Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Poll for Our Next Project

Okay, it's not really "a project" in the sense that other bloggers make videos or photo story projects.... but we've had it in our heads for awhile to do "Historical Thematic Weeks" on zee blog. So one week we will feature all 1950s clothing, another we will do all colonial attire, etc. etc. And so forth.

Sort of like L'Atelier de Sitara week, but instead of just one designer being featured we'll have a historical period featured. And we'll put in some historical info as an extra bonus for those of you interested in learning some schtuff. We won't be doing all historical weeks until the end of time, but we will mix them in with modern clothing weeks and new AG stuff.

So the poll on the right is about which timeline period you want to see first on the blog... because we need to do a lot of planning to pull this off and we need some motivation. We literally have to pull out the dozens and dozens of objects we haven't shown you yet and order them by time period. This is something we should have been doing all along obviously... but give us a break, we got a lot of stuff here in the 'ol closet. ;)

Hopefully with you all knowing that this is our plan this will be our big push to actually execute it. Haha. Gosh we are such procrastinators!

So here are your choices:

1) Colonial, Felicity and Company duds

2) Regency, Josefina duds

3) Pioneer and Civil War, Kirsten and Addy duds

4) Edwardian/ Early 20th century, Samantha and Rebecca duds

5) The Great Depression/1930s, Kit and Company duds

6) World War II/1940s, Molly and Company duds

7) Rockin' 1950s, Connie and Company duds

8) We also have a ton of AG's Kaya stuff here which we haven't really ever shown you-- like her teepee, doggie, food set, etc. etc. So if you want to see a Kaya week (with AG schtuff and some history) let us know in the comments below and we will do that. :)

So please vote in the poll on the right and feel free to put in your two cents in the comments below. Gracias!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Evolution of the AG Modern
Holiday Outfit: Part Three

Tada! We are back with Part Three of our story! 2006 through today has some pretty interesting offerings for us to examine.

2006 is kind of a weird blip on the radar. We have the Wintry Weekend Set and the Let It Snow Sleep Set, but nothing that really shouts "holiday party" dress. Maybe they thought they had over-saturated the market? Perhaps the Cherry Chocolate or Gala Party dresses did not sell so well? Maybe they had feedback that little girls don't wear evening gowns? Or maybe all their energy was sunk into promoting the Molly movie?

Who knows.... but we do know we got some neat pjs and a rather bizarre winter outfit that features shorts. How is one supposed to play outside in the winter in shorts??? Apparently this was for dolls living in the warmer states. ;)

The 2007 holiday outfits had a triumphant "comeback" with three fantastic offerings for formal attire and a set of pjs to boot. Huzzah! We begin with the Sleepover pjs which weren't really "snowy" or holiday-ish" but were luxurious enough to fit into our posts this week. Plus they are blue and we like blue.

Next, there was the Velveteen Coat Set, the Midnight Holly Outfit, and the best design of an AG Holiday outfit ever: the Santa's Helper Outfit. The accessories set was coordinated for the Midnight Holly Outfit and it was pretty cool, even featuring a box of chocolates.

The Coat set was a nice addition to the line given that we really hadn't seen a winter coat like this since the Sugarplum Coat in 2001. The Midnight Holly dress looked like the Gala Party Dress and the Cherry Chocolate dress had mated and produced offspring, with the recessive gene of black velour coming out to play. An interesting concoction, but it didn't make it to our wishlist.

Why do we think Santa's Helper has the best design??? It is simple, but perfect-- it can be used year after year for holiday parties and as a dance costume if you want. The Santa's hat is something the AG line was definitely missing. And even though it is a swath of red velour, we like the furry bits, the plaid scarf, the black belt, and the embroidered edge on the skirt. It is has staying power-- which is why it is expensive and rare on Ebay. So if any of you reading this blog are in the business of making high-quality copycat-versions of retired AG outfits, pick up this puppy and start sewing. Advertise it as "like Santa's Helper" and you should get some sales.

2008.... AG finally reaches back into its roots to give us an outfit that can actually be used for Hanukkah! In addition we have pjs, a snow outfit, a red dress, and an accessories set. What more could we ask for???

So we begin with the Snuggly Snow pjs with full-length pants and a long-sleeve shirt-- a nice, warm-looking winter pjs set. Then there is the Snowy Chic Outfit, a much-improved take on the Ski Outfit of 2002, and as long as you don't mind pink-- it is a pretty awesome addition to the winter wardrobe.

