Friday, July 31, 2009

New Poll for the Next Doll Giveaway

Well, in one of our recent polls we asked what is your favorite new Rebecca item. The Rebecca doll herself was the most popular item of the whole list. This gave Penny the idea to create a new poll for the next Doll Wardrobe Doll Giveaway. We don't know when we will be doing the next doll giveaway, but we thought we'd get some feedback on which doll you readers would most like to be given away next.

Or someone else entirely? If you want to add another possible dolly option please send us a comment with your preference and we will add her into the poll.

Thanks everyone!

Update* I added "Part 2", "Part 3", "Part 4" and "Part 5" polls because I can't change a poll once someone votes. Duh. I didn't know that. But I will keep adding names and polls for those who want to request a certain doll.

Announcing the Winner of the July 2009 Doll Giveaway!

Hi there everyone!

Penny pulled a name out of the bucket at midnight July 31st- today- and now it's time to announce a winner! Out of over 150 names......

Jane M. has won the October #25 and two outfits!

Congratulations Jane! We hope you love your new #25!

And for the rest of our readers, please don't despair that you didn't win the October #25. We will be having more giveaways very soon. Maybe even a handmade outfit giveaway for August!

In addition, Penny will probably be doing another doll giveaway because this was quite fun. (And honestly, our house in Badger's Wood is getting overcrowded with all these dollies here; so it would be fun to buy another doll just to giveaway to a lucky reader again.)

So keep checking back to The Doll Wardrobe for more giveaway fun and more reviews of handmade doll clothing!

Thanks for entering the July 2009 giveaway everyone!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guest Review: Julia's Creations Halter Dress & Shrug

Ivy was impatient during this photo shoot, she wanted to go shopping in her black & white dress from Etsy seller Julia's Creations. This dress has a halter tie and smocking on the top. There is a delicate little shrug to cover bare shoulders. Julia also sent over the matching purse to complete the outfit. Keep the credit card away from Ivy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MyOwnLittleWorldToo Speed Racer Hoodie and Leggings

When Penny spotted this Speed Racer hoodie with matching striped leggings in the Etsy shop of MyOwnLittleWorldToo, she knew right away that I would want it.

For the photo shoot, I asked my stepsister Stella if I could borrow her denim skirt and yellow tank top that was purchased from the same store. She was nice enough to let me borrow both things, as well as a pair of lime green chucks! The shoes were purchased from Ebay seller releaserain.

Don't I look fabulous in the photos below? The best part of the Speed Racer hoodie and leggings is that they seem to be children's clothing that has been re-appropriated for dolls! Of course, I could be wrong about that, but still it is a very clever little outfit that is quite spiffy.

Do you think Ludwig the Sock Monkey will mind if I start referring to him as Chim-Chim? He probably wouldn't mind being called Sanpei...but Chim-Chim would probably sound a bit annoying to a sophisticated Sock Monkey like Ludwig.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, of course! On Friday we will announce the winner of the July 2009 Doll Giveaway here at The Doll Wardrobe. Please send us your name if you have not yet done so. And read this post here if you have no idea what I am talking about. ;)

See you soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guest Review: All Dolled Up Halter Swimsuit

It's time to introduce Piper, one of the youngest girls here at the boarding school Deer Crossings. She was thrilled to be chosen to model this adorable suit made by Terrie at All Dolled Up Doll Clothes. This suit is black with white polka dots (other colors are available) has a halter tie and ruffles around the bottom. Everything a girl could want in a suit, now if we were just a little closer to the ocean..

These darling sandals came as a surprise.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Outfit of the Week- Kimono with Sandals

I am sneaking in the Outfit of the Week on this very sunny Monday. :)

Looking for Asian-inspired doll clothing? Then look at "Kimono with Geta Sandals" from Etsy seller MarieGeorj!
You get a magenta kimono, colorful obi, geta sandals and white socks! Click here to see the outfit.

