Monday, April 25, 2016

Etsy Release Date Round-Up!
April 25, 2016


We wanted to start a new "thing" on this blog:
Etsy Release Date Round-Up!

If you have an Etsy shop, or really any shop, with release dates planned, 
or perhaps just a future release planned ---
feel free to let us know about it in the comment section below!

We asked on Instagram for people to let us know 
if they were planning on doing any releases anytime soon -- 
so here I will do a "round-up" of those replies.

camelotstreasuresI have some boy doll clothes and 
swimwear I'm hoping to release by May 1st

ellieandroseboutiqueI'm trying to finish up more 
dresses & outfits by the end of the week.

qtpie_doll_clothingI have a release on April 30th @ 6pm EST

ag_ag_and_agI have a release April 17th @ 3pm pacific

mamacassishandmadeI'll be adding some new 
historic dresses this week - Edwardian, prairie, and 50s. 
Next week, bathing suits!

lovelivautumI have a necklace collection 
coming out in about 1-2 weeks that will have a theme of 'summer travels'

misfit.toysssI'm working on something that I hope to take pictures of soon! it's characters from a recent new movie!

3.dolls.and.a.cameraI'm planning to do a 100 % natural beeswax candle release, but the shop name is Kisprinkles.

ag_fashions_foreverI have been making ag jewelry and headbands for the dolls but no etsy store yet. Soon I hope to get one up and running.

libra.nethiliaSteady work on a Historical basics patterns series.

hufflepuff_dollsStarting to work on a vintage release

sparrow_and_wrenI've got Grayscale 2 on the 16th at 7pm and I'll be listing Lark on the 23rd at 5pm (est).

agdoll.riajoyI'm working on some new pieces for my shop, RiaJoysBoutique. No date set.

bluebicycledollI am planning on having a release soon for my shop, Four Blue Bicycles, but I don't have any dates yet.

Have an Etsy release coming up?

A specific date and time? A theme? 

Something in the works but no set date? 

Let us know about your plans 
in the comments below 
so that we can include them 
in the next "Etsy Release Date Round-Up!"

Also, if you want to comment 
on one of our Release Date Instagram 
posts with your info -- feel free to do that!

They look like this....


Thank you for visiting us today!

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