Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AGPLA Photos Vid

We're back from our trip! We did a lot of stuff - it was a mixture of working and vacation. But mostly vacation.

For example, we went to a Ritz-Carlton spa (hard work), watched the red carpet activity for the "John Carter" movie premiere (also hard work), and visited the Getty Center, the Getty Villa, and Malibu and Redondo beaches (very, very hard work).

Not to mention all of the shopping and eating that went on. There was barely time to have fun! ;-)

We managed to stop in at AGPLA briefly on Sunday. There were a lot of people there though - so we only grabbed a couple photos. We pieced them together for a vid which you can see below. Not all of them are great - but eh, we tried!

Also, there aren't a lot of photos. We were just trying to get shots of the newish things. And there were just too many people there to get photos of everything. AGPLA=madhouse.

We did buy some stuff from AGPLA but we shipped it to ourselves, so hopefully that will be here by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. *Fingers crossed that it all arrives soon. If it arrives safely, we'll have a couple items for a giveaway.  :-)


Your Grand Photo Contest Activity Three pics are due tomorrow, March 1st.

Sending them to us (at anytime before March 2nd works for us.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Activity Two Winners
and Activity Three Photos Due March 1st

Who won Activity Two???

Well after tallying the votes and much deliberation...

Photo Number 27

and Photo Number 44

Won Activity Two!

Congrats Winners! You are now entered in the Final Round to compete for fantastic prizes!

For everyone else, Activity Three Photos "Being Charitable" are due Thursday, March 1st.

We only have two entries for "Being Charitable" right now, so your chances of winning are currently pretty high if you enter. You have ten days to create an entry and send it in to

Don't be sad if you didn't win Activity Two - keep trying friends!

Activity Three: Being Charitable

Here is your opportunity to highlight a cause close to your heart.

Step One: Pick a charity!

Step Two: Show us a picture of your doll(s) doing something to help that charity or related to it in some way. We don't recommend having your doll just holding up a sign for the charity - be creative peoples!

For example, you could choose World Wildlife Federation as your charity - let's help endangered species get back on track! You might show your doll being smothered in a sea of panda goodness. Or maybe just feeding a baby panda. We recommend using a stuffed toy for that. China doesn't lend out baby pandas for doll photo shoots. We already asked.

But of course your charity can be anything. Curing cancer. The Hiefer Project. AIDS Awareness. UNICEF. Doctors without Borders. Animal Rescue. Juvenile diabetes research. Habitat for Humanity. Foodbanks. Natural disasters aid. Teach America. Sierra Club. Ronald McDonald House. The list is endless. If you don't already have a charity in mind - do some internet research, ask your friends and family for their suggestions. There are so many great causes out there to support.

Email us the photo at And include some info about the charity you chose to support and your ideas for the photo.

As a special bonus we will make donations to the two charities represented in the winning photographs from Activity Three. :-)

There will be two winners for Activity Three, just like One and Two.

Please enter! We appreciate your participation!

BIG P.S. We are leaving for LA soon and there will be a brief hiatus in posts.

Sorry about that! We were going to schedule some, but ran out of time. :-(

At least we announced the winners, right??? Haha.

So please stay tuned for more posts when we return!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last Day to Vote for Activity Two Pics!

Today is the last day to send in your votes for Activity Two pictures!

You can email the votes to or send them in as a comment to that post if you cannot email us.

Thank you for voting everyone!

We appreciate your participation!

p.s. Activity Three pics are due next Thursday, March 1st.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two of Our Past Giveaway Dolls
in Their New Homes!

Winners occasionally send us pics of the dolls we have sent them as prizes - which we heartily welcome - we love seeing the dolls in their new homes!

And sometimes, we actually remember to post them for y'alls to see!

First, here is Kanani (who was the 2011 Summer Photo Contest prize), posing with Jess - the star doll who "won" the contest. :-)

And second, here is #55, now Natalie - one of the prize dolls from the 2011 Fall/Winter Doll Giveaway. She is wearing a dress from Dancing with Needles and Kit's sweater. :-)

Thanks for the awesome pics winners!

If there is anyone else out there who wants to share photos here of items they have won through the blog - feel free to send them to! :-D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maple's Laboratory:
Gathering Supplies, Part One

So we have about a hundred thousand different things we could be posting about, but we can't do it all in one day. Pacing ourselves is necessary. :-/

Plus we wanted the Activity Two pics to sit at the top of the blog for awhile. They are wonderful entries - Vote for your favs on or before February 19th. (p.s. Activity Three Pics are due March 1st.)

