Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lanie's Nightshirt

We haven't been very good about posting these past couple weeks. Sorry! Too much stuff to do and too little time to do it in. ;P

Today we have Kaya modeling Lanie's blue nightshirt from AG, and posing with Lanie's bunny and the Mini Kaya Doll we purchased at AGPNY all the way back in January. It is an adorable nightshirt and we love the color, plus it was a good way to show you how awesome Kaya looks in modern clothing. The "Live in Harmony" applique is a little weird, and we probably would have been more happy with just the dragonfly on there. But we got used to it.

What's up with Lanie's clothing being sprinkled with these random phrases? It's kinda bizarre, right??? Heehee.

Enjoy the pics!

p.s. The fuzzy green slippers are truly fantastic by the way!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Final Two AGPNY Custom Tees

Eek! It's been almost a week since our last post here! Ack! Where does the time go???

Today we show you Sabrina and Ramona together (I don't think we've ever actually showed them together in a picture before!) modeling the final two custom tees we bought at AGPNY back in January. Sabrina is wearing the "It's Easy Being Green" tee with two birdies and an apple, paired with Liberty Jane jeans. She is also sporting the embroidered beret and clogs from the AG JLY Photographer's Outfit. Meanwhile her sister is dressed in the "Stand Tall" tee shirt with corduroy pants from Etsy seller Doll Closet. Her sneakers are from Ebay- just normal wholesale mass-manufactured sneaks. Ramona's earrings are from the Pretty Party earrings set we purchased at AGPNY.

Feel like shopping? Liberty Jane merchandise can be found HERE, and Doll Closet goodies can be found HERE.

Please enjoy our pictures below of Sabrina and Ramona climbing up a staircase built from Twilight books. Yeah, we are a little weird sometimes. ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AGFMB Member Special Feature: Tomi Jane

Have you ever felt like you found a treasure?

When we saw that AG Fans Message Board member Tomi Jane was selling two of her creations it certainly felt like finding treasure! It was so exciting! Tomi Jane has been creating wonderful handmade clothing for her AG dolls and displaying them on the AGFMB left and right. She makes impressive stuff. And when I say impressive, I mean impressive!

Please click here to see her flickr albums (they will knock your socks off):

So what did we manage to purchase for our dolls? Tomi Jane had created 3 dresses from one pioneer era pattern, one in blues, one in purples, and one in red and brown. She decided to offer up the purple and red and brown dresses for sale on the AGFMB. As you can see from our pictures below, we managed to get the red and brown one. It is amazing!

The dress is created from a pattern Tomi Jane drafted herself, and it has a yoked bodice, growth tucks, and cluny lace at sleeves. The apron features hand feather-stitching in red, which you can see up-close in one of our pictures. The shawl is soft wool, fringed, and hand hemmed. In addition to the dress, apron, and shawl, Tomi Jane was also kind enough to include a crocheted off-white wrap-around vest-shawl. It is close in concept to Addy's "heart-warmer"- a type of shawl that was popular in the mid-1800s.

Needless to say there was a bit of a conflict over who would get to model this one of a kind masterpiece of handmade dolly duds... but Alice won out because she is new here and hasn't had as many chances as Cassie to wear fantastic pioneer-era clothing. So we hope you enjoy our pictures below of Alice, her new duds, our Valentine's Day roses, and Alice's new wool toy "Thor the Sheep." :D

Thank you so much Tomi Jane for this magnificent ensemble. We love everything about it, but especially the rich, warm colors of the fabrics you chose. We look forward to seeing more of your creations!

Though she does occasionally sell her handmade items and/or patterns, Tomi Jane is currently attempting to create one version of every pattern she owns for her own AG dolls. So that is quite the task to keep her busy. Good luck with your projects Tomi Jane!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kaya Comes to Badger's Wood!

An AG gift card came our way last week and an order from AG mysteriously arrived on our doorstep today... ;)

Who was inside? Well, Kaya of course! (As you can tell from the post title, heehee.) She has been on our "Wish List" for awhile now and we actually have a lot of her collection squirreled away in anticipation of her arrival. She is going to be a historical doll and a Time Traveler so she can wear all sorts of different clothing. We had a difficult time rationalizing another dolly purchase this month after four new dolls already this year..... but the person who sent us the gift card thinks Kaya is pretty awesome, so we thought this was the best way to spend it. :D

So here are the pictures of her arrival, in-box and out-of-box, with her wolf-dog Tatlo! Her right-side braid was kind of askew and loose on that side, but she still looks so cute!

