Friday, April 29, 2011

March/April Giveaway Wrap-Up and
4 New Outfits in a Video

Sup, peeps. We just wanted to name our three winners all in one post, so y'all don't get too confused. All three ladies have responded to their emails. So this list is "finalized."

Karise E. won the mint green dress, Andrea O. won the purple dress, and Debbie A. won the red dress set.

Yay and congrats to all three winners!

And just so we have something else to entertain you today, we finished processing a new video: Four New Modern Outfits. We are doing a lot of those lately, haha -- mostly because we have so many we haven't taken photos of yet.

In today's video Cassie is wearing an outfit from Cutie Pie and Me. Her headband is also from that seller, but her belt is Liberty Jane, while her boots are AG. Lira is wearing a Doll Closet top, with a Liberty Jane belt, and Cutie Pie and Me jeans. Her shoes are AG.

Kanani is modeling a Britlyn Madison shirt and necklaces, with AG leggings, and Megori Girls boots. Arista's outfit is a tee shirt from 123 Mulberry Street, Josefina's vest, and a Liberty Jane belt and skirt. The boots are also from Liberty Jane, although they are also available through Britlyn Madison when in stock.

Any questions? Feel free to let us know!

And the Final Winner is....

Debbie A.!

We have emailed her to let her know she was our third pick. She hasn't responded yet but perhaps she is watching the Royal Wedding videos like us, haha.

Anyways... we'll let y'all know when she responds. Hopefully within seven days, or we will have to pick another number to win.

So the suspense is over for now... but we will be starting up two May Giveaways very soon: an outfit from Tomi Jane and a set of food items from Pippaloo. Exciting, right? And of course, there is the next Doll Giveaway.... which will be very exciting..... (insert dramatic music here).....

And the Second Winner is....

Andrea O.!

Andrea has already emailed us back and she has chosen the 1940's purple dress from Joni Lynn of Kindred Thread. Yay!

Now onto the final winner.....

And the First Winner is.....

We have to sort of do this in a staggered order, to make sure people are getting the dress they are interested in winning. Heehee.

The first random number pulled was for Karise E.'s comment and we have emailed her to confirm which dress she is interested in.

We'll let you know which one she chooses and then pick winner #2..... oh, the suspense!

(And for anyone who doesn't know what this is all about: It's for our Three March/April Giveaways.)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Chicken Wins!

That's right folks. We have tallied the votes for the April Photo Contest and Photo #7, Mia in her 1950s dress riding the chicken named Mo, won with the most votes. Yay! Congrats to the winner!

We have emailed the winner to let them know they have won and they have already responded. So their outfit will go out to them soon. Yay! :-D

If you didn't win-- don't be disappointed -- it's just supposed to be good fun. :-) We do want some feedback on this contest from y'all. Do you like this type of reader-participation? Do you enjoying sharing/seeing other people's photos here? Is this a type of contest you'd like us to do again? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

And congrats again to Photo #7 -- Mia and Mo!

ETA: We've been posting direct Etsy item links on our Facebook page. Nothing to build a whole post from -- just cute things we see and want people to know about as we browse Etsy. Just FYI for our readers who might be interested in Etsy goodies. :-)

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Video with Four New Outfits

Hola! We hope everyone had a nice weekend. Sorry for the slowness with posting. It's a busy time of the year for various reasons. But here we are again with another Youtube video/ musical slideshow.

Also we wanted to remind you that today and tomorrow are the last days to vote in our April Photo Contest. Click the linky to look at the photos and read the instructions for voting. We appreciate your participation!

So for our video today we took pictures of Mina, Sun Ji, and Ginny in four outfits. The shops are labeled in the video but we listed them here as well for ease of use.

In the first set, Mina's hat was made by Etsy seller Rayn but sold through Doll Closet. Her tank top is from Sew Urban Designs, and her skirt is from 123 Mulberry Street. Sun Ji's outfit is from The Dolly Stand. In the second set, Sun Ji is wearing a white fuzzy coat from All Dolled Up Doll Clothes, and a skirt from Sew Urban Designs. Ginny's outfit is from 123 Mulberry Street.

Any questions? Let us know!

Oh and don't forget this Thursday, April 28th is the last day to enter our Three March/April Giveaways to get a chance to win one of three fantastic dresses! Click the linky to read more.