Today we return to the topic of Maple's Laboratory, so this is Maple posting.
Bask in my glory.

We stopped in at Michael's craft store to pick up supplies for this project. We got a lot of things, so we'll split them into 4 different posts to do them justice. We kept the store receipt (or at least we think we did) so if you want to know how much an item cost, just ask us and we'll let you know (once we find the receipt, haha).

We purchased objects to decorate the lab furniture as well as accessories to go in the lab - hopefully that makes sense. If not, you'll figure it out as we go! Haha.

For this post, we'll show you the metal accoutrements we purchased to decorate/accent our lab and the tiny vials we found. We aren't going for a contemporary, sleek look - but rather an old-fashioned, Victorian look, with some steampunky bits thrown in.

Now we were thinking of just gluing gears on our masterpiece in various places for the aesthetic, but then we watched this video and figured we needed to up our game.

We certainly don't want to end up falling on our face, like Justin Bieber's holiday music video that attempted to harness the steampunk trend. While combining it with elves laying down some hip-hop and break-dance moves, tiny orphans defying child labor laws, and the steamy fog from Michael Jackson's Captain EO set or something. Oh yeah, and that Arthur Christmas animated movie is part of this as well.

Qua? I mean, they've actually managed to make Santa's Workshop look slightly disturbing.
Just look at Justin's vest. Yikes...

Most of what we bought is designed by Tim Holtz for scrapbookers/crafters. And we also have one thing from K&Company. There are a couple more things we are looking to get, but this was what was available in that store. These items are easily purchased online through Amazon and scrapbooking supply stores. But we wanted to see them in person to get an idea of scale. Nothing like your own two eyes to make sure you like the size of something. ;-)

First we have clock faces, empty plaques, and keyholes. We have already used the plaques (in a project that we'll show you soon). The clocks and keyholes still have to have their destiny mapped out in order to maximize their awesomeness. :-D

Clock faces range from 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" in diameter. Keyholes are generally 1 1/2" high and 1" wide. Rectangular plaques are 2" high  by 2 1/4" wide. The oval plaques are 2 3/4" high by  2 1/4" wide.

Then we have spinners (for the clocks), keys, and gears. We haven't used any of these yet - but again, we are plotting. Some of the keys are a bit large, but that probably won't stop us from using them somehow. They have flat-backs, fyi - so they can be glued down easily to a surface.

Spinners are sized for the clocks - so not very huge. The keys range from 1 5/8" to 3 1/2" and the gears range from 3/4" to 1".

And last but not least for today, the fantastic tiny glass vials from Tim Holtz. They are real glass, and they have real cork tops. They are amazing and we are trying to come up with ways to fill them with different substances that look legit. Flavia de Luce (one of our inspirations) has tons of glass jars full of different materials that were collected and purchased by her Great Uncle Tar de Luce. So we want a bunch of different things in our vials that she has in her lab. Then we'll have to figure out a way to make tiny, old-fashioned labels for our substances. :-D

The tallest vial is 3 inches high with cork, and the tiniest ones are 1 1/4" high with cork. 

We hope you have enjoyed this first look at some of the supplies we are gathering for our Laboratory Project.

Stay tuned for more posts soon!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Activity Two Pics!
Start Voting Now!

Sorry for not posting this sooner! Lots of little technical difficulties added up to a long delay with this post.

Here are all of the entries we received for Activity Two of the 2012 Grand Photo Contest! There are 64 in total - Thank you for entering everyone!

(63rd and 64th ones were added a couple hours after we posted this because they were missing)

The theme was Holiday/Celebration. Here is our explanation for the Activity Two theme:

"Show us your doll(s) celebrating and having some happy good times. Your pic can be related to a holiday - any holiday from throughout the year and throughout the world. If you want to show us a pic about Halloween, or Kwanzaa, or the Chinese New Year - go for it! Any holiday works! 

Or you can show us any type of celebration - like a birthday, quinceanera, graduation, wedding, etc. Show us what is special about the holiday or celebration you have chosen!"

The entries are wonderful - So be sure to vote for your favorites by emailing 

We won't use your email address in any way.

