Friday, October 28, 2016

Trends to Sew: Lace-Up Bodysuit

Now that sounds way sexier than it has to be, haha.

Lace-up Bodysuit.



But, no, really - they have been a hot trend for awhile now - but I haven't given 
them a shoutout because I haven't been blogging and I am useless.

But bodysuits in general are a hot trend now - 
giving the wearer very clean lines, less frumpy-ness in layering.

And they tend to look very good underneath all those 
high-waisted bottoms which are trending right now.

So anyway - lace-up or strappy- these are the examples you should be looking to for making something trendy in your doll clothing shop or wardrobe. :-)

Courtesy of Hollister:

Slightly sexier versions from Forever21, but they can be un-sexi-fied pretty easily 
if you were going to sew them for dolls:

(This girl's facial expressions ^^^ kill me.)

If you don't like the lace-up, strappy effects of these bodysuits - there are literally 
dozens of other types of bodysuits being offered in human shops. 

So check those other options out for more ideas!

I'd start at Hollister and then move forward to Forever21 for the trendiest looks.

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