Monday, February 25, 2013

Five More Fun Flickrs!

We meant to make this a regular feature, 
but our best plans haven't quite worked out in many areas. 

Too much to post about and not enough time. ;-)

So here is our original Five Fun Flickrs: 

And today we'll post five more for you to check out!
This time we posted 2 shots each.

If you have a flickr account you would like it to be featured here (and it includes pics of AG dolls) -- feel free to tell us in the comments section below and be sure to add a link to your account. :-)

If you own one of the flickr accounts featured and don't want it here, 
or don't want us to use your pic, please let us know and we'll take it down.

DW Top Tip: You can see any of these shots slightly larger by clicking on a pic.
That will bring you to a slideshow. :-)

1) Sher.locked

2) Quinny and Co

3) Soda Pop

4) Mountain Air / Ms Liv doll lover

She has eight sets of AG pics -- so go to the photostream and then navigate the sets. :-)

5) Clear Skies

Again most of the sets are AG -- so go to the photostream and then navigate the sets.

Again, if you have a flickr account you would like it to be featured here (and it includes pics of AG dolls) -- feel free to tell us in the comments section below and be sure to add a link to your account. (We are a bit like a broken record sometimes, haha.)

Thanks for visiting us today everybody!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hints for the 2013 Grand Photo Contest:
Part Two!

Hi there!
So we have been giving y'alls hints for the 2013 Grand Photo Contest:
The Curator's Game.
We made a whole long list of themes for everyone to choose from.
And now we are trying to help you guys out.
Here is A-E with hints: 
And for today we'll do F-M!
 All entries for the contest are due on or before March 6th, 2013.
You take your 3 pics and email them to
Read about the contest here:
See the currently-uploaded entries here:
So onto the hints for you -- these are just ideas, thoughts, suggestions... get your wheels of creativity moving. :-)

Much like forgery, below.
But a lot of things can be fake.
Only certain things can be forgeries.
A person can be fake.
A work of art can be fake.
Something that is artificial, not genuine.
Fran never uses those fake sugars in her coffee.
Evan wanted to buy a real Christmas tree, 
but his wife asked him to buy a fake one instead because of the cat.
Paris found out that her new Coach bag was actually a fake.
The horror! ;-)


Well, fame is fame.
Kinda straight-forward.
Famous. Public acclaim.
Celebrity. Notoriety. Renown.
Geoffrey sought his fortune and fame as a world explorer.
Olivia rose to fame as a ballet dancer in the Royal Company.


So yeah, flat.
Straight-forward as well.
The ground can be flat.
A painting can rest flat against a wall.
Reese could be flat on her face after tripping on a power cord.
Alexia could be wearing flats.
Matt's soda could be flat.
Cynthia's singing could be flat.
You could do a lot of things with flat.


Much like fake.
But a little more specific.
You can forge documents, wills, paintings, money.
Specifically done to be fraudulent.
So a counterfeiting crime really.
So your dolls can be trying to track down a forgery criminal.
Or perhaps your doll is the forgery criminal -- 
making multiple Picassos and selling them on the black market!


Here is the difficult-to-understand definition: to shorten by proportionately contracting in the direction of depth so that an illusion of projection or extension in space is obtained.

In art, when someone is at an angle to the picture plane, their body or part of their body is foreshortened.
So if someone is lying on the floor in a painting, you don't see their body in the same way as you would if they were standing up.
The laws of perspective dictate that we see a 'shortened' version of their body.
The part of the body closest to the viewer is larger, and that which is farther away is smaller.

Best to just show you a pic:

As you can see the body proportions are distorted because of perspective.
Her left hand is bigger than the rest of her because it is closer to us.
You can barely see her left arm because it is pointed right at us.
Her right elbow is smaller because is farther away.

This is something an artist has to master when drawing and painting.
You have to create the distortion, but in a realistically proportioned way.
For making photographs, foreshortening is a little bit easier to accomplish. 
For photos, it is all about posing and the position of the camera. ;-)

Found Object

Found object art is when an artist makes something he/she selected into art.
By simply labeling it as 'art.'
So something that has already been made.
Like Duchamp's upside-down urinal which he then called a fountain.
Artists have also put chairs into galleries and called them art.
Or bicycles. A stack of paper.
A piece of fence.
It is a way of thinking about the items we use in our daily existence in a new way.
For your pic, you can think about found object art as a theme.
Or you can simply have your doll find an object.
An archaeological treasure?
A lost puppy?
A hundred dollars in the street?
Or just a pretty flower?
What can your doll find in the world around her?


A piece of something.
A piece of a sculpture or a vase.
An object that breaks apart is then in fragments.
Like that meteorite in Russia.
Relationships, societies, and organizations can also fragment.
Their friendship fragmented when Rhonda found out Henrietta didn't like cheese.


You can use a literal frame.
A doll holding a picture frame.
Or a doll holding a picture in a frame.
You can frame your picture with editing.
Or you can frame your doll in the pic with something, 
like for instance she is standing inside a lemonade stand.
You can also be framed for a crime.
And frame can also mean plan.
Lulu framed an outline for her paper on the history of thread.


For art, this is often the place where works are shown and sold.
Can also be a room in a museum.
Other meanings: hallway, passageway, balcony, part of a theater.
So for your pic, this would really be about the setting of your shot.