For our party attire we have the Scarlet and Snow dress which is clearly a descendant of the Radiant Rhinestones outfit, and a predecessor of the current Ruby Ribbons outfit. Red on the inside, light and fancy on the outside, with a choice of cream or silver accouterments. This time they really stuck it to the man by forcing you to buy the accessories set if you wanted that cream shrug. Notice how in 2010 the cardigan comes with the Ruby Ribbons outfit? Thank you AG. Thank you for not frustrating the heck out of parents everywhere this year. ;)

And of course, the Pièce de résistance for 2008.... the Silver Belle outfit. So you guys might be thinking, "Eh? What is so special about this dress?" But look back across the years... how many of the AG holiday dresses really "work" for something other than Christmas? Not many... so it was nice to see this versatile blue, silver and grey gown in the offerings. It really is way prettier in person than in photos. And just so we all knew what they were thinking, AG offered a new modern Hanukkah accessories set for us in 2008 (which is still for sale today).

To finish off 2008, as an extra bonus there was another outfit that could be used for Hanukkah or New Year's: the in-store Purchase-with-Purchase Sapphire Party outfit that eventually showed up online in the sale section.

2009.... ah, 2009... the year of well, everything. Just to make sure everyone had something to suit their tastes, AG kind of went all over the place last year. An angel costume that can be used for both Halloween and Christmas? Check. Wintry pajamas with a bathrobe? Add on penguins, and check. A sparkly gold dance costume that can double as a holiday party dress and is certainly a relative of the Gala Party outfit? Check. A "winter" coat, scarf and boot set? Check.

Fancy Flower- Silvery grey and white holiday dress and shrug that applies to Christmas or Hanukkah? Check. Sparkly Plum- A magenta-colored dress (which looks like it belongs to Bitty Baby) that can appeal to velvet and velour fans and has a sparkly accessories set (sold separately of course)? Check. And just to top it all off a sweater set and a shoe set that I can find in the store when I am doing my last-minute holiday shopping? And check.

At least one of those things had to appeal to someone. Right? ;)

Which brings us to jolly 'ol 2010. As if we didn't get enough new MyAG stuff in the summertime, we have been hit with another onslaught of new goodies. The offerings are again varied with pjs, winter wear, everyday schtuff, and formal attire. But the Ruby Ribbons and Snowflake Ball Gown definitely stand out as the things which may sell out first. The other outfits will probably be around for about 2 years.

What is seriously scary though is this fact... if you wanted to buy all of the new September MyAG outfits and accessories pictured above (which doesn't even include everything new!)..... that price-tag would be around $350. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Have a Lovely New Year with your credit cards bills everyone. ;)

The Evolution of the AG Modern
Holiday Outfit: Part Two

Blogger has a new post interface... and it is... well, blech when combining it with photobucket images. Hence, this post has been in progress for the last three days.... blech! But now we're back for Part Deux of the AG Holiday Round-Up! Yes, there are a lot more outfits to see!

The continuing saga continues with 2002.... and the Starry Night outfit that lasted just for the end of 2002. It was tre popular and is kind of like the nice long dress we would have preferred to have available for the millennium.

Also, in 2002 (as far as wintery outfits go) we got the overwhelmingly pink ski trip outfit which lasted into 2003. You can see it in the slideshow below with all the white furry bits clinging to a sea of pinkness. And we got the lovely blue Snowflake Satin pajamas which you can clearly see are pretty awesome. Plus that catalog cover is cute.

In 2003 they really started cooking with the Radiant Rhinestones Outfit. This one was a winner, combining a luxurious "fur"-trimmed coat with a beautiful red dress. It sold out very quickly and it is still popular on Ebay today (seven years later). There was a separate accessories set that included a tiara, necklace, earrings, purse and a Christmas tree ornament in a fancy gift box. Obviously, this accessories tradition continues today.

Also in 2003 AG released the Shimmery Gold Dress set, not available in catalogs. Theory is that the gold dress was introduced quickly when Radiant Rhinestones sold out way before the holidays had actually arrived. Whether or not this is true, someone can feel free to tell us in zee comments.

Moving on to 2004, confident that the holiday outfits could make them money, we again see two of them with a separate accessories set. See a trend? Yes, I think whoever was in charge of these outfits in 2003 is currently in charge of planning them. ;)

So we have the Winter Magic outfit shown with the furry muff and earmuffs available in the separate accessories set, and the Merry Moonlight Outfit with the silver opera cape and elbow-length gloves. Though the prices were expensive these outfits were worth getting because they came with a lot of stuff: tights, shoes, hairclips, purses, etc. etc. Plus they were quite glamorous.

