Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sorry for the Lack of Posts -- We Are Going to Try Youtubing for Awhile!

We are still in the process of moving right now -- so we are going to try and do some videos for Youtube in the meantime because we can't really set up our whole doll room right now. 

We don't have the space for it currently!

We are currently in-between homes.

So that means....we don't really have a home.




Wait...that sucks.

Yes. Yes it does.

We would love to set up our doll kitchen and reopen Maple's DW Emporium-- but again, we don't have the space for it right now!


So we will try and make some Youtube videos so that we stay engaged with our dolls and our collection and our readers.

Sorry we have not been posting on here, or anywhere -- but it has been a hectic few months.

It's really been a hectic year, or several years...

But one should make time for one's dolls so one does not get too depressed!

Or rather more depressed!


Boo to depression!

And we are announcing our Youtube videos before we even make them because we are trying to force ourselves to make some!

That complete lack of motivation you sense?

That's depression folks!

Boo to depression!

So we'll post links to any Youtube videos we make on here so that you can find them.

This is our channel currently:

But it is super-old videos.

But if you are interested in super-old videos, thar ya go!

Stay tuned for some Youtube vids folks!



Anonymous said...


Melody Silverleaf said...

So sorry to hear you are unhappy. I understand the lack of motivation that comes along with depression. I hope all resolves for you soon. We'll be waiting to hear more from you in the future.

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