Thursday, March 31, 2011

Which Doll for Our Next Giveaway?

Sup! We have had recommendations to offer MyAG #26, or Molly, or MyAG #29 for the next giveaway doll. So those are on zee list. But we just wanted to put out a call for requests before we take advantage of AG's current Free Shipping Codes before April 10th.

Any thoughts on which doll you'd like to see in our next giveaway? Are you interested in 26, Molly, or 29? Or someone else? Comment on this post and put in your two cents! :-D

Oh and p.s. The next giveaway will be slightly different (ooooo, exciting!) -- something that we are just going to try out for the Spring 2011 Doll Giveaway. If it works we might do it every spring. ;-)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doll Giveaway Accessories Set from All Dolled Up and Pics of the MyAG Bathtub

Hola! We finally get around to showing you the set donated by All Dolled Up Doll Clothes to accompany the doll for our Winter 2011 Doll Giveaway. Yay! (Psssst - Terrie is currently doing a T-shirt giveaway over at ADUDC and today is the last day to enter!)

This post also serves as a reminder that the last day to enter our doll giveaway is April 6th, next Wednesday. So one more week left!

Terrie of All Dolled Up sent us a bathrobe, slippers, hanger, and blanket as an accessory set for our giveaway. Thank you Terrie!!! Kanani is modeling them for us below. Everything is super-super soft and so nice. Kanani can be seen next to the new MyAG bathtub which we purchased last year (but that won't be coming with the doll, haha - that stays here.)

Here is a main shot of Kanani and the accessory set...


And some more images of the tub, which comes with a bath mat, shampoo, soap, a soap dish, bubbles, one washcloth, one hand towel, and the faucet which attaches to the tub. Besides an actual full-size bath towel (who wants to dry yourself with a hand towel?), the only thing that was missing was a rubber ducky. But that does come with the pet grooming tub in case you want one. Although a small rubber ducky probably wouldn't be that difficult to find...

So just FYI - we changed it up so that the homepage only loads the last three posts we've created. We found that it was difficult to load 5 or 6 because of the amount of slideshows we have been including in posts and on the sidebar. So be sure to check out the side menu for more posts. We currently have over 500 posts- actually 534 to be more precise. We should have a party when we reach 750 or something... :-D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Three March/April Giveaways- Enter Here!

Hola! We are back from LA and we did manage to have some "fun" and we even went to The Grove and did some (too much) AG shopping. Surprise! Both for us and you! All of that stuff is being shipped to us, but when it arrives you will get to meet two new Badger's Wood dolls! Huzzah! (Impulse shopping at its worst, haha.)

But for today, we want to announce the beginning of three (yes THREE!) concurrent March/April giveaways! For the next five weeks we are offering three handmade dresses - one historical, one that could be either historical or modern, and one modern - as giveaways. You will be entering these giveaways all in one place-- here at this post. So be sure to tell us which item(s) you are interested in winning in your comment.

We will run these three giveaways until Thursday April 28th. 
And we will announce the three winners on Friday, April 29th, 2011.

So a big "Thank You" goes out to the three sellers who donated items for this month's giveaways: The Dressmaker Doll Fashions, Kindred Thread's Joni, and RNB Originals.

The Dressmaker gave us the gorgeous mint green frock that you see below which we think could be used either as a modern dress or even a 1950s item. (This dress will come with the pearl necklace.) Joni gave us the wonderful 1940s purple dress that is based on an illustration in the original "Meet Molly" book. RNB Originals, as you already know, gave us the outfit "Oscar Moment" to giveaway - a pretty smocked red dress with plenty of accessories. Thank you all!

Now here are the important details: You must be 18 years old or older to enter this giveaway. If you are younger than that please have someone 18 years old or older, like a parent or guardian, enter herself/himself. One entry per person please, but you can have other family members enter as well.

To enter, please write your full name and your email address as a comment to this post. It will not be published and only Penny will be able to see it. A winner will be drawn out of a hat, i.e. randomly picked. Only entries with a full name and an email address will be put into the hat. If you win, Penny will email that address to notify you and ask for your shipping address.

And be sure to tell us which items you are interested in winning. 

If you don't, we will just assume you are interested in all three goodies. ;-)

Any questions?? Feel free to ask!