Thanks for reading the blog and watching our videos!

ETA: Emmalee Chance's Alpine Lake Designs is offering a new plaid tee shirt that is featured in her "chenpanhome" Youtube Channel videos. Click the link to check it out!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Video!

We didn't fall off the face of the Earth. We just wanted the Photo Contest Voting post to sit at the top for awhile. Haha. We are tricky like that. If you haven't voted for your favorite photo yet -- please do -- we appreciate your participation. Last day to vote is Tuesday, April 26th. :-)

Today's Youtube Slideshow/Video is for Earth Day 2011. We have some pictures in it of our Christmas Dolls, the two Ty Li'l Ones we received (Hannah and Brianna), making a snowman. And we have a bunch of our nature photographs to round out "Our Tribute to Winter."

Here in Badger's Wood Spring has yet to spring. It is cold and rainy and dreary and chilly and cloudy and dark, and have I mentioned cold? So this video is asking "Mother Nature" to push Spring our way... we are really, really ready for it to arrive!

Thanks for watching everyone!

ETA: L'Atelier de Sitara just released new items on Etsy! 
Click here to visit the shop!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Voting for the April Photo Contest
Begins Today!

Tada! We finally accomplished something! So today we have posted the 18 photos for the April Photo Contest with some info about the clothing shown in them. One photo per participant -- if you sent me more than one, we just chose one to represent you. The photos are labeled by numbers for anonymity and clarity.
The next step is that you -- all of the blog readers (who want to)--  vote on your favorite picture. Choose one photo and email us at with your vote. We want the votes via email so we can keep track of the numbers more easily. So all the email has to say is "Voting for Photo # ____." Don't worry we won't use your email for anything. And one vote per reader please.

Y'all have a week to vote for your favorite picture. We will accept votes until April 26th, 2011 (Tuesday of next week). So please email us your vote before then! We really appreciate everyone's participation in this contest! The photographer with the most votes wins the AG capri pants and shirt.

And without further ado, the pictures in no particular order...

 Zee jeggings are from Doll Closet on Etsy, the blue tank top is from Liberty Jane
and the black top isn't handmade but the owner
isn't sure where she got it from. Boots are AG.

Felicity in her meet dress

Tank top and belt are from Nicki's AG tie top outfit, pants are Liberty Jane,
and the sweater was made by the dolly owner

Dolly owner's mother knitted this outfit -- made from tie-dyed yarn.

Already labeled.... :-)

The shirt is handmade, the pants are AG.

Mia riding the pet chicken named Mo. Dress is handmade by the owner in classic 1950s style
-- was crafted for a 50s diner diorama which we have some pics of to show you tomorrow. :-)

Dolly owner's mother made the PJs and hat -- daughter has matching ones!

 The shirt and skirt are handmade, but the beret, tights, and shoes were all purchased
from Michael's, AG, and some doll store, respectively

Jess's favorite outfit is her purple and white polka-dot 1930's style dress
that her owner sewed herself, and her matching hair clips and eyelet sandals
Easter dress purchased from The Crazy Doll Lady's store

Dolly owner's mother made the corduroy pants out of her daughter's old Justice cords
using the Liberty Jane Jeans pattern and she altered
the shirt from a new Build-a-bear shirt so it fit just right.

 Kit with her new dress made from a Heritage Fashion Pattern.
It is made from real feedsack fabric.

Dolly owner designed, made the pattern, and sewed it herself--
You can find a version of it in her Etsy store: My Doll My Style

Julie's AG shirt and mystery handmade pants purchased from
'country store' while on vacation. :-)

 Dolly owner's grandmother handmade this outfit for Chrissa

Completely handmade outfit -- made by owner

Handmade outfit purchased from Etsy seller Lots of Dots

Vote today for your favorite photo by

If we missed something or typed something in wrong, let us know.
And feel free to ask us any questions you may have. :-)

p.s. Isn't it amazing how popular Rebecca and Mia are in these photos!
Especially Mia -- I am awesome, and apparently everyone else thinks so too....

