Monday, August 22, 2016

Melody Ellison and the Sixties and Etsy and Patterns?

Well, the 1960s was never a clothing time period that I collected for - so looking on Etsy for clothing for Melody Ellison was kind of a new and exciting thing for me.

But there really isn't that much going on over there for 1960s dolls!

Or perhaps everyone has been buying stuff up left and right while I wasn't looking?!?!

That's possible, since I have been poor and unable to collect for Melody. :'-(

So where have you guys been shopping?

And what patterns are you guys using for 1960s outfits???

Here's what my Etsy search turned up....

Is there anything else I am missing???


Anonymous said...

I recall seeing several patterns for such dresses. Here's a few:
and some that seem fitting to this era:

Melody Silverleaf said...

These are great ideas. Thank you for the tips.

Anonymous said...

New (and free on Friday only!) sixties pattern: said...

This Friday (August 26, 2016), is offering a brand-new Sixties jacket pattern from Forever 18 Inches for FREE!

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