Our favorite subject in school.
The rest are meaningless to us.
Okay, the other subjects are okay too... except for math.
So history is pretty straight-forward.
Record of the past.
Historical scene.
Historical dolls.
Telling a piece of history in your pic.
Rewriting history with your pic.
Sitting in history class.
Studying for a history test.
Or the more basic use of the word: previous experience.
Keith and Wanda had a history that their friends didn't know about.... (dun dun dunnnn).


Icon is another word for image, or idol, or emblem, or sign.
There are icons on your desktop.
There are musicians who are icons.
In art, icons are visual representations of sacred people.
But there are really a lot of meanings for icon.
Anna accidentally clicked on the wrong icon in her email account and deleted all the messages!
George wants to be a pop music icon, so he is taking dance classes.


For art, this commonly refers to an optical illusion.
A misleading image.
This one is a complex word.
But you can also think of it as hallucination.
Or misperception.
Or a magical illusion.
David Copperfield is a master of illusions.
One morning Philip saw an illusion of a monster coming out of the lake.
Bea had the illusion that Ivan was her boyfriend.
So you could tell a pretty interesting story with this word.


Well, Impressionism is probably the biggest impression-y thing about art.
It's the first thing that comes to our mind.
That is the style of painters like Renoir and Monet.
So your pic, with editing, can be in the Impressionist style if you want.
Or you can think about other uses of impression.
There is a thumb impression on that clay sculpture.
Mindy is worried about whether she will make a good impression on the 
teachers at her new school.
Sue had the impression that Jackie was kinda mean to boys.


When we put art into a gallery or exhibition space -- we calling that installing a show.
The exhibition may even be called an installation.
So your dolls can be installing an art exhibition.
Or they could be installing Windows on their computer.
Or installing a new mini fridge in their room.
Can also mean to establish or induct into a position or office.
Fifi was installed as the new Class President.


Pretty straightforward.
How can you use light in your picture?
A lamp? The sun?
How does it effect your composition perhaps?
Or perhaps your doll is simply turning on or off a light.


Much like light -- but this time glowing really.
Your doll can be luminous herself -- with editing.
Or perhaps something in the picture is luminous.
Fireflies. A lamp. The moon.
Edward's sparkly skin.


Lots of types of materials in this wide world.
Fabrics. Metals. Fibers.
Stones. Woods. Plastics.
Everything around you is constructed of some type of material.
Concrete. Physical. Substantial.
Also refers to artistic materials -- paint, canvas, brush.
Craft materials for example.
Beatrice crafts a card out of her scrapbooking materials.
Rachel buys material for a costume at the store.


Modeling clothing.
Modeling a sculpture = molding it.
Modeling for artwork = posing for it.
Model airplanes = building them.


Relating to the present.
Like contemporary.
Of this moment.
Can be Modern art.
Modern fashion.
Modern Family.
Modern furniture.
Modern hairstyles.
Modern ideas.
What is modern about your doll's life?
Her new Ipad?
Her Facebook account?
Does she have a Picasso on her wall?
A messy bun?


An image in a single hue.
Like shades of grey.
Oops, yeah we just wrote that.

Anyways... the picture itself can be in a single hue.
Or perhaps your doll's outfit is in a single hue.
Or her setting.
Hue = gradations of a color.
Like shades of pink.
Much like an AG store is very monochromatic.
So I guess you could send us a pic of an AG store. :-P


Epic. Grand. Imposing.
Mindy is surrounded by stacks and stacks of papers.
She has a monumental amount of homework to do this weekend.
Is there a monumental aspect to your doll's life?
Can also refer to an actual monument.
Have a monument in your town?
Take a pic of your doll by that.


Feelings. Emotion. The vibe of a room.
Jess's mood was sad because she lost her cat.
Tiffany's mood was excited because her Mom surprised her with a birthday party.
Tim is in a bad mood because he failed his Geometry test.
See? So in your photo you can tell a story about your doll's mood.


Motive - Motivation.
Perhaps someone has committed a crime.
Stolen a painting.
Their motive for stealing the painting was to sell it on the black market and 
make lotso money.
Motivation -- why someone has done something.
John's motive for doing Lisa's homework for her was so that she would like him.
Poor John.
What has your doll done and why has she done it?


This one is much like Action.
Movement is pretty straight-forward.
Doll moving.
Or things moving around the doll.
Movement can be implied, just like with action.
Difficult to make your doll actually run.
But you can make her look like she is running.
Running a marathon.
Walking on a road or bridge or path.
Climbing a rock.
Swinging a golf club.
Moving, ya know.


More than one of something.
Do you own multiple McKennas?
Shoot them together.
Or multiples of an outfit?
Shoot the dolls wearing those.
Don't have multiple doll items?
Grab a bag of clementines and shoot a doll lost in a sea of clementines.
Multiple clementines.
Or multiply one image and edit the multiples together as one image.


Well, a museum.
Can be any type of museum.
Art. History. Natural History.
Someone's historical house.
Museum of dolls.
Museum of toys.
Fashion museum.
You could do a shot of dolls visiting a museum.
Dolls on display in a museum.
Dolls stealing art from a museum like in The Thomas Crown Affair...

Okay, that's all for now -- we'll do the end of the alphabet for you this week. :-)

And remember -- you can't win if you don't enter!

There will be four winners.

Grand prize is an AG doll!
And 3 runners-up will win a $35 AG gift card each!

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