Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Suzzy0accessories Colonial Gown

As the final post of 2008, I wanted to show you more of....ME! Shameless, I know.

Last but not least for today, we have another colonial dress, purchased from the Etsy store of Suzzy0accessories. It is actually a sleeveless dress with the bodice-jacket over it. So you have two outfits in one! On hot days we can just wear the sleeveless dress. It is quite an elegant and creative dress design.

I think we really need to get a colonial era character in this house to wear all these dresses! Maybe Felicity??? But we already have a red-haired green-eyed girl- my little sister Maggie. Do you think she'll mind if we trade her in? Haha, just kidding.

Lemieux Cherry Hoodie

Stella complained that she hasn't been featured yet among these December 31st postings. Such a whiner. (Don't tell her I said that. She is bigger than me.)

So here we have Stella wearing the Lemieux Doll Boutique cherry hoodie that Penny purchased from their Etsy store. It originally came with a pair of jeans, but here we show it with the Supergirl skirt and some leggings. Stella is ready to go iceskating...and maybe stop whining. Hehe.

Muxoriginals Pioneer Dress

Cassandra needed some more dresses for school, so Penny searched our friend Etsy for some possible purchases. We found this lovely dress from Etsy seller muxoriginals. In the pictures below we are using the shoulder wrap as a head-scarf. So innovative, no?

The pattern on the dress fabric is adorable and the burnt-brick color is just beautiful on Cassie. Orange-burgundy color? Reddish-brown color? What color is that? Oh well, who knows...

If you are interested in a similar dress, I believe her store occasionally has this style available in different fabrics!

Dollies Dressmaker Felicity Dress

It's me! It's me! Finally, I get my own picture back up on my own blog. Haha.

I am modeling The Dollies' Dressmaker Felicity Work Dress. I think AG used to offer this dress, but it is now retired. So instead of searching on ebay for a $100 dress, we found it at The Dollies' Dressmaker. The quality is fantastic!

The Dollies' Dressmaker is not on Etsy, but instead has its own posh website and blog- so be sure to Google both of these things. There is a "What's New" section of the blog where you can see the newest designs!

You may be wondering why we need more colonial dresses, since we have nearly 1000 already. You can never have too many doll clothes. That's my motto.

The pictures below show the dress with and without the accompanying apron. The hair kerchief also comes with the dress. Gosh, I look gorgeous...I mean *cough cough*...the dress looks gorgeous!

Dollies Dressmaker Addy Dress

Ok, Samantha has had enough screen time!

We move on to Jess modeling a dress from The Dollies' Dressmaker. It is the same Addy pattern as a dress purchased from Terristouch which you can see below, but we just had to have it. I was a sucker for this blue and tan fabric.

Check out the Dollies' Dressmaker store now for some January deals- this dress is 10% off until January 31st....if it doesn't sell out first!

Doesn't our Jess just look stunning?!? She's such a cutie.

Nayasdesigns Apple Apron

Well, we might as well continue the Samantha theme and show you the Apple Apron Penny purchased from Etsy seller nayasdesigns. Linnea, the seamstress genius behind nayasdesigns, recently had hand surgery at the beginning of December- so we send her our best wishes for a quick recovery!

Among the many things we have purchased from Linnea, we snatched up one of her lovely aprons- created for Kit and Ruthie for their kitchen canning duties.

Here we have Samantha modeling the apron over a Terristouch yellow dress. She looks like she is ready to wash the dishes I was supposed to wash this morning... but she said "No Way, Jose." I guess I am going to have to do that chore on my own.

Keepers Blue Christmas Dress

Here is the second item that Penny won on ebay- a blue Christmas dress designed for the AG Ruthie doll by Keepers Dolly Duds. Can you see the tiny Christmas trees in the fabric? Clever, very clever!

I really like the designs. They are so creative. I think I am going to request that I get to model the next purchase, though I'm not the appropriate brunette. Hehe.

It came with the lovely blue hair ribbon that you see in Samantha's hair. And if you haven't heard the news, (if you haven't you must be living under a rock) Samantha is being "archived."

Most likely, as of this moment, the dolls are sold out. Luckily Penny snagged her before she was gone. So we are particularly happy to have her here with us, sharing our happy little home.

Keepers Blue Coat

Finders Keepers! Yes indeed, Penny was able to win two new Keepers Dolly Duds ebay auctions!

So now after the big holiday rush, I have a bit of time to post to this blog...before school starts up again. Ack... let's just not think about school right now.