Welcome Kaya and Tatlo!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lanie's Garden Outfit and Various Souvenirs

The continuing saga of the January 2010 purchases for the dolls of Badger's Wood....

Today Sabrina is modeling Lanie's Garden Outfit for us while posing next to Kit's desk which has been decked out with toys Penny purchased in New York City. Lanie's Garden Outfit consists of a white bucket hat, blue plaid tank top, white Bermuda shorts, a multi-color beaded bracelet, and lime green strappy sandals. Sabrina is also holding up the AGPNY store exclusive backpack in her right hand, so you can see what that looks like with a doll.

What's on the desk??? Well, on the very top of the desk are two vinyl Ugly Doll toys with a yellow Skelanimals puppy. On the main work surface are two Tokidoki Cactus Pups flanking a Skelanimal keychain puppy, and in the corner is a pink Skelanimal bear. Behind the Cactus Pups is the Mini "Meet Kaya" book which, of course, came with our new Mini Kaya doll. Mini Kaya is hanging out with our new flying pig stuffed toy, which is really a finger puppet. Lots and lots of toys were purchased in NYC, if you can't tell-- courtesy of AGPNY, Toys R' Us, and the MoMA gift shop. ;)

Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Helen's Handmades Tuscany Rose Outfit

Happy Valentine's Day My Friends!

What do we have to show you today??? Roses! From Derek. And doll clothing! From Etsy seller HelensHandmades. Click here to visit the shop!

This outfit is called "Tuscany Rose" and consists of 3 pieces combined: a golden dress, a layered skirt, and a ruffled bodice. Four different fabrics combine to make something quite stunning! We also received a golden hair clip with a red rose on it. This ensemble is quite the work of art, worthy of a dance recital or a party or maybe a princess.

We forgot to show you how the three pieces go together (by showing you stages of assemblage), so to remedy that situation we'll go back in time and link to the item listing on Etsy. Here you can see the outfit in its 3 other possible states. We were just so excited to pose Jess/Ruthie with the roses in her attire, that we forgot to take photos of the other 3 outfit possibilities. Sorry!

We'll probably take more photos of Tuscany Rose later (for a Tuscany Rose 2.0 post or something like that), once we have a bit more time.... but for now, please enjoy the photos below while I run off to eat Penny's Valentine's chocolates while she isn't looking. ;)

And again, Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lanie's Butterfly Outfit and
Woodland Animals

Today Angelina makes another appearance as our model for Lanie's Butterfly Outfit and she is posing with the Lanie Collection Woodland Animals, as well as the "Raccoon from the Garbage Can." I honestly never thought I would ever write the words "she is posing with the Raccoon from the Garbage Can" in my life... but stranger things have happened. ;)

The dress is pretty awesome: empire-waist sundress from a vivid eyelet fabric with delicate detailing. It comes with a cropped 3/4-length-sleeve cardigan (made from a thick orange knit fabric), a butterfly hair clip, and coordinating sandals. The little white dragonfly embroidery on the cardigan is especially wonderful.

Please enjoy our photos below!

p.s. Lanie's squirrel friend is gigantic! It's as big as the raccoon! Heehee. But all the animals are pretty cute. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Numberonekitty AGFMB Special Feature

Got snow???

Well February is turning out to be a pretty bleak month in Badger's Wood and most of the United States- not a lot of sunshine but a whole lot of snow, snow, snow. So in order to beat the winter-blahs we wanted to return to our American Girl Fans Message Board Special Features and show off some of Numberonekitty's clothing creations. Why? Well, a lot of her pictures are taken outside, with green grass and/or plants in them. Yippee!

First we have a slide show of modern clothing.... dresses, tank tops, light blouses, shorts, capri pants and all with a bonus picnic!
Don't these pictures make you wish it was summer already?

Second we have a slide show of two 1930s dresses
being modeled by Ruthie and Kit....

