Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Contest Prizes Added! Activity Three Due Date Extended!

Hola! Well by now we usually have more entries for our Activities in the Photo Contest. :-(

So we figured that the logical correlation would be that we announced the runner-up prizes and they weren't made of enough awesome for some of our participants and they decided to drop out of the race, so-to-speak. That is our conclusion anyway. :-/

Perhaps people were tired of the contest or got busy with summer-ish stuff. Who knows? Any ideas? We only have about 1/2 of the normal number of entries.... so if we are doing something wrong - let us know. We can make the next contest better if we know how to fix it. :-)

To try and solve the issue of the moment we decided to spice up the runner-up prizes for y'all to see if that helps inspire interest. So we are now adding three American Girl gift certificates into the prizes grab-bag for the 3 runner-up people. So if they want they can buy something asap or perhaps use the gift certificate as part of a payment on a doll or save it for something fun. Up to you!

Also, in order to perhaps get a few more entries in we are extending the due date for Activity Three until Friday July 1st. Hopefully that helps a little, since we know June can be busy. Heck, any month is busy!

So if you want to participate in Activity Three - please send your "Fashion is Fabulous" picture to nora.demington@gmail.com on or before Friday, July 1st! Thanks everyone!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Sup! Well the main computer and then the car broke this weekend... ugghhh. So we've been dealing with those woes and not posting on zee blog. Real life stinks. ;-)

But we are here again (without pics though) to remind you that tomorrow (June 28th) is the last day to send in your pics for Activity Three "Fashion is Fabulous" of the 2011 Doll Photo Contest.

Click here to read more: http://thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/06/winner-announced-and-activity-three.html

Alexis asked if there has to be story written for the picture. Nope. But an explanation of what the picture is about is useful. That usually helps people get votes.

Send in your pic today to nora.demington@gmail.com! We need your pics! :-)

Also, the second reminder is that we started up the June/July giveaways (a bit late -- but better late than never, haha) -- so there is an outfit from 123 Mulberry Street and a dress from Jessica's Historical Designs up for grabs.

Enter today: http://thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/06/junejuly-giveaways-start-today-enter.html

Not the most exciting post, we admit.... but reminders are always useful! Hope everyone is having a great day -- anyone else out of school yet?

p.s. We are still deciding what to order from AG of the new goodies.... decisions, decisions. Thanks for your input about what of the new AG stuff you'd like to see on the blog. If you have any more requests- let us know!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Follow By Email!

Not really a post with pics... more informational than anything...

So if you have a google/blogger account you can be a "Follower" of the DW blog. And there is that rss feed thing. And the google reader thing... but in general we are confused by all of that stuff ourselves... so it's difficult to pitch them to our readers (that's you!).

But now there is something we understand! Follow by Email! Yes, we have added this new gadget in the sidebar menus. Yay!

Just type in the email address you want blog updates emailed to and click "Submit." It will check if you are human, then email that account for a confirmation that you want to subscribe. And voila!

So now if you want emails to let you know when we post on the blog (particularly useful for our contests and giveaways) -- you can get them! Huzzah!

Hopefully this is easy and useful and it won't be glitchy. Fingers crossed!

Also -- we don't see your email addresses - nor do we email you ourselves -- it is all in the blogger system. Just FYI.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Melody Valerie's Margot

Another pink dress from MVC.... oooooo!.... but yes, despite it being primarily pink, we bought it anyways because we really don't have any dance costumes and this is a very pretty ballerina dress. Plus, the "woven" bodice, layered tulle, and ribbon detailing are amazing!

Elizabeth (that blonde, blue-eyed girl who doesn't know her real name yet, sheesh) got to model this dress from the 2011 Spring Line for us. She even showed off her diamond stud earrings in one shot. Fancy. And she did a "dance pose." Mostly we don't know what dance poses are.... but heck, we tried. ;-)

So we have a starter picture and then a video... and a friendly reminder that MVC is releasing their Summer Line on Saturday, July 2nd...

Oh and FYI -- we do use our Facebook page for posting about current Etsy and Ebay items and store announcements (like the MVC announcement) - so if you have a Facebook account -- be sure to "Like" us!

Thanks for visiting us today! And be sure to check out our earlier post about the new AG items that were released -- let us know which ones you'd like to see featured on the blog! :-)

p.s. Don't forget -- send in your Activity Three photos for our contest on or before June 28th!

