Wednesday, August 31, 2016

AGIG Stylebook: jamie (@leahchatt)

Leahchatt has over 27k followers on Instagram, so she is very influential.

She is also famous for her Youtube channel:

Where she has AG Stop Motion vids (AGSM), trailers for her AGSMs, vids with updates, vids with her chatting, vids with her opening her P.O. Box mail from her fans, etc. etc.

She has over 4k subscribers on Youtube, and some of her videos have thousands, and thousands AND thousands of views.

So if you want a taste of what is working so well for her, check out some of her more stylebook-ish pics below:

(She does have over 1k posts on AGIG though, 
so be sure to check out her account for more style inspo pics!)

Thank you for visiting us today and 
be sure to follow leahchatt on Instagram!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Etsy Shop Shoutout: Elite Doll World

With over 2,000 sales in their shop, if you haven't already heard about 
Elite Doll World - you are behind the times!

Okay, if you haven't already heard about them then you're probably like us and aren't shopping online for doll clothes 24-7.

Okay, we sort of are online shopping for doll clothes 24-7.

You caught us.

But anyway - Elite Doll World offers many different types of handmade items for your 18" doll - including necklaces, shoes, skirts, tops, dresses, shorts, pants, outerwear and more.

And their shop is usually pretty well stocked, so you don't have to wait for a special release date and you can buy several items at once.

(I rarely ever order from a shop if I can't order 
multiple items from them because I hate paying for shipping for one tank top. 
I am weird like that.)

Here are some things currently for sale at Elite Doll World, 
as of me writing this post:

Thank you for visiting us and 
be sure to check out Elite Doll World today!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Etsy Shop Shoutout: Zazou Custom Dolls

Zazou Custom Dolls on Etsy sells doll wigs, custom doll wigs,
and custom dolls themselves.

So they are a great place to stop by whether you customize dolls 
yourself or you like to buy them pre-made. :-)

Items currently listed at the time of me writing this post:


Custom wig service

The custom Melanie Martinez doll is reserved.

But these custom dolls are available to purchase.

So be sure to check out the Etsy shop today:

Especially if you have a custom doll planned and are looking for the right wig!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trends to Sew:
The Back To School Stretch Jean

Whenever I would go back to school in the fall 
one of the priority items was "new jeans."

i.e. Jeans that would actually fit me.

Since I grew like a weed.

So if you are sewing for the 18" doll world - be sure to consider your jean offerings 
for back to school, fall and winter stylings.

This year Hollister, and other brands, are pushing the "Stretch Jean."

Hollister is calling theirs "Advanced" - "Their Highest Level of Stretch Ever."

Which is good for me, because I am 'fluffy.'

"Feels Like a Legging, Fits Like a Jean."

"Available in High and Low Rise."

These things are basically jean-leggings made out of a magical, magical fabric.

And if it were me - I'd just cut up the human version to make doll versions.

If I knew what I was doing.

But anyway...I digress.

Examine the colors, the stylings, the waistlines, and the level of "destroyed" qualities - and then try these out for yourself on your sewing machine. :-)

(Honestly, I want all of these outfits below for my dolls.)

So if you are struggling to figure out which tops 
to make to go with your "jean-legging" offerings, see above ^^^ - 
there were a lot of neat tops up there for you to make!

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