Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trends to Sew: Jackets! Part One!

It's starting to get pretty chilly outside now.

Don't let your dolls get too cold during those 
plentiful autumn outdoor photo shoots. ;-)

Want jackets?

Well, people have to sew them first! 

Right? Yes.

As much as I am attracted to the concept of this jacket from AG:

It seems too big, bulky, and not very flattering on the dolls.

I haven't bought it yet - so I can't make a complete review of it.

But with the way that AG has styled it here ^^^ it looks like it's for 4 year olds.

What went wrong exactly?

Well, let's compare it to the Hollister equivalents:

A deeper gray and a lighter blue might 
have made the AG version look like less of a "toy" item.

Also, the AG "denim" doesn't really look that denim-y 
once you compare it to actual human clothing denim.

You'll want your denim to be as realistic as possible 
if you make this yourself.

And there is no distressing on the AG version.

Distressing really helps sell the realism of your clothing.

And color variation throughout the denim also helps.

This jacket ^^^ also lacks lapels and a collar, 
which I think would make it look more realistic.

Here we have a lighter denim ^^^ paired with the light gray 
that's similar to the AG gray color.

But again, we see distressing on the denim.

And the detail of the faux second layer carries over to the bottom hem.

Mmmmm. Sherpa lining.

Not that the AG version needed the sherpa lining - 
I think that would have made it more bulky.

Lining in doll clothes can be very problematic.

Especially if it is the weight of zee sherpa fabric.

But looking at the overall fit of these Hollister jackets, 
I would say that the AG version is too long in the body and too boxy.

Again, I'd need to get my hands on it in person to 
really figure out if I can make it work or not.

One of the things that keeps stopping me from buying it are those decals.

And just the overall lack of realism really keeps it out of my shopping cart.

It's not like AG didn't have examples to look at -
Liberty Jane has the ultimate doll denim jacket pattern.

Maybe they didn't want to follow that one ^^^ too closely and 
be accused of stealing that idea.

But they really should have at least looked at it for how a denim jacket can fit really well without looking like you are wearing your older brother's varsity baseball jacket....

Anyways....I think I have complained enough.

Pointers for the sewers and seamstresses and makers:

1) Lighter color denim is currently in for denim jackets.

2) Gray is good. Gray is great. Make the sleeves gray. I agree with this approach. Any other color might conflict too much with the denim.

3) Distress. Distress. Distress.
That denim needs to be beaten up, man.

4) Make these things as realistic as humanly possible.
Pay attention to the smallest details.

5) And I'd rather have a jacket that I couldn't button closed 
than one that looks oversized and boxy.

Chances are - if I am putting my doll in a jacket 
I am still going to leave it open so you can see the rest of her outfit. 
That's kind of doll photo shoot 101 there. ;-)

Alright, stay tuned for Jackets! Part Two! tomorrow. :-)

Thank you for visiting us today!

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