Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Giveaway Winner Announced!
And Happy Holidays!

Anyone curious who won our Special Awesome Fantastic
36-Hour Holiday Gift Giveaway???

The winner is...

Michelle W.

We are about to email you right now Michelle -- so check your inbox soon!
We ask that you respond to our email within a week or we will have to select a new winner.

Thank you for entering everyone!

We hope y'all enjoyed all of our 25th Anniversary Giveaways and we send a big Thank You out to all of the shopkeepers who donated to our big project this year.

Thank You Shopkeepers!

Tomorrow our busy, busy, busy holiday activities start up and we probably won't be able to post everyday. We will try and post some little things though if we can.

But in case we aren't able to -- here is our Official 2011 Happy Holidays card to you!
Of course, Maple insisted that she be featured on it this year, 
but I made sure to put my name first. ;-)

We hope everyone spends awesome times with their family and friends this season!

Toodle pip y'alls!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Agent S: We Interrupt This Broadcast!

"We interrupt this broadcast to report that Evil Dr. Pepper has escaped 
from the New York State Penitentiary!"

Yes, this evil doggie had escaped prison and managed to find his way down to Orlando while we were on vacation! He is Agent S's old nemesis and he decided to come to Florida to harass our poor Yorkie. :-(

While in Orlando he stole a bag of souvenirs that Penny had bought for all of the Badger's Woods dolls here at The Doll Wardrobe. Oh no!!!

Will Agent S be able to retrieve the souvenirs????

While in Hollywood Studios Agent S received intel from Team Possible that Evil Dr. Pepper may be dining at the Prime Time Cafe. Our Super Spy took this opportunity to get some dinner.

Agent S was supposed to signal the waiter (also a secret agent) by creating a bow-tie out of a dollar bill, and the waiter would know we were the good guys and let us know if Evil Dr. Pepper was nearby.

He told us that the evil doggie had just left to go watch Fantasmic. So we headed over to the show ourselves.

While at the show, Mickey signaled to us with secret sign language that Evil Dr. Pepper had left early and was already on a bus back to his hotel. Apparently he had eaten too much popcorn and felt sick to his stomach. Agent S's attempts to capture him were foiled!

On our way out of the park, we saw this giant Christmas tree that was really pretty. Our first attempt to photograph the tree looked like this.... yeah...

But here is a better one. ;-)

Do you think Agent S will be able to find Evil Dr. Pepper soon???

We want our souvenirs back...

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Have you entered the Special Awesome Fantastic 36-Hr Holiday Gift Giveaway yet???

Enter before 11:30 AM EST December 20th, 2011!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Special Awesome Fantastic
36-Hr Holiday Gift Giveaway!

Didn't win a doll this time around? Don't be too sad!

Now you have an opportunity to win a special package of gifts from The Doll Wardrobe Blog! It will be our last 25th Anniversary Giveaway.

Enter now - it only lasts 36 hours!

We will run this giveaway until 11:30 am EST Tuesday, December 20th. 

And we will announce the winner soon after that time.

You must be 18 years old or older to enter this giveaway. If you are younger than that please have someone 18 years old or older, like a parent or guardian, enter herself/himself. One entry per person please, but you can have other family members enter as well.

To enter, please write your full name and your email address as a comment to this post. It will not be published and only Penny will be able to see it. One winner will be drawn out of a hat, i.e. randomly picked. Only entries with a full name and an email address will be put into the hat. If you win, Penny will email that address to notify you and ask for your shipping address.

What will you win???

A Ty Li'l Ones doll - Trendy Taylor, a Doll Jewelry crafting kit from American Girl, a pink American Girl Place doll tee, girl's wristlet, and girl's headband from American Girl, a pair of leopard print sandals from Megori Girls, and six gingerbread doll cookies from Pippaloo. Plate and candles not included.

Any questions???

Feel free to ask below in the comments. :-)

2011 Fall/Winter Doll Giveaway Winners!

Hola! We were waiting to post this until our First Prize Winner responded to her email, but might as well do it now before we forget what we are doing, haha.

That's right -- this post announces who won the dolls in our 2011 Fall/Winter Doll Giveaway!

We have two winners this time because so many of you guys joined our Facebook page -- 
Thanks so much! -- Big Hugs for All!

Our First Prize Winner is...

Priscilla R.

And our Second Prize Winner is...

Christian M.

If Priscilla R. looks like your name -- check your email inbox asap! You'll have a week to respond or we'll have to choose a new winner. :-(

Christian, we'll email you after Priscilla picks which doll she wants as her prize.
If Priscilla doesn't respond to her email within a week, you (Christian) become the First Prize Winner.

Priscilla gets to choose from MyAG #55, Lanie, MyAG #26, and Ivy.

Then Christian gets to choose from the remaining 3 dolls.

And after all is said and done the two remaining dolls will show up in our Special 2012 Photo Contest and Doll Giveaway which will start in.... you guessed it, 2012!

Thank you for entering everyone!
We really appreciate it. :-)

And for those of you who got all the way to the bottom of this post -- Stay tuned for a special Pippaloo cookie giveaway which will only last a short time and will start soon. Ooooo!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Agent S: Mission Elite Spy Training

Well after Mission Beignet Agent S said that he really needed to crack down on the villains of the world but that he needed more advanced training to do so.

His orders were to report to Hollywood Studios and get tips on being a spy from the Extreme Stunt Show Team.

While there we saw a lot of cool stunts...

We met Lightning McQueen...

And helped him defeat an evil enemy.

