Thursday, January 22, 2009

Melody Valerie Couture Customer Spotlight


I meant to tell everyone that my blog- "The Doll Wardrobe" -was featured as a customer spotlight on the Melody Valerie Couture blog! It is their December 29, 2008 entry. How exciting! So thank you Melody Valerie Couture for featuring us- I greatly appreciate it!

The Melody Valerie Couture Etsy store still has 3 types of dresses for sale from the Fall-Winter line. In addition, I am sure there will be new Spring-Summer dresses very soon. We can look forward to seeing their new model- Lisette -in some of these new dresses. "Lisette" seems to be an Emily doll. She is really gorgeous and the pictures of her on the MVC blog are tempting me to ask Penny to purchase her for our little household.

Ok, so that brings the doll wish list count up to fourteen....yes, FOURTEEN! Good grief. We need to put an addition on our house....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Muxoriginals Blue Jacket and Striped Headband

What do we have here? Samantha Parkington posing as a modern girl of today! (Don't tell her grandmother.)

She is modeling the second cropped jacket and striped green headband from Etsy seller muxoriginals. Very fashionable items indeed! When I saw these cropped jackets in the muxoriginals store I was so impressed and knew Penny would want to get them. I'm so happy there was a sale!

Now I am going to "high-jack" this post for a little while to tell you about Rebecca Rubin. You remember how Samantha was "archived" to make room for more new AG historicals? Well coming in June is Rebecca Rubin- a 9-year-old Jewish girl living in 1914 New York. There is more to this scoop of course- so be sure to scour the web for more information (her book summaries) if you are interested. Penny said she is definitely coming home to Badger's Wood- with anything that looks good from her collection. Perhaps this is where this year's tax refund will go? Haha. I'm not sure Derek will agree with that plan.

But for now, Penny has announced that a NEW American Girl doll will be arriving at Badger's Wood before the end of January!!!!!! Obviously it is not Rebecca yet....not sure who it is though! But don't worry- she'll be up on this blog soon enough!

Lemieux Doll Boutique Jumper and Leggings

Woot! Jess is happy 2009 has finally come. The year of the rat is almost over and now we can look forward to the year of the ox on January 26th! I'm not really sure if there will be a big difference between the rat and the ox. I guess we will find out.

Ok, where was I? Oh, right- this blog about handmade clothes.....Thanks to the half-off sale previously mentioned at muxoriginals on Etsy Penny got us two cropped jackets. Here Jess is modeling the first jacket- red with tiny white polka dots. She is wearing it over a green jumper and white leggings created by Etsy seller Lemieux Doll Boutique. Very professionally made, high-quality stuff. All items together make one fabulous outfit- and a perfect color combination for the holidays. No wonder Jess looks so happy- she is all set for next Christmas!

Muxoriginals White Fairy Costume

What other fun things to we have to show you before January 2009 slips away from the us? Well, we did manage to get another fairy costume from Etsy seller muxoriginals during her half-off sale after the holidays! Now we have two fairy costumes! Yippee!

I had imagined modeling this costume with our furry white hat and some ice skates- but we had already used them below with the cherry hoodie on my stepsister Stella and I didn't want to repeat myself.

Maggie said that she wanted to model the new fairy costume, and she came up with the idea to put her hair in pigtails and wear a pair of fancy cream shoes. She looks like she is ready for a costume ball. But we aren't normally invited to costume balls. So Maggie will have to be satisfied by dancing around the house to "It's A Marshmallow World."

Muxoriginals created this costume just for us and even asked which type of decoration we wanted on the front of the bodice. Great service! And as a warning to those shoppers out in the world of the internet- she is planning on having a Valentine's sale soon and has a lot of Valentine's-related doll clothes on Etsy right now. So if you are looking for hearts- find muxoriginals on Etsy!

Twiddlestix Yellow Sweater

Awesome! That was the one word I could come up with for describing the yellow sweater that Penny bought for Stella from Etsy seller twiddlestix. It is so warm and cozy. Which is good because it has been freezing here lately. Friday evening it was almost 20 below--- yikes! Where are my mittens?!?!

So below we see Stella modeling the new sweater. She wanted something sophisticated and elegant (she is a bit older than us Demingtons). You also see a purple and blue headband from Etsy seller muxoriginals holding back Stella's lovely black hair. Muxoriginals gave us a FREE crocheted purple purse with our purchase, so I have featured it here with this purple-themed outfit.

Stella is very happy with her new sweater, headband, and purse. It makes a smashing outfit when combined with American Girl's purple jumper and Josefina's blue slip-ons.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nayasdesigns Fleece Outfit

Here I am modeling our latest purchase from Etsy seller nayasdesigns -- a fleece outfit in blue, green and white tones.

I let my sister model the new Keepers Dolly Duds purchase (very kind of me, I think), which you can see below. So I got to model this little number. It came with a jacket, pants, hat, mittens, blue boots, and a scarf. Quite a nice deal for all those items.

Next to me you see a pot of paperwhites that Penny has been growing. It's too cold to actually go outside and model the nayasdesigns winterwear, so we are using the flowers to give the photo-shoot an outdoorsy feeling. Heehee.

Dollies' Dressmaker Josefina Outfit

What can I say about perfection? It is spelled "The Dollies' Dressmaker!"

Every item that we purchase from this website is better than the last. Recently, we have been wondering... "Where did all the AG clothing for Josefina go?" And since we actually have Josefina here with us in our fine little house in Badger's Wood, this question is particularly pertinent.

It just so happens that many of the awesome AG outfits for JoJo - (as I nicknamed her- though she doesn't really like it) - have been retired... gone the way of the dodo. So she is down to six outfits, her meet outfit (i.e. what she came in), and a night shift on the AG website. Four of the outfits are for fancy occasions. So what does she wear for her day-to-day activities?

Answer: Dollies' Dressmaker clothing! We missed the era of AG Limited Edition clothing and things that were out for only 2 we must go to The Dollies' Dressmaker to boost poor JoJo's wardrobe.

So here is one purchase to help her out. Luckily we grabbed one of these nice shirt and skirt combos before they were sold out. It also comes with this nice green ribbon for a belt.

You may be wondering what our lovely JoJo is is a tea kettle from Williams-Sonoma. (Ok, it is really a Christmas tree ornament. But it is a perfect dollie-sized object.) Keep your eyes peeled for more copper items like this kettle in my blog- they should make their appearances in future postings.

Keepers White Coat

Welcome to 2009! Happy New Year Doll Wardrobe readers!

Our first item for the year is this lovely Keepers Dolly Duds white coat and beret designed for the AG doll Ruthie. It looks very classy on my twin sister Ellie. (And no, Ruthie has not yet come home to live with us. There is a plan to get both Kit and Ruthie at the same time....someday.)

Penny won this coat from an Ebay auction- so be sure to check out the Ebay store "keepersdollyduds" if you are interested in more high-quality items like this coat.

This is our second Keepers coat, but this one is unique for the plaid-like texture and the side-button effect. Nearly %90 of all Keepers clothing seems to be one-of-a-kind, so if you see something you really want in her semi-weekly auctions- I recommend getting it. You may not see it again!

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