Thursday, July 17, 2014

Custom Dolls?

We have been throwing around the idea of 
making custom dolls and selling them. 

Nothing too drastic as far as customization. 
But new dolls. Not pre-owned. 
Not needing tender loving care and then fixed up.

Nothing wrong with that type of customization, 
but that wouldn't be what we would do.

Sort of like making more Sharmaines (a #26 with a Saige relaxed wig) 
and then offering them for sale -- 
but all types of face molds, skin colors, eye colors, boy and girl dolls, etc.

Please comment below whether you would buy these kinds
of dolls (in the comments section).

It would be super helpful to get y'alls opinions. :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Camera-Phone Experimentation:
Cropped Tank and Peplum Skirt

Hello Fiends!

So it's been awhile since we have been able to post our own pics 
of dolly goodness here at The DW.

During the July 4th week we ventured outdoors (gasp!) 
for some camera-phone experimentation.

We usually use a Canon Rebel, but this time we purposefully 
left that puppy in the camera cupboard and 
used our Samsung Note3 camera-phone thingy.

We thought it would be interesting to experiment with it 
and see what we could shoot. 
You never know what you can come up with until you try!

Today we will share our pics of Sharmaine, our #26 that we have scalped.

Currently she is wearing Saige's wig that 
we boiled and conditioned; 
so it is a relaxed version of that wig.

The wig is not glued down, 
so we move it around on her head, haha.
This also allows us to use this wig on all of our other bald dolls.

Sharmaine is wearing a cropped mint tank top from
Etsy's Closet 4 Chloe,
a purple necklace from Etsy's Everyday Dollwear,
and a light grey peplum skirt made by
Etsy's Royal Doll Boutique.

And how did we get Sharmaine to stand up in the grass???

Certainly not on her own two feet, 
because we have never managed that very easily, haha.

With a stick! In the drain grate! Woot! Fancy!

But, hey maybe that will help people get some ideas for taking outdoor pics.

There is our "behind the scenes" pic! ^^^ Heehee.

Thanks for visiting us today!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spring 2014 FDC Winners!

The Spring 2014 FDC Winners are as follows:

Pro Category:

Entry #39

Intermediate Category: #13

Newbie Category: #1


Each winner will receive a $60 AG gift card.

We'll be emailing these winners 
this evening. :-)

Also, we have 3 honorable mentions. 
They don't get prizes, but we thought you might want to know 
who was closest in the running. 

Pro Honorable Mention: #11

Intermediate Honorable Mention: #25

Newbie Honorable Mention: #9

Thank you for entering friends!

And thank you for voting!

If you would like to participate in the Summer FDC 
please send in your entries on or before Aug. 15th, 2014.

Click here to learn about the Summer FDC outfit theme!!!!

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