The New Stuff

Yep, we stayed up until it was all online. Sometimes summer is about staying up all night watching the AG site for updates. ;-)

Well there is a lot of new MyAG stuff and Kanani's collection seems to be complete now - since they are already advertising her "whole world collection." This is probably the last big MyAG release until the "holiday outfits" hit the stores in the early fall.

And now an obligatory video of all the new 18" stuff.... or at least we think we got all the new stuff in there.... even two Bitty Twins outfits that we'd like to know how they look on 18" AGs...

We can't quite decide what to get - there are a lot of nice things. Are you guys planning on getting anything or adding something your wish list?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June/July Giveaways Start Today!
Enter Here!

This month you'll have two opportunities to win items for our 25th Anniversary monthly giveaways.

The first item you could win is a "L.A. Girl" Tee Shirt and Skirt from Etsy seller 123 Mulberry Street. The second item is a historical dress from Jessica, Etsy seller Historically Designed and Ebay seller Historical Designs.

Thank you to these sellers for their generous donations to our giveaways!

You will be entering both of these giveaways in one place-- here at this post. So be sure to tell us which item(s) you are interested in winning in your comment.

We will run these two giveaways until Sunday, July 24th. 
And we will announce the two winners on Monday, July 25th, 2011.

Now here are the important details: You must be 18 years old or older to enter this giveaway. If you are younger than that please have someone 18 years old or older, like a parent or guardian, enter herself/himself. One entry per person please, but you can have other family members enter as well.

To enter, please write your full name and your email address as a comment to this post. It will not be published and only Penny will be able to see it. A winner will be drawn out of a hat, i.e. randomly picked. Only entries with a full name and an email address will be put into the hat. If you win, Penny will email that address to notify you and ask for your shipping address.
And be sure to tell us which items you are interested in winning. 

If you don't, we will just assume you are interested in both goodies. ;-)

Any questions?? Feel free to ask!

Pics..... and video...... :-)

Enter Today!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Winner Announced and Activity Three Begins!

Hola! Yesterday we tallied the votes to judge a winner for Activity Two. 

It was a very competitive round. Several photos were closely vying for first place in Penny's mind: particularly #4, #8, #9, #13, #21, and #25. Only one photo can win though... so it was a tough decision.

After much deliberation....... 

Photo Number Thirteen was chosen as the winner of Activity Two!

Congratulations Lea!

Now this means that the owner of "Photo Number Thirteen" cannot win any of the other Activities, but can still enter photos in them if she wants.

And of course, if she wants a chance to win the doll, she'll have to enter the "Final Round."

For everyone who didn't win -- Keep entering the other 2 Activities and you might make it to the "Final Round" as well!

Since Activity Two is officially completed, Activity Three begins today. Yay!

Activity Three: Fashion is Fabulous!

Here is your opportunity to pretend you are a fashion photographer. Use your "star" doll as a fashion model. She can be in a fashion photo shoot, or on the runway, or even on a magazine cover, catalog page, or advertisement (you can obviously add text and stuff for that idea). Or something even more creative beyond our suggestions-- whatever you can think of that says "fashion." Be creative! The "fashion" being featured can be accessories, or clothing, etc. -- and it can be handmade or AG or whatevs.

Email us the photo at nora.demington@gmail.com. And include some info about your ideas for the photo. Due Date: Tuesday, June 28th, 2011, about a week from today.

Then a week of voting will commence, Penny chooses a winner from the top 20%, and that person will be entered in the "Final Round." (Same schtick as for Activity One and Two.)

If you didn't enter Activity One and/or Two, you can still enter any of the other Activities. Be sure to pick a "star doll" that you want to use in all subsequent Activities to use for Activity Three. We want consistency so people can recognize who they are voting for from one week to the next. Your "star doll" does not have to be an AG.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Using Photoshop and other photo editing programs is fine.

You can include more than one doll in your photos, but your "star" doll should be in all of the ones you enter.

If you win one activity, you can still enter the other activities and get votes -- but each person who enters can only win one activity -- that way we have 4 different people in the Final Round.

If you miss an activity, that is fine -- you don't have to participate in all four activities to be in the contest -- but doing all 4 does increase your chances of getting into the Final Round.

