Saturday, July 31, 2010

AG Charm Necklace

Sup?! It's Saturday! Which means tomorrow is the last day to enter our Summer 2010 Doll Giveaway! *Hint. *Hint.

Heehee. Today we show you the new AG Charm Necklace that comes with the MyAG dolls and the charms that come with two of the outfits. Some of your comments were asking about the necklace and the Innerstar U Campus Kit. Since we got three MyAG dolls, we got three of each of those things. But we only signed up as Jocelyn. So on Innerstar U we are Jocelyn3, if you are wondering. We will do another post about the Innerstar U virtual world soon. ;)

So the necklace is kind of weird.... but eh, AG has made weirder things, so we'll roll with it. Here is an initial picture of the "Charm Keeper" necklace in its packaging:

As you can see, it has an adjustable pink cord with a "silver" ring that hangs from it. Then in the center of the ring hangs a plastic star and a "silver" tag that says American Girl on it. When you put the charms on the ring, they hang down below it, which you can see in these pictures of Angelina modeling the necklace....

It is kind of a bizarre design with two tiers of charms, and it is rather large on a doll, considering scale. But I understand why it is all so big-- little girl fingers couldn't really work with something too small. Anyway, overall we think it makes more sense to maybe restring the necklace and make it for humans. That might be a cool idea if you have more than one of these necklaces.

So the charms.... the circular charm with the flower motif is the "Confident" charm that comes with the InnerstarU outfit (hoodie and sweats). The heart-shaped charm with the starburst on it is the "Smart" charm that comes with the Pretty and Plaid outfit.

Here you can see the charms and their packaging....

Currently, there are 35 MyAG outfits that come with charms, and there are 36 different charms. But not all charms have been released into the wild yet. There are four main shapes: circle, bar, heart, and square. And there are nine "keywords" that are matched up with the little design you see in the center of the charm, like the flower or the starburst. You can see some of this information on the charm packaging itself.

If you want to see a complete guide to the charms, go to AG Playthings and check out their frequently asked questions. If you are a member of AGPT, you can also participate in their "charm swap" if you have charms to trade.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Emily and Karen Go Outside!
AG Outfits: Part Two

Hola everyone! The quest to see a chipmunk continues as Karen and Emily play outside in their AG JLY outfits.

Today they discovered a huge wooden castle! Karen suggested that maybe the chipmunks live inside. Emily attempted to explain that it wasn't a castle, but a gazebo and that chipmunks don't tend to live inside gazebos. But Karen was too excited to investigate the "castle" to take the time to listen to Emily.

Here they are outside the "castle," posing for pictures....

Karen was the first to venture inside, and Emily waited outside until she said it was safe to go in. Emily was scared there might be bees in there.

No bees were discovered inside the "castle"... so Emily joined Karen and they tested out the bench. But Emily said it was too hard on her bum, so they moved over to the squishy, cushioned chairs. Penny told them they looked like they had given up looking for chipmunks. Karen explained that trying to find chipmunks was hard work and they were both ready for some lemonade....

So much for the chipmunk quest! Now Karen and Emily are getting lemonade and cookies out in the gazebo! *Jealous.

Well, maybe they will see a chipmunk on their next adventure. Keep an eye out for more posts about Karen and Emily's outside adventures!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Emily and Karen Go Outside!
AG Outfits: Part One

Guten tag! Wilkommen!

Well, so far we have quite a few pictures of Emily and Karen playing outside and modeling clothing for us. They started their quest wearing AG JLY outfits; Karen is wearing the Licorice Play outfit and Emily is wearing the Gardening outfit. (If you have this Gardening outfit, buyer beware: the shoes do sometimes bleed coloring onto your doll's vinyl feeties-- so don't leave them on too long.)

These are both really fun outfits that come with a lot of different pieces. The Licorice Play outfit even comes with a bag for kitty supplies, etc.-- but we didn't bring that outside for the pics. Also, we particularly liked how the Gardening outfit came with a necklace and a hat, as well as the tank top, skirt, and shoes.

