Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trends to Sew:
The Back To School Stretch Jean

Whenever I would go back to school in the fall 
one of the priority items was "new jeans."

i.e. Jeans that would actually fit me.

Since I grew like a weed.

So if you are sewing for the 18" doll world - be sure to consider your jean offerings 
for back to school, fall and winter stylings.

This year Hollister, and other brands, are pushing the "Stretch Jean."

Hollister is calling theirs "Advanced" - "Their Highest Level of Stretch Ever."

Which is good for me, because I am 'fluffy.'

"Feels Like a Legging, Fits Like a Jean."

"Available in High and Low Rise."

These things are basically jean-leggings made out of a magical, magical fabric.

And if it were me - I'd just cut up the human version to make doll versions.

If I knew what I was doing.

But anyway...I digress.

Examine the colors, the stylings, the waistlines, and the level of "destroyed" qualities - and then try these out for yourself on your sewing machine. :-)

(Honestly, I want all of these outfits below for my dolls.)

So if you are struggling to figure out which tops 
to make to go with your "jean-legging" offerings, see above ^^^ - 
there were a lot of neat tops up there for you to make!

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Lydia Louise said...

Ahhh I want all those outfits for my dolls too! Definitely inspired me to go do some sewing :-*
Lydia's Dolls

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