Saturday, February 22, 2014

Meet Isabelle!

Hola! Sorry long time no postiness!

We'll be announcing the winner of the gift card giveaway soon.

And we'll be starting up the first of 
3 Fashion Design Challenges for this year.

But for today, we show you our new Isabelle!

We traversed down to AG Easton with the Commander of the Pippaloo kitchens 
yesterday and purchased Isabelle in person.

The doll we got has slightly quirky eyebrows, but she spoke to us -- so we went with her. 
She looks like she is saying "Really?" in a sarcastic way to someone.

Columbia: "I plan on going to the 2018 Winter Olympics 
as a professional curler!"

Isabelle: "Really?"

Her meet outfit is cute. 
But we wouldn't have put silverish-gray pants with gold shoes.

And also, we feel the combo of the pants and 
the shirt make her hips look really wide.

We are going to change up her meet outfitto and 
hopefully find a set-up that doesn't make her look 
like she is carrying a wide load....

So her hair is a nice light honey-blonde tone.

The wig attachment is barely visible.
So, yeah.
Feels a bit pointless.

Her meet hairstyle was a good idea, but it adds weird bumps.
So, yeah.
Woulda done it a bit diffy.

Gold shoes are a cute style.
They should make more of these in different colors, sold separately.

The slight heel makes it a bit more difficult 
to stand her up on her own.
Just fyi.

The pants are okay.
A bizarre cross between pants and sweatpants.
We aren't big fans of the tough, scratchy material.

Shirt is a pretty color.
We would have designed it with the graphic a bit more to the side.
And with a different neckline.

As we said before, Isabelle feels like a not!Lanie to us,

So we will probably experiment with some customization 
on Isabelle to make her stand out a bit. 

We already have Lanie, 
and many other hazel-eyed classic face mold dolls. 

Might as well have some fun. ;-)


Claire M. said...

OHMYGOODNESS Columbia is so pretty.

Lynne Thompson said...

Glad to see you up and running again. Hope all is well as you deal with your sorrow. I have missed your blogs and have been thinking about you.

Nora and Maple said...

Thanks Lynne! We have our ups and downs -- but we try to seize the dolly-blogging vibes when we can, haha. Getting a new doll always helps us feel inspired.

And comments like yours also tell us we aren't talking to ourselves out here, haha. It's wonderful to know you guys want to read our posts. It pushes us to make them! :-)

Karen said...

Love your girl's brows! That's a look I see too often from real girls of my own! The shoes are fab, but I do agree the pants are a bit odd. Maybe they were thinking of silver and gold for the Olympics?
Karen in PA

Melody Silverleaf said...

Before seeing Isabelle I agreed that her coloring and design seemed very close to Lanie. However, with the Dolly Dorm Diaries pre-release photo story and all the post release reveals I no longer think so. Her face (even if it is the same mold) looks different, her eyes are not as bright, and her hair is a much different shade than Lanie's.
I do agree that I do not like mixing grey and gold me grey goes with silver or hematite or gunmetal. I have a feeling Isabelle has a very eclectic style and likes to push the limits.
Definitely looking forward to your re-designed meet outfit.

Char (DollDiaries) said...

Glad to see you back and always love hearing your "take" on things!

Your Isabelle does have an interesting expression on her face. The first thing we did when we got Isabelle home was take her hair out of her meet style.

Nora and Maple said...

We're trying to get back in da Bloggin' Groove, haha.

Yeah, Izzy's hair was quickly taken out of her meet style once these pics were taken! It was not to our taste at all.

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