Sunday, August 29, 2010

Karen and Emily Go Outside: Black Hoodies

Hola! ¿Cómo está usted? Have you entered our Fall Giveaway yet? If not, check out the post right below this one. :)

Today we were going to do swimsuit photos, but then we realized that we still haven't moved over all of those pictures from the laptop. Only some of them. Duh. We are slow. But we do have pictures of Karen and Emily in fall attire. Remember the post about the black and white Doll Closet shirts? Well this is like a 2.0 version of that post.

Karen and Emily are wearing the same jeans and tops, but they have added on two hoodies for the cooler weather we had here at the beginning of last week. Karen is wearing a swirly graphic hoodie handmade by Terri of All Dolled Up Doll Clothing. And Emily is wearing an awesome skull graphic hoodie handmade by Heritage4 of Heritage Doll Fashions.

Here are zee hoodie pictures!

Both Heritage4 and Terri have joined the Liberty Jane Clothing team. Heritage4 is creating patterns, and Terri has become a LJC Premium Partner. As a LJC partner, or Premium Partner (depending on what you want to be)--- you have permission to use the LJC patterns to create doll clothing to sell for a profit. Your profit! Isn't that exciting?!?! We talked about this program a little in some previous comment discussion- but we wanted to bring it to light in a post. Here is the LJC lingo:

"Have you been trying to figure out how to make some extra money?
We are modifying our pattern's commercial use policy to benefit work-from-home seamstresses in an exciting new way. If you've been looking for an opportunity to make some additional income, you might like this...

Become A Partner:

Previously if you wanted to use our patterns for selling, we had a royalty payment required that was cost prohibitive for many people. We are doing away with that completely. From now on, if you want to use Liberty Jane Patterns for selling through your Ebay, Etsy store, or other websites, then we are 100% supportive. And you can keep 100% of the profit. Since our patterns currently have clear language prohibiting you from using them in this way, (and I don't want to edit all my patterns), simply email me if you're interested. We will give you official permission to use our patterns for work-from-home sewing. You'll be an official partner. My email is All we ask for in return is that you let people know that you used a Liberty Jane Pattern in your item description and you clarify that it is not an original Liberty Jane outfit garment.
But wait, there's more...Want to become a Premium Partner?
Become A Premium Partner:
We are setting up a Premium Partners website for $9.99 a month. Benefits will include,
  • Selling tips and recommendations, like our 10 tips for branding your business, as well as 'how-to' posts explaining pretty much everything we do. From pricing to photography equipment, and scissors to internet tools. We'll share everything.
  • A discussion forum where we will answer any questions you have about our patterns, selling strategies, marketing questions, anything you need help with, we'll do our best to provide support.
  • Priority access to patterns. As we move forward we'll begin to give you early bird access to our patterns before we release them on our patterns website. We're still working this out, but it will probably be something like 3 months exclusive use before they are released to everyone else.
  • Traffic! we have a huge set of frustrated fans that are waiting to get one of our designs, and we're happy to refer them to you, with a direct link from our site to yours. Again, you can keep 100% of the profits. We are remodeling our website and the new design will allow us to prominently feature your store, website, or listing. You'll be featured as a "Premium Partner". Additionally, we'll use our social media tools, (like Facebook), to drive traffic to your site.
  • A free pattern download every month.
If you're interested, email me back and say, "Yes, I want to partner". As soon as we are ready to launch, (within a week or so), We'll send you further details.
Whether you decide to become a partner or premium partner, our vision is pretty simple... Just like we have partnered with top designers to expand the selection of great patterns, we also want to work with top seamstresses to expand the selection of our designs that are available to shoppers.
Again, if you're interested, just send me an email,"

And here is the LJC pattern blog post with info about this program.

And here is a pattern blog post with a list of some of their current partners.

We hope that info helps you peeps out there thinking about selling dolly clothing for profit, or thinking about ways to expand your current offerings. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall 2010 Doll Giveaway: Enter Here!

Despite this being a sad week for AG fans, there are two rays of hope at the end of the tunnel.

1) Maybe the archival of Felicity and Elizabeth means we will get more new historical dolls, like we got Rebecca after Sam was archived.

And 2) This is the official announcement of the Fall 2010 Doll Giveaway here at The Doll Wardrobe blog. Yay!

One lucky winner will be able to choose one of three dolls--- Kirsten Larson, Just Like You #41 or Ivy Ling! The doll will come brand-new, in-box, with her meet outfit and book, and an extra outfit (which we will discuss more in other posts). (For free!)