When Karen heard that she was going on an adventure outside, she said she was determined to see some monkeys, as they are her favorite animal. Emily had to break the news that there are no wild monkeys living on our estate and the chances of seeing a monkey were hence pretty slim.

Karen then decided that she would be satisfied with seeing a chipmunk, which was a better idea since there are an awful lot of chipmunks roaming our grounds. Her first plan to see a chipmunk was to hide with Emily in the shrubberies until one came by....

This shrubbery plan was not working. A lot of time had passed by, but no chipmunks showed up. Only a bee buzzed by them, and because Emily is scared of bees, Karen said she'd hold her hand.

Karen's next plan was to go to an area where the chipmunks were usually seen and try to find them in their hiding spots. So they traveled from the shrubberies over to the rock formations...

They didn't find any chipmunks in amongst the rocks either.... but Emily did speak up and mention that back in England there would often be snakes living in rock formations like these. Upon learning this new information, Karen decided it would be best for them to find a new place to look for chipmunks....

Stay tuned for "Emily and Karen Go Outside! AG Outfits: Part Two" as the quest to see a chipmunk continues!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two-tone Glasses, Beach Sunglasses, and P&P Dress

Cheerio friends and neighbors! Me again!

I have yet to exhaust this recent AG order, as most of you know.... because I am so slow posting stuff. Cough. Cough. I wish I could say it is because I am having so much fun doing summery stuff--- but we are mostly hard at work here doing one project or another. I haven't even been swimming once this summer! *Cries. But hopefully I'll get to go this weekend... :)

Speaking of doing summery things, Emily and Karen have actually gone "On Location" for a very special photo shoot outside. Yes, OUTSIDE. A first for The Doll Wardrobe blog. They were released onto our estate here at Badger's Wood and allowed to run amok while the rest of us are trapped inside posing against a white door! Geez!

Anyway self-pity aside, we'll be showing you those pictures sporadically as they come in. For now, we proceed with our scheduled photos: the two-tone glasses on a variety of dolls. And we are also going to show you the beach sunglasses and the dress from Pretty and Plaid by itself.

So first...... here is our #36 whom we have named Jocelyn Twiggs (instead of #33 as Jocelyn).... and she is modeling both types of glasses. #33 has been named Zoe Twiggs, and they are sisters. Here Jocelyn is shown in the sweatshirt from the Innerstar U outfit from AG.

And up next are Angelina Sheldon and Lira Sartorius also modeling both pairs of glasses for us. Both girls are wearing mystery shirts which we will be showing you soon as parts of complete outfits. Extra credit goes to the reader(s) who knows where we bought these shirts from. ;)

Finally, we get to beautiful Adanya Navarre. She is wearing the Pretty and Plaid dress by itself and modeling both pairs of glasses as well. The dress, as you can hopefully tell from our pics, is not see-through without that blue shirt under it. So it is perfectly fine to wear the dress without the shirt. Adanya's shoes are from the new Meet outfit.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reminder: Sunday is Last Day to Enter our Summer 2010 Doll Giveaway, Plus New Item Added to Giveaway

Yo peeps! Whassup?

Today, I remind you that Sunday (August 1st, 2010) is the last day to enter our Summer 2010 Doll Giveaway. And then on Monday we will be announcing the winner, chosen randomly at 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time, between Sunday and Monday.

Anyone excited?

Also, in addition to the doll, her Meet Outfit, and the Ooh La La Couture dress from Li'l Britchin' Post--- we decided to add in a special bag as well. We choose one of the Little MissMatched bags from their online site and ordered it for our winner. There is a lot of pink going on in the bag-- but most people seem to like pink, so hopefully the winner doesn't mind.

Here is a pic of zee bag with zee dress.....

And here are pics of zee bag from both sides....

So if you haven't entered the giveaway yet, be sure to follow this link to read more about it! Toodles for now everyone!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blue Shirt from P&P and 123MulberryStreet Skirt

Hi again! I've finally managed to find my way back to the blog this weekend to create this post.

