Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day to Vote for Activity One!

Title says it all... haha. Activity One voting ends today.

Please send your vote(s) to nora.demington@gmail.com before tomorrow.

Don't have a clue what I am talking about? Read about the Doll Photo Contest here: http://thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/05/new-photo-contest-begins-today-first.html

And look at the Activity One photos here: http://thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/05/big-post-of-pics-and-info-get-ready-to.html

Please vote! We appreciate it bunches!

And of course, once we tally the votes Penny will pass judgment for the winner, we'll tell you who won the first round, and then Activity Two will get started. Hope everyone is having fun!

And p.s. If you are an AGPT member -- their Little Miss Playthings contest has started up: http://www.beanbunny.com/lmp2011.html

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Melody Valerie's Delphine

Hola! Today we have Felicity modeling "Delphine" from the Spring 2011 Melody Valerie Couture Line. It's an impressive two-piece ensemble that we have put into its own video. MVC does great work!

Also, we wanted to pair this dress with the Hobo Purse from Maiden Flight Clothing, which you also see in the video -- it matches perfectly with the dress!

MVC is planning a 2011 Summer Line perhaps at the end of June. And Maiden Flight offers items occasionally in their Etsy shop, both for AGs and Karito Kids. See the bottom of this post for pics of items currently available from MF.

Hope you like our pic and video of "Delphine!"

Items currently in the Maiden Flight/Brambleberry Cottage Shop...

Thanks for coming by today --
Hope your holiday weekend is going awesomely!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Petra's Sewing Box Colonial Dress

Or, since it is more formal attire, it should be be called a "gown" -- as we learned yesterday after perusing the Colonial Williamsburg online exhibit we gave y'all a link for.

Today Elizabeth Royall is modeling a colonial set from Ebay seller petrassewingbox: http://myworld.ebay.com/petrassewingbox/

It's a lovely "gown" with a very full skirt and lots of detailing. And we love the color scheme. Again, we added in a necklace for the photos. This set came with the pinner cap you see below.

Like yesterday, we have a starter pic and then a video. The music is "La Belle Cavalier." Enjoy!

And for educational purposes, we wanted to share this link to the Costume Design Center at Colonial Williamsburg: http://www.history.org/history/clothing/designcenter/index.cfm It has loads of cool stuff to look at, and many resources about making historical reproduction costumes -- which is a full-time job at CW.

Thanks for visiting us today! 
Be sure to vote in our 2011 Doll Photo Contest!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dollies' Dressmaker Colonial Dress

Hola! Here we are today with a pic and video of a set we got from The Dollies' Dressmaker: http://www.dolliesdressmaker.com/.

This online shop has a ton of offerings, both historical and modern. It's a favorite among many doll collectors. Cindy is constantly coming up with new things, and they sell out fairly quickly. Especially the popular items such as outfits for Samantha, Nellie, Felicity, and Elizabeth. Occasionally she offers special auctions on Ebay. She has a Facebook page that can keep you updated about new goodies. And she currently is offering three different coupons for all shopping before June 13th. It is a great site and we highly recommend you check it out.

Our set came with the jacket top, the skirt, and the scarf (which we tried out on Elizabeth's head and around her shoulders for different looks). We added a beaded necklace and a ribbon in her hair for good measure. The chairs on the wall are vinyl decals we picked up at Target for photo shoots.

Here is a starter pic and then the video, featuring "Colonial American" music via iTunes: "Rickett's Hornpipe" is the name of the tune. Hope you enjoy it! :-)

p.s. There is an online exhibit over at the Colonial Williamsburg website right now: "Historic Threads: Three Centuries of Clothing." http://www.history.org/history/museums/clothingexhibit/index.cfm Check it out -- it is pretty cool!

ETA: Cool video about colonial accessories in the Colonial Williamsburg collection: http://www.history.org/media/videoPlayer/?cat=vodcast&file=HeadtoToe

Monday, May 23, 2011

Big Post of Pics and Info! Get Ready to Vote!

Hola! Here are the entries for Activity One of the 2011 Doll Photo Contest! Voting begins today. Anyone can vote in the contest. Each of the photos are numbered for ease of voting. You have until May 31st, 2011 to email nora.demington@gmail.com with your vote. Just say "I vote for #____." That's all the info we need. We won't use your email address for anything.

After May 31st we will tally up who got the most votes. We got 43 entries for this Activity, so the nine entries with the most votes will be judged by Penny. She will choose the one winner of this round from those top nine entries.

When voting you can choose your favorite photo, or the one you think has the best photography, or whatever you want. It's completely up to you who you want to vote for. :-D

We appreciate everyone's participation in this contest!

