Sunday, September 12, 2010

Melody Valerie: One Type of Dress Left to Buy

Yo! Qué pasa? Bienvenido a Domingo!

Well Saturday was a busy day for the Melody Valerie Etsy shop with their new "Voyages" Fall 2010 Line. Melinda actually made six of each dress this time around instead of just four of each dress--- so she had more to sell. But almost everything is gone despite the increase in availability! How exciting for Melody Valerie!

There is one type of dress left, the Literary Travels dress: Clicky here to go to the shop. As of me writing this post, there are three of them left (I believe). This beautiful purple dress reminds us of a Edwardian day dress (like Samantha Parkington might wear) that has been punched up a notch into the modern era. The lettered embroidery and ribbons remind us of accents we see on Anthropologie dresses and skirts. Definitely a very creative piece.

Here is what it looks like:

And here is what the other three dresses (which are already sold out) look like:
Let's Take the Train
Which way to the dining car? This dress reminds us of Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express" with Hercule Poirot-- and all the smart-looking plaid and tweed jacket and skirt combos the female characters might wear as their travel attire, with fantastic 1920s hairstyles and hats. Very enchanting!

Across the Sea
Obviously we could go along with the boat-voyage theme, sort of a feminine sailor look, when describing this dress-- but when we first saw it it conjured up images of twirly skirt dances at an elite masquerade ball for the Carnival. We think it is the play of the two colors in the skirt, the rhythmic dancing of the lighter blue triangles against the dark blue, that gives it a Medieval or Renaissance feel while still being very modern.

Brown Paper Packages
What bizarre images came into our mind when we saw this dress? A high-class Parisian confectionery shop. Yep, that is what we thought of.... for some reason we saw the shop girls all wearing this dress and serving hot chocolate, croissants, and chocolate-covered strawberries to guests at their marble-topped tables. Maybe we are just hungry? Maybe we just need to visit the chocolatiere? Either way, this dress is fantastic!

(Pictures by MVC)

We got one of each type for us girls in Badger's Wood because a) MVC dresses are totally awesome and b) we like to be able to showcase all the dresses on this blog to promote MVC. So we will be attempting to make another Youtube video for this line.

If you guys have certain dolls that you'd like to see in certain dresses, please let us know in the comments below!


Claire said...

I would love to see Lira in Brown Paper Packages and your #48 in Across the Sea (sorry, don't know if she has a name yet!).

I wish I had gotten a dress. Have fun with them!

Nora Demington said...

I don't think we ever said what #48's name is on the blog-- we are so slow!

I think we are going to name her Noelle Bonacorsi, sister of Connie and Katie in the 1950s. But she time-travels a lot. :)

Emmie's Edition said...

Us girlies here at Red Oak's Keep(a.k.a. Emmie's Edition;) would adore a post with your new Felicity in "Literary Travels". And we'd also like to see Elizabeth wearing the "Brown Paper Packages" Dress along in that post if we get lucky! Please do another post to our request! That was amazing that you Badger's Wood girls would even do something like that for Emmie in the first place, and it would be twice as amazing now!
Thanks a billion, The Red Oak's Keep Girls!

Emmie's Edition said...

If you were wondering, the reason we'd especially love to see Felicity in the "Literary Travels" Dress, is because 1.)We're getting her soon 2.)We're planning on ordering one of those last three, amazingly still left, "Literary Travels" Dresses! Anyway, Thanks a billion, again!
The Red Oak's Keep Girlies!

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