No human faces in the photos please -- remember: privacy is important! Hands are okay -- but no actually identifiable people.

Our email address is nora.demington@gmail.com. You will be using this to send in photos and to vote.

If you are younger than 13 have your parent/guardian email the photos to us (remember: internet safety is important!).

We will be posting the photos here at The Doll Wardrobe - so make sure your photo is something that you don't mind if the whole world sees it. (Again, this is why you and/or your family shouldn't be in the photo.)

Readers will be asked to vote for their favorite photo. Voting will be done by email -- to vote you just email me at nora.demington@gmail.com and say something like "I vote for photo #8." Everyone will have a week to vote, from the point when we post the photos.

The Doll Wardrobe does not share or sell your email to anyone. Only Penny sees your emails.

At the end of the contest we will email the winners for her/his shipping address. (This is why it is important you have a parent/guardian's permission to enter if you are under 18).

Any questions? Feel free to ask! :-D

And remember, if you want to participate in this contest, 
the Activity Three photo is due Tuesday, June 28th!

Please email your photos to nora.demington@gmail.com.
Good luck everyone!

Need info about the whole contest? Go here: http://thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/05/new-photo-contest-begins-today-first.html

New contest remindery video....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Day to Vote for Activity Two Photos AND Prizes Explained for Photo Contest

Yes, that's right - today is Saturday June 18th and it is the last day get in your votes for your fav(s) Activity Two Photos. Which means we'll get to tally them up soon, Penny will get to do her judge thing, and we'll soon announce the winner of Activity Two.

So be sure to send those votes as emails to nora.demington@gmail.com before tomorrow.

For today we thought we'd finally announce our "Runner-Up" Prize Plans. So the first prize winner of the Final Round of the Doll Photo Contest wins a doll. That's been previously explained. What do the other three participants receive???

Well we decided we'd do a Liberty Jane separates and Megori Girls' sandals grab-bag. Each of the other three participants will get to choose 3 items from our grab-bag in 3 rounds according to their ranking: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prize winner. Round 1 of grab-baggie-ness: 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Round 2: 4th, 3rd, and 2nd. Round 3: 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

This may be slightly cornfuzzing to y'all -- but basically the other 3 participants in the Final Round will take turns picking items out of our grab-bag (via email, of course).

So even if you don't win "The Doll" -- you schtill have something to look forward to winning if you get into "The Final Round."

Here is a list of the items that will appear in the grab-bag, followed by some pics from the sellers' websites....

1) Teal tank top
2) White mini skirt
3) Leopard print sandals
4) Purple tank top
5) White shorts
6) Magenta sandals
7) Red tank top
8) Patriotic sandals
9) Layered skirt
10) Black and white damask sandals

So basically there will be one item left after the grab-baggie-ness is completed. Which we will giveaway at a later date. Pics....

Hope these all seem like exciting grab-bag prizes for the Contest!

And remember - vote today!

Friday, June 17, 2011

New AG Stuff Around the Corner

We are excited about new AG stuff. Which is ironic because we haven't even taken pics of all the other AG stuff we have purchased in the past 12 months.... we are slow...

The new DC store is open and already has the new stuff available for those of you who live near that store: new MyAG outfits, new store exclusives, new things for Kanani, a new horse, new boots, watches, eyeglasses, earrings, food sets, table and chairs - the list goes on.

Including 3 new MyAG dolls. A new Asian mold doll with light skin, brown eyes, brown hair and bangs. A new classic mold doll with light skin, hazel eyes, freckles, and brown hair. And a new Josefina mold doll with light skin, brown eyes, and short blonde hair.

If you want to see pics of these new items (from the DC store) join the doll boards my friend and check out the members' photos. If you are under 13, have your Mom or guardian join the boards and you can peruse the pics together. :-)

All those new goodies won't be online and in the other stores until around June 23rd... about a week away. Oh the torture. We are hoping those three new MyAGs are just the ones available in the DC store at the moment and maybe there will be more online. Fingers crossed. (We are never satisfied, haha.)

Amusing article and video about the DC store opening for your entertainment: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2011/06/american-girl-store-coming-to-tysons-corner-62335.html

So there is a lot to look forward to next week. And, of course, also at the end of August when the two new historicals drop. We haven't really mentioned them much here because the boards and other sites get the leaks and we don't want to steal other people's info.