And again, Thank You to The Dressmaker, Kindred Threads' Joni, and RNB Originals!

Here is a starter pic..... and then slideshows.... two of the dresses are being modeled by a red-haired doll we got a long time ago but never introduced here until today. Her name is Mina, but we sometimes call her Min. 
p.s. The red package you see is the Oscar Moment package - still wrapped and ready-to-go as the pics you see below were taken by Rachel Noel. :-)

The Dressmaker's frock....

Joni's 1940s dress, includes a pic of the awesome card she sent us.....

RNB's pics of Oscar Moment and accessories....

And of course, it is important that you know about this months' sellers. The Dressmaker is currently selling these three dresses in her Etsy shop as part of a limited edition Spring Line...

Joni has a ton of offerings at Kindred Thread with her sewing comrade "Meg"....

And RNB Originals has four items in her Etsy shop right now....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brief Update

Hola! So here is today's brief update for zee blog:

1) Both winners of the Feb/March giveaways have responded to our emails and their winnings will be making their way to their houses soon. Yay!

2) We are going to LA today - no touristy stuff planned really. Just work. Bleh. So probably no trips to The Grove's AG store for us. :'(

3) This means our March/April giveaways will start up when we get back next week. We wanted to start them on Mon/Tues-- but we didn't have time to get ready for the trip and prep zee pics. So look forward to the next giveaways starting up when we return. This month there will be three - THREE! - items that will be given away. Huzzah!

Thanks for reading The Doll Wardrobe. See y'all when we get back! :-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

And the NEW Winner is....

Due to an unforeseen circumstance we had to pick a new winner for the AM-PM Creations outfit. So this means exciting news for someone out there!

The new winner of the AM-PM Creations Feb/March giveaway outfit is Laura H.

We will be emailing her now and as usual, she has seven days to respond.

Congratulations to the winners!

Sorry for the Delay! And the Winners Are...

Computer glitches got in the way of our best-laid plans... but now we are back online.

Yay! Finally able to post this! Huzzah!

The winner of the AM-PM Creations Feb/March Giveaway Outfit is Sherry G.

The winner of the Wood Shack Studio Feb/March Giveaway Beach Chair is Don F.

Congratulations Sherry and Don!

We will be emailing each of them now. 

They have seven days to respond or we will have to choose other winners.

A big, big thank you goes out to both Etsy sellers who donated items for this month's giveaways. Thank you!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Final Hours to Enter the Feb/March Giveaways!

Title says it all!

Winners will be announced tomorrow, Sunday, March 20th -- not sure what time -- 
but definitely sometime before the late evening Eastern Standard Time. :-)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vintique Designs Sets and All Dolled Up Cardi

Hello! Happy Friday everyone! Only two more weeks of March left -- where does the time go? Speaking of time-- tomorrow is the last day to enter our two Feb/March giveaways. We probably sound like a broken record at this point, but we don't want anyone to miss out on entering. :-)

Today we have pictures of Angelina and Kanani modeling sets from Vintique Designs based on Liberty Jane patterns. We mixed and matched the sets and included a cardigan sweater from All Dolled Up Doll Clothes.

So Angelina is wearing a purple tank top and fancy, sparkly black and purple skirt from Vintique based on the LJ Harajuku pattern. The dark grey-black cardigan from All Dolled Up is really awesome and is embellished with flowers at the neckline.

Kanani is modeling a purple cropped grommet jacket, army green tank top, and gold-patterned coordinating skirt -- all three items are based on LJ patterns. The purple cropped jacket was "matched" with Angelina's shirt and skirt, but we wanted to experiment some with a new look. Also, Vintique Designs included the fantastic army green fishnet tights as well. They are so much fun.

We have a ton, and I mean a ton, of stuff from both sellers that we have yet to show you -- so be sure to look for more posts from us soon about Vintique Designs and All Dolled Up Doll Clothes. :-)

Enjoy zee pics!

p.s. We wanted to point out that Terrie at All Dolled Up just re-opened her shop with a whole bunch of new items for sale in a variety of fabrics and colors. Her collection now includes a romper, cropped sweatpants, vests, Harajuku skirts, boxy shirts, tunic tops, and more -- as well as outerwear, historical clothing, costumes, and clothing for boy dolls. She really pulled out the stops for spring-- so be sure to check out her website!