Ten More of Our Favorite Etsy Items

More hints for holiday shopping! :-)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ten of Our Favorite Etsy Items

Once again in our efforts to "get the word out" about handmade clothing we wanted to show you some of our recent Etsy Favorite or "Hearted" items. Easter is a week away and of course Mother's Day is soon after that (May 8th, in case you are wondering) -- so it's a good time for some gift ideas, or "Hints for Holiday Shopping." :-)

If you are an Etsy shopkeeper and you are disappointed that your own goodies didn't appear in this post, fear not -- there will be more of these posts before the spring holidays pass us by -- and hence, more chances for your items to appear. :-)

On another note, we have all the photos for the April Photo Contest from our entrants -- we are working on organizing them for a post. Once we do that we will be asking people to vote for their favorite picture. We are not there yet -- but almost!

And this is also a good opportunity to remind y'all that our three March/April Giveaways end April 28th -- about two weeks from now -- so enter today!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Melody Valerie Spring Line Released Today!

Pictures of this spring's dresses....

We already bought ours, so we have a feeling of relief -- did you get any?

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Videos: AG Store Exclusives
Mix and Matched!

And of course, today is the last day to enter our April Photo Contest so be sure to send us your photo today if you are interested in a chance to win the black fashion tee and white scarf capris you see in the videos.

So here are two videos featuring the AG Store Exclusives mix and matched with a variety of other handmade clothing. The places where we got the clothing are noted in the video, as well as the AG SKU numbers for the Store Exclusives if you wanted to call up the store and order them for yourself.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last Two Days to Enter April Photo Contest!

Title says it all! Today and tomorrow (April 15th) are the last two days to enter our April Photo Contest for a chance to win white capri pants and a black top from AG Place Los Angeles. So send in your picture today!

The post about the contest is here for more information and instructions:

We wanted to create a bigger post with a video today... but that probably won't happen anytime soon because we are slow -- so we might as well just post this reminder before it is too late and it is April 16th, haha.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Doll for Next Giveaway/Contest
and New AG Stuff!

Hola! Today we have some pics of the doll we will include in the Spring 2011 Doll Giveaway/ Contest. It may be contest; it may be just a normal giveaway. We have yet to figure all that out. Our April Photo Contest is a test for that -- so be sure to check out our post about that contest -- there is a video and link on the right. The last day to submit photos is this Friday, April 15th - so enter today! There is an awesome prize. :-)

So during our "which doll next?" conversation here at "The Blog" we came up with a three-way tie between MyAG #26, Molly, and MyAG #47. And an executive decision needed to be made. We have yet to include an Addy mold doll in our contests, so it was about time we did. Hence, we included MyAG #26 in our Free Shipping order. Here are some pictures of her below... she is quite beautiful....

Those of you in love with MyAG #26, Kanani, or Ivy can be excited about the next giveaway/ contest which will begin at the end of April/ beginning of May. Oooo!

Also in our Free Shipping order we couldn't resist tossing in some of the other items which are on our so-called "Wish List": the new outfits for Josefina, Kaya, Julie, and Molly (back-ordered), and a Bitty Twin outfit. We ordered Addy's new outfit awhile back, we just haven't it shown it to you yet of course because we are slow. But we have some pics of 4 of the above-listed items for you in this post.

You may be wondering why on Earth we ordered a Bitty Twin outfit, as we don't actually own a Bitty Twin doll. A good point. But they fit 18" dolls. Did you know that? Well, yes they do -- the AGs and BTs have the same body shape -- the AGs just have longer, straighter limbs. So you will see Beatrice modeling the BT "Tropical Skirt" set. It would probably look pretty darn cute on Kanani, but Beatrice has been demanding the spotlight since she is "newer" -- which is also the reason why you see Elizabeth R. in these shots as well. ;-)

So first you see Julie's Summer Skirt Set and the Tropical Skirt Set.... note that AGs don't have the toe gap necessary for the BT sandals to fit 100% correctly, but they are good enough for us....

Then Kaya's "new" Pow-Wow Dress of Today ("new" because of course she did have a different one) and Josefina's Dress and Vest.....

In general, the BT outfit had the best value at $24 but of course it is a BT outfit. The other outfits are not totally worth $28, $32, and $28, respectively... but that is what they cost.

Julie's outfit is super-cute and the shoes are awesome. But spending $28 for cute shoes? Well.....yeah. Kaya's outfit is garishly bright, but we still like it. Though it should be $28 for what you get: just dress, shoes, belt, and hair comb. Not even some braid decor. Josefina's outfit is pretty -- but made of thin fabrics, sewn as one piece (inaccurately), and there are only shoes included. Useful shoes, true -- but no hair accessories, no necklace, and the belt isn't even separate for use elsewhere. Elizabeth's R.'s hairband is the head-tie/band from Julie's outfit (which we used in a different way than we were supposed to).

