Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Return of the Prodigal Doll:
Samantha Parkington

American Girl purposefully let the cat out of the proverbial bag 
on their Facebook account alerting the world that 
Samantha Parkington would be returning to their historical line this year.

So this probably isn't news to you.

Word on the street is that she might reappear from the Archival Vapor August 28th.

And she probably won't have Nellie in tow.

Other rumors exist that some of the current historical girls 
will be retiring this spring/early summer.
Which is a major bummer.

If they bothered to tell us who was reappearing -- 
why can't they tell us who is going away?

Samantha's reappearance will probably coincide with 
the rumored Historical Line Makeover. 
Which we don't really know what that will mean. :-/

But overall, her resurrection makes us roll our eyes.

American Girl said they were archiving dolls 
so that they could release new characters.

Sam is not a new character.

Not that we have anything against her.
She is awesome and cute and had some cool items in her collection.

But what will she look like now?

Will she be older? Wiser?

Less frooffy?

What will her collection consist of?

Will it only be her in one outfit and we should be satisfied with that?

Will she have multiple clothing items?

Will she have accessories?

Will she get one of those "Hair Styling" sets that AG just released?

Will she just come with $64 Limited Editions Outfits?

Will there be furniture?

I guess we should be happy that Sam is coming back, 
and that this means new historical stuff.

But we don't know what to expect.

And given the fact that so many historical collections 
have been nearly reduced into non-existence even 
without being officially 'archived,'
we wonder if she will just return 
as a craptastic version of her previous existence.


Meghan said...

It seems like they would tell you whos leaving so you could hurry up and buy the doll before it's gone! It better not be Kit!

Deonne Gray said...

When will you do another doll giveaway? Starryeyeschick on youtube said she won her last year! :) please reply!

Deonne Gray said...

I love this blog! I cant believe i havent found this before!

itsadollworld said...

Hi! I nominated you for the Leibester award on my blog!

McKenna Brooks said...

I think that that's awesome!! The first, (blue), I think is really pretty!!!! If they sell it again I would like to get it.
Thanks a lot!!!!

Evie said...

I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Answer the questions at

Cathy Waskewicz said...

Where on their Facebook page do you see this....I don't see it anywhere....

Nora and Maple said...

Emily Bennett said...

The other dolls and I really wanted to get Nellie when we heard that Samantha was being re-released. It kinda stinks that Nellie probably won't be coming back :P Now I think that we will get Addy.. If you have an Addy can you give me some tips on caring for her hair? Is it harder to care for than other doll hair? We've heard that it gets tangled really easily.

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