And to see the rest of what MarieGeorj has available in the shop click here! The offerings include a Chinese jacket and pants, a Nigerian outfit, two cowgirl outfits, several aprons and a variety of dresses and modern items. Stop by the shop today!

Suzymstudio Owl Skirt and Headband; Doll Closet Shirt

I (Nora the Great) am returning to modern clothing for two posts this week, and then my third post will be announcing the winner of our Doll Giveaway on Friday July 31, 2009.

Today we are showing you a smashing owl-themed skirt and headband purchased from Etsy seller suzymstudio, as well as a white peasant blouse purchased from Etsy seller Doll Closet. We also have a white halter top with a belt from suzymstudio that we could have paired with this skirt. But we thought we would show you how we are trying to mix and match items from different sellers.

Stella is our model for this outfit, and she wanted to show off some of her handmade friends. What do you see by her feet? "Hedgehogs in Love" from Etsy seller BeneaththeRowanTree. Click here to visit their shop to see natural toys and hand-dyed clothing! It is a lovely shop with all sorts of neat things in it.

The boy hedgehog is named Tripudio and the girl (with the bow) is named Ienium. They are needle felted with 100% new wool. They have been Stella's pets for some time now, and she thought it would be nice to pair the adorable owls on her skirt and headband with the fuzzy little hedgies.

On Wednesday see my new Speed Racer outfit from Etsy seller MyOwnLittleWorldToo! Yes, I have more clothing! Me, Nora! And I am so excited to show it off to my readers. See you soon!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mary and Rebecca

The last post from me, Nora, for this week shows off both Mary and Rebecca wearing the two new colonial gowns. This time Rebecca is also wearing the new hat, which we show you in some close-up shots as well.

Check out the two stores we have highlighted this week:

The Dollies' Dressmaker


Heirloom Doll Designs (Ebay seller sdls275)

Sdls725 adds new auctions every Thursday evening, so keep checking back for interesting items!

Next week, posts from Marvelous Me, Nora Demington, will return to some modern clothing that Penny has been acquiring slowly but surely. Then on Friday we will announce the winner of the Doll Giveaway. Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guest Review: The Doll*Sewer Colonial Work Gown

In the spirit of Colonial week, we have thrown our tea in the harbor and decided to post one of our Colonial gowns. This is a work gown made by ebay's The Doll*Sewer. Elizabeth starts with just her mob cap and gown, but when its time to do chores..

She puts on her embroidered apron and kerchief. She doesn't mind doing her chores so much when she looks this cute. Now, go milk that cow Elizabeth!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dollies Dressmaker Colonial Gown

To continue with our colonial theme for the week, we wanted to show you a new gown from The Dollies' Dressmaker website. It is being modeled by Mary Royall (fka Ruthie).

The combination of black and green, with the multicolored floral print is really quite stunning. The delicate pink and green ribbon used as trim on the gown contrasts so well with the black ribbon used as "lacing" on the stomacher. This gown comes as two pieces with velcro closings, and hence may be considered a more kid-friendly creation.

This dress is still available in the shop, as of when I wrote this post, so check it out today! On Friday, I will show you Mary and Rebecca side-by-side in their colonial gowns as a finishing touch for our colonial-themed week. See you soon!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guest Review: Bon Jean Creations

Emily was very excited to be the one chosen to model this dress from ebay seller Bon Jean Creations. This period perfect dress was patterned after a dress made by the dressmaker's own mother! The feed sack fabric is perfectly paired with the ruffles. Emily felt cool and summery all day.

This is the original handmade dress from the 40's that Emily's dress was patterned after. Isn't it cute?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Outfit of the Week- Mini AG Doll Clothing

Oops. I think I forgot to post an "Outfit of the Week" last week....I must have gotten lost in the fun summer activity of doing nothing. ; ) Gosh it feels good to be out of school!

