Monday, August 29, 2016

Etsy Shop Shoutout: Elite Doll World

With over 2,000 sales in their shop, if you haven't already heard about 
Elite Doll World - you are behind the times!

Okay, if you haven't already heard about them then you're probably like us and aren't shopping online for doll clothes 24-7.

Okay, we sort of are online shopping for doll clothes 24-7.

You caught us.

But anyway - Elite Doll World offers many different types of handmade items for your 18" doll - including necklaces, shoes, skirts, tops, dresses, shorts, pants, outerwear and more.

And their shop is usually pretty well stocked, so you don't have to wait for a special release date and you can buy several items at once.

(I rarely ever order from a shop if I can't order 
multiple items from them because I hate paying for shipping for one tank top. 
I am weird like that.)

Here are some things currently for sale at Elite Doll World, 
as of me writing this post:

Thank you for visiting us and 
be sure to check out Elite Doll World today!

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