Thursday, November 26, 2015

Check Out Local Shops' Christmas Ornaments for Doll-Scale Items!

If you follow our Instagram account thingy, you'll have already seen the Christmas ornaments we photographed at Walmart.

So you can skip this post, haha. ;-)

If you don't, please read on!

When we are out and about -- and remember to -- we check out the Christmas aisles in shops for ornaments that work in one way or another for the dolls.

Some people may say things we find are too big, or too small, or too this or that -- but I find it's really a matter of personal preference.

And I'd rather people know that some Christmas ornaments are out there rather than not telling you fine people. ;-)

Here are the pics of Walmart Christmas ornaments I found that may/may not work for your dolls.

(At Walmart all of these are $1.94 each.)

^^^ You could craft these into a doll antler reindeer headband

^^^ Everyone needs a weird-looking squirrel...

^^^ Could work as a wall or door wreath

So the next time you are out and about shopping, whether it be Walmart, Target, Michael's or wherever they sell ornaments -- be sure to look for doll-sized ones to add to your collection!

p.s. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

Thank you for visiting us today!!!

And again, Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 26, 2015: Question of the Day!

Happy Thanksgiving People!

If you live in the United States...

If not, you probably already celebrated Thanksgiving or you don't celebrate it at all if you aren't like...Canadian. Hmmmm.

But nannyways, Happy Day You Can Celebrate Whatever You Want To!

There.....phew. ;-)

There are like something like 28 days or something like that until the day like that big guy like Santa comes down the like chimney and like gives you like prezzies.

Did I sound like a teenage girl?

Or just someone trying to give a speech in debate for the first time?


Santa...28 days.

Looking for places to shop?

Check out the shops in today's "Question of the Day!"

Today's Question: 

What are your New Year's Resolutions for your shop? What are you looking forward to for 2016?

Our answer: So while we are not currently trying to run an actual shop (as we just don't have the room to manage the stock in our current house) -- we do want to post on this blog daily in 2016. That is our New Year's Resolution! Weeeee!!!

And on a more basic doll-related note, we are looking forward to Lea Clark's release, and the new BeForever doll coming in 2016.

We don't really have any interest in Lea's clothing, as we have seen so far, but we definitely want both of these new dolls. :-)

Party With Felt's Answer

"More items/pictures - I sell mainly at craft shows - 
so my Etsy shop doesn't have all it should have in it."

Mia Kate Apparel's Answer

"I guess I just want the word to get out more about MiaKateApparel! I hope to sew many more cute items, make more sales, and have more happy and satisfied customers! I'm looking forward to seeing my shop grow."

The Glam Doll's Answer

"Such a good questions as we approach the end of the year! My New Years resolution for The Glam Doll is to be more focused and narrow in our aesthetic. I am looking forward to what the new year holds whether it is meeting new people or customers, creating new collections, and seeing where creativity takes me!"

Clarisse's Closet's Answer

"I’d like to do more with hats and other accessories in 2016- 
I think they’re what really make outfits special."

Pippaloo's Answer

"Well, my resolution has been and continues to be to post more often on my blog. Each month I post my menu list but I'd really love to post more about my dolls and doll finds as well as do more reviews and commentaries. There just isn't enough time in the day to get it all done. And I've learned that I'm no good at doing the juggling act- everything suffers when I try to do too many things well at once. "

Cupcake Cutie Pie's Answer

"We will continue to expand the stylings offered for 18" dolls 
as well as designing new patterns for Simplicity."

Closet 4 Chloe's Answer

"I’d like to try to focus more on collections. 
 I feel like I’m a little all over the place right now."

Dollhouse Designs' Answer

"Ah, Resolutions! Yes, I want to improve my workflow & increase my output so I can get more done. I have some amount of health limitation so I am trying to improve my productivity.

Definitely excited about the new projects I mentioned before. Especially those WIGS! I am also looking forward to making some video tutorials that will be added to patterns and the hair accessory guides."

Noodle Clothing's Answer

"I’m going to work on improving my planning and following through on it."

Whoa It's Me's Answer

"I have only recently joined Instagram, and am excited to be part of the AGIG community. There are so many fabulous IG accounts to be inspired by, and I am constantly amazed by the photo quality! I hope to increase my IG presence over the coming year, and hopefully my new camera will help with that. My other goal is to improve my time management skills, which will help me to spend more time in my sewing studio."

Made by MoMo Couture's Answer

"To try some new patterns and put out more dresses. Dresses are a rare commodity in my doll closets! I am looking forward to doing some winter pieces. I have a puffer jacket to try and some vests. Gotta get that cold weather gear out!"


Thank you for reading these Etsy sellers' answers!!!

And please check out their shops for your holiday shopping. Hint. Hint. ;-)

Stay tuned for another "Question of the Day" post right around the corner!

p.s. If you own an Etsy shop, or a doll-related handmade item website, please feel free to email us at to participate in the next round of "Question of the Day," which will probably begin in Jan. 2016. 

Thank you!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nov. 25, 2015: Question of the Day!

