DW Modern Dolls

Meet the Modern Dolls Here in Badger's Wood! First there is me....
Nora Demington, daughter of Naomi and Tom Demington
FKA Mia St. Claire, Limited Edition Doll of the Year 2008

Ellie Demington, Nora's twin sister
JLY #21 Doll

Maggie Demington, younger sister of Nora and Ellie
JLY #8 Doll

Stella Grant, daughter of Jeanette and Derek Grant
Stepsister of Nora Demington
JLY #25 Doll

FKA Sonali Matthews, Friend of Chrissa
Limited Edition Doll 2009

Arista Lee Navarre
Friend of Stella
JLY #44 Doll

Karen Navarre, Cousin of Arista Lee
JLY #28 Doll

Rebecca Isaacke
Friend of Ellie
FKA Rebecca Rubin

Alice Wilder Baldwin, Time Traveler
JLY #24 Doll

Ramona J. Dove
Friend of Stella
FKA Ivy Ling

Sabrina M. Dove, Sister of Ramona
Friend of Stella
Customized JLY #40 Doll

Angelina Sheldon
JLY Doll #31

Lira Sartorius
FKA Lanie Holland, Limited Edition Doll of the Year 2010

Ginny Sartorius
Lira's sister
Renamed Kirsten Larson with her hair down

(pic coming soon)

Pita - Karito Kid

Kanani Akina
Limited Edition Doll of the Year 2011

Mina Ingleton
JLY #5

Beatrice Ingleton
MyAG #35

Adanya Navarre
MyAG #49

Ziva Navarre
MyAG #29

Jocelyn Twiggs
MyAG #36

Zoe Twiggs
MyAG #33

Sun Ji
MyAG #4

Noelle Bonacorsi
MyAG #48

Piper - Karito Kid

Gia - Karito Kid

More Recent Additions (In Progress)

Maple Twiggs, cousin to Zoe and Jocelyn
MyAG #55

McKenna Brooks -- Goes by Kenna
GOTY 2012

Annalise Sheldon, Angelina's sister
MyAG #26

Cecile Rey -- Goes by CeCe
Historical doll that mostly wears modern clothing

Needa, Sundari's sister
MyAG #47

Nichelle Ingleton, related to Mina and Beatrice
MyAG #57

Liv Brooks, sister to Kenna Brooks
aka Marie-Grace without pincurls

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