Saturday, June 30, 2012

Diaphanous from Melody Valerie Couture


A new line of dresses was released today from Melody Valerie Couture.

Here they are!

"Leaf Studies"
OOAK and already sold

"Vintage Fresh"
sold out

still available

"Number Three"
still available

still available

"Celandine slip"
still available

We purchased a Vintage Fresh dress and the Celandine slip for our collection.

What's your fav dress?

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Annalise's Riddle Me This #1: LJC Items

We have about 3,000 things to be posting about it -- but we thought we'd start up something for Annalise as a simple way to show off some of the modern clothing we acquire here at The DW. (That is The Doll Wardrobe -- not Disney World. We refer to Disney World as WDW, for Walt Disney World. Haha.)

Annalise is a great model for modern clothing and she deserves more face-time on zee blog. She also loves riddles -- which kind of gets annoying when she keeps asking us here in Badger's Wood these riddles all the time..... I mean.... Yeah, so she will be asking a riddle in each of her posts.

Hence: Annalise's Riddle Me This!

If you know where "Riddle Me This" is from, you get a special virtual cookie. ;-)

Today Annalise is wearing a Sorrento-esque "By the Boardwalk" Liberty Jane tank top from their separates collection and their floral capri pants from the 2012 "Founder's Day" outfit. Her white sandals and wooden bead necklace also come from that outfit.

You can get the pattern for the pants here: There is also a very cute shorts variation. We love the detailing and fit of these pants, not to mention the awesome fabric!

And the pattern for the shirt is available here: We love the slight gathering at the neckline and how the tank drapes. It is made out of an awesomely thin jersey-esque fabric.

An orange and grey version of this tank is sold here:

Okay, here is your riddle....

Can you guess the answer?

Feel free to answer the riddle in the comments section below!

First person to get the right answer gets a gold star!!!

It will be an invisible, virtual gold star. But still, you'll know you are awesome.

Thanks for visiting us today!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

New AG Items!!!

Well, you have probably already attacked the AG website and looked everything over, once, twice, three times.

We made a new Youtube slideshow - they help us make decisions about what to purchase now, what to wait on, and what not to buy.

As you can see in the video, we did order one set of items -- including an AG gift card to start up our next photo contest.

We won't be buying the Bug set and the 1970s items now. We'll wait a little bit on those since they cost so much money.

What are your favorite items from the new AG release???

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New AG Releases Tomorrow!

Hopefully y'alls already know that AG is supposed to be releasing new items tomorrow/tonight at midnight AG time (release time is diffy depending on which time zone you live in).

We are pretty excited.

We already know they are releasing new outfits for Julie and Ivy along with the super-expensive car (supposedly $350 for the car -- which might have a working horn -- Yes. $350, this is what happens when you have to pay brand licensing fees to Volkswagen my friends.)

AG posted this on their Facebook page after it appeared on the back of their magazine and everyone on the message boards chatted about it.

Then the AG post got 450-ish comments. Hopefully this is a lesson for them to leak their own new products online and generate a pre-buzz about them.

But then again, this is AG, and they don't always learn their lesson.

The AG Facebook page also has a survey about their page for everyone to go and fill out -- so feel free to go and do that -- let them know your thoughts and opinions, y'alls.

So what else will be released? 

Lots of rumors exist. New MyAG(s), with a new meet outfit. Back to school gear and outfits (which is normal this time of year.) Possibly some more outfits for the other historicals, in addition to Julie and Ivy, of course.

Plus new things for McKenna to coincide with her DVD release and the Summer Olympics, of course.

Hopefully there will be lots of new things to drool over and not just like 5 things.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sprinkles Gets Geared Up: AG Pet Hiking Set

Sorry for the lack of posts, this summer is busy, busy, busy.

Today we continue Needa and Nichelle's little story...

Needa asked/commanded Nichelle to get her dog Sprinkles ready to go outside for evening walkies. Needa added a hat and sweater to her outfit to make sure she didn't get cold outside. Both of these items are from Doll Tag Clothing. Her pajamas are from McKenna's collection.

