DW Historical Dolls

Meet the Historical Dolls of Badger's Wood! 
Going in reverse chronological order....

Connie Bonacorsi
Customized JLY #16 Doll

Katie Bonacorsi
Connie's sister
MyAG #14

Molly McIntire

(pic coming soon)

Emily Bennett
1940s, friend of Molly McIntire

Susan Shapiro
1940s, friend of Molly McIntire
Customized JLY #23 Doll


Linda Rinaldi
1940s, friend of Molly McIntire
FKA Limited Edition Doll Chrissa Maxwell, Girl of the Year 2009

Kit Kittredge

Ruth Ann Smithens
1930s, friend of Kit Kittredge
FKA Limited Edition Doll Jess Akiko McConnell, Girl of the Year 2006

Samantha Parkington
1900s and Time Traveler

Kirsten Larson

(pic coming soon)

Cassandra Conrad Jameson
Pioneer Era, 1860s-70s
FKA Julie Albright

Addy Walker

(pic coming soon)

Elinor Dashwood
English Regency Fictional Character
from Jane Austen novel Sense and Sensibility
Customized Felicity Merriman

Josefina Montoya

Nez Perce Doll, 1760s and Time Traveler

Mary Royall
Colonial-Era Doll, 1750s
FKA Ruth Ann Smithens

Elizabeth Royall 
Mary's sister
(MyAG #41)

Pic will be added soon

Felicity Merriman
She time-travels to wherever we need her

Elizabeth Cole
She also time-travels to wherever we need her

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