Thursday, March 24, 2016

Beds-n-Blankies is Now At Etsy!

Long-time followers of the blog and fans in the AG online community will know that the person in charge of Beds-n-Blankies is "seejoansew" - aka Joan Dickhaut.

She has had a long-time running website about her dolls, 
her clothing creations, her doll tutorials, etc. etc.

You can find that here:

It's a super-creative place worth checking out!

If you want to visit her Etsy shop, go here:

Apparently it's been open since November 2015, but I didn't know that.

Because I am clueless.

Available in the shop as of me writing this....

I have a bunch of stuff from Joan and all of her creations 
are amazing and high-quality.

I can't say enough good things about her work.

It's the stuff dreams are made of.

Please check out the shop today!

Also available in the shop as of me writing this....

Also, for those of you who sew -- 
She also has a whole line of doll sewing patterns with Simplicity.

On her website you can see more of her sample pics for these patterns.

Again, please visit:

And her Etsy:


p.s. I am still blind and without glasses, 
so I apologize in advance for any typos. :-/

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thank You for 10k on Instagram!

First off, thank you so much to everyone who has followed us on Instagram.

We have reached the milestone of 10,000 followers this week.

(Until you guys realize how much we suck and then un-follow us....)

It's amazing and I never thought it could happen.

(Also, see the right hand side menu for our Instagram feed.)

It feels good to have some success in life, but this kind of highlights 
how much I have been ignoring this blog lately.

Which I haven't done on purpose.

But it has just naturally happened because 
I spend a lot of my time now taking care of the dog.

Speaking of the may have noticed the 
most recent pic in my Instagram feed...

(Goodbye glasses - I both loved you and hated you.)

Yes, Harold (the dog) stepped on my glasses and they snapped in half.

I tried taping them, but they wouldn't stay together.

"Me? I didn't break nuttin! Those glasses snapped on their own!"

I needed to get new glasses anyways, but I don't have any spares - so right now I am mostly blind and this computer is about 3 inches from my face. And the font size is like at 250%.

It's very difficult to use the computer when you are mostly blind.

So I will have to get new glasses - with all of that free time that I have. Derp.

So yes - a lot of my time is taken up by the dog right now - he is very energetic and probably a lot younger than the foster people thought he was. 

They said 4-5.
But it's probably more like 2-3.

As Harold adjusts to his new home his true personality is coming out more and more -- and he is kinda a whiny pain the butt. (Like most dogs.)

So he needs to be walked a lot (about 4-5 hours a day) - and he will need to be trained. So we are looking into a behaviorist now for him (mostly for us really.)

Needless to say, my whining aside, I have thought about the blog A LOT - I just haven't had the time and energy to sit down and write posts. Blergh.

Hopefully once life straightens itself out a bit more 
I will be able to get more free time.

But again, thank you so much for 10k on Instagram.

I really appreciate all of the follows and the likes.
I don't have much else going on in my life right now.
So Instagram really helps me feel like I am accomplishing something.
Even if it is mostly narcissistic, haha.

And once I get new glasses, hopefully I can devote more time to the blog.

But right now, I'm just squinting at the computer like a moron, 
and my eyes are tearing up with strain.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

AGIG Stylebook: Mintberrystudios

So one of the best places for American Girl doll outfit inspiration is Instagram.

And since we (The Doll Wardrobe Blog Team) can't own all of the clothes and all the dolls (and we can't take nearly as awesome pics as the AGIG peeps) we decided to sort of do a shoutout system for AGIG accounts.

It's meant to be more of a stylebook, rather than a normal shoutout.

I go through the account and pick out pics of great outfits.

Then I post the pics here to lure you in. ;-)

And one of the best accounts for great outfits is Mintberrystudios.

Her sense for fashion is fantastic.

She has an Instagram:

(Please follow if you are on AGIG.)

And a Youtube channel:

(Please subscribe if you use Youtube.)

The beauty of her outfits is that they are often very simple - 
outfits that normal humans would wear to school or out shopping.

They aren't super-complex outfits.

And they aren't outfits that cost $100 to put together.

Many of the outfit pieces are from Etsy or things self-made - 
which is pretty impressive!

So please peruse these pics for style and/or sewing inspiration!

I just wish I could have all of these outfits myself!

(I am greedy. Haha.)

So again, please check out the Mintberrystudios accounts!!!

(Please follow if you are on AGIG.)

And a Youtube channel:

(Please subscribe if you use Youtube.)

p.s. If I give you a shoutout on this blog, but you don't want me to do that - 
and/or you don't want me to use your pics for the shoutout - 
please feel free to tell me so in the comments! 

If you don't want me to post about you, I will take the post down. :-)

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