But by now I think everyone knows that Cecile and Marie-Grace are coming: two dolls from 1850s New Orleans who become friends. They look like they will be really pretty dolls. We probably won't collect actively for the 1850s. Just some things here and there that we particularly like. And maybe get the dolls if they call to us.

If you want to see pics of the book illustrations go here: http://dolldiaries.com/scoop-the-new-american-girl-historical-characters-pictures/

We assume people have already seen those.... but just in case you haven't -- there is the link. :-)

So what are your thoughts? Looking forward to the new AG stuff next week? Waiting to see Cecile and Marie-Grace before you buy any of the new stuff? Excited? Meh?

ETA: Pics of some of the new stuff courtesy of Doll Diaries! http://dolldiaries.com/some-of-the-summer-2011-new-items-from-ag/

More pics: http://dolldiaries.com/american-girl-washington-dc-store-exclusives/

FYI: The pink diamond wellies (rubber boots), the pink hoodie sweatshirt, the dark blue skinny jeans, the black hat, and the oversize sunglasses you see over the black hat are all new items (most of them are store exclusives). The rest of the things you see were previously available items -- but still awesome!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Melody Valerie's Cecily

Hola! Sorry for the lack of posts! "Real life" has been busy and we kind of lost track of what we are supposed to be doing in "blog world."

So don't worry - we will start up new giveaways asap - two outfits for the month of June into July to keep celebrating the 25th Anniversary. Sorry for the delay on that everyone!

Today we have two things: a reminder to please vote for your fav(s) Activity Two photos before Sunday... http://thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/06/activity-two-photos-vote-today.html

And also a pic and video of Melody Valerie's "Cecily" dress from the Spring 2011 Line. Remember: MVC is supposed to be releasing a Summer Line this year - somewhere around the end of June/beginning of July.

I am modeling the "Cecily" dress as is, then with a chocolate cardi from All Dolled Up Doll Clothes, and then with a ADUDC belt added on to the ensemble. So you get to see how the look changes with each "add-on."

Hope you enjoy the pic and vid!

Thanks for visiting everyone!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Activity Two Photos! Vote Today!

Warning: A long post - lots of pictures!

And a caveat or two: If you sent in a photo and you don't see it here, please email it again to nora.demington@gmail.com as soon as possible. And if we made any errors with your photos and write-ups - please let us know asap. :-)

So please vote for at least one of these photos on or before Saturday, June 18th, 2011. Send in your votes to nora.demington@gmail.com. If you want to vote for more than one photo, please do.

Here they are in no particular order....

Photo Number One
"The dolls are having a wonderful time at their sleepover. While Laura (bottom, right) is modeling her pajamas and matching pillow. Laura loves to sew her own clothes, and occasionally helps the others with cute new outfits too! Chrissa Maxwell saved her Christmas money to buy Laura her very own sewing machine. And ever since, Laura can't keep away! If you ever need any special occasion clothes, or just relaxing clothes. Laura is the first to contact!" 

Photo Number Two
"The top three winners are declared at an Irish Dance Competition: Ruthie is wearing a replica I made of my daughter's dance school costume, and Mia, the winner, is wearing a replica of my daughter's 'solo' dress that I just completed.  Each solo dress is supposed to be unique.  It was quite a project and still needs more 'bling.'"

Photo Number Three
"Jamie models a Melody Valerie limited edition for this week's activity! The Cecily glows in pale pink as the sun touches it..."

Photo Number Four
"The maroon colonial ballgown that Elizabeth is measuring is made by me including all the other dresses and quilt hanging on the back wall that you see in the picture."

Photo Number Five
"Kelly is wearing a custom ruffle shirt designed and made by cutie pie and me. The matching shorts were made by cutie pie and me using the Liberty Jane jeans pattern."

Photo Number Six
"This is Samantha in an original creation from Terri's Touch on Etsy."

Photo Number Seven
"Here is Felicity's Round 2 photo."

Photo Number Eight
"Amelia Rose is a big fan of the Historical dolls, especially Addy. In honor of all things Addy, this special dress was made. It was inspired by Harriet's dress from the book 'Addy Saves the Day.'
Click on the Book Image Link to see the book illustration.

