Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Adanya's Halloween-Birthday Party!
Part Two!


As we said in Part One, Adanya was born on Halloween -- so every year we try to have a party for her that has a Halloween theme. This year we finally photographed the festivities for you!

Part One:

She has invited 5 of her friends to the party and she is waiting for them to arrive. Adanya is wearing a dress by Sylvie and Bruno of Etsy. Her strappy black sandals are from Ebay.

We made the pennant banners ourselves out of scrapbook paper, ribbons and stickers.

Adanya's red rose purse we bought in a local shop.

This is the spread for the second snack table.
The pumpkin is fake -- one of those carve-able ones Joanns sells.
Never carved it though. We aren't brave.

The black tray we bought at Michaels as a mini curio display.
But we laid it flat and lined it with some scrapbook paper to serve as a party tray.
Tablecloth underneath is from Julie's Birthday Party set.

The blue beaded container, Ugly doll, Lil Monster doll, and owl were given to Adanya by her brothers. The lion was also a gift from them. We found the beaded container in the same local shop as the purse. The rest of the items we found in airport gift shops.

The lollipops, cookies, cupcakes, chocolates, and pieces of cake are from Etsy seller Pippaloo.
The mugs and plates are from AG Place (near the restaurant entrance usually).
The Truth or Dare mini game we found at a local Target in the $1 section at the front of the store.

The skull beads we again found in that local shop.
Treats by Pippaloo.

These are the cards for that Target mini Truth or Dare game.
The bat we bought at Michael's in a set of three in the scrapbook supply area.
The plate we bought at a museum gift shop in Austin, TX.

This is the spinner wheel that comes with the Target Truth or Dare mini game.
Also, the lion is hanging out, waiting for the guests to arrive and the games to start.

Adanya is leaning against the black chest of drawers/second snack table.
This is a jewelry box we bought at Target to use as furniture for the dolls.
The other tables are Josefina's nightstand and Cecile's desk.

Adanya's feather hair accessory is a human earring we have repurposed. ;-)

"When are my friends going to get here??? I am so nervous I have rearranged the food 10 times!!! Someone needs to get here soon!"

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall 2012 Doll Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Yello! Hope everyone is surviving the Apocalypse-Like-Storm. We are in the path of two storms ourselves, so it hasn't been fun this weekend. And we aren't looking forward to the next two days.

But we still have power and we can post who won the giveaway!

Congrats to

Kristina B.!!!

We have emailed her and are waiting for a reply.

She has a week to reply to our email. If we don't get a response, we will pick another winner.

Thank you for entering everyone!!!

p.s. Our next big Doll Giving-Away Contest in the works will be the 2013 Grand Photo Contest in the beginning of next year. So stay tuned for more fun right around the corner!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Day to Enter Doll Giveaway!!!

Today is the last day to enter our Fall 2012 Doll Giveaway!

The winner will get to choose any doll currently available from American Girl!

See here for complete information and instructions on entering:

Thank you for entering everyone!!!

Adanya's Halloween-Birthday Party!
Part One!


Yes, we have a lot of other stuff we meant to post about before we posted this set. But it is already Halloween week! So we are going to start this now. :-)

Adanya was born on Halloween -- so every year we try to have a party for her that has a Halloween theme. This year we finally photographed the festivities for you!

She has invited 5 of her friends to the party and she is waiting for them to arrive. Adanya is wearing a dress by Sylvie and Bruno of Etsy. More shots of it will be in Part Two.

The inspiration for this blog post series comes from Inky's B-Day party posts, such as this one: http://superinky.blogspot.com/2011/11/today-was-my-birthday-party-i-woke-up.html.

The main treats table is laid with a lot of stuff we have purchased from Pippaloo on Etsy. Spiderweb cake, donuts, chocolates, pie, beignets, cookies, bread, cinnamon rolls, Smores, etc.

The wooden board is from Pippaloo, as well as the 'silver' tray. The other plates are dipping sauce dishes from Crate and Barrel. The glitter spider web decorations are from Michaels. The shaker box that the silver tray is on top of we bought from Carl Huth, http://www.huthshakerboxes.com/index.htm. He handcrafts oval boxes in the Shaker tradition.

The coffin we found at Michael's and decorated it with scrapbook paper, stickers, and scrapbook ribbons. It came as a raw wood piece. You can see it here, on Pippaloo's blog: http://pippaloofordolls.blogspot.com/2012/09/scaring-up-some-autumn-fun-everything.html. The glittered candy we also found at Michael's -- in the scrapbook supply area.

The cauldron we found in Salem in a Wiccan supply shop. The root beer floats come from Julie's birthday set. The ice cream swirly shake is from Etsy seller Miniature Menu. We had a second one, but goodness knows where we put it....