You can vote for more than one picture.
You can vote for yourself.

If you can't email us, feel free to vote by comment. 
Your commented vote will not be published.

One set of votes per person.

Please send in your votes within one week, so that is anytime 
on or before Sunday, February 19th. 

Let the peoples know that you liked their pic(s)!


If we missed an entry, messed up your caption, or there is something wrong with your pic, let us know asap.

p.p.s. Start thinking up what you'll do for your Activity Three "Being Charitable" photos -- those will be due March 1st, just to give y'alls a little extra time.

The entries... in no particular order....

Photo Number One

"One popular Victorian celebration was May Day.  People would dance around a May pole, then leave baskets of flowers on the doorknobs of their friends' and neighbors' houses.  In this picture, Nellie, Lily, and Emily are dancing around the May pole holding their cone-shaped May baskets of flowers."

Photo Number Two

"Who doesn't LOVE cake!!!!"

Photo Number Three

"I picked 4th of July - go red, white, and blue! Every Independence Day, we celebrate with a cook-out picnic with friends and family. I wanted to do this for my entry, so I went to work creating the scene and got creative. It's winter, right, so there's nothing around to remind you of July, there are no fireworks, and the parks and picnic spots are unusable. I kept thinking about what to do, and finally figured it out. I taped blue flannel fabric to my wall to make the sky, and cut out paper grass which I later taped to 'the sky'. I grabbed a red and white checked shirt that I got from the thrift store and folded it into the space to be the picnic blanket. I dressed Ruthie in her most patriotic outfit, and placed a thermos, sandwich, and apple right where I wanted them. I used a play-food plate for the sandwich, and left some crumbs on the 'blanket'. Then I realized that no picnic is complete without pesky ants! So I hopped onto the computer and printed of a whole bunch of ant templates, which I cut out and added to the scene. During the editing process I added a flag and fireworks, since I couldn't get my hands on either of those props in time (not that real fireworks would be a good idea inside, lol). And that's 4th of July! (PS. There is no sun!!! AGH!)"

Photo Number Four

This is Jordan (blond AGD) and Kat (red head Springfield Collections doll. Christmas is their favorite time of year and they love the snow, but they live in Los Angeles and do not get any snow. So they put fake snow up and start decorating.

Photo Number Five


The new years celebration is for celebrating the new year :D

(This is Kiana and Blake watching the Fireworks)

Photo Number Six

Katie loves delivering valentines to all of her friends. She also enjoys dressing up for the occasion!

Photo Number Seven

This picture my daughter took is of a "welcome to the family" celebration.
After Christmas she purchased MAG #44 (Nicole) and that is who Kit and Olivia
are welcoming to the family.  They are having a "first night in your new
home" sleepover! :)  They made a sign for her and are enjoying some popcorn,
drinks and snacks along with Coconut and Sugar.  Looks like Coconut really
wants that popcorn! Lol :)  I know this isn't an official holiday or
celebration but she wanted to do it this way.  It's also dark as to show
it's at night.

Photo Number Eight

"To celebrate Valentine's day, we make cheerful paper heart garlands and hang them on our windows!"

Photo Number Nine

"Julie celebrates easter with her dog."

Photo Number Ten

"While thinking of suitable holidays to use for their Round 2 photo, the girls decided Valentine's Day would be most appropriate considering it's just around the corner! So after many hours of preparation in outfits, locations, food, decoration, and many other subjects, they present to you their Valentine's Day party! Enjoy browsing! :)"

Photo Number Eleven

"This is Samantha and she is welcoming a new baby sister!"

Photo Number Twelve

"I know a lot of people will most likely be doing this one, but I love all the pink in Valentine's Day! I decided to set up a party scene and make it as realistic as I possibly could. I hung pink, white, and red balloons upside down to create a 'ceiling' if you will, and taped the ties to my actual ceiling. Below the balloons, I taped a group of hearts, to make the theme obvious. I spent half an hour covering the 'table' box in two pieces of fabric and pinning the ends out of sight in such a way that you couldn't really tell what was done. Then I set the table with the cups and saucers, and put my version of Bakerella's (a baking blog, and more) milkshake cupcakes (scaled down) onto the saucers as the dessert. I dressed Ruthie in her custom ladybug dress, and Addy in DolzDreamzzz'z (on Etsy) Shirts and Skirt and Interchangeable Headband Combo Outfit, using only the pink half. And then, ta-da! My masterpiece was done, and ready for entry! (PS. I totally "HEART IT"!!!)"