So now here are the important details: You must be 18 years old or older to enter this giveaway. If you are younger than that please have someone 18 years old or older, like a parent or guardian, enter herself/himself. One entry per person please, but you can have other family members enter as well.

To enter, please write your full name and your email address as a comment to this post. It will not be published and only Penny will be able to see it. Winners will be drawn out of a hat, i.e. randomly picked. If you win, she will email that address to notify you and ask for your doll choice (from the three pictured in this post), and your shipping address.

There will only be one winner for this giveaway -- she/he gets to choose one of the above dolls to receive. The two left-over dolls will reappear in the Winter 2011 giveaway. :)

We will ship to other countries (including the USA, of course). So if you live in Australia, England, Canada, and so on--- and you win--- we will ship the doll to you for free. No cost to you.

The last day to enter the giveaway will be
Sunday December 5th,
2010 and the winner will be announced
on Monday December 6th, 2010.

We know that is a long time for the giveaway to last, but we need to make sure Liberty Jane has enough time to make our special giveaway outfit for us. We don't want to rush Cinnamon, especially since we have yet to get our butts in gear and send her the jeans she is going to reconstruct for us.

Any questions??? Please feel free to ask. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Felicity and Grey Jeans

Random title eh? Yeah, we are in a weird mood today. Like most of our readers, we are sad to see Felicity and Elizabeth go. For the past several years we were kind of wishing their collection had the substance it truly deserved. We hadn't bought a lot of the available things because they just weren't what they "should be." But alas, we are now sucked into the archival frenzy.

We don't like having collecting regrets--- that "could have, should have, would have" feeling when you miss an Ebay auction or a doll's item is retired while you weren't paying attention.

So we saw this:

... and said "Oh the Heck with it, let's just ride this train to Crazy Town." So we ordered these:

Yes, we are total AG suckers. What can we say? We are easily brainwashed by the "Buy Now or Lose Your Chance!" propaganda. :(

All of this new colonial stuff is going to go to our Mary Royall, who is more than happy to receive new prezzies. We kind of feel too depressed to keep Felicity and Elizabeth as colonial characters, reminding us of yet another archival. So we think we'll do something creative with them to make this experience more fun and exciting. We'll let you know what we come up with. ;)

Now onto the grey jeans part of the title: below we have pictures of two pairs of grey jeans we are shipping to Cinnamon of Liberty Jane Clothing to make into dolly skinny jeans. One pair of the dolly pants will be given away with the Fall 2010 Doll Giveaway. So we wanted to know which jeans you guys would prefer to see included with the giveaway. The pictures aren't the best, as we don't have a humanoid model for them, so they are resting on zee chair. But try to imagine these as dolly jeans, heehee.

Pair One?

Or Pair Two?

Let us know in the comments below which pair you'd prefer to have as the dolly skinny jeans offered in the Fall 2010 Doll Giveaway. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This week seems to be one made for one-syllable sounds of distress. I've got a nasty cold, I've spread it to my sisters, and Lissie and Bethy are rumored to be retiring. Yep, that's the word on the street- Felicity and Elizabeth are going to be archived.

We guessed wrong, per usual, thinking Molly would be next. But not being sure of that, we didn't want to invest a lot of moola in her stuff and then find out it was Felicity or someone else.

Being collectors, we have running lists of what we want to have and what we already have. So we consulted the list this afternoon and hit Ebay for retired Felicity items that will now probably go up in price. We ordered the Noah's Ark set, the Mittens, Muff and Pattens, and her Guitar. We always forgot to order that guitar every time we planned to--- it was so "under the radar" and yet very beautiful.

Well we have executed our "In Case Felicity is Archived" plan. But we still feel kind of hollow inside--- like that empty feeling in your stomach you get when something is happening that you don't really like. And we keep looking at things we didn't think we wanted from her collection, now second-guessing that decision. Le poo. Third fall in the row with these archivals and feeling le poo. I guess we should be used to it-- but it's difficult to get used to. :(

Do you all have "In Case ______ Is Archived" plans?

Updated to include pictures from Curt Danhauser's site of things we ordered today. We'd like to say we are excited to receive them, but their arrival will be bittersweet.