As you can tell, we dropped in a couple extra 2004 holiday catalog images because they were pretty enchanting that year....

In 2005 AG introduced the Cherry Chocolate Outfit and the Gala Party Outfit. There was also a coordinating accessories set for the Cherry Chocolate outfit (sold separately of course)-- it wasn't made of as much "win" as the Radiant Rhinestones accessories-- but hey, at least they were trying. We weren't really 100% convinced by the Cherry Chocolate outfit as the leopard print furry collar and cuffs left us going, "Huh?".... but we did get the creamy Gala Party Outfit that year. We think of it is as one of AG's more impressive designs.

Stay tuned fore more crazy doll blogging---- Part Three of the AG Modern Holiday Outfits, looking back at 2006 through today!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Evolution of the AG Modern
Holiday Outfit: Part One

Brace yourself for a long, long post.....

How many of you readers know that Pleasant Company was founded in 1986?

How many of you know that Pleasant Company was the original name of the corporation which owned the American Girl doll line before Mattel purchased it? 
Haha..... I hope y'all knew that....

And how many of you were actually around in 1986 to witness the beginning of AG? 
Wait...... you probably don't want to answer to that..... ;)

Well seeing that the company was founded in 1986..... 2011 is the 25th anniversary of American Girl. This is kind of a big deal. Maybe not as big a deal as say.... 50 years.... but still 25 years of awesome toys to play with is pretty fantastic. Having been around for those 25 years plus some, thinking about this anniversary has made us a little nostalgic.... as well as hopeful for what AG might have in store for us for their 25th year. Should we expect special shiny new things? Maybe, maybe not. But it is nice to dream.

So here is another quiz question for you.... 
In which year was the American Girl of Today line introduced?.....

If you guessed 1995, then you are correct! It was in this year that the "modern doll" entered into the AG world. We were *cough cough* years old and ordered a #8 right away. With the intro of the AGoT came a tradition that had a slow start, but is now holding firm: AG Holiday Outfits.

What?!!? Nora is going to talk about the Holidays already??? 
 Yes, Fall has yet to really fall.... but one must start thinking about AG holidays in September folks.

If you are new to AG and you long for the 2010 Ruby Ribbons outfit thinking you have about 2 years to buy that puppy..... you are wrong. AG Holiday Outfits are now limited edition. Once they are sold out, they are gone. This typically happens before Christmas of the same year in which they are released. So be aware of this new AG fans.

We like this year's offerings (revealed in early September 2010).... the Ruby Ribbons ensemble and the Snowflake Ball Gown. We have ordered them both as well as the accessories set. Weirdly, the accessories set is labeled "Capelet & Gift Set" on the box. And clearly underneath the "Night Before Christmas" book, the earrings box, the purse, and the bracelet there is no capelet in there..... bizarre. Really, really bee-zarr.
So what came before Ruby Ribbons and Snowflake Gowns??? Well a whole bunch of outfits with just about every synonym for snow, glitter, holiday, and red in their titles. ;)

It began, on a rather ironic note, with the Hanukkah outfit in 1996. Ironic because we never see another modern outfit labeled "Hanukkah Outfit" again and the AG holiday focus is definitely on Christmas.

This puppy came with a real angora sweater. Yes. Real. Angora. Sweater. Won't see that today from AG....  and it had little crystals sewn into it! We aren't joking. The picture doesn't do it justice. Unfortunately, this outfit disappeared around 1998.

1998 introduced a flurry of Holiday outfits known as the Tree Trimming Outfits. Hence, there was also a tree for sale which came with decorations. The outfits were: The Snowball Sweater and Leggings, the Holiday Bibs Outfit, the Holiday Dress (red), and the Snowflake Jumper (black). These lasted in stock until 2000/2001.
Would we buy any of those things today? Not so much. That snowball thing is... well.... never mind. But clearly AG was entering into the modern Christmas outfit market with a bang and they planned on keeping each outfit around for about two years.

Next came 1999 with the big millennium around the corner and this warranted a new AG outfit (as well as Y2K panic... come on, don't say you don't remember that....). For an outfit that celebrated two thousand years of human achievement, we were kind of expecting something... well.... ball gown-ish. But alas, we just got something short and very, very shiny.