Nichelle put Sprinkles leash on him, but also added everything from the MyAG Pet Hiking Set she found in the doggie supply closet. (Nichelle is wearing the MyAG lacrosse uniform.)

"What is Sprinkles wearing?" Needa asked Nichelle.

"I found all this stuff in the closet and I thought it looked pretty awesome," Nichelle replied.

"Uh, you put the bandana on his head...."

"It didn't fit so well around his neck," Nichelle explained.

"It looks a little weird. 
Also, he doesn't really need a hiking kit to go for evening walkies," Needa replied.

"Well, this way he can take his toy with him in his carry-all," Nichelle said, 
"And he can have food when he comes back inside."

"See! You're all set now. Toys to help lure him outside - 
and food to lure him back in!" Nichelle smiled.

"That still doesn't explain the bandana on his head..." Needa said quietly.

Thanks for visiting us today!

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Stay tuned for more posts soon! 
Hopefully we can post more frequently this week. :-)

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Design Lessons from Play Wonder Part Three


So we got some good poll ideas and "questions for us" from our last blog post -- but feel free to keep 'em coming -- we'll post the answers and the polls soon, but not for a couple more days. So you still have time to comment on that blog post:

Today we return to the Target Play Wonder doll clothing we purchased recently
and Maple ties it into her "Trends to Sew" posts.

So this is Maple here. Whattup peoples.

Warning: Longish Post.

Arista and Kenna are modeling the previously-discussed outfits for us (see Part Two), with two additions -- the jean jacket and the tan hooded vest. We actually turned the vest inside out and used the purple striped side. (We liked how it looked better, haha.)

Things to note for design purposes

1) Don't mess up the jean jacket. 
It is apparently easy to do. This one has little structure and detail. 

All it really has going for it is the denim flower. Which might have been awesome if it hadn't been so huge.

Light blue denim is actually "back" so this color should work, but it doesn't because it is low-quality faux denim that doesn't do the job.

We actually own Liberty Jane's Founder's Day jean jacket pictured below -- so we know a good doll-sized jean jacket is possible (though this one was not "inexpensive").

Check out these human examples for sewing inspiration. Hopefully Cinnamon will release a jean jacket pattern for y'alls soon, and you can start experimenting with this classic fashion staple yourself.

Madewell's Goldrush jacket

Old Navy

Urban Outfitters

Fashionista Jean Jackets from Yes Style

Our favoritest-est-est jacket eva

We want to order this one so badly....
And then rule the world!!!

And we also want to order the guy pictured in this jean jacket....

We don't need to order the clothing (though they are super-cool). 
Just the guy....


2) Vests are difficult. 
They are like the Advanced Biochemistry of the Fashion World. 

Many clothing companies just make dress vests for men only and stay away from female vests. They are challenging. You have to go trendy or just go home.

This item doesn't work very well. 
The stripes help it to be quirky, but the shape and design don't do the doll any favors.

Look to Urban Outfitters for youthful trendy ideas.

Patchwork denim

Steal the men's dress vest, just cut it for a woman

Crochet it up baby!
Talk about a dramatic look

And trot on over to Nordstrom's Juniors department for 
a jean jacket/vest combo style that can really pull an outfit together.

But don't do what Play Wonder did. :'-(

Fashionista Vests from Yes Style

And because we couldn't resist adding him in....

My Korean boyfriend sporting a man's manly vest.

Can't you see the desperate look on his face?

"Where's Maple???" he is thinking, "She is going to be late for our date tonight!"
Though he would be thinking that in Korean, of course....

A girl can dream, can't she?


We recommend trying these doll-sized patterns to attain your vestie dreams:

The Cascade Vest over at Liberty Jane Clothing

LJC also has several other vest patterns available.

And at All Dolled Up: Sarah's Vest, available as a sold item and as a pattern

Okay, that's the end of today's Design Lesson.

Come back next time for some blog post on something awesome from someone..... oh wait, from us. Yes. Come back soon for something awesome from us,
here at The Doll Wardrobe Blog. ;-)

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