So one of the initial questions asked by many people about the new AG Pretty and Plaid (P&P) outfit was: "Is the blue shirt separate?" And the answer is yes, yes it is.

So today we show you the blue long-sleeved shirt with a short, gray jersey skirt from Etsy seller 123MulberryStreet. To complete the outfit we kept the P&P brown boots on our #48 and added on the light blue birthstone earrings, as well as a purple Liberty Jane necklace.

We still haven't quite decided on a name yet for our #48, but many of your suggestions are in the running--- particularly Rosette, Noelle, Carli, Sophie, and Trinity. Which one of those would you choose for #48?

Up next at The Doll Wardrobe, some pics of the Two-Tone glasses and the Beach sunglasses on a variety of dolls..... right after we find some time take those pics.... heehee.....

Friday, July 23, 2010

MyAG Pretty and Plaid, plus extras

Que pasa?!
Well, I finally have some pictures for y'all! Yay!

As per Emmie Jo's request, we show you #48 wearing the new MyAG Pretty and Plaid outfit with the hot pink knit cap from the Everyday Accessories as our initial set of pics.

Then we have some shots of the birthstone earrings set. #48 is wearing the hot pink gem studs that are meant to represent the rubies for July. She came with the star studs you see in amongst the other birthstone studs in the box.

In addition to the twelve sets of studs, you get the little dangly hoop thingys with silver butterflies, stars and hearts on them as part of the birthstone set. You can wear the studs with or without the dangly hoop thingys, and the charms on the hoops are removable. So of course you can add your own things to the hoops if you wanted to, which seems like kind of a fun project. Hope that all made sense....

And for our final set of pics, we show you the Pretty and Plaid outfit with the original lavender hat and accompanied by the purple knit messenger bag that is part of the Everyday Accessories set.

Tada! Hope you enjoyed the pics! Stay tuned for our next post, which shows you the blue shirt from underneath the plaid dress in its own outfit.

Have ideas for what you want me to post about next from that latest AG order? The post right before this one (the one from July 22nd) has a list of everything we bought-- so review that, and let us know what you want to see next.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your comment Emmie Jo!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Should Our Next Post Be?

Le sigh. We sure are running out of time to post a whole bunch of stuff this week. It's already Thursday! Where does the time go?

So we aren't sure what to take pictures of next and we ask for your help with the decision.

Here is a list of everything that was in our last AG order... let us know what you want to see next and who you want to see wearing it (if it is clothing or earrings, of course, heehee). Then we can start tackling the process of taking the photos. We just don't know where to start!

MyAG Everyday Accessories (the set with the pink knit cap and purple messenger bag, etc.)
Pretty and Plaid Outfit
Two-Tone Glasses (the blue ones)

Active Sneakers
Beach Sunglasses (the blue ones)
Birthstone Earrings

Fall Party Treat Set
Puff-Sleeved Tee
Innerstar U charm necklace and charms

Oh, and the earring set that comes with the pierced-ear MyAG dolls

And here is the list of things we already showed you at least once, but if you want to see them again or in different ways, let us know!

MyAG #33
MyAG #36
MyAG #48

Innerstar U Outfit
Starry Hoodie
MyAG Meet Outfit

I think that is everything.... so feel free to comment as much as you want with suggestions for what to post about next from this order. Thanks readers!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More New AG Stuff!

Tada! Here is our tricky surprise! We actually got three dolls in our most recent order: #36, #48 and #33. Aren't we tricky? #33 was always on our list to buy, but we just couldn't figure out which other two dolls to get: #36, #37, or #48. Thanks for all your help in the decision everyone!

Yesterday we wanted to show you the new Meet outfit and the new box. So we just showed you one doll. Today we have more clothing to show you in this post, so we'll show you all three dolls. ;)

Oh and by the way, one reader wanted to know about the boxes. The bottom of the box is a thick heavier duty cardboard. The top lid is made out of cardboard as well-- but it is much thinner and can be crushed and ripped more easily. Overall, the box isn't that heavy and it protects the dolls very well because the bottom section is not very easy to crush.