This was the beginning of the one-season wonders. Outfits released in the early fall that typically lasted for less than two years: 2000 Twilight outfit (looks like a navy nightgown), 2001 Pink Petal Outfit, Ice Blue Outfit, and Garnet Holiday Outfit. All of which you will not find in our collection. Though the 2001 Sugarplum coat was definitely something worth buying.

Stay tuned for Part Two of "The Evolution of the AG Modern Holiday Outfit"....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

L'Atelier de Sitara Party: Part Four

Claire guessed correctly! Our two final guests are Noelle Bonacorsi and Elizabeth Cole (to be renamed). They have arrived with a travel-size version of the Operation game-- one of our favorites!

Noelle is wearing a brown and tan wrap-around shirt, and the Sara skirt from L'Atelier de Sitara. Elizabeth is wearing the Winter Roses tank top and the Galaxie jeans, also handmade by Sitara. All four pieces are fantastic.

We love the style of the wrap-around shirts, very modern, very "in" and they are not being offered by anyone else as far as we know. The Sara skirt is also quite innovative with its add-on "chains" which drape from the waistline-- definitely a boutique touch there that really makes the skirt stand-out in a crowd. The Winter Roses tank fits right into the embellished top trend that is so popular today. AG tried to make one with its new Holiday 2010 shirt and pants recital outfit, but failed miserably in comparison to the rosettes on this tank.

And finally, the Galaxie jeans. I have to say that we have been consistently wowed by Liberty Jane jeans. This is true. But Sitara's idea to make paint-splattered designer jeans for dolls is something of true genius. Definitely a smart move and something worth repeating (and of course, not just in white-- any color paint splatters would work brilliantly).

To complete our outfits, we have added on a one-of-a-kind necklace from Sitara to Noelle's outfit. It has a gold chain and a sparkly black stone pendant. So pretty! Noelle's shoes are the bronze flats from Liberty Jane. Elizabeth is wearing a white necklace and white tennis sneaks also from Liberty Jane. As you can tell, we buy a lot of shoes from their website. ;)

Enjoy zee pictures and thank you for attending all four parts of our L'Atelier de Sitara Party!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

L'Atelier de Sitara Party: Part Three

The story of the back-to-school party continues and more guests have arrived!

While Karen and Lira make more snacks in the kitchen, Elinor Dashwood and Felicity Merriman join the festivities. Elinor is time-traveling as a modern girl today. Her L'Atelier de Sitara duds are the green cropped jacket and the dark blue jeans with crystal accents near the pockets. Felicity (soon to be renamed) has accompanied Elinor to the party and her outfit is almost completely by Sitara. Her embellished tank top and pleated green silky skirt are both from the Fall 2010 line.

Elinor's look is completed by a red tank top and silver flats from the Liberty Jane Spring/Summer 2010 Line. We really love the look of the green, red, and blue together in this outfit combined with the soft touches from the pearls and crystals. Awesome! To complement the black beads on Felicity's tank top we added on a pair of Josefina's black flats and a black beaded necklace from Liberty Jane.

Enjoy zee pics!

p.s. There are two more guests who RSVP'd and will arrive at any moment... who do you think will show up in Part Four of "L'Atelier de Sitara Party"???

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

L'Atelier de Sitara Party: Part Two

Hola! Welcome to part two of Karen and Zoe's party.... guests begin arriving!

Who has joined us? Lira Sartorius and Emily Bennett are here with a travel-size Scrabble game. What are their L'Atelier de Sitara duds? Lira is wearing the Beachcomber tunic tank top and Emily is wearing a special pair of light-wash skinny jeans. We love the embellishment on the tunic and the nubby texture of the jean fabric!

To complete her look, Lira added on the blue leggings from the AG Lanie Outdoor Outfit (the one with the yellow owl shirt), and a pair of white sandals from Liberty Jane. Emily is wearing a custom-made tee shirt from Penny's Mum, and black and white Converse sneaks from Liberty Jane.

Also, in case you were wondering- FYI- the custom tees are designed from the free tee shirt pattern available from Liberty Jane patterns and made from deconstructed human tee shirts. That has been our favorite way to get awesome graphic tees. :)

Enjoy zee pictures!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

L'Atelier de Sitara Party: Part One

Karen and Zoe decided to have a back-to-school party. So they invited everyone to come in their L'Atelier de Sitara duds and join the festivities.