Anyway, to make up for missing a week of interesting items that you all should be shopping for- here we are on Monday prepared with something wonderful. Etsy seller MyOwnLittleWorldToo has started making clothing for the Mini AG Rebecca Doll!

If you are interested in a mini movie outfit click here.

If you are interested in a mini school outfit click here.

If you want to see the MyOwnLittleWorldToo shop click here.

Happy shopping everyone!

sdls275 Patriotic Promenade Colonial Gown

Are you thinking that maybe our Rebecca doll would like to live in the 1750s with our friend Mary Royall (fka Ruthie)? Well here she is modeling a colonial gown from Ebay seller sdls275!

Sdls275 is also known as Heirloom Doll Designs. They do weekly auctions, but sometimes take a break. Everyone needs a rest every now and then! So if you don't see anything in the Ebay shop right now, be sure to check back next Thursday. There may be new items!

This is our second colonial purchase from sdls275, and we finally figured out how to put the panniers (side hoops) under the skirt so that the bodice jacket fits over the hips. We just had to tie the panniers tighter onto the dolly bodies!

The gown came with 5 separate pieces and a hat, which you will see in our Friday post this week. There is the bodice jacket of white and blue fabric, the dark blue skirt, 2 different stomachers and a fichu. What is a fichu? It is "a large, square kerchief worn by women in the 18th century to fill in the low neckline of a bodice." The lace cap Rebecca is wearing is from our Keepers Dolly Duds colonial gown.

Sorry the pictures below are so plentiful, but there are so many wonderful details to this gown that we wanted to highlight: the gorgeous fabrics, the sumptuous ruffles, and the 2 different stomachers! And of course, we didn't want to end the post without showing a close-up of Rebeccas's lovely face. Aren't her eyes so pretty? Hazel eyes are the best kind...heehee.

Next time from Nora the Magnificent (me), will be a post about a colonial gown we purchased from The Dollies' Dressmaker website (which you can see a glimpse of in our first picture below). Click here to explore the Dollies' Dressmaker shop for yourself! Until, next time, toodle pip!

Friday, July 17, 2009

AbygailElizabeth Hiking Outfit; Rebecca and Ludwig

So far, one the most popular choices in our "What Time Period Should Our Rebecca Live In" poll is the modern era. So we thought we would show off Rebecca in our new outfit from Etsy seller AbygailElizabeth. Click here to visit the AbygailElizabeth Etsy shop.

In our quest to find more modern clothing, we spotted this hiking ensemble consisting of a white tee shirt and denim shorts. Both very well made items and quite affordable. The cute pockets on the hiking shorts are my favorite part of the outfit. Rebecca is pictured below in the outfit, with her hair up in attractive pigtails. She is hanging out with our new friend Ludwig Waldemar Horst the Sock Monkey. Together they were plotting to go into the backyard and run through sprinklers after the photo shoot was finished.

Still undecided as to what time period our Rebecca should live in? Well, on Monday we will show you Rebecca in a very fancy colonial gown from Ebay seller sdls275. Maybe it will help you make a decision for our poll! Thanks for voting everyone!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guest Review: Donna Cotterman's Creations

Nikki is taking a stroll through the garden in this Regency gown from Etsy seller Donna Cotterman. The tiny purse and decorated hat complete this empire waist gown. Nikki was pretending she was Elizabeth Bennett all day. Now if we could just find her a ball to attend..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ludwig the Sock Monkey

*A warm "Welcome Back!" to our Guest Reviewer Adventures in AG! See her post below!

In this post I will tell you the story of Ludwig the Sock Monkey: Penny and Derek stopped at the Cracker Barrel for dinner a little while ago while driving back from the beach. In the Cracker Barrel store Penny spotted an Old-Fashioned Style Sock Monkey and immediately picked one out to buy it. Derek refused to let Penny buy it, stating that it would be much more meaningful if they handcrafted one instead of just buying one. Penny said she couldn't sew at all. Derek said it is not that difficult to make a sock monkey!