Some of her for-sale work can be seen in the pics below..... and she does do custom work and custom fabric requests... so if you want something specific, just ask her! She is awesome! And of course, as I have said before, Linda of Vintique Designs does custom work as well -- so if you like her style and want something special feel free to contact her. :-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

MyAG 2-in-1 Surf Swimsuit and Accessory Set

Hola! Happy St. Patty's Day everybody! Hope y'all are wearing the green so you don't get pinched. ;-)

Today we have pictures of MyAG's 2-in-1 Surf Swimsuit and the accessory set (which you have to buy separately). We love this set and knew we had to have it -- it is blue, green and white. No pink! Vamos a celebrar, mis amigos!

Currently the swimsuit is on sale from $34 to $28 for this week's Spotlight Savings. The accessories are not on sale though and will still set you back $32. I know, I know. Insane prices for something mass-produced in China.

The swimsuit comes with the bikini top and bottom, the wetsuit top, the skirt, and the flip-flops. The accessories include the sunglasses, bag, sunscreen, towel, snorkel flippers, goggles, and mouthpiece. It is an exciting and useful set for dolls that go to the beach (or even the backyard pool)-- but $32 is a little steep for mostly plastic.

Anyways, we wanted to highlight the set because 1) it is on sale this week and 2) it is a great accompaniment to Kanani's collection. Definitely good accessories for a Hawaiian doll and her friends, or just any doll living in or going on vacation to a sunny climate. ;-)

Here are zee pics of Kanani and Alice modeling the swimsuit sets and accessories!

Thanks for visiting and remember -- Saturday is the last day to enter the Feb/March giveaways -- Time is running out! Winners will be announced on Sunday - Exciting!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Inevitable MyAG Pink Post and
Meet KK Pita!

In our efforts to review and photograph as many AG outfits as we can here at The Doll Wardrobe (especially for people looking to duplicate/personalize them) we bought the two pinkest outfits on the face of the Earth. Yikes! - I know. But there was a method to our madness. ;-)

Today we have pictures of Kanani modeling the MyAG Sweetheart Pjs and our Karito Kid Pita wearing the MyAG Campus Casual outfit. She isn't wearing the purple shoes because they don't fit on her feeties....

The Sweetheart Pajamas are interesting because of the scrunched/ruched shorts and the slipper socks/slipper booties -- two items that we think would be fun to market in more colors and fabrics on the handmade AG market. For the shorts, the scrunch bit is just sewn into place and is not adjustable -- making a seamstress's job a little easier once the faux-ties are in place. The slipper socks are just knit fabric and fleece. You don't even need the hot glue-gun to make these shoes. And slipper socks are a big trend right now-- there are a lot of examples out there, from Mukluks and Rocket Dog, etc., to help inspire you....

This might even be a good product for knitters out there to make as they might not need to buy pre-knit fabric then. Especially for the cable-knit examples. Do they sell pre-made cable-knit? This we do not know..... Anyway, our friend over at Dynamite Threads uses sock yarn for all of her dolly knits. So be sure to give that type of yarn a try!

As far as scrunched/ruched shorts these are good for warm-ups, pjs, and swimsuit coverups... might be something cute to try as an item to are some human examples...

And the Campus Casual outfit is interesting because of the cropped sweatpants.... also good for warm-ups and pjs, as well as just a casual outfit... hence the "Campus Casual" part.... haha. Probably wouldn't be too difficult to make some of these and you could do elastic at the knees or drawstrings. Here are some human examples...

p.s. Remember Saturday March 19th is the last day to enter our two Feb/March 25th Anniversary giveaways! Enter today!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Dressmaker Doll Fashions Now Available!

Sup! Another announcement post- how exciting! 

Back when we asked for donations for our 25th Anniversary monthly giveaways "The Dressmaker" quickly volunteered and sent us a gorgeous dress for a giveaway. That dress will be featured as one of our giveaways for March/April (there will be more than one thing offered this coming month).

Here are The Dressmaker's pictures of the giveaway dress...