Photo Number Thirteen

Photo Number Fourteen

"Ashley-Rose is having a lovely time celebrating Easter! Spring is her favorite time of the year and she loves doing things outside! She is wearing her one of her cutest outfits and is ready to roll! Ashley-Rose is egg hunting and she has only one more egg to find."

Photo Number Fifteen

"A cute pic for Valentine's Day, each doll with a special valentine to celebrate!"

Photo Number Sixteen

"I decided to do a wedding for my Celebration. Here you see my doll Ruby as the bride. 
Cue the Organist!"

Photo Number Seventeen

"Jackie and Felicity finish their cupcakes at Jackie's birthday party. Jackie is thanking Felicity for coming."

Photo Number Eighteen

"Nicki and Chocolate Chip are enjoying Mardi Gras together, complete with kings cake!"

Photo Number Nineteen

"I chose birthday, and decided to make my photo seem to say party without showing a party scene. So I chose balloons, one doll, and a gift bag. I didn't have the ability to use helium, so I blew the balloons up myself. First, the balloons were scrubbed on top of my little sister's head to create electricity and then stuck to the wall for a little while before they fell down. Then I tried double stick tape, and boy, was that a nightmare too! But finally, I got them to stay, and they haven't come down yet. I used double stick tape again to make the balloons' ties stay in Nellie's hand; although they preferred to stick to mine. I dressed Nellie in the top, headband, and tie from DolzDreamzzz's (on Etsy) Butterflies & Blue Skies Outfit, and changed out the skirt with a pair of jeans. The bag was from Christmastime, but looked the most versatile out of what was available to me, so I picked it and stuffed it with Happy Birthday tissue paper. I would have preferred taking the picture outside in the sun and in the summer, but I did the best with what I had."

Photo Number Twenty

"Chinese New Year."

Photo Number Twenty-One

"It's Lanie's birthday! Rebecca, Kit, and Penelope decided to join her for this exciting event. Lanie is about to blow out the candle, and the girls are really excited. In front of the table are Lanie's many presents, which she can't wait to open!"

Photo Number Twenty-Two

"Happy Birthday Alyssa! Alyssa is celebrating her birthday, and she received a pink unicorn. She is so excited, it's just what she has been wanting."

Photo Number Twenty-Three

Below is a picture of Alyssa in a blue wedding dress.

Beside her is an open present , Yank (the dog), Cassie, her bridesmaid, and a beautiful white horse.

I chose the celebration of a wedding because it can be the happiest (and most stressful) day of your life!

Photo Number Twenty-Four

"Rebecca's favorite holiday is her
birthday because she gets to have a party with her friends, gets
treated like a princess AND gets cake. What could be better?"

Photo Number Twenty-Five

"It shows my dolls and their horse Jackson (wearing a santa hat) posing with their Christmas presents and it's supposed to be a Christmas card type photo."

Photo Number Twenty-Six

A very happy unbirthday to you! 
The Mad Hatter and Alice have been waiting for you to join their unbirthday Tea Party!
"Now, How about a nice cup of tea?"

Photo Number Twenty-Seven

"May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii"
On May Day it is a tradition to give a Lei to someone else by placing the floral necklace around their neck. May Day is a celebration of Ohana and the Aloha Spirit. 
Kanani is offering Jensen a Lei on May Day. Later they will be joining in the islands festivities such as hula, lei making and the Lei Queen Parade.

Photo Number Twenty-Eight

"Hi, I have chosen the Christmas Holiday, where its winter with snow. (:"

Photo Number Twenty-Nine

"Trick or treat," says Samantha and her friends.
 "Here's your candy whats your costumes?" says Mrs lady.
"I'm a fairy!" says Kailey. "I'm an Indian!" says Kaya.
"I'm a princess!" says Rebbecca. "And I'm a ballerina!" says Samantha.

Photo Number Thirty

"The girls at St. Therese Academy are really excited. That's not surprising: it's the last day of school!  Here, Melody and some of her friends chat in the courtyard."

Photo Number Thirty-One

"For my holiday themed photo, I thought why not make it a Roman Holiday! Samantha is dressed up as Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday and having a wonderful time pretending she is in Rome! Because any day can be a holiday, right? "

Photo Number Thirty-Two

"Dakota is convinced that every day is a holiday celebration when balloons are involved!" 

