pics of me!
I mean... me modeling "Black Cat"!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Liberty Jane Denim Mix and Match

A Liberty Jane Monday! Huzzah!

We are really, really, really excited about Liberty Jane Clothing this week. The ValenSpring contest ended yesterday, so we will hear about those winners soon enough. I just love it when Cinnamon takes a drawing and makes it into a real outfit. It is amazing! And the LJ newsletter said that the new Spring line should launch on Friday evening- this Friday! March 19th! Woohoo! And guess what? Cinnamon gave her Newsletter readers some info on an upcoming "International Collection".... which may be renamed later.....hopefully LJ doesn't mind me showing some of that info here....

"The International Collection, Places & Styles, Sneak Peak
Over time, we'll develop this list further, and go much deeper into each category, but for now, we'll roll out at least one outfit in each of four categories:

Malibu Libby
- The southern california beach attire is the most pervasive influence on American Teen clothing as 'sold' by Justice, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and American Eagle. It's the closest visually to what Liberty Jane has been doing for the last two years. But there's still more to show. Outfits will reflect super contemporary L.A. style.

Outback Libby
- The Gold Coast is Australia's hot fashion zone. Outfits are uniquely Aussie, with hints of victorian outback ruggedness.

Tokyo Libby
- Harajuku is the street fashion of Tokyo's Harajuku station area. A Japanese twist on American Punk Rock, the style features dress up and fun girlie styles.

Euro Libby - From Russia to London, European styles vary widely and are really totally unique for each region, but Euro Libby will focus on bringing out the most interesting and unique elements."

Don't these sound fantastic?!?!? We especially love Japanese street fashion, like Harajuku trends, such as the various forms of "Lolita" fashion. And of course, punk and steampunk (neo-Victorian) fashions are things for which we love to shop. But finding doll clothing like that is...well, let's just say "difficult." So these new LJ ideas sound great to us!

Okay, back to this post and some pictures...I am so easily distracted by fashion news.... Today Kirsten and Ginny are doing a Mix and Match with pieces from last week's Kirsten outfit and some more of the new custom denim pieces. In addition you will see a red tee shirt that we recently purchased from the LJ online store, which is still available for $10.00.

So here is the 411... Kirsten is wearing the green military jacket again, with a white tank top and a custom-made blue denim skirt. On her footsies are tan sneakers from Liberty Jane's online shop. Kirsten's necklace is one of Penny's, given to her by her sister. Ginny is wearing the red tee with gathered sleeves and a pair of the custom-made black jeans. Her shoes are just normal silver ballet flats from AG, and her necklace is a shiny human bracelet. (It's the thing making light spots on her chin- oops!)

Enjoy the pictures!

Tomorrow we are going to try to make another Liberty Jane post with some more of the custom denim items.... so stay tuned readers!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keepers Dolly Duds Special Feature

Here we are with another "Seller of the Day" post! Today's seller is Ebayer Keepers Dolly Duds, whose auctions usually end on Mondays. There are currently three auction items available which end tomorrow evening, Monday, March 15th, 2010. Click here to go to the Ebay auctions!

And here are the three items... a 1970s dress for Julie, a 1910s dress for Rebecca, and a 1860s outfit for Kirsten....

And as the usual extra bonus pics, here are some slideshows of items by Keepers that have already been sold....

Join us tomorrow for another Liberty Jane Monday...... pssssttttt, the word on the street is that LJ will release their 2010 Spring Line this Friday, March 19th!!!!! How exciting!!! I hope all of the new outfits are available in the online shop right away. I am keeping my fingers crossed for that. :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Liberty Jane Military Blazer,
Tank Top and Black Jeans

Liberty Jane Wednesday!
Yeah, I'm being totally inconsistent with which days I post about Liberty Jane stuff....