Photo Number Nine
"Inky's outfit was handmade just for her by Pleasant Piper Designs using modified Liberty Jane patterns."  

Photo Number Ten
"Kia Ora! Coral's Maori heritage shines in this custom handmade needlepoint pari bodice by Black Pearl Designs.  Her piu piu skirt and poi balls are from Kpohana Polynesian Dance on etsy."

Photo Number Eleven
"For my handmade entry, I chose to make some yummy cookies!  As you can see, I make a bit of a mess... and I'm not the world's best baker, but I still try.  =) And for luck, I decided to wear a t-shirt my human made... polka dots are lucky, you know!"

Photo Number Twelve
"In this picture Jenny is in her 70's themed room with her dog Reese. She is wearing the homemade dress we got from the farmer's market. She is feeding the homemade chew toy we made for Reese to Reese."

Photo Number Thirteen
"This is Lea in her bedroom trying to decide what recipe to try next!  I made the cookbooks and the recipe binder which is filled with real recipes.  I converted my Dad’s old electronic address book into Lea’s laptop computer.  I made the desk (behind her) out of a cardboard box that I painted blue. I used a piece of poster board to make her back wall.  I made a window out of a photo and my Mom sewed a valance for it.  My Mom also sewed all the bedding that I designed especially for Lea.  There is a mattress, a quilt, and two pillows.  We made the bed using instructions we found online from http://www.dollclothespatterns.net/doll-bed-patterns/easy-doll-bed.  I painted the headboard white to match.  And finally, my mom made Lea’s outfit from the Liberty Jane jeans pattern and trendy tee pattern."

Photo Number Fourteen
"Charlie is modeling Maggie's blue polka dot shirt (hopefully Maggie doesn't find out...she won't be thrilled about sharing her favorite shirt!), made by eBay seller peppermintsticks, and khaki pants made by eBay seller wtcnudo.  Since the theme was "Hooray for Handmade", she decided it would be fun to make something by hand herself.  She had a lot of fun cutting out these little paper dolls!  It took a few tries to figure out how to make them connected, but that didn't bother her.  She loves trying new things until she gets them right. :) "

Photo Number Fifteen
"Ella has been enjoying the warm weather and is excited for summer.  Today Ella and Chrissa shared popsicles while they were enjoying the evening outside with Chocolate Chip.  Chocolate Chip thought the popsicles were amazing too!  ;)  Everything is better with friends!

Ella is wearing a fishy print dress from Etsy shop 'The Dolly Stand' and a bracelet made by me. Chrissa is wearing a floral print dress from Etsy shop '123 Mulberry Street.' The popsicles are from Etsy shop 'Pippaloo.'"

Photo Number Sixteen
"So here's the story: Neri is a student at Hogwarts and so they got to go to Hogsmeade, She's looking at all the yummy sweets which include Peppermint Toads, Fizzing Whizbees, Blood Flavoured Lollipops [okay maybe those aren't so yummy unless she's a Vampire], Cockroach Clusters [again they aren't that good looking but I think she would rather have a lollipop than these] and Acid pops!  
BTW The doll's name is Neri Lovegood!!"

Photo Number Seventeen
"This is Grandma Esther teaching Lindsey and Lizzy to knit a pair of socks.  Everything in this picture is handmade by my mom, my sister and myself, except for grandma Esther's shirt.  Grandma Esther is my star doll, because she's my favorite. ;)"

Photo Number Eighteen
"This a candid shot of Demi and Patrick (Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze of the movie 'Ghost'). The handmade items in this picture are as follows, Demi's dress was sewn by a friend, I crocheted Patrick's jeans, my sister made the ghost costume and Demi of course made the vase on the pottery wheel.  That is what she was making until Patrick interrupted her."

Photo Number Nineteen
"Kirsten is getting ready to bake pepparkakor and stollen bread in her new dress, based on Pleasant Company pattern School Dress, and heart appliqued apron. Wooden shoes too in case she drops her wooden spoon.
I made this for my daughter's poor smooshed face Kirsten, rescued from the bin, that she loves so dearly."

Photo Number Twenty
"In my photo, my doll, Sunny, is wearing a homemade top, made by my sister. She is using a homemade oven mitt to get her homemade taco, that I sculpted out of clay."