Photo Number Thirty-Three

6 Dolls....... 1 Golden Egg 

Easter is a special time of the year for us dolls. After we come home from church, our human hosts an egg hunt. See those silly colored Easter eggs? They don't matter- the only thing I can focus on is reaching the 1 and only golden egg. This part of the egg hunt is intense and in slow motion. Oh just a few steps away, I can literally hear the Halleluiah Chorus!

Photo Number Thirty-Four

"Josefina celebrates a happy Chinese New Year by wearing a lucky red dress and holding a dragon head such as that used in the traditional Dragon Dance.  She stands in front of a background of brocade silk and a wall-hanging of Chinese characters."

Photo Number Thirty-Five

"AnneMarie (Emily) is recycling at her school's Green Day celebration!"

Photo Number Thirty-Six

"This is a Thanksgiving celebration."

Photo Number Thirty-Seven

"My favorite holiday/celebration is Christmas. I L♥VE Christmas! My picture shows Felicity with her presents on Christmas morning, just before she opens them. There was no more Christmas wrapping paper available, so I got some polka dot paper from the dollar store, and wrapped my props. The boxes are only wrapped where you can see them, but they look complete - I already fooled my sisters with them, lol! I took three branches from our tree and placed them in my photo cubby, to create a Christmasy background, and dressed Felicity in a green nightgown that matches her eyes, the paper, and the branches really well. I couldn't decide on just one picture, so I did a collage. "

Photo Number Thirty-Eight

"Janie, Caitlin and Jess love to make homemade Valentines."

Photo Number Thirty-Nine

"I decided to do Halloween because I like all the spooky decorations.  I also love to go trick-or-treating.  In my picture, Kit went trick-or-treating as a black cat.  One of the treats that Kit wanted to get for Halloween was a ghost sucker.  Kit's first stop was Felicity's house.  When Kit came to Felicity's door, Felicity told Kit that she made them just for her and with love."

Photo Number Forty

"All the doll BFF's are having a Valentines Day party! Marie-Grace gets the honor of pulling the winning entry out of the raffle bag! Everyone is so excited! (Dolls shown are Kanani, Lanie, Nikki, and Marie-Grace)."

Photo Number Forty-One

"When Suzy walked into her living room her 3 best friends gave her an 11th birthday surprise celebration!"

Photo Number Forty-Two

Our dolls decided that they wished to enter with Halloween photos as that is ther favorite holiday. 
From left to right:
Beth is dressed as the Native American, Katie is the Medieval Princess, Andy is dressed as the puple Lego, and  Kendall is a Jedi Knight. The camera caught the group as they paused against the fence while trick-or-treating. We had a very warm Halloween this year on the Mid-Atlantic, so the boys were happier in shorts. Katie complained about her velvet being too warm.

Photo Number Forty-Three

"Lily Rose and Callie get ready for a Valentine's Day party!"

Photo Number Forty-Four

We decided to showcase a winter birthday celebration as we get awfully tired of American Girl only recognizing spring birthdays. For her 14th birthday on January 15, Maura decided on a small party in the local ice cream parlor. Her two closest friends sang 'Happy Birthday' as she pondered what exactly to wish for. "What about a new American Girl doll?" she thought, before realizing that that wish had already come true (see her new Ruthie doll in the bottom right corner?). "Oh, wait, I know what to wish for!" Maura thought excitedly. She made her wish and blew out her multi-colored candles one by one. What do you think she wished for? If I tell you, it might not come true! Anyway, a fun time was had by all three girls, and they are now anticipating the next birthday to celebrate.

Photo Number Forty-Five

"When I was littler, my favorite holiday that we celebrated in school was Valentine's Day.  I loved going to the store to pick out Valentines and candy for all my friends, and then putting them in everyone's mailboxes that they'd made earlier that week.  In this picture, Kit and Felicity are celebrating Valentine's Day at school.  Their class decorated the classroom with pretty hearts, and there are already a few Valentines in their mailboxes.  Kit made a special Valentine just for Felicity and was so excited about it, that she couldn't wait to get to school to give it to her."

Photo Number Forty-Six

"I chose Church for my Celebration because at my church, there is always singing and/or shouting, because it is wonderful that the Lord gave us his son to die on the cross.

