Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween Post with
Monster High Slideshow!

So tomorrow we leave on a jet plane for Florida. We are going to try and do another post before we leave, but that may or may not happen given our time constraints.

But we wanted to say "Happy Halloween!" and post about some of our newer Monster High dolls. If you follow the blog you know that the "Non-AG Stuff" tab is about our MH collection, which has grown exponentially this year. But we haven't posted pics of the new dolls. :-(

In an effort to right that wrong, we have four of them in this Youtube musical slideshow for your entertainment. We'll post it on the main page here and on the "Non-AG Stuff" page. The dolls featured are Spectra Vondergeist, Holt Hyde, Ghoulia Yelps, and Jackson Jekyll. We know Jekyll and Hyde aren't technically supposed to be different young men -- but let's just pretend they are for the purpose of this video. Haha. ;-)

So again, Happy Halloween everybody, we hope you enjoy our video, and have a wonderful weekend and holiday!

Stay tuned for more DW fun -- either tomorrow or when we come back after Nov 6th!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time Warp Photo Contest Winner Announced!

Hola! Sorry we are so slow with picking a winner from the top 50% --- we calculated the votes but then couldn't finalize our decision.

But now we finally did!

Congratulations to Pocahontas and John Smith!

We will now be emailing the winner to let her know 
that she won the $20 AG Gift Card!

And she'll have 7 days to respond or we'll have to pick another winner. 

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos and those who voted!
We appreciate your participation!

Stay tuned for a big, big, BIG Photo Contest at the beginning of 2012 --

It will be EPIC!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kanani's New Party Dress!

Yep. We ordered a new party dress for Kanani from All Dolled Up Doll Clothes. The comment on our post on the AG version that the Hawaiian Kanani is bizarrely wearing velvet got us thinking. And then Penny's sister suggested a classic sarong dress instead, made of lighter fabric. So we asked Terrie if she could make us one. And that turned into three because we liked three of the fabrics! Haha.

Here are Maple, Kanani, and Alice modeling them for us. It is the "Moonlight in Maui" dress on the "It's a Girl's World" page on the ADUDC website in case you want one (or three) for yourself. ;-)

Maple sports the white and black version; Kanani sparkles in the blue and green dress; and Alice looks stunning in the yellow and black frock. These girls are ready for a party! Bring on the luau music!

Thanks Terrie!

Can you believe Kanani is only here for 67 more days? Where does the time go?


Our Holiday Wish List

Hola! We decided to craft a Holiday Wish List so Penny knows what we want from AG.

And you know, so Penny's family members know what we want, too. ;-)

Also, now you readers know what we actually like the most from AG's recent releases. Haha.

So here we go in no particular order, with commentary:

1) Coconut PJs $24 -- We especially like the slippers with these pjs! And anything with dogs on it is awesome!

2) Toasty Pet Set $20 -- He is supposed to be a Collie. Not sure we are sold on that -- but he is very cute!

3) Sporty Skate Set $38 -- We really like this outfit. We think it has mix and match possibilities, and we like the fact that the skateboard comes with it. We don't have an AG skateboard yet and we'd like to own one our size.

4) Dressy Watch $8 - Classic watch - and it has Disney colors!

5) Sporty Sandals $12 -- We love the fact that these are blue and purple! Great for casual outfits.

6) Cecile's Parrot and Games $38 -- Maple has been asking for this for awhile now. She wants that parrot and cage to continue her piratey lifestyle. ;-)

7) Argos $28 -- Also a cute AG pet! We love his wild fur and the fact that he is gigantic!

8) Crinoline and Chemise $24 -- Super-useful item. We have been envisioning it under our 1850s clothing for our future Addy doll. ;-)

9) Cecile's Special Dress $28 -- Also would like this for our future Addy doll (who you can tell is coming to Badger's Wood sooner rather than later). We think this dress would look great on her. We would use it for Cecile, but she is going to be a modern girl. :-)

10) Cecile's Parlor Outfit $28 -- Another pretty historical outfit for our future Addy. We love the colors!

11) Kaya's Doll and Cradleboard $20 -- Kaya's collection is almost complete here in Badger's Wood. This is the final piece of the puzzle and it is so charming!

12) Addy's Ida Bean doll $15 -- Another item for future Addy. We have most of her collection, but Ida just keeps slipping away from us. Every time she is on sale we miss out, but Addy will def need her doll.

13) Violin Set $30 -- We have a friend who plays violin. He wanted to play it professionally, but decided not to -- this set reminds us of him and we thought it would be cute to have one of us dollies learn how to play it.

14) Sporty Winter Outfit $34 -- Ooo! Simple, but nice. Our fav parts are the vest and boots -- but everything would be very useful especially for mix and match. :-)

Yeah, it's a long list -- but it is also a good wish list for ourselves so that we don't go overboard on buying a whole bunch of stuff in the future. It's easy to see something on sale and be like, "It's on sale! I should get it!" - even when it's not on our wish list. ;-P

Also, there is free shipping on Cecile and Marie-Grace items until Tuesday, October 25th. 

And free shipping on any order over $50 (which is not difficult to accumulate given the prices) until November 6th. Use Code 172172 when checking out online or ordering over the phone.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Am Famous!!!

Okay, not really all that famous -- I just got my Halloween costume picture posted in the Doll Diaries Halloween Parade Week 4 though! Yay!

(Warning: Long Post, Lots of Pics!)

Check out the link to see the site:

And here is my fantastically-wonderful pic....