So what's the point? Well we bought (almost) every new historical outfit (that didn't involve too much pink) because we wanted to send AG the message (with our wallet) that historical still works. Yes, they can still make historical items and we will still buy them. So keep making them -- just make them better, please. Higher-quality, thicker fabrics; historically-correct items; more useful accessories; and less pink. Heehee. Those are our tips.

Maybe a blog review isn't the best way to get our message across but we do believe that AG should keep their market diversified and celebrate the brilliant idea that got this company started: Go Team Historical!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Cutie Pie and Me Tops and Extras!

Hola! Today we wanted to highlight two tunic tops we special-ordered from Etsy seller Cutie Pie and Me, part of a larger order.

But first we did want to confirm that Dawn S. has chosen Kirsten as her prize for the Winter 2011 Doll Giveaway. Kirsten hasn't quite made her way to Dawn yet -- but the process is in place, haha. We are a slow operation here in Badger's Wood. :'-(

And in other news, the replacement doll for the Spring 2011 Doll Giveaway/Contest has arrived! Ooo! We'll have a picture of her for you here soon!  Ooooo - the mystery!

Below Mina and Lira are wearing the tunic tops, crafted from the Liberty Jane pattern from Diana Lemieux of Lemieux Doll Boutique of Etsy and Ebay. Mina's skirt is from Etsy seller Sew Urban Designs. Lira's shorts are from a LE couture outfit from Britlyn Madison. The purse and headband you see in the pics were also made by Cutie Pie and Me.

We think these are some pretty cute outfits; we hope you agree!

Some bonus pics of couture outfits from Britlyn Madison that are currently available. Salute to Style is the outfit that Lira's shorts come from (we do have the rest of the outfit to show at some point), and the second outfit is known as Aria's Secret. Both of these looks are handmade and worth the price. Salute is very well made. Also this is a good shop for a variety of shoes, and they do custom couture work in case you have a design idea in your head that you want to become a reality.

Sew Urban Designs has a ton of great outfits and their clothing is excellent. We have several things from them and it is all fantastic.

And last but not least, Cutie Pie and Me is currently offering more tunic tops if you are interested, as well as many other items. Wonderfully made stuff-- we highly recommend this seller. And of course, custom work is welcome. :-)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

And the Winner is.... Plus Bonus LA Trip Video

And the winner of the Winter 2011 Doll Giveaway is......

Dawn S.

Ooooooo! Congratulations Dawn!

We have emailed the winner and she has 7 days to respond before we have to pick a new winner. Just FYI. 

For those of you who didn't win -- don't be too disappointed -- there will be two more times this year to win dolls here at The Doll Wardrobe Blog. So have hope! And of course we are doing a slew of monthly giveaways for the American Girl 25th Anniversary -- so be sure to keep entering those. On that note, we are also giving away some AG store exclusives as part of a Photo Contest in the month of April -- so be sure to check out that post and enter that contest. :-)

And as promised in the title, here is a musical slideshow via our Youtube Channel of our other photos from the LA trip. It was kind of overcast and rainy some days we were there, so the pictures aren't exactly all bright and sunny. But there are a lot of plants and cool things to see -- especially if you are starved for spring and the outdoors like we are. ;-) You see the Getty Villa, Mulholland Drive, the Griffith Observatory, and the Getty Center, in that order in zee pics.

Please enjoy the video/slideshow below!

p.s. We have a lot of fun stuff coming up soon -- including the reveal of which doll will be included in the next giveaway and of course news about which doll Dawn has chosen for her prize: Kirsten, Ivy, or Kanani.... Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Last Day to Enter the Winter 2011 Doll Giveaway! And Thoughts on Justice

That is Justice like the clothing store... not like the scales of justice, haha.

So that's right friends and neighbors -- today is the last day to enter our Winter 2011 Doll Giveaway. One lucky winner gets to choose between Kirsten, Ivy, and Kanani. Oooo! Link is at the top menu under "Giveaway" if you are wondering what the heck we are talking about.

Tomorrow we'll announce the winner, after she/he is randomly chosen and notified via email.