So be prepared for a "Big Post of Pics" -- which means a lot of photos and info ahead -- but don't worry you have about a week to peruse them. :-)

Photo Number One
Cara May Johnson

Cara is a shy girl with a big heart. She loves everything to do with art and is obsessed with pink. She dislikes hot dogs as she still thinks that they are real dogs! She has a dog Sugar and an aquarium of fish. One of her hobbies is sewing. She loves everything about it the cutting, the fabric and the sewing. When she is older she would like to be a fashion designer.
Photo Number Two
Felicity likes hats, horses, being outdoors and warm sunshine. 
She dislikes naming things that she dislikes because really, who wants to put effort into thinking up things that upset you?
Photo Number Three
Elizabeth/ Lizzie:
Hi! My name is Elizabeth Cole, but you can call me Lizzie. I am 11 years old and have 5 sisters: Addy, Felicity (my BFF), Samantha, Kit, and April (my other BFF). I am shy around others sometimes, but I do have a wild side. I've always wanted to be an actress on Broadway! So I do have a bit of a dramatic flair. My birthday is April 24th and I am the youngest of all my sisters. I have a sassy-sweet style and LOVE to dress up in different time periods. One day I'm colonial, the next day I'm modern (I like to mix things up a bit :) ) I also love to go outside and relax and swim. My favorite food is Pizza (it's delicious!), I listen to pop music (love Jordin Sparks!) and I also like to ride horses with my best friend Felicity, read fantasy books like "Graceling" by Kristin Cashore and go shopping with my friend April.
Photo Number Four
Amelia Rose

Amelia is eleven years old. When she isn't reading her favorite Harry Potter books, she is out on the field catching butterflies and other insects with her best friend, Sprocket. Besides Harry Potter and butterflies, she loves cookies and cream ice cream and running. She dislikes math, but she especially hates spinach. Her dream is to make her school's track team this year. For now, she is just enjoying summer vacation!
Photo Number Five
I chose my doll Ella to be my star doll!  She was pretty excited about the contest too! :)

Ella is a very friendly and adventurous girl.
She loves animals, bright colors, and horseback riding. She also loves a good thunderstorm.
Her hobbies include baking, exploring the outdoors, star gazing, dancing, singing, playing with animals, and teddy bear collecting. Ella's teddy bear collection is her most prized possession.
Ella's only dislike is selfish people.

In this photo, Ella is showing off a few of her teddy bears and her favorite socks!
Photo Number Six
Hey, I'm Jamie Connelly. Jamie Lynn Connelly, if you're mad at me. But I'm never in trouble... COUGH COUGH.

My interests are track and walking around my garden when I need some space (or my sisters are after me for some reason or another...). I also love the color neon green--especially on my toenails--, Taylor Swift, Melody Valerie Couture, and twice-baked potatoes (*drools*). And don't let me get near Etsy, or I will rob you of your credit card! Beware. xD I'm also obsessed with the Hunger Games series and Maggie Stiefvater's books. Read them, but only if you're willing to stay up until 11:00 every night! xD 

(my guilty pleasure is Dancing with the Stars .... GO MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY! Oh, wait. He's not a star? Never mind...)
Photo Number Seven
Jess is going to tell you about herself:
Hi! I'm Jess Akiko McConnell. I have 3 sisters, Kit, Zoey, and Liz. I have a dog named Coconut (she's in the picture with me) and she's a West Highland Terrier. I am 12 years old and was born on December 25th (yup, Christmas day!) I love doing stuff outdoors like swimming, camping, hiking, and fishing. I am in martial arts with my sister, Liz. She's a black belt and I'm a brown belt.  My favorite color is orange. My favorite animals are dogs and monkeys, but my least favorite is snakes... yuck. My sisters, Kit and Zoey, make the BEST homemade sugar cookies, that's my favorite food! My favorite book is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and my own book (teehee). When I grow up I want to be a Wildlife Veterinarian. :D
Photo Number Eight
(FYI: This one was switched on request of entrant-- which is why it now looks different.)
Introducing... Laura Ingalls Wilder!
Laura Ingalls is a prairie girl.
You can find her riding her horse among the fresh fields of flowers and green grass.
She also loves baking pies with "Ma."
Photo Number Nine
A bit about little old me:
Hey there, I'm Chelsea Martin and I'm 10 years old. I have blue eyes and shoulder length curly red hair. I'm going to tell you a bit about my self now, try not to fall asleep :P. I am from Britain, but I visit America often, I have 3 best friends who are my partners in crime. I enjoy nature, the aroma of freshly cut grass and cows dung just really excites me. I also enjoy arts and I am an avid story teller, I don't mean I tell lies, but I have a vivid imagination full of lots of crazy ideas. My mom says I'm an "interesting character", I'm going to accept that as a compliment, I am very bubbly and not much can get me down, some people say I'm oblivious to what's around me, I say I only see what i want to see and isn't it best to block out the bad and let in the good? Anyway that's enough blabbering from me for now, I think it's time for me to say bye and finally finish that dreaded homework, so..well...bye!
Photo Number Ten
"Tinker attempts to retrieve a baby dinosaur her time machine accidentally brought back from the Prehistoric era."