So what do we have to show you today? Well, #36 is still hanging in her meet outfit, but now her pigtails are down and you can see her hair more easily.

#48 is wearing the new Innerstar University outfit-- which comes with the green sweatshirt (buyer beware: the velcro on this puppy eats/pulls at the sweatshirt material like no tomorrow), the periwinkle sweatpants, and the white slip-on shoes. There is also a charm that comes with this outfit, but we thought we'd show you that in the future post on the necklace and charms.

#33 is wearing the new Starry Logo Hoodie with the Meet outfit capris. As you can see, the hoodie has embroidered star decorations on the front near the waistline and on the back. In addition it has American Girl embroidered down one sleeve. It's a really nice hoodie and we highly recommend it as a nice mix and match item for the Meet outfit.

Aren't these dolls gorgeous? After reading your name suggestions for #36, we are seriously considering naming her Zoe. We have always wanted a doll named Zoe, but none of them really ever said "My name is Zoe!" to us. So we'll have to stare at #36 a little longer and see if that one fits.

As far as #48, she is still nameless---- though we think her last name will be Bonacorsi (and she will be Connie and Katie's sister). And #33 seems to be requesting to be called Jocelyn, though we aren't 100% sure that name will stick. So keep suggesting names everyone! You guys have some really good ideas. :)

Enjoy zee pics!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Doll and Meet Outfit!

Hello and Happy Saturday everyone! We were trying to post this on Flyday, but that plan didn't work out so well. Real life human things got in the way.

So about that new AG order-- we will start by showing you the MyAG #36 we purchased, with her new Meet outfit and box (which has a picture of the Innerstar U version of #36 on it). This doll is really cute and we love the way she looks with pierced ears. We haven't quite figured out a name for her yet, but we are taking suggestions if you'd like to comment below with ideas.

The new Meet outfit is kind of weird-- the shirt seems like something you'd wear with pajamas. But the cuffed capris and purple flats seem very useful for everyday apparel. The cuffs of the pants are sewn in place, but you might be able to undo the stitches and unroll the pants. (We haven't tried that though.) Also, the capris are made out of twill (or a similar material)- not really denim, though they look that way. Oh, and they have a definite purple tone to them. FYI.

The doll comes with the Innerstar U Campus codes and the charm necklace, which we will talk about in future posts. For now, please enjoy the pictures and look forward to more posts about this new AG order. (p.s. There will be a tricky surprise in those posts!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tricked Out Equestrian Outfit

Hola! Me again! Today we offer for your viewing pleasure the tricked out version of the red and white AG equestrian outfit. What have we added? Well instead of the white blouse we put the Mux Originals pirate shirt under the red blazer. And we replaced the black fuzzy helmet with the Pirate Camp top hat with red decorations. The white jodhpurs were switched out for the black and white striped leggings from Doll Closet. Now Adanya looks like she is ready to party in her funky, Gothic duds. She is feeling very Tim Burton-esque. :)

And of course, who could forget our faithful little friend Max the sheepdog who is now modeling the other top hat from Pirate Camp. He looks so dashing!

Guess what arrived with the UPS man while we were prepping this post?!?!? Our July 13th order from AG!!! Woot!!! Can you believe it got here so quickly?! Things from AG never get here this fast. Those AG warehouse people must be working 24 hour shifts or something. ;)

Anyway, as you can probably guess, we have a lot of new AG stuff to show you now. So in the coming days look for posts on those things and we will try and mix in some handmade goods into those posts. That way you see things as AG intended them and how we mix and match things. ;)

AG Red and White Equestrian Outfit

As usual we were distracted by the shiny new things from AG, but we will try to get back on track to what we planned on posting about this week. As you know, there is a new equestrian outfit called the "Fancy Riding Outfit"that was released yesterday and it comes with a blue blazer instead of a red one.

We wanted the red blazer set before it was replaced with the imminent Innerstar U releases. So it was one of the outfits in our last AG order along with the Sweet Melody outfit, etc. etc.

