Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Great Ebay Achievement '08

Okay, so Penny won this dress for us from an Ebay auction. We never win anything we bid on, so that is why winning this was "The Great Ebay Achievement '08."

Keepers Original Designs - by Eve Coleman of Nova Scotia - is like the Holy Grail of homemade AG items. As far as I understand, most of her items are one-a-kind and very sought-after. We are lucky to have gotten this dress and it is very exquisite. She obviously puts a lot of time and effort into her clothing. If you are interested in her clothing, visit her ebay store "keepersdollyduds." She puts up several items a week for auctions. But be careful of your budget- they do go for a healthy sum of moola!

Here we have Jess modeling the dress for us. It is meant for AG Ruthie- but she has yet to join us at our house. She is on the Wishlist for 2009 though, along with AG Kit. Because the dress is so awesome, we have given it three pictures.

Necklaces Arrived!

Ok, so I was just rummaging through the giant stack of mail that we received today. In amongst the 1000s of holiday catalogs (no I don't need a Christmas tree rotator thank you), I found a package for me!

I asked Etsy seller MelodyValerie if she made that pearl necklace that came with the Madeleine dress seen below- and she did! So I asked her if she would make me some more necklaces- and she said she would! So she created 2 coral necklaces and 4 pearl necklaces just for me! Well, technically she created them for Penny because I can't order things on the internet. (Too young and no credit card....waaaaa...)

Anyway, uh, where was I? Oh right! So they arrived today! Yeay! Obviously the next logical step is to share pictures with, waa-laa!

Fairy Costume

Well, inspired by the excitement of someone actually reading my blog- I have decided to do some more posts. I should be doing my homework...but we'll just pretend that those assignments will finish themselves.

So here is my sister Ellie modeling our purple fairy costume courtesy of Etsy seller muxoriginals. The seller even included a green purse as a gift! Woooot! That is one of the nice things about Etsy- some sellers include little gifts with your order. Of course, I don't always need a gift to be happy. Sometimes they include cards or notes and special wrapping. That is enough to satisfy me!

The pink shoes she is wearing were purchased from AG. They should really be purple...but we don't have a pair of purple shoes...

Below is the giftie purse- wish it was a better picture - but it just wouldn't come out right. By the way, muxoriginals has a whole line of fairy costumes available in a variety of colors. I have been tempted to buy the white costume and pretend to be a winter fairy in my ice skates...but that will have to wait until I get my allowance later this month.

Big News!

Someone actually read my blog! (Well, someone besides my immediate family members!)

Christine Broach - Etsy seller Lavenderlore - actually visited this blog! Very exciting. I had posted about the handknit items I purchased from her, which you can find below.

She just added new stuff to her Etsy shop - - so be sure to check it out if you are still searching for that perfect doll giftie for the holidays!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Terristouch Blue Colonial Dress

Stella is modeling a dress from Etsy seller Terristouch. I bought several items from her, but we'll start with this one because it goes with the colonial theme. The other items include a gray Victorian dress, for a doll like Samantha Parkington, and a yellow dress dated circa the 1930s for Kit or Ruthie. I am currently commissioning a pioneer dress from her. I will definitely post images of that when I get it.

Dollies' Dressmaker Colonial-Era Items

Josefina Montoya is modeling this dress purchased from Dollies' Dressmaker. I went on a buying spree of colonial gowns...I probably have nearly ten or so now. So below is me, Nora, in another example and then Ellie in a blue dress that originally came with an apron. She didn't want to wear the apron and prefers how the dress looks without it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Handknit Items for Autumn

Jess is modeling a "Handknit Irish Fisherman Cream Poncho" with a hat and purse made by Etsy seller Lavenderlore. It even came with brand-new pennies for good luck! Wonderful items. I only wish I could knit like this. But I was never very good at sewing, knitting, or needlepoint. Christine Broach has a whole bunch of these poncho sets on Etsy, each more beautiful than the last.

White Lounge Outfit

Stella is modeling a white lounge outfit purchased from Etsy seller nayasdesigns. These awesome slippers came with it. I have never seen anything more cute. And it is just the comfiest, softest fabric.

Dress for Addy, given to Cassie

So Etsy seller agseamstress created this gorgeous dress for the Addy American Girl doll. But Cassie really wanted it so we bought it for her. She doesn't have that many outfits yet, so we are trying to build up her wardrobe. The dress is wonderfully constructed and the white sleeves are separate, so you can wear the dress with or without them. We are looking forward to getting more dresses from agseamstress.

More From Dollies' Dressmaker!

Another fantastic dress from Cindy Hernandez. It look me the longest time to decide whether or not to get it for our friend Cassie, but I am glad I finally made the decision. She looks lovely.

Cassandra Conrad Jameson

This is Cassandra Conrad Jameson- or Cassie for short. She is a character from my sister Ellie's stories that she writes. Cassie is a pioneer girl whose stories are set around the end of the Civil War. Her family moved all the way out to Montana to start a new life.

Here she is modeling a recent purchase from The Dollies' Dressmaker- Cindy Hernandez. We get to see this lovely dress with and without the apron. I particularly like the plaid fabric.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My New Robe

Here I am again- Nora Demington- modeling my brand-new robe. I also received these awesome pink furry slippers with my order. I purchased these items from Etsy seller nayasdesigns.

The blue paisley pjs that I am wearing underneath came from American Girl. They were even on sale! Wooo! I am totally ready for some hot cocoa and my cozy bed.

My sisters are a bit jealous of my new nightwear...I guess they'll need some new pjs too. We'll have to ask Penny if she'll take us shopping.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jess Akiko McConnell

Jess is a character from the American Girl publications. Here she joins our little dolly universe as our friend. We like to think of her as coming magically out of her books to have a good time with us at Penny's house in Badger's Wood. For this posting she is showing off her red and blue kimono, purchased from Etsy seller makotokou. It is a tribute to her mother's Japanese ancestors.

Stella in Splendor

Stella is modeling Etsy seller MelodyValerie's Madeleine Dress. She can't decide who she should pretend to be while in this dress- Marlene Dietrich or Greta Garbo? Stella was especially happy that the beautiful pearl necklace was included with the purchase!


Here is our stepsister Stella Grant. Her father Derek married our adoptive mother Penny Welser. They just moved into our house in Badger's Wood.

She is wearing AG glasses, a hat from Etsy seller muxoriginals, and a sweater from Etsy seller twiddlestix.


This is my sister Ellie. She is my twin. We have the same colored eyes and our hair color is very close. But her hair is super-curly. Mine is just occasionally wavy. I'd show you a picture of Maggie as well, but she is currently at music camp at the Conservatory for the fall. She plays the clarinet. Her teacher says she is really great- hence why she got the scholarship to the Conservatory. But I don't really think the clarinet is very interesting.

Ellie is sporting the Joie de Vivre dress by Etsy seller MelodyValerie. She likes to think of herself as Audrey Hepburn when she is wearing this dress.


I am Nora Demington and this is my Doll Wardrobe.

I have two sisters- my younger sister Maggie and my twin sister Ellie. We look a lot alike, but we are not identical. For most of our clothing and accessories, we like to shop from American Girl. But lately we have been most interested in getting homemade goods from seamstresses all over the country.

The purpose of my blog is to showcase these more unique purchases and tell you where I got them. Above is my first image: Marvelous Me dressed as Supergirl courtesy of Etsy seller vebasews4u.
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