Doll Name:  Tinker
Biography:  Tinker is a girl genius who loves building crazy inventions.  She's too friendly and happy to be a "mad" scientist, but she's definitely an eccentric one.   She can usually be found in her work shop tinkering with a new machine, or out exploring and looking for inspiration in the world around her.  Tinker favors practical clothes with lots of pockets for carrying handy things around and is usually too distracted to make sure her hair is nice or her socks match.
Hobbies:  Mainly inventing; typically giant robots and time machines, but she's been known to dabble in household appliances as well.  
Likes:  Dinosaurs, robots, power tools, & robot dinosaurs.
Dislikes:  Getting lost in the time-space continuum, horror movies, flan.
Photo Number Eleven
My doll's name is Jenny. Let me tell you a little about her.  Jenny is 9 years old but very mature and smart for her age. She loves horseback riding, baking, and drawing. Her favorite activity is surfing on her beach home. Jenny can not stand corn on the cob, fish, or cats. Jenny loves puppies, cupcakes, and homemade sweets. Jenny has only a cousin and wants a sister very badly!
Photo Number Twelve
Samantha Parkington/Samantha Parks

Samantha has two lives, one in the early 1900s and one in the early 2010s. Currently she bounces back and forth between 1903 and 2011. In her modern life, Samantha is an energetic 8 year old girl who loves to run around and climb trees.  In her historical life, she tries to be the proper young lady that Grandmary wants her to be. Samantha generally is more feminine in her historical life. She sees being of two worlds as being a good way to be both a girly girl and a tomboy at the same time without anybody disapproving of her or teasing her.

In her modern life, Samantha enjoys drawing and painting, and hopes to take some art classes. She also likes rollerblading, ice skating, and playing baseball and soccer with her brothers.
In her historical life, she still likes drawing/painting, but also enjoys sewing, skating, playing with dolls, and baking with Jessie.
Samantha also enjoys nature, and reading books about animals.
Uncle Gard is the only person allowed to call her Sam. Otherwise, her name is Samantha. Not Sam, not Sami, Samantha. 
Photo Number Thirteen
About Kirsten:
Full Name- Kirsten Mae Larson
Nickname- Kirst or Kirsti
Favorite colors- Blue and Green
Favorite Animal- Giraffe
Favorite Bug- Grass Hopper
Likes- Gardening, Flowers, researching bugs, climbing trees, hanging out with friends and family.  Especially Elizabeth (my twin)
Dislikes- litterbugs, Her sisters killing bugs, being forced to go shopping
Pet Peeve- Being separated from her sisters
Age- 11
Birthday- May 21
Favorite book- Puppy Place book Honey
Favorite Movie- Madagascar 1 and 2
Favorite CD- Carrie Underwood Some Hearts
Favorite Song- Some Hearts
Favorite Food- Fresh Tomatoes
Favorite Dessert- Fresh Strawberry Short Cake
Favorite Drink- Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
Dream- To have a Garden Shop
Photo Number Fourteen
Type Of Doll: American Girl Doll
Full Name: Gwen Tisdale
Birthday: December 17
Favorite Color:  Hott Pink
Favorite Food and Drink: Biscuits, and Sprite
Best Friend: Brittney Spears
Pet Peeve: Her little sisters embarrassing her.
Fun Fact: Is popular.
Photo Number Fifteen
 Full name: Alexia Joanna Haugen. She goes by Lexi.
Lexi is a scientist at heart. Chemicals and Physics fascinate her. So does time. She loves time travel stories, especially Doctor Who, and is currently working on her very own TARDIS. Yes, she likes to try to attempt the impossible.
She has a dog, named Coco, short for Coconut. Coco goes almost everywhere with Lexi, and enjoys helping her with her experiments.
Photo Number Sixteen
This is Julianna Grace Albright (Julie). Her birthday is May 1st and she is 13 years old. Her hobbies are reading, drawing, and writing stories. She likes shopping, spending time with her family and friends, listening to music, watching movies, swimming, and playing with her pet bunny. She dislikes eating spinach, broccoli, peanut butter, and spicy food. Her favorite meal is hamburgers, homemade french fries, and malts. She always wants Funfetti cake with white frosting and sprinkles on it for her birthday cake. She is a fun girl and has many friends!
Photo Number Seventeen
Name: Jess Lee Mconnel
Hobbies: singing, dancing, laying in the grass
likes: music, horses, fruit
dislikes: dogs, litter, bullies 
Photo Number Eighteen
"My name is Molly Malone. A few years ago I moved to South Africa with my family where we now live in a small town in the north. I just love the bush and going on bush drives to view all the wild african animals.
Every once in a while we get a deserted baby animal at the rehabilitation centre where my parents work. At the moment we have a baby hippo and she is just adorable. I love to help take care of the baby animals and to feed them. I don't like the vultures much as they try to peck your feet every time you go into their cage. I also love to take photos and make cards for my family back home in America. Next week we are going camping... I am so excited! Toasted marshmallow! Yum!"
Photo Number Nineteen
Name: Samantha Grace Parkington
Age: 9 y/o
Sisters: Julie Ashbury (Soon- Kanani Jole)
Best Friends: Kit Kitredge, Emily Klopsin, Lanie Holland
Favorite Color: Lavender
Pets: Zoe (pink poodle), Chloe (brown and white chihuahua)
Likes: Write, Sing, Draw, Fashion, Traveling, Chocolate Cake, Tex-Mex, Construction
Dislikes: Rude People, Know-it-alls,  Being wrong, Violence