     During Church, the preacher is preaching, Macy (MG) is listening to him, Cyela (Cecile) is shouting (in a good way), and Brittney is praying."

Photo Number Forty-Seven

"Charlie's favorite thing about Valentine's Day is surprising someone she loves with something special.  Hayden's favorite thing about Valentine's Day is CHOCOLATE!!!!" :)

Photo Number Forty-Eight

"The Crazy Doll Lady & Girls!!

All my nieces dolls, mine and Nana’s at the coast, I crocheted everyone swimsuits and we had a summer seaside celebration and picnic in our cabin on the ocean side. They threw their new beach balls up in the air and had tons of fun."

Photo Number Forty-Nine

"Susie and Natalie didn't want to do much for Valentines Day.  They just set up a few decorations, gave each other card, and enjoyed being together."

Photo Number Fifty

"Here is my doll Elizabeth setting up the Christmas Tree!"

Photo Number Fifty-One

"My girls spent all morning making cookies and valentines.
Here are some for you! We hope you like them!"

Photo Number Fifty-Two

"For Chinese New Year, Ivy, Julie and all the dolls from Sweet Pea Cove decided to celebrate by holding a parade complete with a long, red dragon. Ivy, having it be her idea, got to lead alongside her best friend Julie."

Photo Number Fifty-Three

"It's Valentine's Day and Charlotte(MYAG #55) is giving Rebecca a Red, Heart shaped Pillow."

Photo Number Fifty-Four

"Thanksgiving Feast!

Chrissa, Rebecca, and Millie celebrate Thanksgiving with delicious food!"

Photo Number Fifty-Five

Happy Saint Lucia Day!!
This is a tradition me and my family celebrate that is from Sweden!! The tradition is where the oldest daughter gets up early in the morning to make breakfast for her family and serves it to them in bed. When you go to present them with their meal you have to wear a white dress with a red sash around your waist and a wreath with candles lit. Since I am 13 I light 3 candles and next year on December 13 I will light 4 candles and yes it is real fire that is why you must be really careful! Saint Lucia day is every year on December 13, the story is a girl name Lucia got up on the 13th in Sweden on one early morning and made breakfast for all the elder ones in her village this was during the winter in north Sweden there they have harsh winters very cold! Lucia walked to every door presenting them food also walking around her village wearing the candles on her head. And that is why I celebrate this tradition with my family and my dolls.

Photo Number Fifty-Six

"I decided to combine holidays and have Emily dress up as a valentine for Halloween! Isn't Emily cute? I made the big red heart out of cardboard and the candy bag was a quick throw-together of purple fabric and an Altoids box. Happy Valentine's Day! :)"

Photo Number Fifty-Seven

"Molly and Rilla are having the time of their lives at one last winter ball. All the friendly people, glittering decorations, and glowing lights make for one wonderful night."

Photo Number Fifty-Eight

"Two ladies meeting at a Christmas party, while Kirsten prefers to sit, Josefina is intent on standing." 

Photo Number Fifty-Nine

Fiesta Fun

Dakota took a blind whack at the flower piñata that was stuffed full of candy. Sofia’s 14th birthday party sure was a lot of fun! She thought of the banner that read “FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS” and all of the delicacies that filled the large table. In an effort to burst open the piñata and shower all the girls with candy, Dakota took another smack at the hanging flower.

Photo Number Sixty

"Julie, Ivy, Delilah, and Birdie are celebrating Valentine's Day by decorating fun Valentine's!"

Photo Number Sixty-One

Ms. Elizabeth Melody Evans will soon be Mrs. Douglas...right before the ceremony, she pauses for one last reassuring look in the mirror: her mother's veil, and a dress hand-sewn by her sister..."It's perfect!" she sighs to herself as she lifts her bouquet and heads down the aisle for the biggest celebration of her life.

Photo Number Sixty-Two

"Cassie's Birthday Party"

Photo Number Sixty-Three

These are my dolls (Julie, Kaitlyn(MyAG), Chrissa, and Josefina) 
on a very exciting Christmas morning.

Photo Number Sixty-Four
Kanani makes valentines for her friends.

You've reached the bottom of this post! Huzzah!

Please vote on or before February 19th!

Email your vote to

Or if you can't send in an email, please comment below with your vote.

Thank You!
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