Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Masquerade: A Starlight Studios Production

So we're kind of slow to post about this, since the Youtube video was posted on March 17th and it's already the 21st - haha. But we only watched the film last night - so we are just slow in general. ;-)

Sitara's Starlight Film Studios has a new release called "Masquerade." It features a lot of Melody Valerie Couture items, some Liberty Jane clothing, and a couple items Sitara made herself (L'Atelier de Sitara).

Seven of the dresses you see in the film were loaned to the film production studio by us - just like many film studios rent costumes for their productions (particularly in the United Kingdom where you will see historical costumes pop up in movies, mini series, and shows again and again if you pay attention, heehee.)

Starlight Film Studios has done a wonderful job with this film and we are proud to have contributed to the costuming for this project. :-D

So here is the linky:


p.s. For those of you wishing to see more of our dresses that were featured in this film, we did a special photo shoot which we will show off here soon.

p.p.s If you'd like to learn more about Starlight Film Studios, visit their new blog here.

p.p.p.s. If you want to see more of their photography go here.

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Dawn said...

That video was amazing! The clothes were absolutely beautiful and perfect for the set. :)

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