Autobiography: I am a very lovable person. Kind, Loving, Sweet, at least, so I hear. :) People love my fashion. My mom, Bella, is very creative (like mother like daughter) and likes to make me stuff! We both love to draw! I am not ashamed to say that my mom is 12, loves me, and will always! I love having sisters, I can not wait till Julie comes in! I also love fashion! Bella makes me lots of stuff, as I have said. The shirt I am wearing was made by my mom. :)
Photo Number Twenty
(Photo switched upon request of entrant.)
Name: Ruthie Smithens
Birthday: May 4th
Hobbies: Making flower crafts and gardening
Favorite Movie: Tinkerbell
Likes: Flowers
Dislikes: Justin Bieber
Biography: Ruthie loves flowers! She has a creative imagination when it comes to making things, she loves gardening and planting flowers, and she is very sweet, caring, and understanding!
Photo Number Twenty-One
 This is Kailey Maria Hopkins. She is 7 years old. She was rescued from a garbage pile by a very good friend of her human. Her hobbies are dancing and fashion designing. She likes dolls, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, reading, and all things girly. She dislikes tomboys, Star Wars, sports, and math. Fun Fact: She refuses to wear any outfit unless it has either pink, flowers, or sparklies.

Kailey here. Human failed to mention that I have a Yorkie named Sugar.
Photo Number Twenty-Two
"Hi! My name is Ivy and I LOVE American Girl dolls. I have four in my collection: Kit, Ruthie, Julie, and Kirsten. I really want a MAG doll, but I haven't found one that looks just like me yet . . . But I'm saving my money for either Addy or Josefina. Oh, I can't decide! In the meantime, I guess I'll read some more AG books, play with the dolls I have, and read fun blogs all about AG girls of course! By the way, don't you like my Julie doll? She looks like one of my best friends . . ."
Photo Number Twenty-Three
This is Charlotte Nora Hathaway.  She prefers to go by her nickname, Charlie. :)  Charlie is an adventurous, outgoing girl who loves the outdoors.  Everyone who knows Charlie loves her for her exhuberance and adventurous spirit...although sometimes in her excitement, she rushes headlong into things without thinking them through.  She is interested in science, exploration, and figuring out how things work.  She is also a huge fan of Disney/Pixar movies.  Her very favorite character, as you might guess from the picture, is Buzz Lightyear.

Charlie dislikes being stuck inside or having to wear anything too frilly for long periods of time. :) 
Photo Number Twenty-Four
Name: Jennifer Elaine Rublin
Hobbies: Golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, gymnastics
Likes: Sports, bright colors (especially pink and green), butterflies, Science, swimming, blogging
Dislikes: History, "slow" activities
Biography: Jennifer is the kind of person that has to stay busy. She loves sports and games, and fills her schedule with them. She tried to get involved in photography, but it failed to amuse her. When she isn't playing a sport, or trying a new hobby, she can usually be found helping out at her mom's concession stand.
She is very open-minded, and loves to try new things. When she heard about this photo contest, she volunteered immediately.
Photo Number Twenty-Five
Kelly is 9 years old and has a mom, dad, and little brother.  She attends By-the-Bay Elementary School.  Her favorite colors are blue, pink, and purple and she loves strawberries.  Like many girls her age, Kelly and her best friend Ramona love to play Club Penguin, play with their DSis, and draw.  Kelly adores animals and has a sizeable stuffed animal collection.  She would love to have a pet of some type, but her mom isn’t into animals.  So she contents herself with walking the neighbors’ dogs and pretending her stuffed animals are real.  She dreams of the day when she has her own house and would like to have as many pets as possible—maybe even one of every type of dog breed available!  She thinks maybe she’d better marry someone rich to be able to afford all the pets she hopes to have.  She likes to volunteer whenever possible, learn about nature and different animals, and help others.  She is very kind and empathetic although she would probably just describe herself as short and nice.
Photo Number Twenty-Six
Name: Jessica Amy Quint
Nickname(s): Jess, Jessi (spelled without the "e"), 
Ica (only by her siblings, and not the most frequently.)
Age: 13
Type of Doll: #27 JLY
Biography: Jessica Amy Quint loves life. She lives it to the fullest. She loves fashion, and designing. She will be sarcastic (she gets that from me and my family) but when a friend needs help she is the most loyal person ever. When someone is being teased, she WILL stop it. And what I mean by that is, she'd die freely for any of her friends.
Hobbies: Cooking/Baking. That's pretty much it! She is getting better at many things. But I wouldn't call them "Hobbies" yet. ;)
Likes: Sunglasses, potato chips, electronics, outdoors, cooking/baking (the stuff she makes is so yummy. Trust me!), Shopping, dogs, cats, rabbits, deer, bears, frogs... You catch the drift?, fashion, magazine reading, modeling.
Dislikes: Any bugs, throwing things away, cleaning, someone telling her she can't do something, being bored (I told you, she lives life to the [almost] fullest! ;) )
Something she couldn't live without (other than her family and God):
Sunglasses. She always has to be wearing a pair! ;)