So off to Target and Joann Fabrics they went! After getting the sock monkey supplies, they came back to Badger's Wood to start the project. Personally I think it helped that Derek's grandfather was a tailor; Derek seemed to know what he was doing. Meanwhile Penny just stared blankly at the internet Sock Monkey instructions like she was trying to decipher the Rosetta Stone.

About ten hours later, with a break for snacks, Ludwig Waldemar Horst the Sock Monkey was finished. See our photos below to bask in his awesomeness. Not too bad for a couple of first-time monkey-makers, eh? Heehee.

The next post from me, Nora, will be about a new modern outfit from Etsy seller AbygailElizabeth!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guest Review: The Doll*Sewer

"Squeel!" A package has just arrived at Deer Crossings. Who is it for? It Kirsten's turn and she is very excited. This darling dress came from one of our favorite seamstresses Karen, the doll sewer. She makes the most creative outfits for all our modern and historical girls. She always includes fun props and accessories.
This pioneer light blue calico dress has growth pleats, puffed sleeves, and an embroidered pinafore to match.
Kirsten takes a break to rock her new dolly in their new matching dresses.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Doll Giveaway Bonus Handmade Outfit!

Here it is: the outfit we will be giving away with our October #25 at the end of July!

If you haven't already placed your name into the drawing for the doll and 2 outfits, please go to our post here to read more! A winner will be chosen on July 31st, 2009.

In addition to the #25, with the younger-looking face mold, and her Just Like You Meet outfit, we will be including the outfit you see below in the photos. It was purchased from Etsy seller suzymstudio. Click here to visit her shop and see some of the neat things she has for sale!

The winner will receive the black halter top, patterned skirt, black belt, market bag, and headband. All in all, it is a pretty snazzy modern outfit that is quite versatile. You can certainly mix and match the pieces of the outfit with other parts of a modern wardrobe. Plus, it looks quite smashing on the October #25!

On Wednesday I will post about our new handcrafted friend that was created by Penny and Derek just for us! His name is Ludwig Waldemar Horst the Sock Monkey. As you can probably guess, he is a sock monkey! No, he is not a handmade doll outfit like we usually show you, but we thought it would be fun to share him on our blog! See you soon!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Helpful Links for You!

One Doll Wardrobe reader pointed out that she can't go from my post to the shop of The Nimble Thimble via a link. And I realized that I typically forget to put links into my posts to direct you to the proper location for exploration. So I should really be a bit more consistent with that!

So for this week we discussed three Etsy shops:





Click on those names to visit their shops! I will try and put links into every post from now on. :)

And as an extra bonus, after reading our blog one seamstress decided to start posting her doll clothing up on Etsy! Visit this link to see Donna Cotterman's Creations! She currently has two white Regency gowns and a Harry Potter uniform up for sale. Very lovely stuff!

Gomunk Creations White Rabbit Costume

Yay! I finally got my rabbit costume from Etsy seller Gomunkcreations! As you can see from the pictures below I am quite happy to be wearing it and now I am never going to take it off. Ever. Not even for baths...........ok, maybe for baths..........

It is a fuzzy white rabbit costume that has velcro in the front so you can get into the little jumpsuit. Then it has elastic around the hood, so it fits very well onto my head and frames my wonderful face with white fluffiness. The ears flop downward to look extra adorable and they are lined with pink. In the back I even have a poof ball as my cotton tail on my bummy region. ;)

Now how do I convince Penny that I can wear this to school in the fall? Maybe tell her we are doing an Alice in Wonderland play and I'm playing the White Rabbit? And then tell her that I have to wear the costume 24-7 to get into character? ......hmmm.......might work........

While I work up a solid scheme, make sure you come back on Monday when we will show you the handmade outfit that we will be giving away with the October #25 at the end of July! It is a snazzy modern outfit from Etsy seller suzymstudio. Hopefully whoever wins her doesn't mind getting some modern clothing!

See you soon!

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