The pumpkin is real -- one of those tiny ones, we found it in our grocery store and stuck the spider on for decoration. We found the pedestal for the pumpkin at Joann Fabrics -- it is a candle pedestal. :-)

Stay tuned for Part Two!!!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Updates! For FDC and Doll Giveaway!

Sorry about the lack of posts -- We still have a lot to show you for the MyAG Holiday Outfits of 2012. Our bad! We have had a lot of homework to do that is not blog-related. (Cries)

We will get back to those posts soon though!

For now -- Updates!

The In-Progress Pictures for the Second Outfit for the FDC are due November 2nd. We pushed back the deadline as people were confused. Again, our bad.

Finished Product pictures for the Second Outfit will be due November 16th.

And most importantly as of the current moment: The Last Day to enter the 2012 Fall Doll Giveaway is Sunday, October 28th. 

The winner will be announced soon after that!

For more information!

Friday, October 19, 2012

FDC Reminder! Second Outfit Designs Due Oct 20th!

Title of this post basically says it all. 

We pushed back the Fashion Design Challenge Second Outfit Design Due Date to Oct 20th. 

So those are due tomorrow from all FDC Entrants.

Thank you for participating and voting everyone!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MyAG Rosy Red Holiday Outfit 2012:
Review Part Uno

Oky-doky. Sorry for the delay with productive posts.

First we have the MyAG Rosy Red Holiday Outfit shown on Adanya (#49) and then with the Holiday Accessories from this year. Lots of pics in this post.

That is Part Uno. For Part Dos we'll show you the Rosy Red Outfit on 3 other dolls. 

Then we'll move on to the Purple Party Outfit, with and without the Accessories, and then the Reindeer PJs.

What do you get with this set? The dress, the headband, and the flats.

It is a pretty dress, but the fabric is that kind of slippery fake satin/taffeta stuff that AG lurves.

The bodice decoration is made of a red velour.
The flower accent seems a bit large for scale, but it is about equivalent to the girl version by AG.

The headband has red crystals sewn onto it.
Like most AG headbands, it doesn't really want to lay flat against the doll's head.

The red flats are nice, shiny, and have cute mesh floral accents.
But they seem kinda loose.
Like they were meant to be worn with tights under them.
But this set did not come with tights.... curious and curiouser.....

The Rosy Red Dress with the Holiday Accessories Jacket.

I would like to say I screwed up the ratio of this pic, but nope, she just looks that frumpy/bloated.

I wouldn't normally pair this jacket with this dress because the cut of the two things does not work together. But for review purposes.... here you are:

The jacket is black velvet, lined in black. So I wouldn't leave it on your doll too long.

The ruffle edging and the length of the bodice are both good.

The length of the sleeves is just awkward.
She looks like she has black wings.
I would have shortened them by an inch or two, or just committed to more fabric for full-length, tapered sleeves on the jacket.

The Holiday Accessories set includes the jacket, the nutcracker, the bracelet watch, and two tickets to the Nutcracker.

The watch is difficult to get on, with the lobster-claw-like clasp.
And it is the only part of the set that isn't easy to replicate.

The nutcracker is plastic. Yep plastic.
That's a tragedy right there.
Have you ever heard of a plastic nutcracker?!?!?!?!

I don't think you can even crack nuts with something plastic....

But he looks pretty fly.
Minus the plastic thing.
And his jaw does move up and down.

Can't really say I love the screw in the back of his head...

I honestly would just look for a wooden nutcracker Christmas ornament in stores.
Probably won't have a screw in the back of his head.
And probably more affordable.

These are the Nutcracker tickets, you get two.
If you have a printer, you can make these yourself and make them better-looking than what AG is selling. I mean, look at them. The color of the tickets has even been absorbed into the paper because they picked the wrong type of paper. It is just plain ol' paper. Not even photo paper, not even laminated. No sheen, no nothing.

Really AG? You couldn't make better tickets than this?
I could draw better tickets than this.
And I can't draw.

Again, the Rosy Red Outfit is $36.

The Holiday Accessories Set is $32.

Both way over-priced.

The red dress, headband, and shoes are fine.
But nothing really special. And only 3 pieces. Three. Pieces.
If you want a red holiday dress I would commission one from a capable seamstress.

Hear that seamstresses???

You should be making affordable holiday dresses right-about-now as good options to the MyAG offerings. It can be done. Liberty Jane offers several dress patterns.

Go to the fabric store/website and get your fancy dress on.
People want their holiday dresses now, or even yesterday.

Also, I think you could commission a seamstress to make a more attractive dressy jacket.

You can find a more-genuine-looking Nutcracker easily.

And those tickets are redunk.
Print some yourself.

And that's all for Part Uno folks.

Stay tuned for Part Dos!

Any questions??? Let us know in the comments below!!!

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