We begin with this dark blue wool coat and hat with white accents- designed for the AG doll Ruthie. If you are interested in items from this talented seamstress- please check out her ebay store: keepersdollyduds.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Maggie Returns!

Just in time for the holidays, Maggie returns from the Music Conservatory!!!! Her semester of clarinet lessons and music classes are over and she gets to go back to her normal life. Even if she doesn't want to, haha.

Here she models a green jumper and white turtleneck from Etsy seller Terristouch. She especially likes it because the green color matches her eyes. The style is supposed to be '70s-era for AG doll Julie Albright. It is a really cute outfit.

She is also modeling a crochet hat from Etsy seller Always2CraftyLinda. Linda even included a free crocheted hat and shoes with our order! She makes these '70s style hats in a variety of neat colors.

In addition, I'd like to show you a lavender fleece jacket from Etsy seller Terristouch that looks just lovely with the green jumper. I really like how Maggie looks when the hood is up. She is adorable! You can custom-order this fleece in a bunch of different colors from Terri.

A Plethora of Terristouch Items

Well, we've been purchasing items from Etsy seller Terristouch for awhile now and I haven't included nearly enough of them since I started this blog.

First we have Samantha Parkington modeling a yellow dress made for Kit or Ruthie. The pleated front and tiny buttons are just great. The dress ties in the back for a nice fit.

Second we have Stella in a dress created from one of the Addy designs. It goes very well with Samantha's blue hat. My favorite aspect of this dress is the tiny blue floral pattern on the fabric.

Last we have Stella in a gray Victorian dress based on a Samantha design. She is posing with Wooferton. Such a smart use of what looks like a doilie for her collar! The two tones of gray make this dress especially unique and pretty.

The Doll Closet Tea Jacket

Penny custom-ordered this green and blue tea jacket from Etsy seller dollcloset. This shop has a whole bunch of outfits- shirts with pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. They do a lot of custom orders and have a lot of different fabrics available for their products. Staple clothing for the modern girl.

Cassie is stepping out of her pioneer-era into modern day to model the jacket for us and she can be seen with Penny and Derek's Husky puppy Panofsky.

Lemieux Doll Boutique

Welcome to our showcase of the Lemieux Doll Boutique- courtesy of Etsy!

This Etsy shop provides some of the nicest clothing I have ever seen. The quality is absolutely excellent. Today we post two outfits purchased from this shop.

Josefina Montoya is pretending to be a modern girl and modeling the purple shiny vest, turtleneck and jeans. Samantha Parkington is also standing in as a modern girl and wearing a swirly white parka and jeans. You can never have too many pairs of jeans!

Just look at the detail work on this parka!

Where'd These Dogs Come From?

So we've seen some dogs making guest appearances in this blog. Who are they and where did they come from?????

We managed to adopt 5 dogs this fall!!!!!

It's very exciting. The white Westie is named Muddiford. The brown terrier is Beamish. The tan mutt is named Wooferton. The bassett hound is Cadby and the Husky puppy is called Panofksy. The husky is Penny and Derek's dog- a wedding gift. The other four dogs were adopted for us- Ellie, Maggie, Stella, and myself.

Below you see Stella modeling a handknit poncho and hat set that was given to us by Etsy seller nayasdesigns. Linnea actually gave these items to us because Penny made a purchase from her. As mentioned before, it is always nice to receive gifts!

The set looks really fantastic on Stella, and she is featured here with Muddiford at her feet.

Custom Kirsten-Style Dresses from Terristouch

Penny asked Etsy seller Terristouch if she would be willing to create some custom Kirsten-style dresses for Cassandra. We were looking for a pioneer dress in the style of a retired AG Kirsten Larson outfit, with a laced vest over a blouse and a full skirt. We preferred that it all come as one piece, for ease of use.

Terri created two lovely dresses for us and one apron that matches both. She put a lot of work into both of them and we greatly appreciate her efforts. Cassandra needed a boost for her wardrobe. Terri still has two of the blue dresses available for purchase, but the red and cream dress was one-of-a-kind. Ellie is shown in the blue dress, while Cassie models the red and cream dress.

If you are wondering where we got our cute little toys that you see below, please visit Etsy seller Mintconspiracy. Jill sells these "Somethings" to her many many avid "Something" fans.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Great Ebay Achievement '08

Okay, so Penny won this dress for us from an Ebay auction. We never win anything we bid on, so that is why winning this was "The Great Ebay Achievement '08."