First thing is first: Do you like designing dream outfits for your AG doll? Enter Liberty Jane's 2010 ValenSpring design contest! What is that??? Click here to learn more about it! (It's basically an AG doll outfit design contest via Youtube and Facebook...but it would take me a really long time to explain it all click the linky for the professional explanation.) Contest ends this coming Sunday, March 14th, 2010- so read about it today! :D

Okay, so as promised, we are showing you something today from the new denim items we just received from Liberty Jane as custom doll clothing. Kirsten Larson is modeling one of the pairs of black jeans for us, paired with the "Military Blues" green blazer and a slate blue tank top. We thought the tank top would go well with the blue ribbons in her hair. ;)

Enjoy the pics below!

For our next Liberty Jane post we will Mix n' Match this unique outfit with more of our Liberty Jane items for 2 new looks.... probably for this coming Monday. An actual Liberty Jane Monday.....

(pssstttt.... The slate blue tank top is still available
in the online shop for $8.00...)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Liberty Jane Custom Denim Project

Okay, on this Liberty Jane Tuesday (yes we know we missed posting this on Monday like we should have...eek!... but let's forget about that for now...)... today we ask this question....

How do four pairs of human-sized jeans fit
into this 9 by 6 by 2 inch box??????

By being deconstructed and reconstructed into doll clothing, of course!

Last year we asked Cinnamon of Liberty Jane Clothing if she would do some custom clothing for us and that evolved into Penny sending her four pairs of human-sized jeans from DKNY, two black and two blue. After she received the package, Cinnamon made the jeans into one cropped jacket, three skirts, and four pairs of jeans- for all of us dolls here in Badger's Wood. How awesome is that!?!?!?! (As you can tell, we are pretty excited about this project...)

Please enjoy the slideshow below of the denim items on the day they arrived at our house, fresh out of the box..... and keep an eye out for these items in upcoming Liberty Jane-related posts! (We should be able to create one for tomorrow, if we have enough time...)

Interested in Liberty Jane Doll Clothing?
Learn more about LJ HERE at their online shop!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Where are the Lanies now???

So you may recall that we sent away two Lanies last month to two new homes... and some of you may be wondering, how are the Lanies doing now??? Well, this post is your chance to peek into the windows of their new worlds!

First we have a Lanie #1 slideshow where she can be seen modeling all sorts of clothing, including the giveaway items. Other pictures show Lanie meeting Felicity for the first time, wearing a fancy dress from the Burlington Coat Factory, and sporting a pink souvenir tee shirt from AG Place paired with denim pants that winner #1 sewed herself from a worn out pair of pants ("recycling at it's finest!"). And finally, Lanie is modeling a NASA flight suit that was purchased from Ebay (hint: the winner's husband works for NASA). Lanie is so adorable in that flight suit!

And if you didn't figure it out.... Lanie #2 can be seen meeting Piper over at her blog, where she has found her new home with winner #2! Click here to see the blog post about Lanie coming over to Piper's house for the first time. And here is a teaser pic from the Piper's World blog....

All photos in this post are the property of the respective winners.
So thank you for sharing these pictures with everyone, Lanie winners!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last Day to Vote in Our Poll!

Yes, today is the last day to vote in our giveaway poll on the right side of this blog. :)

Sonali seems to be a clear winner at this point, unless a whole bunch of people vote today. Heehee. We'll let you know what the final tally is when all is said and done...and once we pick a handmade outfit to giveaway, we'll be announcing it all officially!

So are you guys excited for a Sonali giveaway?!?!?!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Petrassewingbox Special Feature

Well making yesterday's special feature was fun, so here is another "Seller of the Day" post! Woot! Ebayer Petrassewingbox currently has two auctions listed, ending tomorrow, Saturday March 6th, 2010: one dress for Addy, and one for Kirsten. Here are pics...

And here are ten previous designs which have already been sold.

They are all so pretty--- Petrassewingbox you are so creative!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

KMKDollshop Special Feature

We have decided to try an experiment with a new type of special feature, but it is really just an adaptation of something we have done before.... "The Outfit of the Week." So we are trying a "Seller of the Day." Heehee.