So a little while back we had several posts dedicated to American Eagle outfits we'd like to see AG-ized. These posts discussed whole outfits and even just pieces of clothing that were interesting. Obviously AE clothing appeals to some and not to others. In this post we thought we'd go in a completely different direction and look at Justice's more recent offerings. It is a brand that Liberty Jane does look to for inspiration, this isn't a secret -- if you look at the picture below and go "Ah-ha!" there is a reason. :-)

These are great outfits that you see above -- lightweight full, short skirts with strong patterning, simple tank top with some color/graphic/pattern that isn't too intense, and two girls are wearing crocheted cropped vests which I am not sure if anyone out there makes for AG dolls (but they should: they are super-cute).

So one of the big things about Justice is color, color, color. They like to make big, bold statements with their clothing - especially when we look at spring and summer lines. The amount of colors and patterns they use can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when you have three models all lined up in the same shot with all that "Justice" going on. Or when you walk into the store and your eyes have no idea what to look at first. But a "Justice" outfit can be done well and their ideas can be transferred to doll clothing. Several seamstresses are already doing it, even if they don't know it. :-)

And here is another "Ah-ha!" moment for those of you who work with the Liberty Jane patterns... a halter top is seen above and below, not exactly like the bandeau top, close, but this one has flounces. Ooooo....

As you can tell the key to Justice fashion is bold top, simplified one-color bottom or vice versa. They aren't trying to burn your retinas completely. Heehee.

There is something "new" that we noticed. It isn't really new; there is nothing new under the sun -- but it is something y'all might want to take note of: short leggings/bike shorts under jean shorts. What the heck are we talking about? See below....

So it becomes a two-layered short. Oooooo. Now I think seamstresses could master this puppy without actually having to do two pairs of shorts. Just sew on a strip of leggings material under the bottom cuffs of the short-shorts. But both layers have to be very fitted/skinny to "work." As you can see in these detail shots.... the shorts fit very close to the leg....

This double-layered short gives the Justice design team another chance to throw in some more color and contrast onto the outfit. Heehee. They do love color.

So the slideshow below should make some Justice trends clear: bold, bright tie-dye on skirts, tops and purses; brightly-colored graphic tank tops; layered tank tops - one loose over one that is tighter; short-shorts; and short flouncy skirts. All of these things are "in" at the world of Justice. And of course, you can never have too many pairs of flip flops and sunglasses. ;-) We also included a little color selection key for one of the skirts in the slideshow. It gives you an idea of the some of the colors that Justice seems to be using for this season.

Hope all this rambling helps someone out there and 
remember - enter our doll giveaway today if you haven't done so yet! :-)

Monday, April 4, 2011

American Girl Place Los Angeles Video and Two Days Left!

Yep, that's the first thing to think about: Two days Left to Enter Our Winter 2011 Doll Giveaway! Eek! Winner will be announced on April 7th. Ooo!

Today we are sharing pics of the AG store in LA @ The Grove as a Youtube slideshow. :-) Some of the pics aren't that good, but eh, we will include them anyways. Warning: Video is like 6 mins long, just so you know what you are getting into. Heehee. And I give a long "intro" below... heehee again. ;-)

We have now been to two stores - not many given the degree of our AG addiction. We have been to Dallas and Atlanta, but didn't manage to get to AG while there. Maybe we should make a pilgrimage to all of the AGPs? Haha. Probably not a good idea for the wallet.... though it would be nice to see more of the country. ;-)

So when you walk into AGPLA you see the bookstore on your right, the lobby with cases on your left, and a big multi-screen display right in front of you. (You can see these things in the slideshow below).

On the first floor you will find the Concierge, a Check-Out station, the Hair Salon, some GOTY stuff, a lot of MyAG stuff, and as mentioned previously, the bookstore. There is a map on the wall as you go to the escalator that shows you all of the AGP locations (even the two coming soon in Washington, DC and Washington state).

On the second floor of AGPLA you get off the escalator to find more GOTY stuff before entering a large historical section. Much larger than at AGPNY. Lots to see. Tons of stuff we have only seen in the catalogs. At the front of the historical section you see the LE mini holiday dolls and their display shelf. It says that for September and October they will be releasing 2 minis per month.