Sorry the pics might be distorted, Photobucket is doing funny things with them. :(

FYI: New Giveaway Will Start Aug 28

The 2010 Fall Doll Giveaway will start this Saturday, August 28th, probably around 12pm Eastern Standard Time. Just FYI.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Your Perusal: Ivy for the Giveaway

Just wanted to post some pics of the giveaway Ivy we received on Monday. She does have a bit of the "one-eye-bigger-than-the-other" problem, but she still looks cute to us. Luckily, if you don't like the eye size difference, there are still 2 other dolls to choose from for our next giveaway. ;)

We took her out of the box and checked her legs--- no green! So maybe the green legs/green pants issue is a thing of the past. We hope so!

Also, make sure you check out the Fall Line of Melody Valerie Couture on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 ---- that is the big release day! That's only seventeen days away!

Without further ado, here are some pics of Ivy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Le Sigh

School is rough. I like studying, but once school starts, it never stops. There is always something to do next. Get up. Go to school. Read, write, do arithmetic. Come home. Read, write, do arithmetic. Le sigh. I know it just started yesterday, but I already need a vacation. ;)

Guess what- American Girl does not seem to be using UPS anymore. Wha??? Yeah, we were confused. I wonder how that went down. They are now using FedEx, which we are fine with. I just wonder how UPS feels about this..... I imagine that is a lot of moola lost.

So we are talking about FedEx because yesterday we got our shipment from AG! It was exciting to see the package when I got home from school. But I was too tired to take pics. Napping took place instead, followed by homework. Blurgh.

But we do have our Giveaway Ivy here now and the new MyAG basketball uniform for Jocelyn. She is our resident basketball player. So stay tuned for pics! Hopefully I will have some time this evening to take some for y'all.

We definitely want to take Ivy out of her box and make sure she doesn't have the dreaded "green legs syndrome" some Ivy's get from the green pants. We think they changed the manufacturing process of the pants so they don't do that anymore (dye transfer stinks), but we want to be sure before we include her in the giveaway. ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Are Still Alive


That is the sound one makes when school starts on Monday.

This stinks. Where did the summer go? Gosh, gee, and wizz. Sorry I have not been posting as much in August. I was trying to catch up on my summer reading list for school. It is so unfair that they give us homework IN THE SUMMER. Someone should be punished for that idea. :(

Anyways, even though some of us are reading for school like academic slaves, others still get to play outside. Yes, yes--- Karen and Emily have once again ventured outside to model dolly clothing (without me). However, the pictures for today's post are still trapped on the other computer---- so those pics will have to appear on zee blog later.

For now, we wanted to say:

1) We are still alive

2) Thank you for shopping in L'Atelier de Sitara (she only has one skirt left!)

3) The third doll for the 2010 Fall Doll Giveaway here at The Doll Wardrobe will be Ivy--- she is currently on her way here via UPS


4) Please prepare yourself for the upcoming release of the Fall Line of Melody Valerie Couture!

Today we received this email which we are shamelessly reproducing here for y'all to see:

"Happy August from Melody Valerie Couture!

The studio is full of fabric in delightful colors, and there are bits of thread everywhere -- and that means the Fall Collection is coming soon! We don't have a final release date just yet, but we're aiming for sometime in mid-September. (We'll be sure to send out another notice once we have the date finalized.)

We're also reworking the blog, and would like a few new pictures for our Customer Photo Page. If you have a recent photograph of your doll in her Melody Valerie dress that you'd like to see featured on our page, please send it to us! We'd love to include it as we update the blog.

On a technical note, please let us know if you experienced any difficulty receiving this message. We've had a few problems with this account and want to be sure everything is running smoothly before we release the Fall Collection.

Thank you again for supporting Melody Valerie Couture!

Melinda and Melody Valerie"

So if you are on the MVC mailing list and you didn't get that note-- please let them know.

Anyone else excited to see what MVC has in store for us? I sure am--- I mean, I was pretty excited about Sitara's Fall Line and that just blew us away! These clothing designers are just getting better and better, more creative at every turn. We can't wait to see what MVC and Liberty Jane make for their Fall Lines and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they make more Holiday items like they did last year. Winter Lines are awesome!!

We received the package from Sitara on Monday and the stuff is so great! We can't wait to show it here--- once we stop being distracted by summer reading and have time to take pics. We bought one of each object that was for sale--- so if you guys want to see certain pieces on certain dolls-- please let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading this picture-less blithering!
I hope everyone had a great summer and their school year is fantastic!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

L'Atelier de Sitara New Items Released Today!

