Sunday, November 21, 2010

Donna Cotterman Princess Leia Costume

Hi again! I'm attempting to get some more posts in before Turkey Day as we are traveling for that festive occasion and won't be able to post for awhile. And let's just hope I don't get sick again. Fingers crossed.

We purchased this Princess Leia costume with complimentary light saber from Etsy seller Donna Cotterman over a year ago and now we finally get around to showing it to you. Donna currently has a lot of interesting stuff for sale in her shop including this Princess Leia costume and Harry Potter school uniforms. So check it out today!

Our model is our MyAG #49-- Adanya Navarre. She makes a pretty cute Princess Leia. We tried to do her hair in the signature buns, but honestly we aren't very good at making cool hairstyles. :-( We are much better at the shopping and dressing dolls part of this blog. Haha.

But hopefully you still like Adanya's look despite the semi-dysfunctional buns-- Enjoy zee pics! Oh and p.s. the trick or treat bags are from the AG Fall Treats set that comes with 2 blank bags and stickers to decorate them-- Just FYI.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Monster High Dolls!!!

Ughghgh-uuughghgh. I got the flu thingy this week. And before that I had a nasty cold. This autumn has been horrible for my health and my blog.

Le poo.

Well in amongst the hundreds of photos we took for Halloween week there were some of the rest of our Monster High doll collection. We posted them on the Non-AG Stuff page, so click here to see them if you are interested.... and scroll down to where you see UPDATE..... :-)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stassy Dodge Harry Potter Scarves and More!

Sup! Wow, it's been almost a week since I last posted. Sorry about that. Homework got in the way of blogging fun.

Today we have four dolls showing you the four scarves we bought from Etsy seller StassyDodge that coordinate with the Harry Potter Hogwarts houses. A great way to make a simple costume for Halloween! Ziva is wearing the gold and red of the Gryffindor house; Kit is wearing the blue and bronze of the Ravenclaw house; Ginny is wearing the yellow and black of the Hufflepuff house; and Sun Ji is wearing the green and silver of the Slytherin house.

You can commission these scarves for your own dolls via the Etsy shop and you can also look at Stassy Dodge's blog for more pictures of things available: Designer Clothes by Stassy Dodge.

What else are the girls wearing for us today? Ziva is wearing a grey-mottled tunic top, brown belt, and dark blue leggings handmade by Terrie at All Dolled Up Doll Clothing. Her boots are from Liberty Jane.

Kit is wearing an outfit from Etsy seller 123MulberryStreet which included the striped blue and grey tunic top and denim-tone leggings. Her pink shoes are from AG.

Ginny is modeling an outfit we special-ordered from Dynamite Threads as part of a mix-and-match set. The green and cream peasant blouse and green pleated skirt are part of this creative set. The socks and boots are from Liberty Jane.

And last but not least, Sun Ji is again wearing Liberty Jane duds-- the long-sleeve top from Shinjuku Starlet and one of the custom pairs of grey jeans. Her Halloween-themed sparkly pumpkin-accented sandals are from Etsy seller BetsyStyle.

Intro pic....


Thanks for visiting The Doll Wardrobe-- Coming up are more Halloween costumes and fun dolly duds!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dolly Stand Halloween Pinafore and Dress

Yola! Today we have a fun Halloween-themed pinafore and dress from Etsy seller The Dolly Stand to show you. We love the little mice hiding behind the pumpkins on the pinafore and the combination of orange and black for the fabrics. The ensemble is being modeled by Ginny Sartorius (one of our Kirsten dolls)-- isn't her hair gorgeous?!-- sister of Lira Sartorius (our Lanie doll).

Ginny is standing in front of the bed we showed you yesterday with a Happy Halloween card by her side. In addition she is wearing orange and white polka dot sandals from Etsy seller Betsy Style that go perfectly with the dress.

Intro pic.....


And you may think we must almost be done with our Halloween photos... but we aren't... more costumes and fun are around the corner! Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Bedding by Quietude Quilts

Sup! Today we are showing you a Halloween-themed bedding set handcrafted by Etsy seller Quietude Quilts. The shop is currently on vacation this week (so I have horrible timing)-- but they will be back next week with a lot of new stuff in their shop.

The set came with the comforter/quilt and two pillows. We are showing it to you on Addy's bed with her mattress and her pillow underneath the two Halloween ones. We love the bold colors of this set and all the little Halloween icons featured on the main fabric.

We also bought a surf-themed set from this Etsy store in anticipation of Kanani, the rumored Girl of the Year 2011 who supposedly lives on Hawaii. So we'll show you that set with her, when we get her in January.... hopefully she is Hawaiian because that would be awesome.

So here is our intro pic of the set....

And here is our slideshow....

Bonus slideshow of some of the doll bedding sets that have been previously sold by Quietude Quilts (including a shot of the surf set).....

It would be cool if they made more holiday themed sets when the shop reopens-- like Hanukkah and Christmas... snow-themed.... candy canes.... We look forward to seeing what they have in store for us!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some of the Halloween Stuff We Planned on Showing You A Week Ago...

Epic Fail!

Yeah... we took all those Halloween photos to show you, but we ran out of time to actually post them. We had to pack to fly to Salem, Massachusetts for a long weekend, get there, celebrate Halloween, and then come back. On Halloween I caught a horrid cold which I have been fighting all week. So blogging has been delayed in favor of sleep. :-(

But we hope our readers are understanding and will entertain our idea to show you all those Halloween and costume photos anyways. Maybe they will give you ideas for next year or for outfits or items you have been looking for.

Today Jocelyn Twiggs is shown prepping for our annual Halloween get-together. She is wearing black cat ears (known by the Japanese cosplay term Nekomimi= catgirl), handcrafted by Etsy seller Rue18. Aren't they adorable?! Rue18 currently has white and pink ones available in her shop. The treats Jocelyn has brought out from the kitchen include candied apples, brownies, and ice cream sandwiches made by Etsy seller Pippaloo. They look so tasty....

Jocelyn's candy corn apron and oven mitt were created by Etsy seller The Dolly Stand, as well as her tank top and white pants. They are two parts of an ensemble we purchased from this seller, one of the Liberty Jane Premium Partners. We can't say how much we are impressed with this seller's items. She also made that red, green and white holiday outfit you saw on Felicity in the kitchen set post, and one of those outfits is currently available in the Etsy shop.

So here is an intro pic of Jocelyn getting ready for Halloween....

And our slideshow...

Bonus slideshow of DollyStand items, some sold already, some still available in the shop....

And another bonus slideshow of Pippaloo food items currently available....

Jocelyn says thanks for visiting The Doll Wardrobe today!!

Coming soon: more Halloween stuff!! ..... in November...... uh.......yeah...

Oh and p.s. There is only a month left to enter our Fall 2010 Doll Giveaway-- so enter today if you haven't yet!!! (Check out the giveaway tab at the top right section of the page.)
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