So we wanted to be sure that you know her dresses are now for sale on Etsy and on Ebay. Her first two dresses are being offered, and there is more on the way. :-)

Here is the Ebay linky:

And here is the Etsy linky:

So shop now! There are only four of each dress available, one of each on Ebay and three of each on Etsy. Crafted from beautiful, high-end fabrics these frocks are perfect for spring holidays and parties!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

RNB Originals Etsy Shop Now Open!

We wanted to help out Rachel Noel by announcing that her Etsy Shop, RNB Originals, is now open for business as of 4pm today. We bought the first few items as a reserve listing, so we'll be posting about those once they arrive in zee mail. :-D

Here are her pics of the two outfits we bought already...

There are more items listed this evening as "Part 1" of her first collection-- three other outfits are currently listed -- so go to her shop to see more photos. We also have some intro and "sneak peek" pics for you below......

Also, Rachel Noel has been kind enough to make us a giveaway outfit for our 25th Anniversary giveaways. Here are some pictures of the outfit. It is an embellished version of a dress that is currently available for sale in the Etsy shop. We will offer it for a giveaway either from March/April or April/May. :-)

Friday, March 11, 2011

2 New MyAG Outfits and
Discussion of Rompers

Hola! Bienvenida a viernes! Willkommen bis Freitag! Welcome to Friday!

Today we will start with pictures of two of the new MyAG outfits that have been recently released. Sabrina is sporting a new brown, curly wig and wearing the Sea Breeze outfit which comes with the blue and white romper, the red bucket hat, and some fly loop sandals. We love these shoes! For $28 you would think this outfit would at least come with a bracelet too, but no dice there.

Alice (who has been on vacation for awhile in the south of France) returns to show off the Tennis Skirt outfit which includes the top, skirt, hairband, wristband, tennis racket, sneakers, socks, and tennis ball. It also comes with yellow lycra undies that match the fabric and color of the top, but the skirt bulges out when you put the undies on. So for our picture purposes Alice is going commando. All of these cute bits and bobs will set you back $34.

That's a lot of dough... $62. Though we are happy to have the tiny tennis ball and racket. And both pairs of shoes are great. But essentially you can make both outfits for a lot less money, which is why we are going to discuss the romper in the second half of this post. For now... please enjoy the pics of Sabrina and Alice!

Ah the romper, the onesie for grown-ups... a very popular spring/summer fashion right now for both girls and trendy women.... here is a slideshow of human girl rompers currently for sale from places like Justice, J. Crew and Delia's.....

And here is a slideshow of women's rompers from places like Urban Outfitters and Bloomingdale's....

There is an AG market for these out there. I can tell you that people were really excited about the one Sabrina is wearing. It is a really flattering style and design -- especially the segmented construction and buttons. So here is my helpful advice for seamstresses for today-- study the MyAG romper, study the ones currently for sale (in the mall or online), and try them out yourself. There are many different styles and fabrics you can experiment with. And they also make nice swimsuit cover-ups if you wanted to sell them as a set with a swimsuit.

Etsy seller SuzymStudio has already branched into the world of rompers with her Military version which you can see in the video below...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Youtube Video Reminder for our Current Giveaways

It's Wednesday evening already. Where is this week going? Time flies when you are blogging/making Youtube videos... Why does it always take me all afternoon to make one of these things? It is just a glorified slideshow. Haha.

So we wanted to make a Youtube video to remind everyone that there are ten days left to enter our Feb/March Giveaways-- one AM-PM Creations doll outfit and one Wood Shack Studio doll beach chair are currently being offered. So enter today!

Here are the linkies:

Last day to enter these giveaways is March 19th!

And here is the video....

I have "borrowed" the song "Gee" from the Korean Pop group Girls' Generation for this video. You can watch the original music video for this song below... it is fun (even if you don't know Korean) with lots of dancing and cute clothes -- the girls are clothing store mannequins come to life and essentially they sing about how they have fallen in love (with the "employee of the month")....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vintique Designs Midnight Gala Dress

Yo and sup. Welcome to Tuesday's post. :-)  

Today we have some pics of Connie wearing Vintique Designs' version of the Heritage Doll Fashions Midnight Gala dress pattern available from Liberty Jane Patterns. You can see Heritage4's version of the dress below on the pattern book cover...