In this picture she is doing her homework. She loves the sounds of nature, so sometimes when she can't figure somethings out, she'll grab her backpack, laptop, phone, sunglasses (of course! ;) ) and her trusty bag of potato chips, and head outdoors to "her" lovely flower garden (not hers...) She'll eat her potato chips and do her homework. She SAYS being outside helps so much, and that without the outdoors, she could never finish her homework! ;) But I must say, ever since first starting this fashion, she has gotten better grades! (don't get me wrong! Her grades were always good! ;) )
Photo Number Twenty-Seven
Joy wants to be a nature photographer when she grows up.  She is now 10 years old, and loves to take pictures, when she isn't taking pictures, she likes to play with her sister Ellie, travel, write in her journal, or eat her favorite food-applesauce.  She doesn't like any food with peanuts, or tree nuts in them, because she is allergic to them.  Her favorite color is lime green, she likes animals, and wearing outfits of color combinations that some people may find out of the ordinary (weird).  Joy has also started her own blog.
Photo Number Twenty-Eight
My star doll is Ivy Virginia Ling. She's a 12 year old girl who loves to blog. Her dream is to become a fashion designer when she grows up. In her spare time, you can find her either gardening, sewing, or playing the piano.

Hobbies: Gardening, sewing, piano-playing
Likes: Music, flowers
Dislikes: Snobs, turnips
Photo Number Twenty-Nine
Name: Élodie
Hometown: the village of Saint-Jeannet, Provence (France)
School: The Rannesfeld Institute for Exceptional Students (in the US)
Interests: Élodie loves being outdoors, especially with animals. She has a special affinity with horses, but also loves cats, dogs, and rabbits. She loves Provence, where she grew up--the hills, the fields, the Roman ruins, the glittering sea visible in the distance. Élodie has an interest in fashion, but dislikes anything too glamorous or overdone; she believes that simplicity is best.
Dislikes: Élodie is very shy, especially at school. She is fluent in English but has an accent, which she has been teased about, so she dislikes speaking to Americans or even Parisians. Élodie also hates being asked if she is from Paris: she has visited the city once and didn't much enjoy it, and she dislikes the stereotypical American attitude that France = Paris. 
Photo Number Thirty
Doll's Biography-
Felicity likes to write stories, play the piano, as well as a variety of other pastimes. She is fairly outgoing, but likes to be by herself once in a while. Her favorite color is green, and her favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry.
Photo Number Thirty-One
Name--Elizabeth Cole
Elizabeth loves sewing, fairies, flowers, and helping people. She is a girly-girl and is very sweet, shy, helpful, and always makes sure everyone is taken care of and happy. She is the best seamstress in town but will never admit it since her modesty gets in the way.
Photo Number Thirty-Two
Doll Name: Molly Luna
Hobbies: Dancing(ballet and ballroom), Drawing Outdoor Scenery
Likes: Ballet and Ballroom dancing, Outdoor Scenery, Classical Music
Dislike: Rock Music, Bugs!
Favorite colors: Silver and Gold
Least Favorite Color: Orange
Photo Number Thirty-Three
Meet YUMI!

Yumi (pronounced you-me)  Was born in the USA.  Both her parents are Japanese.  Her father is a very traditional Japanese business man.  Her mother is very much a "free spirt" and loves the freedom of living here in the US.  Sometimes it seems to Yumi that her parents are opposites, but she can tell that they love each other very much. 

Yumi plays the violin (her parents request) and the guitar.  She loves to write her own songs for the guitar.  She has a pet crow Tadashi that she rescued and nursed back to health when he was very little, and with all of the food he eats he has grown very big. Tadashi can't fly very well, so he is content to be taken care of.  She loves stuffies and has a collection.  Her best friends in the US are Martin and Melody.  She loved the "royal wedding" and in the picture she has on her favorite union jack t-shirt.