Felicity and Elizabeth only have a display window left, their whole section has been taken over by Julie stuff. But it will probably be shifted to this year's new historicals eventually. We tried to take as many pics as possible -- but there was almost too much to photograph.

The historical section opens up into the Cafe lobby with a ton of store exclusives lining the wall. We got some pics of those things as well as an empty Cafe (it was closed, but lucky for us the doors were still open, haha.)

And then moving to the left there was another large section of MyAG stuff and then store exclusives as you made your way back to the escalator, and of course, the GOTY cases. Oh and p.s. the current Purchase-with-Purchase is Chrissa's Meet dress. So since we already have that pink horror, we didn't get it. The cream sweater coat and hat are no more.

At the register a Dad was buying Kanani stuff for his two little girls and he asked us if we were buying all the AG stuff for ourselves or someone else. Haha. He wasn't so surprised it was for us, but he was surprised at our answer when he asked how many dolls we have. We discussed how it is a special kind of "crazy." Heehee.

Overall, it was a really nice store - smaller than AGPNY - but yet it seemed bigger - maybe it is? And even though we were there on a Friday evening when it is open late -- the store was really not crowded at all. And the staff was really nice, even though there was only one girl downstairs checking out a lot of people on her own. She seemed stressed, but again, was still nice. :-)

Enjoy the video/slideshow!

ETA: It may take awhile for the vid to "load" onto Youtube... so it is a bit glitchy right now (as of me posting this) -- patience, grasshopper it should work eventually. Right? Haha.

Friday, April 1, 2011

LA Box Arrived:
A Special Photo Contest Begins!

That's right friends and neighbors, like many other blogs, boards, and Youtube channels-- we are having a photo contest. Yay! And no, this isn't an April Fool's joke. :-)

Our box from American Girl Place Los Angeles arrived today via the Fed Ex man, and inside are two things we purchased for a future giveaway. But then we thought, why wait? We could have a photo contest and these things could be a prize. Something different than our monthly 25th Anniversary Giveaways- and hopefully fun!

So we are going to run a photo contest this month as a test to see if we could do a larger one for our Spring 2011 Doll Giveaway. And before some of you worry, our other seasonal doll giveaways won't be photo contests. Just the spring one - so don't panic. ;-)

Here are the prize items for the April Photo Contest: the winner will receive a black tunic top and white capris. The pics below show ours next to the winner's items. Heehee.

What type of photo contest am I talking about? Well anybody can enter -- but if you are younger than 18 please get your parent/guardian's permission to participate, and if you are younger than 13, please get your parent/guardian's help with participation.

So here is the plan....

1) You take a photo of one of your AG dolls in your favorite dolly outfit. It can be anything - modern, historical, handmade, AG, something you created, a mix and match to show off your style. Anything. As long as your doll is wearing clothes. Haha. The idea is to show off the outfit in one great, creative shot. (And no humans in the photos please -- remember: privacy is important!)

2) Email that photo to me at on or before April 15th. That gives you about two weeks from today. We will not use your email address for anything other than this contest. We will not publish your email address on the blog. And we will never sell anyone's email address either. If you are younger than 13 have your parent/guardian email the photo to us (remember: internet safety is important!).

3) Once we get everyone's photos we will post them here at The Doll Wardrobe - so make sure your photo is something that you don't mind if the whole world sees it. (Again, this is why you and/or your family shouldn't be in the photo.)

4) Then readers will be asked to vote for their favorite photo. Voting will be done by email -- to vote you just email me at and say something like "I vote for photo #8." Everyone will have a week to vote, from the point when we post all of the photos.

5) Once the week of voting is up, we will tally the votes and see who has won the outfit. Then we will email the winner for her/his shipping address (this is why it is important you have a parent/guardian's permission to enter if you are under 18).

Any questions? You probably have some -- so feel free to ask.

And as the bonus for today's post, here are photos of the box and goodies inside - including an introduction to our two new dolls, Beatrice Ingleton and Elizabeth Royall!

The cat investigates the package....

The package is opened....

Dude, you are ruining our photo shoot....

The dolls are examined; they have had a rough ride from LA, particularly Beatrice (#35)....

Final pic!

So start taking photos for the contest readers, email them to me at, and be sure let us know if you have any questions. We hope you are excited for this contest! :-)

ETA: We made one of those animated movies on Youtube for this April Photo Contest (we probably have too much free time on our hands)...

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