As we teased you with in yesterday's post....

We are starting a new series!

We ask Etsy sellers questions.
They give us answers.

We post them here.
With one pic per day, as an extra bonus.
Exciting stuff!!!

Today's Question of the Day:

1) What do you want customers to know about your shop? 
Do you have any upcoming releases planned? Any exciting news around the corner?

Okay, technically that was three questions. But ssshhhssshhhh.

Our answer: While we did TRY to start a shop up, we currently are not running one. :'-(


We will be posting about the shop we did make, so you guys can learn about it if you have no clue what we are talking about, haha. And you can find out the types of things we were selling in it, and where we found those items. :-)

Pippaloo's Answer

"Pippaloo offers realistic polymer clay food for American Girl dolls. I release new items every month on the 15th at 12:00 noon EST...with the exception of next month-in December. I always move the date up a few days early in December to allow a little extra time for packages to arrive for the holiday. 

Usually around the first week of each month I will post a menu list on my blog of the foods that will be available that coming 15th- that way you can get an idea of what types of foods there will be. In January of the new year I will resume listing new items on the 15th at 12:00 noon EST."

Cupcake Cutie Pie's Answer

"I've been designing new patterns for Simplicity this year. We currently have three that are available: 1486, 1220, 1089 and another four that should be released in 2016."

Closet 4 Chloe's Answer

"I would like my customers to know how much I appreciate them and thank them for supporting my shop. I have lots of fun new pieces planned so keep an eye on my shop."

123 Mulberry Street's Answer

"My shop is a good mix of trendy and traditional for all types of American Girl Dolls. 
My most exciting news is that 4 of my Sweater sets are going to be in DOLLS Magazine! Yea ! Canadian Doll Designer Kim Arnold is featuring them on her beautiful dolls. Check her out at The Trinket Box."

Dollhouse Designs' Answer

"Dollhouse Designs is a very beloved endeavor for me. My little company allows me to care for my little family by working from home while using my creative and artistic abilities. It completely makes my day when one of my patterns or items brings happiness or joy to someone.

I am so excited about future projects!! I am developing a few HAIR related projects that will be available early next year involving DIY pattern guides for making wigs and hairpiece accessories for dolly hair. These are a little different and I think people will really like them.

There will also be some new designs for patterns (and some outfits available) plus I am working on outfits for some of the Tonner dolls like Evangeline Ghastly & Ellowyne as well as Disney dolls."

Noodle Clothing's Answer

"Despite starting to make patterns to sell, I still intend to sew for my shop. I like to do a mix of separates and complete outfits so there should be something for everyone. The next pattern that I want to do is for the white coat that is in my most repinned outfit on Pinterest."

Whoa It's Me's Answer

"Although I have been selling on Etsy since 2009, for a couple of reasons I was mostly inactive for the past year. I am now sewing regularly again, and eager to greatly expand the selection in my shop, focussing on current fashion trends. I have lots of interesting ideas in the works for Whoa It's Me.

Also, almost all of my items have been one-of-kind, and I have had to disappoint customers because of this. I am going be more flexible in this regard, so my shop will have greater availability of some items.  

I would also like to mention that all profits generated by my shop are used to support women in developing countries who sew to support their families. This is possible by making small micro-finance loans through So when you buy from my shop, you may be helping a single mom in El Salvador send her kids to school!"

Dollicious Clothes' Answer

"I am the sewer and designer but I can't do this alone. My husband is my fabric cutter, organizer, photographer and runs the shop. My daughter is working with us part time as my assistant. My newest interest was sparked by a customer request for a boy outfit. I now have two boy models and I'm beginning to indulge into the boy clothing too."

Party With Felt's Answer

"I love my little corner of the market - Fun Hair Accessories for dolls - 
just like a little girl would wear!"

QTpie Doll Clothing's Answer

"I love designing current fashion and I love AG dolls. I love the challenge of making my designs look like they were shrink with a shrink ray."

Mia Kate Apparel's Answer

"I am not a perfect seamtress, but I strive to do good work on the clothes I have to offer in MiaKateApparel. I make clothes from both new and second hand materials. Each purchase is packaged with care and great excitement! I don't really list my items in big releases at this point....when I have time and fabric and inspiration I sew a few things and then list them in my shop."

The Glam Doll's Answer

"Well, I would like customers to know that every item is made by me. I am truly passionate about the items that I create. Every collection feels like it is about to be shown on a runway. There will be an upcoming release titled, Songbird, that is set to be released on Black Friday."

Clarisse's Closet's Answer

"We just introduced our 'THEO' line for boys this fall, so keep an eye out for more boy items in our next collection!"


Thank you for reading these Etsy sellers' answers!!!

And please check out their shops for your holiday shopping. Hint. Hint. ;-)

Stay tuned for another "Question of the Day" post right around the corner!

p.s. If you own an Etsy shop, or a doll-related handmade item website, please feel free to email us at to participate in the next round of "Question of the Day," which will probably begin in Jan. 2016. 

Thank you!!!

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