Step One: Get some snacks and games. Karen and Zoe picked up the Fall Treats Set from AG for their party and a travel-sized Battleship game. The ice cream cone is an eraser we found in a museum gift shop down in Dallas in the spring. :)

Step Two: Pick out some L'Atelier de Sitara clothing to wear to the party. Karen chose the grey pleated skirt and Zoe picked the teal wrap-around top you see below. Karen's tee shirt is a one-of-a-kind creation from Penny's Mum, and her green necklace and boots are from Liberty Jane Clothing. Zoe's black tank top is from Liberty Jane, and her cropped pants and flats are from her MyAG Meet Outfit.

Enjoy zee pictures and stay tuned for part two of the party-- when guests arrive!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Doll Clothes by Evie Nurse Uniform

Miss Emily got the opportunity to model our 1940s/1950s nurse uniform handmade by Doll Clothes by Evie, an Etsy seller. Her store currently has lots of awesome historical clothing available-- just the place you'd want to visit to buy your historical doll a gift. ;)

We managed to do this photo shoot outdoors with Emily posing by our Lancelot statue. As you can see the nurse uniform came with a blue and white-striped cotton dress, and a muslin apron and hat. We love the tiny red crosses Evie stitched onto the front of the hat and apron. This outfit is definitely one of our favorite Etsy purchases, as it can be used as both a uniform and a costume. Plus it looks so cute on Emily :)

Enjoy zee pics!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adanya's Purple Sweater from Stassy Dodge

We take a lot of pictures. Sometimes we even take pictures and then forget we took them. So today as we were digging through computer folders we found Adanya wearing the Pretty and Plaid AG dress with a purple cardigan we bought from Etsy seller stassydodge and we realized we never posted these shots. Duh.

We had a large order from Stassy Dodge that we have yet to take photos of, but these will serve as a taste of what is to come. Stassy does custom orders all the time. You can check out his blog here.

Not only does he make American Girl sized knits he also makes Cabbage Patch Kids clothing, as well as taking some really, really, really awesome photos. I mean really cool. This is the flickr for his photos of AG-size clothing. And...... this is the flickr for his American Girl dolls in general. We love the photos taken on the beach!

So here is Adanya in her purple sweater....

American Girl Sweepstakes at Borders

Just FYI--- Borders and AG have teamed up to promote the "new" My American Girl line of dolls and books.

Enter to win a #23 MyAG from Borders. Clicky here to read about it and enter.

BORDERS OFFICIAL RULES: You must enter between Sept 10th and September 27th, 2010. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on or about October 7, 2010 from among all eligible entries received. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

Don't enter here at zee blog- we are not Borders. Just a humble doll blog. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Thoughts on Fashion Week

Time for some blog therapy. Fall 2010 Fashion Week in New York City is about half way done, so we thought we'd talk a little bit about some human clothing in this post to be "Fashion Week Friendly." Fashion Week occurs twice a year in NY-- in February to show off the coming Fall lines and in September to show off the coming Spring lines.

Some of the outfits sort of leave us going "Huh?" But others are kind of neat. There are even some that we'd love to see in dolly scale. So we thought we'd share some of our favorites here with y'all.

p.s. If you want to know a designer's name, please feel free to ask in the comments. We just didn't want to name them all in here. That would be the longest post to ever exist in the history of existing.

How cool is that hooded dress??!! Pretty cool....

Our other thought while going through these photos was: Why do the models always look so angry??? Doesn't really "sell" the clothing very well.....

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Return of Mary Royall

It's been quite awhile since Mary has been seen on the blog--- so we thought we'd sound dramatic and call this post "The Return of Mary Royall," to be well, dramatic..... Give us a break; it's been a long day. ;)

So we have been increasing the size of our Felicity and Elizabeth collection since we heard about the archival. We had been more prepared for the possibility of Molly's archival. So there were a couple more things we wanted to get for our colonial gal Mary Royall.

Mary now has the table and chairs (which we have always wanted and highly recommend), the Noah's Ark toy, the muff and pattens set, the guitar, and several new outfits. We took some pictures of her with most of the items, some which you can see below.

Today's pictures are of Mary wearing Elizabeth's meet dress and Felicity's Gala Gown. We didn't want to miss out on the meet dress and the gala gown because of the archival, but we can't say the colors and fabric choices are our favorites. The designs are pretty cool, but the fabrics seem quite plasticky and Barbie-esque. We were hoping for fabrics that would look more silky/satiny, like what Mary wears in her portrait by John Singleton Copley (we included that painting at the bottom of this post for you guys who haven't seen it yet).

But oh well, it was still fun to take pictures of Mary wearing these AG dresses. :)

So pictures: First, the whole ensemble and Elizabeth's meet dress. The stuffed bear is from the Marriott, where we stayed during our Labor Day weekend mini-break. We got a second one to giveaway with our Fall 2010 Doll Giveaway.