It looks "simple" to create but it's not (so a warning to newbie seamstresses on this one) -- it can be challenging if you are working with gauze fabrics (like the overlay on the bodice), and luxe fabrics (like the skirt) which can be slippery. But if you "got the skilz" to pull this one off -- it is a beautiful dress.

Our Vintique Designs dress came with navy see-through leggings to match the dress, but we decided to make it a 1950s dress for our Connie Bonacorsi and put on the ol' white tights and Mary Janes. It is difficult to tell from our pics-- but the dress is made from dark navy fabric, with the gauzy bodice material featuring tiny white polka dots (that part is easier to tell than the color). Enjoy the pics!

Vintique Designs has a bustling Etsy shop (vintiquedesigns56) with 50 sales and 20 currently available items. We have purchased a lot of stuff from her over the years-- most of it custom work which she readily welcomes. So if you have something special you have been thinking about commissioning-- she is a great seller to contact. She makes modern as well as historical clothing. We have a whole collection of Regency-wear from her as well as a bunch of modern items (more things we need to show you but haven't taken pics of, haha.) Here are her currently available items..... oh and FYI we have an awesome coat donated from her that we will be offering as a giveaway item in the coming months. Yay!

Also, we wanted to highlight more of Heritage4's patterns.... We have seen the wrap-top dress we talked about on Saturday, but not everybody is making these other pattern items and offering them for sale. Only a few have offered the peacoat and the panel dress for sale and we would especially like to see someone offering the wrap-tie top and the racer-back vest that you see together in the pics below. Anybody making those? Let us know!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Liberty Jane Outfits with
Dynamite Threads Tee

Sup! We are back. This is almost the last of the photos we took in December. We are finally catching up. Aren't you impressed?

Today we have three outfits being modeled (from left to right) by Jocelyn, Adanya, and Rebecca.

Jocelyn is wearing about 90% of Liberty Jane's Oxford Square outfit. It comes with two shirts, blue cords, shoes, necklace, and the gray herringbone coat you see on Adanya. We wanted to show you the outfit without the coat on (the way you see it in most pics). We really like the layered shirt look and the cascading necklaces, plus the color of those pants. They are made of awesome. We ♡ blue.

Adanya is sporting that Liberty Jane Oxford Square coat, with custom-made grey skinny jeans also from LJ and a custom tee shirt from Dynamite Threads. The embroidered logo on the tee shirt is like a pirate logo with a skull and crossed bones. Except the bones are needles and threads. Great, eh? Dynamite Threads made us a whole bunch of custom stuff last summer/early fall. And we have yet to show it all off. But we have shown you a black skirt and purple leggings here and a green and white set here. The Dynamite Threads blog is here; she does custom orders and is great to work with. :-D

Rebecca is modeling the Paris Daydream outfit from Liberty Jane. Pictures don't do this outfit justice. It really pops in person. It included the hat, scarf, tank top, leggings, boots, and a bracelet. The leggings feature those see-through slices that we see on some of the American Eagle clothing we talked about before. It is a popular feature in trendy clothing today. We also like the tunic tank top over leggings look-- also very "in" today. But we have to say that our fav feature was the gauzy material layered over the white material in the top-- it's those types of touches that make LJ clothing look like people clothing. Which is ultimately the goal that people should be going for when making dolly clothes (in our opinion).

Okay, enough of me rambling. On to the pics..... :-D

Jocelyn, in most of Oxford Square...


Rebecca in Paris Daydream...

Stay tuned for more posts!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cupcake Cutie Pie Wrap-Top Holiday Dresses

Holiday? Which holiday? Yep, we took these pictures in December as well-- four dresses that we bought for the girls to wear for the holidays. And we haven't posted about them yet. We feel... so guilty... but we are trying to make up for lost time now. ;-)

We purchased these dresses from Etsy seller Cupcake Cutie Pie, a Liberty Jane partner who is using the Heritage Doll Fashions Wrap-Top dress pattern. (Which we ♡) Go to to find this pattern.