Such beautiful dresses! And we love the colors.
We kind of wish the 1930s dresses from AG looked this awesome. ;)

Numberonekitty- Thanks for letting us post about these wonderful clothing creations! They are so fantastic and your pictures are perfect for this time of year! Thank you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Angelina's New Shirt from AGPNY

Hola everyone! Sorry for the lack of plentiful posts and pictures these past few weeks. We have not been producing as many posts lately as we would have liked, but sometimes "real" life can get in the way of dolly fun time. ;)

In truth, we haven't even posted about all the AG stuff we got in the month of January. And February is already moving along! So today we try and make some progress on that front by posting about Angelina's new long-sleeve custom shirt from AGPNY! Yes, Angelina was given a white long-sleeve shirt with the "Follow Your Heart" design on it. It is three-dimensional, velvety and requires more time to iron it on. And it is purple and awesome!

Here is Angelina posing with our Husky dogs, Wolfflin and Panofsky. Wolfflin is actually the AG dog Pepper, but we renamed him. Angelina is wearing the purple eared hat from Lavenderlore, Liberty Jane jeans, and the boots and scarf from the 2009 AG Just Like You Frosty Fun Outfit.

Angelina loves her new shirt! Purple is one of her favorite colors.
More new AG stuff will be posted about stay tuned readers!

And as our final thoughts for today... Both of our Lanie(s) winners have responded to our emails! Yippee! Our "team" is now packaging up their prizes for shipping. Double-Yippee!

So who should we give away next? Sonali or Kirsten? Vote in the poll at the top right-hand menu! Thanks for voting everyone!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lanie(s) Winners!

Welcome to February 7th, 2010....Superbowl Sunday! But of course, you aren't here to talk about football... so without further delay......

The winners of our Lanie dolls and custom handmade items are:

Linnea F. and D. Perry

Congratulations Linnea F. and D. Perry!
We hope you are both super-excited to
welcome a new doll into your home.

(We had to do some funny stuff with the name reveals because other people had the same first name or last name initials. Sorry!)

We have emailed the two winners via the email address they provided and request that the winners respond to that email within a week so that we know where to mail your prizes. If we don't get an email back from you within seven days we will have to pick a new winner or winners. So be sure to check your email accounts. :)

Again, congratulations winners!

Thanks for entering the contest everyone. We really appreciate your interest! And don't worry, we'll be doing more of these contests as time progresses. We already have a few doll giveaway ideas up our sleeve, as you can see in the poll at the top of the right-hand column. ;)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alice's Terristouch Pioneer Dress

When we named Alice as Alice Wilder Baldwin, we thought it would be fun to have her time travel between modern day and the pioneer era: 1860s-70s in the Old West. So she will occasionally join our Cassie as a pioneer girl.

Alice's first pioneer outfit is a blue dress, plaid bonnet, and white apron courtesy of Etsy seller Terristouch. Though we already have similar dresses, it is difficult to resist such a nice blue color and such well-made items. In the pictures below you will see Alice, with and without apron, posing with her new horse, Mad Hatter. Yes, we know we are muddling up our Alice literary references, but this makes it more fun. Now all we need is a little horsey top hat for him to wear. ;)

Ye old photo as a fun bonus:

And a close-up....

Thank you Terri for another great outfit!

Click here to visit Terri's Etsy store!

And don't forget, tomorrow, Saturday February 6th is the last day to enter the Lanie(s) giveaway!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lanie Giveaway Handmade Items!

Okay, so we kind of went a little overboard with the pictures of these handmade items...but we hope you enjoy looking at all of them anyway. ;)

So here is the story: Lanie's "Meet" outfit looked a little sparse to us over here at The Doll Wardrobe so we got online to our favorite site, Etsy, and ordered some custom items to go with this outfit.

What did we get? White leggings from suzymstudio and crocheted poncho sets from Lavenderlore! Hopefully our winners will appreciate a "Meet" outfit that is a little more complete. We ordered three of each thing, so our Lira gets to keep a set for herself as well. Here she is in a ton of pics wearing her new hat, poncho, and leggings, and holding her new purse! Now she is all set to go walk with her bunny around Cambridge in the "chillier" months. ;)

Thank you suzymstudio and Lavenderlore for these custom items!!!

So what do you guys think? Do you like our customized additions to the Lanie "Meet" outfit? Are you happy they are part of the giveaway prizes???
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