Penny ordered this custom-made Kim Possible costume for me from Cinnamon of Liberty Jane Clothing. It came with the shirt, pants, belt, and shoes. It is totally awesome!

Here is Kim Possible, teenage-super-spy, from the ye olde Disney Channel cartoon (in case you don't know who she is).

Then Penny told us we'd be going to Walt Disney World for Halloween this year! Yay! I am going to wear my Kim Possible costume at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! We will try and get pictures, but it might be difficult because of the crowds at the Magic Kingdom that night. But we will certainly try to have some pictures from WDW to entertain you, even if they aren't me in my awesome costume. ;-)

Here I am modeling my costume with my Trick or Treat bag and Harry Potter Hogwarts sorting hat from Aunt Bees Old Sew N Sew. We will be stopping over in Universal Studios for one day to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter while we are in Florida!

Thus starts my campaign to get AG to put a store in Orlando! There should be one in Downtown Disney peoples! How many of our readers go to Disney World and/or Universal Studios? Or visit places near Orlando on a semi-regular basis? Would you like to see an AG store in Orlando too??? We certainly would! Not that AG will listen to us, but we will start our campaign anyways because it is fun!

Comment below with your thoughts on an AG store being in Orlando!

Here I am striking the best Kim Possible pose I can do without having bendable arms and legs. Karate chop! ;-)

And here I fold that pose into my "Trick or Treat: Give Me Candy" pose....

I told Penny I needed a pet naked mole rat to complete my costume. Then she took me to the zoo and showed me what they actually look like in non-Disney-cartoon reality. I then suggested that the naked mole rats stay at the zoo. They are actually a little too gross looking even to post on this blog. Even though this is a Halloween-themed post. Yeah, that gross. We'll stick with animated Rufus...

More fun pics of me as KP....

And more fun pics of our Halloween display items....
the fuzzy pumpkin is from Mint Conspiracy, fyi.

Thanks for visiting us today!

Stay tuned to find out the winner of our Time Warp Photo Contest!
We are still calculating the votes, but we'll pick a winner soon enough. :-)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

More 1940s Outfits!

Hello again! We are continuing with our 1940s theme -- and hopefully this serves as a reminder to vote in our Time Warp Photo Contest... hint, hint. Today is the last day for voting. ;-)

Today we have three of the '40s girls showcasing handmade outfits. Linda is wearing a sweater (we think we've shown you before) from Dynamite Threads, and a skirt from Terri's Touch. Molly's fantastic blue wool hooded coat and tam are from AG Seamstress. They are based on the 1986 "Molly's Surprise" illustrations. Check out this link to compare ye olde illustrations with ye new illustrations to see her two different winter "looks"-- Molly's red plaid jumper is from Doll Clothes by Evie. Meanwhile Emily is wearing a green striped tee and shorts set from Terri's Touch.

Here they are looking adorable...


And for today's fun 1940s fashion facts from the "Molly's World" book...

1) Saddle shoes were popular in the 1920s as golf shoes. By the '40s, girls and boys wore them for both work and play. Classic story of sportswear being brought into the everyday fashion world.

2) Before the war, Girl Scout uniforms had long zippers down the front. Since metal was needed for the war effort, the uniform was redesigned with buttons. So we rarely see zippers in 1940s fashion, for uniforms or coats or jackets or dresses -- it was buttons all the way!

3) Notice that some skirts are short and others are longer? Hems were let down as many times as possible for skirts and dresses in order to lengthen their "lifetime" of use. A law was actually passed to limit the amount of fabric that could be used in sleeves and hems. Eventually skirts just got shorter in order to conserve fabric!

4) Not that these shorts are pants... but they'll do for us to work in this factoid: Women started wearing pants at their factory jobs during the war. Soon they became acceptable fashion outside of work, and even glamorous everyday wear. Actresses started wearing high-waisted, wide-legged "sailor" pants in movies and this helped popularize them.

Thanks for visiting us!

Please be sure to vote in our Photo Contest today!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winners Announced!

Sorry for the delay on this everyone! Today was a busy day.

So we have four prizes and the winners are listed underneath each one:

1) Patterned coat and light blue jeans

Sharon R.

2) Tweed coat and dark blue jeans

Morgan S.

3) Tan reversible bag

Firinel T.

4) Black reversible bag

Lori F.

We will be emailing each of these people right now.

And then they'll have 7 days to respond or 
we'll have to choose a different winner for that prize.

Thank you for entering everyone!

And a big thank you to all the donors!

Also, people asked if there is a pattern for the tweed coat,
and yes, it is the Liberty Jane Oxford Square Coat.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Last Day to Enter Sept/Oct Giveaways!

Sup! Yep, today October 19th is the last day to enter our awesome Sept/Oct Giveaways. You have a chance at four prizes! Yay!

Reminder about what the four prizes are:

1) A brown patterned coat from Winter's Edge Mom Awake with light blue jeans from All Dolled Up Doll Clothes
2) A brown tweed coat from Vintique Designs with dark jeans from All Dolled Up Doll Clothes
3) A tan and polka dot reversible messenger bag (with adjustable strap) from Sew Urban Designs
4) A black faux crocodile skin and tan patterned reversible messenger bag (with adjustable strap) from Sew Urban Designs

We made a Youtube video today to remind y'all.

Also here are some shout-outs to the lovely shops that donated items to these giveaways:

Mom Awake's Winter's Edge Etsy Shop...

Vintique Design's Etsy Shop...

Sew Urban Designs Etsy Shop...

Enter Today!

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