Saturday, November 30, 2013

AG Store Columbus Holiday Displays Continued

So we posted some pics of the Brocade Holiday Dress
on display at the AG Store in Columbus.

Maple said the dress made her comatose, or something along those lines.

Maple: "Zzzzzz."

But many people said that they really liked the dress in the comments.

We would have liked this dress more if it were in a trendy skater style.

So then we realized that we don't really like many of the MyAG modern AG dresses.
We have not bought any of these:

To us, the design of these dresses is marketed to a younger style/generation 
than what our dolls wear.

This is the only currently-available MyAG dress that we own:

Ironically, it has pink in it. But we love the dark color, the smocked bodice, 
and the simple sundress style.

You could wear it as a tunic over leggings or jeggings 
and it wouldn't be too busy.

This is Maple's Valentine's Day Goth Girl ensemble.

Anyway, the red holiday dress, the Sparkle Party Dress, is okay.
Maple says she might wear it.
But she isn't interested in it enough to buy it.
Again, to us it says "young girl" and we would really prefer a tween/teen look.

AG does a red dress every year for the holidays.
Which is all fine and good until you own a whole bunch of red dresses.
So we'd rather look on Etsy for holiday-worthy attire than buy yet another red AG holiday dress.

So here are the AG Store's displays with the Sparkle Party and Brocade Holiday Dress.

Who thought lime green would look good behind this???

Columbia hanging out with her peeps.

Are they stealing cookies???

Shoulda made your room backgrounds the same size as your store shelves AG...

Brocade dress washes out blonde dolls in our opinion....

Nothing like looking really uncomfortable on that piano bench....

Musical instruments on display.

Brocade dress without the shrug.

Red dress flower.

Click on any of these pics to see a larger version.

Stay tuned for more pics from the 
AG Store Columbus here at The DW!


Marisa AG said...

Personally, I don't care for the Brocade Dress, but I do like the Sparkle Party one.
Actually, I'm surprised you said that about some of the dresses. I actually own the Everyday Play Jumper, but I do think it is a little childish, it's still cute. The Butterfly twist and the Purple Plaid party Dress aren't too childish though...

Christina L said...

I think that the brocade dress is rather boring, and I don't like the shape of the red one. However, AG is targeted for younger folk. Many of the purchases in my Etsy shop are for 6-11 year-old girls, not teen/tween collectors. I'm sure AG gets more business from the younger side of doll-lovers, and they purposefully market towards them.

Becca said...

Thank you for doing all of these store updates! I love your commentary lol

Melody Silverleaf said...

The brocade dress is my favorite of the two this year. It seems to have the more Tween styling to it than the red dress.But agree that it would washout my blonde dolls.

In the past few years, AG's holiday dresses have been red or blue and silver. It seems they have forgotten there are other colors and shades available to the season. I still kick myself for not buying the Garnet dress and accessories in the early 2000s.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you do a christmas design contest where we make the outfit? THAT WOULD BE SOOOOO FUN!!! Also it should be unlimited entries :)I love your blog! what camera do you use because your pictures are amazing! :)

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