The Team waves us goodbye after giving us super-secret, super-spy advice....

Then Agent S insisted that we get some tips on being Intergalactic Super Rebel Spies from R2-D2 and C-3PO over at Star Tours. 

We even got to see a Star Tours Flight Center.

And we got to go on our very own shuttle for an exciting 3-D adventure!

After all of that hard work/fun Agent S volunteered to eat some Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream to accompany our Pippaloo "mouse-shaped" ice cream in a photo.

Life is so hard. ;-)

Stay tuned for more adventures with Agent S!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Nov/Dec Giveaway Winners!

Hola! Sorry for the delay!

Who wants to know who won the Nov/Dec 25th Anniversary Doll Clothing Giveaways? 
Anyone? Anyone?

There were three prizes and so three winners:

Niki S. won the black and pink coat.

Angela V. A. won the green tee and corduroy pants.


Patrick J. won the red historical dress.

We will be emailing these three winners right now - so look in your inboxes soon! Y'all will have a week to respond or we'll have to pick a new winner.

Thank you very much for entering everyone. We hope you liked all of these AG 25th Anniversary giveaways this year!

And a big thank you to the three shops that donated items for this giveaway:


All three of those shops are full of fun stuff right now -- so be sure to check them out!

Thank you shopkeepers!

And of course if you haven't entered our Doll Giveaway yet -- do it soon! Saturday is the last day to enter and two winners will be announced on Sunday. :-)


Calling Kellee K.!

Hola -- Our first post of the day with more to come --- The winner of the Quietude Quilt set never answered her email, so unless we get something from her soon, we'll be announcing a new winner for that giveaway.

Kellee K. are you out there? If so - check your email today!

Here is the post announcing her as the winner: http://thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/12/quilt-set-winner-announced.html

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Major Giveaways Ending Soon!
Enter Today!

You could win a major award!

[Might as well be very blatant with this quick post. ;-)]

The Nov/Dec Giveaways for doll clothing end tomorrow -- Thursday is the last day to enter and the winners will be announced Friday.


The Doll Giveaway ends Saturday -- that is the last day to enter that giveaway. Two winners will be announced on Sunday -- We will be giving away two dolls this time. So the first prize winner gets to choose from 4 dolls and the second prize winner gets to choose from 3 dolls. :-)


Enter today peoples before it is too late!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maple Goes Outside: In the Leaves

Hola! Sorry we haven't posted since Flyday, we haven't been feeling tip top and there were a lot of things to do this weekend. We even have more homework to do tonight, but we'll forget about that for a little while. ;-)

So today we continue showing you our pics from Maple's "Warm November" outdoor photo shoot. She is wearing a Cutie Pie and Me panda shirt with their grey jeans, as well as Girl of the Year Nicki's hooded vest and red slipper boots. We took several shots of her in this outfit, but we'll just start with the first set -- her in a pile of leaves -- one of the best things about autumn is jumping into piles of leaves!!!

Enjoy the pics and stay tuned for more -- We'll try to post the rest of the outdoor shots asap!

Thanks for visiting us today!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Maple Goes Outside:
L'Atelier de Sitara Cape Coat

When we were traveling the world in November Maple insisted that she get some outdoor photo shoots done. We did manage to do a couple. For this one she is wearing light grey pants from Cutie Pie and Me and a cape coat from L'Atelier de Sitara from her Academia outfit.

First off, we probably don't need to remind you, but we are giving away a green tee shirt and tan corduroy pants from Cutie Pie and Me in our Nov/Dec Giveaways -- so be sure to enter that for a chance to win those. :-)

Second, we just wanted to do a general shout-out to L'Atelier de Sitara in case y'all aren't familiar with her work (which you probably are).

Sitara does stop-motion Youtube vids with AG dolls that are very popular: http://www.youtube.com/user/AsteriEtoile

And she has a Flickr account for her photos, many of which are of dolls, including AGs: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sitarastarlight/

And of course she sews and sells doll clothing via her shop on Etsy. Her latest line was Urbanite for the Fall and here is her poster for the collection. It is mostly sold out now except for one pair of jeans that is still hanging out in her shop for sale.

And she also made a Youtube video Look Book for it, which is awesome...

We know she is super super busy, but when time is available (whenever that is - be it next yr or ten yrs from now, haha) we hope she keeps making doll clothes, as well as photos and videos. :-)

Here is her photo montage of her Academia Cape Coat...

And now our sun-drenched photos of Maple wearing the same item... did anyone else have an absurdly warm November this year? It felt like we were still in Florida!

Thanks for visiting us today!
Stay tuned for more posts soon!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Agent S: Mission Beignet

After finishing his mission in Japan, Agent S decided he was too tired to continue his international adventures. So we headed back to our hotel for some rest.

Then he insisted that he had been notified to do a mission over in the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.

According to him he had been instructed to contact the bakers there and ask for three beignets. Apparently this was supposed to be "coded language secret information sharing."

We went over to the resort and ordered the beignets. We weren't sure this was part of the "Team Possible" agenda as nothing special happened.... Agent S was probably just wanting a snack. But we played along.

Stopping over in the French Quarter Resort on a cloudy day...

Agent S about to try their beignets, while posing with Pippaloo's doll/dog-sized beignets...

While close to the New Orleans Cafe Du Monde beignets, 
these are hollow while theirs are not - just FYI.

But in case you can't make it to New Orleans, but can make it to Port Orleans -- 
it is fun to try these tasty treats!

Stay tuned for more adventures with Agent S!
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