Yes, we already raided the store---- sorry peeps! But there are still some really awesome items left for grabs! As of 5:30 PM EST there is one shirt left, two skirts, and a pair of jeans, FYI.

Click here to see L'Atelier de Sitara Etsy shop!

And here is a slideshow of the items that were for sale today....

All photos above taken by Sitara.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Karen Goes Outside: Little Noel Dress

Hello again! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! It is super-super hot here. We wanted to play outside more, but not in this weather! Yikes the heat!

We did manage to finish one photo shoot today though and here are our pics! Karen is modeling a black, yellow, and white dress handmade by Etsy seller Little Noel. If you really like this dress and want one for yourself, there is another one available here (as of August 10, 2010 that is). It might not be there tomorrow. ;)

It is a pretty awesome dress- we love the colors, the paneling, the wrap-around belt with ribbon accent, and the cross-over look of the bodice. And it does look great on the #33 modeling it on their website. Those pictures are one of the reasons we got a #33 for our Badger's Wood team.

But for our photo shoot we wanted to show you how the dress looks on a different doll, so Karen got the job. Here she is posing with a white peony and our pig statue known as Sir Francis Bacon. ;)

Enjoy zee pictures!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Karen and Emily Go Outside:
Doll Closet Tops, Liberty Jane Jeans

Me again! Two posts in two days: a miracle!!! But only because I actually managed to schedule this post. August is a very busy month around here. Why is the summer never really as relaxing as it should be?

Anyway.... Karen and Emily go outside again for today's post! During their outdoor adventures they discovered an enclosed garden with ivy growing all over the walls. It was decided the next photo shoot should be there. So here they are modeling black and white tops from Etsy seller Doll Closet, and custom-made jeans from Liberty Jane Clothing. Karen is also sporting a belt from All Dolled Up Doll Clothing. We really love the way the outfits look against all the lush, green plants!

Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Heritage Doll Fashions Flower Girl Dress

Hola! Sorry we were MIA-- we got lost in the closet full of boxes while trying to find a box to ship JLY #21 to Renee. But we were successful and the shipment will go out this week!

We also found a box to ship some brand-new human jeans to Liberty Jane Clothing. We'll take some pictures of the jeans before and after their transformation. Penny found them on sale at Nordstrom-- grey stretchy jeans in large sizes that weren't too expensive. So we will send them to LJC and get some dolly skinny jeans out of them.

One of the pairs of LJC grey skinny doll jeans will be given away as part of our Fall 2010 Doll Giveaway!

But I am distracting myself from the point of today's post. We were kind of getting bogged down in all the MyAG stuff--- so we will come back to that later. Today we show you a custom handmade dress from Heritage4/Heritage Doll Fashions.

Heritage4 posted about this dress at her blog a couple months ago: clicky here to see her picture.

We ordered this for a relative, but we managed to take some pictures of it before we gifted it to her. It is the dress she wore as a flower girl in a wedding and her first communion dress, but made into dolly size. Emily is modeling it for us in our special "red room" as it is difficult to get good pictures of a white dress against a white door. ;)

As you can probably tell from the pictures, this dress features really fancy, slippery ('n shiny) fabric in layers: a design that isn't the easiest to create. So kudos and thank you to Heritage4 for creating this for us! It is tre impressivo!!!!

Enjoy zee pictures!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Congratulations Go To.....

Renee N.!

Yes, Renee N. has won the Summer 2010 Doll Giveaway
of The Doll Wardrobe blog! Woot!

Congratulations and we hope you are super-excited to have won!

Renee has seven days to respond to the email we have just sent her or we will have to pick a different winner. She now gets to pick between #41, #21 or Kirsten.... we will let you know in the comments of this post which doll she has chosen.

So to all those who entered and didn't win--- don't be too disappointed! There will be plenty of other chances around the corner! Our Autumn 2010 Doll Giveaway will begin at the end of August, and we have already had several suggestions for who should be the third doll: MyAG #26, Molly, or Ivy. Anyone else have suggestions for the third doll? Let us know in the comments to this post!

Again, congratulations Renee N. and thank you everyone for entering!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Too Tired....

I'm too tired to stay up until midnight tonight and actually be awake enough to pick a winner, write an email, etc. etc......

So stay tuned.... tomorrow morning before 11am Eastern Standard Time we will announce zee winner of the 2010 Summer Doll Giveaway!

Come back in about 12 hours from now!

Sorry I'm so tired! :)

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