Photo Number Twenty-One
"After a long, sleepless night of brainstorming, Jenna finally knows what she is going to make to wear in the fashion round of the contest. Her bathrobe is homemade. "

Photo Number Twenty-Two
"Camisa--made by my mom
skirt--made by me
not shown in picture: tights and shoes made by my mom also.
And of course, Samantha is baking home made cookies :)"

Photo Number Twenty-Three
"I made this outfit for Julie on her b-day."

Photo Number Twenty-Four
"Ruthie is wearing an outfit that is completely homemade. I made the shirt, the skirt, and the bracelet! I did it all by hand. Ruthie really loves the outfit."

Photo Number Twenty-Five
"JOY! NO!!
While Lanie is trying to enjoy her picnic lunch, Joy has spotted a butterfly that has landed on Lanie's head, and is sneaking up behind her to catch it. The  dolls in the scene are Joy (star doll-#23), Ellie (her sister #41), and Lanie (their friend 2010 GOTY).  The dolls' outfits were handmade by entrant's mother, the clay food was handmade by entrant, the rootbeer floats were made by entrant in antique shot-mugs, the picnic table was handmade by local craftsman and purchased at craft fair, the butterfly and butterfly net was handmade by the entrant, and the campfire was handmade by the entrant.  The plates are antique butter pat plates that belonged to entrant's great-grandmother."

Photo Number Twenty-Six
"This is Jess in her sewing room wearing the wrap dress and head scarf she recently made. (dress pattern from LibertyJanePatterns.com. :] )"

Photo Number Twenty-Seven
"Ruthie is so excited to share Easter egg coloring with her friend Janie!  Ruthie is modeling an ensemble made by dollsewer which includes a forties style dress and apron.  It is always fun to have special times with friends."

Photo Number Twenty-Eight
"Elodie's overblouse and skirt are from Atelier de Sitara, and the red top is Liberty Jane."

Photo Number Twenty-Nine
"Felicity loves creating her own accessories (such as her headband, bracelet, brooch and belt) to wear while playing out fairytales with her 'imaginary' friend Albetross (conveniently handmade and bought at the Texas Renaissance festival)."

Photo Number Thirty
"Jo loves baking and making homemade treats for her friends and family.  Here she is making a special pink and white cake for a friend."

Photo Number Thirty-One
"Hello! May I take your order please?" - Samantha
"One pizza slice and a cookie please." - Customer
"OK! Your food will be right out!" - Samantha
"Thanks!" - Customer
The things that are handmade are: the apron, the pizza, the cookies, the sign, and the pencil. :)

Photo Number Thirty-Two
Renea and her homemade dolly food items, including a panda cake.

Photo Number Thirty-Three
"My dolls are hosting a 'Homemade Party.' They are all wearing Homemade Clothes. They are all serving homemade food, the tablecloth is homemade, the vase and invitation are both homemade.
The choices of food: Potato chips, Bread and Cookies, Pizza, Fruit.
Jessica is serving the Pizza"

Photo Number Thirty-Four

Photo Number Thirty-Five
"Ivy Ling strolls down the catwalk in her fabulous and chic handmade outfit! Ivy is wearing a stylish wrap-around dress (made from a pattern from Heritage Doll Fashions) with her cozy brown scarf."

Photo Number Thirty-Six
"Kirsten is wearing a Purple Civil War era dress that I sewed myself. The dress was made out of a purple cotton fabric with a subtle floral design and features growth tucks in the skirt that are accurate to the time period so that Kirsten can take them out as she grows (okay, I know dolls can't grow). The dress is embellished with tiny white rick-rack trim and white satin ribbon on the bodice, and matching white rick-rack right above the growth tucks on the skirt to give it a fancier look. Completing the dress is a white satin ribbon sewed around the waist that is tied in the back in a big pretty bow. She is also wearing matching handmade hair ribbons and is holding a bouquet I made of purple and blue flowers."

Late Addition: Photo Number Thirty-Seven
(Sorry for the delay!)

"Heather is proud to have finished sewing her very first dress (around here we like dolls to work for their clothing). It is made from the Heritage Wrap Dress pattern."


Thanks for reading through this long post. Please vote today! Send in your vote(s) to nora.demington@gmail.com.

Any questions?? Feel free to ask!

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