So since Ziva got to model the Sweet Melody outfit, Adanya gets her turn in the Equestrian Outfit. It comes with the black, fuzzy helmet; long red blazer that covers your bum; long-sleeve white blouse; white jodhpurs that have stirrups to go under your feeties; and the shiny black boots. It is a pretty cool outfit all together, and the pieces are certainly useful as separates as well.

Enjoy zee pics below and come back tomorrow to see a tricked out version of this equestrian outfit on Adanya! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New AG Releases Round-Up

Well, there are probably 300 Youtube videos about all this of stuff already, but we wanted to post the pictures here for our own purposes. We wanted to make a wishlist and have all the pics in one place to do that easily. We are so selfish, no? ;)

There is a lot of new stuff. A lot. Kind of overwhelming. So much new stuff that we couldn't really order everything we liked in one go. But then that allows us to make a wishlist and be excited to buy the new stuff later.

We tried to get screen captures of everything that is new...but we probably missed some stuff--- so please comment to let us know what we are missing.

We divided the slideshows into categories, first Outfits and then everything else. Okay, that is not so much categories as two piles of stuff. Heehee.

Our favorite new outfit:

Our favorite new accessory:

Our current wishlist is:
Basketball outfit
Bath Wrap Set
Black Cat Costume
True Style Outfit
Cozy Casual Boots
Bow-Toe Flats
Fancy Riding Outfit
Western Riding Outfit
2-in-1 Running Outfit
Healthy Smile Set
Paint Filly
Go Girl Sunglasses
Chocolate Glasses

Yeah, it's kind of a long wishlist.... and it's going to take a long time to get everything on it. But it is still fun to make lists and look at the pictures!

What's on your wishlist now??? And what are your favorite items from the new releases??? Feel free to comment below!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Which Doll Next? And Some Pics of New Things

We're kind of caught up in the excitement of these upcoming AG releases: Innerstar U, new Meet Outfits for the JLY (to be MyAG line), and new MyAG outfits. We just played around the website for a little while and grabbed these pics:

So we're going to put an order in once the online store has these new things available. In this order we are going to get a new MyAG in the new Meet Outfit with some new Innerstar U supplies: MyAG #36, #37 or #48. Which one would you choose???

#36 has reddish hair, hazel eyes and bangs. #37 has reddish hair, green eyes, no bangs, and freckles. And #48 has blackish hair, hazel eyes, and bangs. Whichever one we order, we are going to try out pierced ears for her. Currently our only pierced-ears doll is Ramona, so it'll be nice to have another one--- especially because Liberty Jane outfits occasionally come with earring accessories and there are new birthstone earrings coming out for the MyAG dolls. ;)

So here are some pics of the three dolls in the new Meet Outfit, close-ups with earrings, and in various outfits. The AG online store's new configuration program is where we got these pictures from.

Let us know which doll you think we should order next, by commenting below! Thanx!

Look at Some of the New AG Things

Well, we all know JLY is becoming MYAG.... so if you take this website address:

and turn the address into this webpage:

... you can see some of the new outfits and items in the MYAG line.

And if you click on the "Create Your Doll" button you will be brought to a whole new configuration program thingy for the MYAG dolls.
You can even try outfits on the dolls, as well as earrings and glasses.

We'll be back in a minute after playing with the site a bit.....

Tricked Out Sweet Melody

Finally! We get back to the tricked out version of the AG Sweet Melody outfit. Sorry it took us so long to get here--- we were too distracted by the new shiny things. ;)

So Ziva is modeling in this post and we have quite the conglomeration of items. First of all she is wearing our blue Blythe wig that we bought from Etsy seller shopoholican in order to give her hair a two-tone effect. Next, she is sporting the purple top hat purchased from Etsy seller Pirate Camp. Her scarf comes from seejoansew's Beds-N-Blankies shop; we posted about it before as part of Squeak's Outfit. The purple tee is the original one from Sweet Melody. The belt is from All Dolled Up Doll Clothing. We love their belts! The black and white skirt from Liberty Jane is layered over the Sweet Melody pink petticoat skirt. (That effect is the whole reason Penny accepted the idea of buying the pink skirt.)