She travels to Japan every summer to visit her grandparents.  One of her grandparents lives by Harajuku station, and she loves to go see all that is going on there.  Her other grandparents live in Kyoto, in a very traditional Japanese area which she also looks forward to visiting every year. 

She wants to do something to help the people of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami, but she is not sure what she can do.  She did raise money for tsunami relief by playing her violin in her youth orchestra.  She made a special effort to sell tickets to the concert to raise as much money as she could.  The violin is not her favorite, but this chance to raise money made her feel better about all of the time that she spends practicing.
Photo Number Thirty-Four
Ruthie loves collecting dishes and being a girly-girl.  
She has a fun sense of humor and loves to smile!
Photo Number Thirty-Five
This is Jo.  She sometimes thinks her name is boring and wishes it were something more exotic, but she's happy that at least it's short and easy to write.  She loves baking and collecting things from the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's.  She is also quite a daydreamer as you can tell from the picture.  She is always dreaming up fun new cake and cupcake designs... as well as dreaming of a handsome prince that could show up at practically any moment to sweep her off her feet!  I catch her with this "dreamy" look quite a bit actually, especially when she is sitting in this window.  She believes you can never have too much laughter, you should always believe in the impossible, and when in doubt - get the chocolate!
Photo Number Thirty-Six
This is my doll, Mia.  She is 9 years old, and loves horses and skating.  Her horse is named Frost, and she tries to go for a ride every day.  She is an outside girl and really likes to be outside more than inside.  She also loves playing with her sisters, Molly and Sonali.
Photo Number Thirty-Seven
Hi! I’m Lea Rose. I’m 11 ½ years old and as you can probably already tell from the photo, I LOVE to bake. I enjoy it so much that I even want to own a bakery when I grow up (which will be painted teal and blue; my favorite colors)! Some other things that I love are: reading, The Hunger Games trilogy, roller coasters, going on the computer, bunnies, and potatoes! Some things I don’t like so much are: squash, elevators (they creep me out), and homework (it’s almost summer, thank goodness). Well, I gotta go do homework (ironic, right?). Thanks so much for checking out this photo and for this amazing opportunity.
-Lea Rose Martinez
Photo Number Thirty-Eight
I am entering the contest with my doll, Coral.  She's a custom Kanani with decal brown eyes. Coral lives in New York City, where she is a ballet student at American Ballet Theater's JKO School.  She loves koalas and shiba inus.  Coral is originally from New Zealand; she is part Maori.  In this photo, Coral is wearing Liberty Jane pants and tee, and an Atelier de Sitara tank.  Coral's favorite ballet is The Sleeping Beauty.
Photo Number Thirty-Nine
Name; Stephanie.
Bio; (JLY #29) Brown Layered hair, Brown eyes, Medium skin.
Hobbies; Ballet, Ballet Folklorico, Cheer-leading, Modeling, Reading, and Shopping!
Likes; Cats, Babies, Sunglasses, and Fashion.
Dislikes; Smoking, Drinking, Drugs, Squids, Spiders, And Going "commando".
Goes to Daisy Middle School, Has One brother and one sister, Lives With Her Father and Stepmother.
Background; 1/2 Italian, 1/2 Mexican, 1/8 American, 1/8 Spanish.

In the photo; Stephanie Loves ballet, and sunglasses! 
Photo Number Forty
Caroline is eleven years old. She dreams of moving to a big city to become either a fashion model, designer or an editor of a fashion magazine, since she is very interested in the world of fashion and is always in the know of the latest trends. For now, she is stuck living in a small town with her mom. The closest she's seen of the city is through photos of her fashion magazines she collects, spanning many decades of fashion treads. She can sometimes be a "fashion" snob since she won't exactly wear just about any kind of clothing made by just about anyone. She is a very good friend who gives honest, yet thoughtful advice on their problems that don't always necessarily deal with their wardrobe choices. An ideal Sunday afternoon for Caroline includes curling up by the television to watch a marathon of "project runway" or spending countless hours at the mall. Her dislikes include Crocs, bad hair days and the colour brown. She is pictured above wearing her favourite outfit and her favourite colour. 
Photo Number Forty-One
Name: Wendy Madelyn Stein
Age: 12
Location: Bakersfield, CA

Wendy is a tomboy-ish little Jewish girl who has never had an easy time making friends. In elementary school, any kid she got close to ended up moving away or leaving her for a more popular kid. Because of this, she has a hard time getting close to people, although she is very loyal and affectionate when she does get to know someone. Now that she is older she has a small, close-knit circle of friends, and she is very pleased with them.  She is adopted, but doesn’t know or want to know her natural parents. She is very close to her father, as they have a lot in common. She loves her mother very much, but she feels her mother doesn’t understand her, nor does she bother to try. Her older sisters (16 year old twins Bethany and Sarah) are biological children of her parents and sometimes tease her about being adopted. Wendy is a junior Girl Scout and plays the clarinet in her school band, although neither activity is by her choice. She gets good grades in school, but sometimes gets in trouble for not paying attention or fighting with Claire, a bully who picks on her especially. Her safe harbors are her friends (both local and online), reading comic books (especially Superman), and playing with dolls. She has recently had a bit of disruption in her life when her 10 year old cousin Allie moved in with her family and now shares Wendy’s room. The girls get along very well, but they are still getting used to sharing their space.
Late Additions Due to Technical Issues....
Photo Number Forty-Two