Second, the accessories.... we were very impressed with everything except the guitar (which is unfortunately plastic--- nice to look at, but we just would have preferred wood).

Third, the Gala Gown....

Last, the painting by John Singleton Copley... Mary is on the left with the hummingbird perched on her finger.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Melody Valerie: One Type of Dress Left to Buy

Yo! Qué pasa? Bienvenido a Domingo!

Well Saturday was a busy day for the Melody Valerie Etsy shop with their new "Voyages" Fall 2010 Line. Melinda actually made six of each dress this time around instead of just four of each dress--- so she had more to sell. But almost everything is gone despite the increase in availability! How exciting for Melody Valerie!

There is one type of dress left, the Literary Travels dress: Clicky here to go to the shop. As of me writing this post, there are three of them left (I believe). This beautiful purple dress reminds us of a Edwardian day dress (like Samantha Parkington might wear) that has been punched up a notch into the modern era. The lettered embroidery and ribbons remind us of accents we see on Anthropologie dresses and skirts. Definitely a very creative piece.

Here is what it looks like:

And here is what the other three dresses (which are already sold out) look like:
Let's Take the Train
Which way to the dining car? This dress reminds us of Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express" with Hercule Poirot-- and all the smart-looking plaid and tweed jacket and skirt combos the female characters might wear as their travel attire, with fantastic 1920s hairstyles and hats. Very enchanting!

Across the Sea
Obviously we could go along with the boat-voyage theme, sort of a feminine sailor look, when describing this dress-- but when we first saw it it conjured up images of twirly skirt dances at an elite masquerade ball for the Carnival. We think it is the play of the two colors in the skirt, the rhythmic dancing of the lighter blue triangles against the dark blue, that gives it a Medieval or Renaissance feel while still being very modern.

Brown Paper Packages
What bizarre images came into our mind when we saw this dress? A high-class Parisian confectionery shop. Yep, that is what we thought of.... for some reason we saw the shop girls all wearing this dress and serving hot chocolate, croissants, and chocolate-covered strawberries to guests at their marble-topped tables. Maybe we are just hungry? Maybe we just need to visit the chocolatiere? Either way, this dress is fantastic!

(Pictures by MVC)

We got one of each type for us girls in Badger's Wood because a) MVC dresses are totally awesome and b) we like to be able to showcase all the dresses on this blog to promote MVC. So we will be attempting to make another Youtube video for this line.

If you guys have certain dolls that you'd like to see in certain dresses, please let us know in the comments below!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Felicity's Tea Set Back Online at AG

Disappointed that you missed out on Felicity's Tea Set from AG?

Well it is currently online again and available for purchase. Don't know how long it will last as "available" though.... Clicky here to find the store page for Felicity's Tea Set.

Look for upcoming posts here with our Mary Royall with Felicity and Elizabeth's colonial goodies just around the corner.

And P.S. ..... A BIG P.S. ..... Melody Valerie's Fall 2010 Line will be released on Etsy tomorrow, September 11th, 2010.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Felicity and Elizabeth Arrive

Sup! We are back from our mini-break with pictures of our new Felicity and Elizabeth dolls, straight out of zee boxes with some of their accessories. That pink dress is really pink. Like very pink. It is so pink it set off the color balance of the photos. Harhar. ;)

Have I mentioned that the pink dress is really pink?

They are very pretty dolls and we are happy to have them here in Badger's Wood before they are archived. (Sadness) We also have a couple other things from their collection to show you in some future posts: the table and chairs, guitar, Noah's Ark, Pattens Set, Felicity's Tea Lesson Gown and her red Gala Gown. So those posts are on our extensive to-post list.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vacation and New AG Things

Yep, AG has released new items! Click here to see them for yourself!

There are some pretty cute things that we'd like to get--- but we haven't even finished buying the new MyAG stuff from the release of the MyAG "line." We can't keep up!!!! Never mind the Felicity archival and our orders for that mess. Blech. But we all know the winter and holiday stuff doesn't hang around so we'll be acting on that soon enough. Such pressure! AG you are overwhelming us!

Also, FYI-- we are going on a Labor Day mini-break from tomorrow until next week. We meant to post more schtuff before we left, but you know how trips are: prep, prep, prep, go. But we will have schtuff to show you when we return. Like the three thousand things we have bought and have yet to post about. Le sigh.

p.s. Don't forget to enter our Fall giveaway!

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