Keepers Original Designs - by Eve Coleman of Nova Scotia - is like the Holy Grail of homemade AG items. As far as I understand, most of her items are one-a-kind and very sought-after. We are lucky to have gotten this dress and it is very exquisite. She obviously puts a lot of time and effort into her clothing. If you are interested in her clothing, visit her ebay store "keepersdollyduds." She puts up several items a week for auctions. But be careful of your budget- they do go for a healthy sum of moola!

Here we have Jess modeling the dress for us. It is meant for AG Ruthie- but she has yet to join us at our house. She is on the Wishlist for 2009 though, along with AG Kit. Because the dress is so awesome, we have given it three pictures.

Necklaces Arrived!

Ok, so I was just rummaging through the giant stack of mail that we received today. In amongst the 1000s of holiday catalogs (no I don't need a Christmas tree rotator thank you), I found a package for me!

I asked Etsy seller MelodyValerie if she made that pearl necklace that came with the Madeleine dress seen below- and she did! So I asked her if she would make me some more necklaces- and she said she would! So she created 2 coral necklaces and 4 pearl necklaces just for me! Well, technically she created them for Penny because I can't order things on the internet. (Too young and no credit card....waaaaa...)

Anyway, uh, where was I? Oh right! So they arrived today! Yeay! Obviously the next logical step is to share pictures with, waa-laa!

Fairy Costume

Well, inspired by the excitement of someone actually reading my blog- I have decided to do some more posts. I should be doing my homework...but we'll just pretend that those assignments will finish themselves.

So here is my sister Ellie modeling our purple fairy costume courtesy of Etsy seller muxoriginals. The seller even included a green purse as a gift! Woooot! That is one of the nice things about Etsy- some sellers include little gifts with your order. Of course, I don't always need a gift to be happy. Sometimes they include cards or notes and special wrapping. That is enough to satisfy me!

The pink shoes she is wearing were purchased from AG. They should really be purple...but we don't have a pair of purple shoes...

Below is the giftie purse- wish it was a better picture - but it just wouldn't come out right. By the way, muxoriginals has a whole line of fairy costumes available in a variety of colors. I have been tempted to buy the white costume and pretend to be a winter fairy in my ice skates...but that will have to wait until I get my allowance later this month.

Big News!

Someone actually read my blog! (Well, someone besides my immediate family members!)

Christine Broach - Etsy seller Lavenderlore - actually visited this blog! Very exciting. I had posted about the handknit items I purchased from her, which you can find below.

She just added new stuff to her Etsy shop - - so be sure to check it out if you are still searching for that perfect doll giftie for the holidays!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Terristouch Blue Colonial Dress

Stella is modeling a dress from Etsy seller Terristouch. I bought several items from her, but we'll start with this one because it goes with the colonial theme. The other items include a gray Victorian dress, for a doll like Samantha Parkington, and a yellow dress dated circa the 1930s for Kit or Ruthie. I am currently commissioning a pioneer dress from her. I will definitely post images of that when I get it.

Dollies' Dressmaker Colonial-Era Items

Josefina Montoya is modeling this dress purchased from Dollies' Dressmaker. I went on a buying spree of colonial gowns...I probably have nearly ten or so now. So below is me, Nora, in another example and then Ellie in a blue dress that originally came with an apron. She didn't want to wear the apron and prefers how the dress looks without it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Handknit Items for Autumn

Jess is modeling a "Handknit Irish Fisherman Cream Poncho" with a hat and purse made by Etsy seller Lavenderlore. It even came with brand-new pennies for good luck! Wonderful items. I only wish I could knit like this. But I was never very good at sewing, knitting, or needlepoint. Christine Broach has a whole bunch of these poncho sets on Etsy, each more beautiful than the last.

White Lounge Outfit

Stella is modeling a white lounge outfit purchased from Etsy seller nayasdesigns. These awesome slippers came with it. I have never seen anything more cute. And it is just the comfiest, softest fabric.

Dress for Addy, given to Cassie

So Etsy seller agseamstress created this gorgeous dress for the Addy American Girl doll. But Cassie really wanted it so we bought it for her. She doesn't have that many outfits yet, so we are trying to build up her wardrobe. The dress is wonderfully constructed and the white sleeves are separate, so you can wear the dress with or without them. We are looking forward to getting more dresses from agseamstress.

More From Dollies' Dressmaker!

Another fantastic dress from Cindy Hernandez. It look me the longest time to decide whether or not to get it for our friend Cassie, but I am glad I finally made the decision. She looks lovely.
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