The doll's name is Katherine Lane.  Her mom works very hard to support her and her brother since their dad passed away.  Katherine's family has never been able to afford music, dance, sports, or art lessons, but that has never discouraged Katherine.  Her real love is reading, spending time with her cat, being outside, and creating art.  Katherine hates to see people hurting; therefore, she tries to help anyone she can.
Photo Number Forty-Three
Elizabeth Marie Cole better is a 13 year old who lives at home with her parents and younger sister in Newport R.I. She dreams of becoming a famous author. When she gets inspired she writes in her note book with her cat, Melanie, by her side. Elizabeth also enjoys gardening, going to the beach and hanging with her friends.  Elizabeth is also big on fashion always keeping up with the latest trends. Her favorite authors are Mark Twain and J.K Rowling. Her favorite book is the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Her favorite music artists are Tim McGraw and Toby Keith. She dislikes math and doing chores.

Tada! You made it to the end of the longest post I think we have yet to make here at The Doll Wardrobe Blog! Wow! Congrats for reading through everything!

And remember, please get your votes in before May 31st. One vote per person please. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :-)

ETA: You can vote for more than one pic if you feel you want to. Just don't vote for a photo more than one time.

Also, some people seem to have sent in pics, but we didn't get them. So if anyone doesn't see their entry above -- please send your pic and info to nora.demington@gmail.com. Sorry your entry is missing y'all -- just email issues I guess. But feel free to try it again. We'll let you know if we receive the email. If you don't get a reply from us, that means we didn't get the email.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Day to Enter Round One to Win Doll!

Hello peeples, we are back from DC. Just wanted to remind you that today is the last day to get your photos in for the first Activity for the 2011 Doll Photo Contest. If they are a little late, that is okay. No biggie.

Also, remember you don't have to enter every Activity for a chance to win. You can enter all, or one, or a few.

Here is the link to the contest in case you have no idea what I am talking about: http://thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/05/new-photo-contest-begins-today-first.html

Feel free to keep asking questions! :-)

ETA: Reminder video...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Photo Contest Begins Today;
First Prize: A Doll!

Sup! Well the majority of peeps wanted to start the new contest asap, so we might as well get this ball rolling! Really long explanatory post ahead...

First off: Prizes.... everyone always wants to know about zee prizes! There will be four winners of this contest, ooooo!

The first prize winner will receive the doll of his/her choice from the 3 dolls we have for our current giveaways: Kanani Akina, Ivy Ling, and MyAG #26. Then there will be 3 runner-up prizes -- dolly outfits/accessories. (We have yet to decide what exactly those 3 prizes will be, but don't worry -- they will be cool!)

For this contest, "The 2011 Doll Photo Contest," anybody can enter -- but if you are younger than 18 please get your parent/guardian's permission to participate, and if you are younger than 13, please get your parent/guardian's help with participation.

So here is the outline of the contest, four activities, and a final round....

Activity One: Introduce Your Doll!

Pick one of your dolls to "star" in this contest. She/he should appear in every photo you send us. Take a photo of your doll, a good introductory photo so we can see what she looks like. And maybe the photo can give us an idea of her personality. Email us the photo at nora.demington@gmail.com. And include some info about your doll: name, biography, hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. Due Date: May 22nd-- A week from today!

Then there will be a week of voting, after we manage to post everyone's pics and info here on the blog.

Votes will then be calculated and Penny will choose the winner from those people in the top 20%. So if there are 18 entries, for example, Penny will look at the 4 people with the most votes and decide who wins this category. This winner will be entered for the special "Final Round" and will have a chance to win zee doll. Ooooo!

Activity Two: Hooray for Handmade!

Take a photo of your doll that you featured in Activity One with something handmade. It can be something purchased or made by you or a family member or friend, etc. As long as it is handmade and for dollies. It can be clothing, or food, or furniture, or a hair accessory, anything really. The doll can be "modeling" the item or even showing us how to make it, or even something more creative that we can't come up with off the top of our head! Email us the photo at nora.demington@gmail.com. And include some info about the handmade item(s). Due Date: To Be Announced (about a week after our voting for Activity One is complete.)

Then a week of voting will commence, Penny chooses a winner from the top 20%,  and that person will be entered in the "Final Round." (Same schtick as for Activity One essentially.)

Activity Three: Fashion is Fabulous!