And who is the new pet? Well it is our English sheepdog named Max. Anyone know why he is named Max? You'll get extra credit for class if you know why. ;)

Max, a Webkinz, enjoys modeling hats around here. So we decided to show off the red top hat from Pirate Camp on him while Ziva had the purple one on. Enjoy zee pics below!!

Depending on what happens tomorrow (the 13th of July is the rumored possible release date of the Innerstar U line and new JLY Meet Outfit)-- we may or may not be posting about the last outfit that came in our most recent order from AG: the red, white and black Equestrian Outfit. If AG does do the release we'll have a post about that. And in it we will be asking which doll you guys think we should order next: #36, #37, or #48? If you have thoughts on that now, please feel free to comment below. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Page and Monster High Dolls

Ever wonder what else goes on in Badger's Wood besides us American Girl dolls trying on clothing and getting our picture taken all day??? Well, we've now added the "Non-AG Stuff" page to the blog. You can click on the tab at the top right of the homepage to get to that section. It will be the new home of anything not having to do directly with AG, and we will occasionally post stuff on that page.

What kind of stuff???

Well did you know that on average we take over 400 photos each day here in Badger's Wood? That's right! And we don't just take photos of AG dolls (though that is the majority). We also take photos of things like the new Mattel line of Monster High dolls. You can go to the new page now to see our three new MH dolls!

What else do we take photos of? Costumes, gardens, vacation sights, toys, toys, and more toys, etc., etc. All family-friendly. And some of it might just end up on the "Non-AG Stuff" page. So be sure to check it out right now if you are interested in the new Mattel MH dolls--- and we'll be sure to let y'all know when we update it again. And feel free to comment on that page, just like you can do on any page and on any post. :)

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dress for the Summer 2010 Doll Giveaway!

Some of you guessed correctly! Yes, we are finally getting around to showing you the dress for the Summer 2010 Doll Giveaway. We usually give away an extra outfit with each doll, and it was very nice of Lila at Li'l Britchin' Post to send us this dress for the giveaway!

Woot! Thanks so much for this Lila!

It's extra nice to get this type of donation, so please visit her shop and investigate the dolly clothing as well as the girl clothing. Ooh La La Couture is the designer of this dress-- and they offer several others in a similar design, but different colors. There are even some brand new ones that you can currently pre-order for the fall from Lila's store:

So for our giveaway, Lila sent us one of the summer dresses with the peace sign emblem on the front. And since JLY #41 is the most popular in our current poll, we thought we'd show her modeling the dress.

Enjoy the pics. And please let us know what you think of the dress!
I'm sure Lila will want to know if you guys are excited about it. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Store Exclusive Re-Mix

Here are zee pics of the AG store exclusives that y'all talked about seeing on different dolls! There is Adanya in the red dress and red coat, Arista in the red dress, and Lira in the red dress. And the red dress is shown with black tights and black boots, as requested. Nothing much more to say--- no deep thoughts from me today. ;)

If you want to learn more about these AG store exclusives, please see the posts from the last five or so days. :)

Just around the corner is a surprise secret post... not the Sweet Melody mix and match that we promised a week ago. That will come after the surprise. What do you think the surprise secret post is???? Hmmmm, though I guess since I told you a surprise is coming.... it's not so much a surprise anymore.... oops. ;)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Final Store Exclusive!

Well here is the final store exclusive which we received in our recent shipment from AGPNY. Our next posts will be some updates on the exclusives: the red dress with black tights and boots on Lira and/or Arista, and the red quilted jacket on Adanya. :)

So today we show you the white bubble skirt! Woot! This skirt is pretty awesome. It is the same design as the deep pink bubble skirt we purchased at the beginning of 2010. This white version has been in the stores for a little while already and is said to be on its way out. So if you are interested in this white skirt, I'd order it or pick it up in the store sooner rather than later.