Heritage4 made the initial dress on the cover of the pattern booklet that you see above (in a wonderful fabric). Here is my bossy advice for today: Seamstresses should really try to use some striped fabrics for this pattern like she did. The dress really pops and flatters the doll because she has the stripes going in all different directions. And note how the vertical stripes in the center piece visually pull in the waist of the doll giving her that hourglass figure that AG dolls lack -- remember, finding a way to define the doll's waist makes the outfit more visually appealing.

Also, she chooses a contemporary, trendy type of fabric that we might see in human clothing (a nice sundress like this) in the mall today. Anyway point is: Heritage4 knows what she is doing -- Mimic her! Mimic her! Mimicry is the best flattery after all. ;-)

We show the holiday wrap top dresses on both AGs and Karito Kid dolls so that you can see that the dress and boleros fit them as well (although more loosely) and how tall the KKs are in comparison to the AGs. Three of the dresses came with bolero jackets and all of them came with shoes -- all of which even fit the KK feeties.

These are really well-made dresses, in great bold fabrics, and with wonderful accessories (one even came with a headband). We love the details of the contrasting fabrics for the center section which you see on three of them and the contrasting shoulder straps as well. Sometimes the main thread is even contrasting so you can see the lines of the dress better. :-) The great thing about this pattern is how you can play with the different pieces of it like this -- and Cupcake Cutie Pie has really shown us how great this dress pattern can be. We highly recommend this seller -- they have a great eye for color combinations and offer many awesome items. Check out the shop today!

The girls in their holiday attire -- Karen, Piper, Gia, and Noelle...

First slideshow...

Second slideshow...

Final pic...

If you are interested in a wrap-top dress for your doll there are several options out there now....

....from Cupcake Cutie Pie (they have more than just these sets)...

....from Angel Kisses Boutique...

....from My Precious Cargo...

....from The Dashwood Sisters....

Are you a seamstress working with this pattern? Let us know so we can check out your dresses! 

Did you decide to try "The Striped Trendy Fabric Technique" mentioned above? Let us know so we can check out your dresses!

Stay tuned for more posts everyone -- And be sure to 1) Like our new Facebook page if you are on Facebook (link is at top right of the side menu) 2) Enter the current giveaways if you haven't already done so 3) Read all the posts we have busily put on here lately (wink) and 4) Feel free to comment!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Which We Expand to Facebook

That's right. In amongst our flurry of posting activity (trying to make ourselves feel un-lazy) -- we had the idea to make a Facebook page. This is how "the kids"/everyone communicates today.

If we have a FB page, people can become fans and see when our blog updates via their FB homepage. Just like Liberty Jane and many of the handmade sellers we feature here. So heck, we'll give it a try.

Visit today and become a fan! We will post links to our blog posts, Youtube videos, etc. on that wall and then you can see them quickly and easily in one place. Hopefully this isn't redundant to the blog -- but instead serves as an easier way to "follow" us if you use Facebook.

If you are a seamstress -- feel free to be a "fan" so people can easily see your Facebook page as well when they check out who our "fans" are.

In addition, if you'd like to post on our wall, feel free to do so. You can tell us about what you make for dolls (and if you sell things), show us pictures of your dolls and collections, ask us questions, share ideas and opinions, etc. etc. Feel free to use it as a "discussion" page. Just make sure it is appropriate-- no bad words or insults please.

Let us know what you think of this new idea!

And p.s. -- We just posted about "Three Dresses..." with Karen, Noelle, and Zoe a couple moments ago so be sure to check that out! :-)

ETA: If you are selling dolly clothing or accessories (either AG-sized or KK-sized) and you have a Facebook page for your business-- please tell us so we can "Like" your page and people who visit our page can see our "Likes" and see your page. Hope this makes sense....

Three Dresses...

We return with more pics.... btw we posted three times on Monday, so be sure to check all of those things out. We were overly productive on the last day of February. ;-)

Today we have three dresses for you-- the Melody Valerie Let's Take the Train! dress, the Liberty Jane Faraway Downs dress, and the Melody Valerie Across the Sea dress, which includes the special freshwater pearl necklace. These dresses are being modeled by Karen, Noelle, and Zoe, respectively-- from left to right. And again, you can tell we took these photos in December by the decor of peppermint candles! :-D

Karen up-close and slideshow...

Noelle up-close and slideshow...

Zoe up-close and slideshow...

Final pic...

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