Here is your opportunity to pretend you are a fashion photographer. Use your "star" doll as a fashion model. She can be in a fashion photo shoot, or on the runway, or even on a magazine cover or advertisement (you can obviously add text and stuff for that idea). Or something even more creative beyond our suggestions-- whatever you can think of that says "fashion." Be creative! The "fashion" being featured can be accessories, or clothing, etc. -- and it can be handmade or AG or whatevs. Email us the photo at nora.demington@gmail.com. And include some info about your ideas for the photo. Due Date: To Be Announced (about a week after our voting for Activity Two is complete.)

Then a week of voting will commence, Penny chooses a winner from the top 20%,  and that person will be entered in the "Final Round." (Same schtick as for Activity One and Two - seeing a pattern yet? Heehee.)

 Activity Four: Behind the Scenes...

This is the last opportunity to get a chance to compete in the "Final Round." The pressure! Haha. For this photo we are interested in seeing what goes on in "the secret life" of your dolls. It can be bloopers from the previous photo shoots. Or a shot of what your dolls were doing while you were prepping those shoots. Your "star" doll demanding her caramel macchiato with double whip cream... or something even more hilarious and creative than we can think of right now... think of this photo as the "Special Features" section on a DVD movie disc, going beyond the "main film." Email us the photo at nora.demington@gmail.com. And include some info about your ideas for the photo. Due Date: To Be Announced (about a week after our voting for Activity Three is complete.)

Then a week of voting will commence, Penny chooses a winner from the top 20%,  and that person will be entered in the "Final Round." (Same schtick as for the other 3 Activities.)

The Final Round: Your Creativity!

The winners of the four previous rounds will be asked to submit a final photo for a chance to win a doll as the first prize. This photo should include your "star" doll and showcase your creativity. It is sort of like AG Playthings "Anything Goes" round. It has to be something different than your previous photo entries, and since there aren't really any "instructions" it can be a little more challenging. It's a chance to put your thinking cap on and go "outside the box." Email us the photo at nora.demington@gmail.com. And include some info about your ideas for the photo. Due Date: To Be Announced (about a week after our voting for Activity Four is complete.)

Then a week of voting will commence, Penny chooses a winner from the top 50% (the two people with the most votes), and that person will be asked to choose which doll they would like as their prize: Kanani, Ivy or MyAG #26. The other 3 people will also win prizes, as we explained above. Exciting!

Things to Keep in Mind:

Using Photoshop and other photo editing programs is fine.

You can include more than one doll in your photos, but your "star" doll should be in all of the ones you enter.

If you win one activity, you can still enter the other activities and get votes -- but each person who enters can only win one activity -- that way we have 4 different people in the Final Round.

If you miss an activity, that is fine -- you don't have to participate in all four activities to be in the contest -- but doing all 4 does increase your chances of getting into the Final Round.

No human faces in the photos please -- remember: privacy is important! Hands are okay -- but no actually identifiable people.

Our email address is nora.demington@gmail.com. You will be using this to send in photos and to vote.

If you are younger than 13 have your parent/guardian email the photos to us (remember: internet safety is important!).

We will be posting the photos here at The Doll Wardrobe - so make sure your photo is something that you don't mind if the whole world sees it. (Again, this is why you and/or your family shouldn't be in the photo.)

Readers will be asked to vote for their favorite photo. Voting will be done by email -- to vote you just email me at nora.demington@gmail.com and say something like "I vote for photo #8." Everyone will have a week to vote, from the point when we post the photos.

The Doll Wardrobe does not share or sell your email to anyone. Only Penny sees your emails.

At the end of the contest we will email the winners for her/his shipping address. (This is why it is important you have a parent/guardian's permission to enter if you are under 18).

Any questions? You probably have some -- so feel free to ask! :-D

And remember, if you want to participate in this contest, 
the Activity One photo is due Sunday May 22nd!

Please email your photos to nora.demington@gmail.com.
Good luck everyone!

Also ----- We will be in DC this week, so no new posts until we come back -- but we can still respond to post comments and emails -- so feel free to ask questions and send entries. When we return we'll have a video of our pics of the Spring 2011 Melody Valerie Couture line (we managed to get one of each dress again) and several new colonial dresses to show off. Actually many, many new colonial dresses to show off.....so stay tuned!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Reader's 1950s Diner!

Just wanted to post some pics of the 1950s diner diorama that the Photo Contest Winner sent us -- made for her kids' school project, and featuring the dress that Mia was wearing while riding the chicken.... Thank you for sharing them with us "S.P."!

It is pretty darn neat! We love this kind of stuff -- If anyone else has any dolly diorama photos that they'd love to share with our readers, please feel free to email them to nora.demington@gmail.com. It's not a contest or anything -- just for fun. :-)

And also we wanted to remind y'all that the poll about our next contest ends on Sunday morning, so be sure to vote before then. It seems as if the majority of people want to start the contest now.... but we'll see what the final numbers are.

Thanks again to "S.P." for these awesome diner photos!

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