We paired the skirt up with a purple sequined tank top from All Dolled Up Doll Clothing over a white tank top from Liberty Jane Clothing. The ensemble is being modeled by my twin sister, Ellie Demington. Her shiny teal shoes are also from Liberty Jane. We love those flats Cinnamon sells!

Please enjoy the pics!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!
Plus Another Store Exclusive!

It's the Fourth of July! Already?!?! Yep.... where is 2010 going? Flying by fast. Very fast.

So Happy Fourth of July! Hopefully y'all are getting out today to enjoy some cookouts and fireworks. But if you're not, I'm still here posting about doll clothing for your enjoyment. ;)

So here is another AG store exclusive: the Star Flower Dress. To us, it appears to be more of a beach cover-up than a dressy dress--- so we used it as a beach cover-up. In the pictures below Cassie is wearing a bathing suit from CJs Little Boutique-- which you can see a little bit of underneath the Star Flower Dress. We haven't showed you that swimsuit yet here at the blog--- but that post is coming soon!

The Star Flower hoodie dress has attractive ruffles on the shoulders, sparkly star embroidery, and both a zipper and tie belt. Overall, it is a very cute look, especially on Cassie. She looks so good in red with her blonde hair. For her beach tote, we wanted to get the new AG store exclusive tote-- but it wasn't available in AGPNY yet. So instead, we show you a tote we purchased from LittleMissMatched. They are currently available from their website for 4 bucks (sale ends today), in four different colors. LittleMissMatched is also offering mini backpack messenger bags now too: clicky here to see those.

So enjoy the pics of Cassie in this new dress and again, Happy Fourth of July!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

More AG Store Exclusives!

Me again! With more of the new AG store exclusives!

What do we have today? A pink skort! Rebecca is wearing it with a sparkly black tank top from Liberty Jane Clothing.

Yes, the skort is pink. And so was the knit set we showed you on Thursday, and several other new things we have here---- even though we don't tend to buy pink things. Le sigh. You can't really avoid pink things when you are looking for AG store exclusives. But we thought the fun of showing you all of these new things outweighed our typical need to avoid pink. Plus even though Penny doesn't like pink, that doesn't mean all of us dolls agree with her. ;)

So as you can see in the pics below--- the skort is both shorts and a skirt. Tada! Hence, skort! Heehee. And it also features an embroidered red star near the waistband. The hot pink looks pretty cool with the black of Rebecca's top. In a way it looks both sporty and dressy. :)

Enjoy the pics!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another AG Store Exclusive!

It's me! Yes, me! And I am modeling the new AG store exclusive red quilted coat. Yippee! My outfit also consists of blue jeans and a black tank top made by Liberty Jane Clothing, as well as red plaid chucks.

Like my new jacket? I think I look pretty cool in it..... though it is kind of more useful for October than July.... same with that knit set and those jeans from yesterday.... Hmmmm, I guess AG is trying to get us ready for fall as early as possible, eh? ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Special Delivery! AG Store Exclusives!

We interrupt our previously scheduled programming to bring you some pictures of the new AG store exclusives--- a special delivery from AGPNY that we just received! These new store exclusives were released last Thursday.

We have a whole bunch of pictures, so we'll just do one slideshow a day for a five days, as we don't want to overwhelm one post with five slideshows. ;) The last slideshow will be of a store exclusive that isn't brand-new--- but we hadn't gotten it yet. Then we will return to the tricked out Sweet Melody outfit.

Today we start off with the knit set and star logo jeans being modeled by Kaya. As you can see below, the knit set is pink and red, with embroidered white stars. You get a beret, scarf and mittens. The new jeans are a deep blue, feature an embroidered red star on the pocket, and fit pretty well. Though Liberty Jane jeans are (in our opinion) far better because the fabric isn't as thin--- Liberty Jane jeans feel like real jeans instead of just doll clothing. Still the new AG store exclusive jeans look pretty cute on Kaya!

Enjoy the pics and come back in about 24 hours
for the next AG store exclusive reveal!

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