Today we are going to show you four Ebay auctions items currently for sale (as of the writing of this post), and in addition we are going to show some of their older auctioned items which have already been sold. This way you can see all sorts of handmade clothing from one seller. Today's featured seller is Ebayer kmkdollshop. All pictures below were created by kmkdollshop and belong to that seller.

So here are the currently available items (as of 3/4/10)....
Auctions end March 7th, 2010.

And here are some previously sold items....

We think this is a nice way to show off people's dolly clothing creativity.
Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet Kirsten...and Kirsten???

Are you seeing double??? Sort of!
When Kirsten's archival was announced last year we bought two Kirstens for ourselves (and one for a possible Doll Wardrobe promotional giveaway). Why did we do such a silly thing like buying two of the same doll?!? Well, you know those fancy loopy-braid-things that Kirsten wears on her head? Penny was pretty sure once she took them out she'd never be able to get them back in quite right. She is not very good with braids and especially not fancy loop-braid-things. So we bought one Kirsten to remain Kirsten with her braids permanently in place, and the other Kirsten was bought to get a new name and be allowed to let her braids out. We are a little bizarre...

So there will be pioneer-girl Kirsten Larson... and Ginny Sartorius, Lira's sister. Ginny is short for Virginia, which we were thinking about using for Connie. So we are resurrecting it, but only as Ginny because we prefer Ginny. ;P

So what's going on in our photos today???... Kirsten Larson can be seen on the left side wearing her Meet Outfit duds, and Ginny Sartorius is on the right side also wearing a pioneer dress as a tribute to her previous existence as Kirsten 2.0.

This dress and plaid scarf is fantastic and was purchased from The Dollies' Dressmaker. It is in the same style as Kirsten's Swedish Dirndl, which we commissioned two handmade versions of from Terristouch, and you can see our post about them here.

Check out The DD website by clicking here. Ever since Kirsten was archived, The DD has been making Kirsten clothing left and right. But they have also been selling it left and right, so there are currently only three types of dresses in the shop for Kirsten. But as I said before, Etsy and Ebay sellers are still creating new Kirsten dresses every week! So there is always something creative right around the corner for Kirsten.

Well, without further are Kirsten and Ginny- Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Liberty Jane Hello New York, Part Deux

Here we are, with our Liberty Jane Tuesday:
Hello New York, Part Deux!
Today Stella is wearing the Hello New York pants and jacket with the red shimmery tank top from the Liberty Jane Celebrity Style Outfit "Breakout Performance" which we posted about in our very first Liberty Jane Monday:

Meanwhile, Karen is wearing the Hello New York one-shoulder top and the black flounce skirt you can purchase as a "separate" for only $12.00 from Liberty Jane Clothing online shop. On her left wrist she is modeling the blue beaded bracelet that came with the Hello New York outfit. Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Liberty Jane Hello New York

Hello New York!
Yes, we have finally come back around to our normal Liberty Jane Mondays! We've had quite a bit of Liberty Jane clothing lying around here crying out to be photographed and posted on the blog. But we just haven't had a lot of time to take pictures of it all. :(

We begin today with the Liberty Jane Celebrity Style Outfit "Hello New York" being modeled this week by Stella Grant. (It looks great with her black hair!) And tomorrow we'll do a "Part Deux" as a Mix 'N Match so we don't overwhelm this post with a ton of pictures. In other words, it will be a Liberty Jane Monday and Tuesday this week. Heehee.

"Hello New York" includes white sparkly pants in a jeans style, but not a denim fabric. The one-shoulder shirt is very silky, has a great fit and wonderful colors. And the jacket is a creamy woven fabric lined with a deep blue silky fabric, which you can see at the cuffs. The gold accent buttons on the jacket are a great detail. Also included was a blue bracelet and gold earring accessories. You'll see the bracelet tomorrow, and Ramona will eventually model the earrings for us (she is our official earring model).

Enjoy the pictures and come back tomorrow for "Hello New York" Part Deux where we do a bit of our Mix 'n Match game!

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