Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kenna's Cardi and Ninjago Legos

(Activity Three photos were posted yesterday.
Please check those out and vote for your favs on or before March 11th. )

We wrap up our "Week of Kenna" today as we are prepping the "Week of Maple."

Kenna wanted to show off her Ninjago Lego items that she got from Penny for her birthday (which was last month). Kenna still hasn't found one of the girls here who wants to play Legos with her, but I am sure she will eventually. There are a lot of girls to meet here in Badger's Wood, and she's only been here for a little while.

Kenna's cardigan is from Etsy seller Knitted by Hand, and her tank top and jeans are from Liberty Jane Clothing.

We highly recommend Knitted by Hand's sweaters - they are very well-made, have a perfect, modern fit, and they are not super expensive. Most of them are priced about $24.50. You may be thinking "I can get a whole AG outfit for that!" But for a hand-knit doll sweater others are asking much, much more. So $24.50 is actually pretty good given the amount of work it takes to make one of these!

Kenna's birthday loot includes Lego Ninjago figure sets, playing cards, and books - including the Official Guide and a graphic novel. I told her there was also a Ninjago TV show, and she was pretty excited.

I have to admit, Legos look like fun. If Kenna doesn't find a fellow Legomaniac soon, I might become one myself. ;-)

Enjoy zee pics!
(We arranged the sweater in various ways throughout the photos, fyi.)

Thanks for visiting us today!

Kenna was super-excited to share her gifts with you. :-)

Stay tuned for more bloggy awesomeness!

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Sophie Amélie Moreau said...

I've been wanting to see more of Knitted By Hand's sweaters. Thanks for this post! Kenna looks nice in hers. I love that color on her.

Oh, yes, knitting doll sweaters by hand takes quite a while. I speak from experience!

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