Sunday, February 23, 2014

Not Just Dancewear: Isabelle's Tutu

Hola! Another quick post from us in our "Not Just Dancewear" Series, 
where we show Isabelle's items mixed and matched 
with a variety of pieces from our collection. 

The goal of the series is to show that Isabelle's 
pieces can be used for everyday wear.

Today we have Liv, aka Marie-Grace, wearing Isabelle's Tutu.

Now a tutu is inherently a dancie item, 
so it can be difficult to make it into everyday attire. 

However, tutu skirts are actually "a thing" for fashion.
And not just for 2 yr olds.
Or costumes.

The fashion blog, imperfect wonder had a post about them on Jan. 6th.

Lady Moriarty in Paris, another great fashion blog.

And from Cocorosa! Lots of great outfit posts.

Along with skater and scuba skirts and dresses, 
the tutu is a fun and flirty piece to add to any wardrobe.

We thought we did okay with the Isabelle Performance Outfit skirt here...

So we plowed forward with another tutu outfit.

Often people combine more flirty items with a tutu skirt -- 
bustiers, things with lace, ribbons, bows, tulle-accented hairpieces, etc. 
Or they go with professional items like blazers, button-down shirts, full sweaters.

We decided to embrace the idea of a warm, fuzzy feeling outfit.

Nothing says warm like waffle-weave thermals and a polar-fleece vest. ;-)

Liv's top and vest are from the ye olde American Girl Wilderness Outfit.

Don't ask us about those pants.
I think we lost them on purpose.

Her snowflake hairpiece is something we made ourselves 
out of a Crate and Barrel felt snowflake garland and a hairclip.

Her leggings are from an Arianna Collection
My Pink Planet doll outfit via Amazon.
Called "Tween Delight." Which is a horrid name.
The jacket and top are un-usable, i.e. bad.

But the outfit gave us these nice leggings and 
the skirt we used with the Rosette Leotard here...

Liv's booties are from the even ye older 
American Girl of Today Snowball Sweater and Leggings Outfit.

Before there were even computers!
Okay, there were computers, just not the internet shopping paradise 
we know and love today.

We saw them on the Clarisse's Closet blog, 
and decided to get them for ourselves.

Obviously the rest of the original outfit should really just be burned, 
so lucky for us someone on Ebay was just selling the booties.

The Isabelle tutu itself is many lovely layers of tulle, 
with a combination of cream and gold colors.

It really just made us think of a lovely bowl of warm oatmeal.
So that is sorta what we themed this outfit around, haha.

Maybe we were just hungry...

We hoped you liked this outfit!
Stay tuned for more posts in our "Not Just Dancewear" series!


Claire M. said...

Nice outfit! Ugh, I agree, that outfit should be burned but I like the boots.

misspiggy=awesome said...

The jacket from the Arianna's outfit is an ATROCITY. I am a "tween" per se and I would never in a zillion years be caught wearing that! What were they thinking?
But the outfit you put together is really nice! I love it!

Ivy Ling said...

I love this series- and your blog! These pieces can be so hard to style, and I love your suggestions. Keep posting!

My blog:

Melody Silverleaf said...

Love this outfit combination! The tutu looks great with the other pieces. Funky, cozy, and casual. Thank you!

Cathy Waskewicz said...

Love your many great ideas bout outfit combos!!! Check out my blog and etsy shop

Marble Lestrange said...

Woah! I LOVE your photography skills! How did you straighten Marie-Grace/Liv's hair?

Nora and Maple said...

Thank you for the photography compliment Marble! We used a combination of boiling water and a flat-iron to straighten M-G's hairs. Also we pulled out her pincurls.

We did a series of posts on the process, this is Part Four:

the real Izzy GOTY said...

Although I haven't yet caught on to do doing the dancewear thing with real clothes (you make it look too easy), I am loving the ideas and moving some clothes around to achieve the perfect looks. More, more!! The improved M-G/Liv is shockingly stunning. I have used the funky leggings in daylight hours with hightop sneakers and an infinity scarf used as a belt with a heart clip. It goes well with my dance company jacket. I'll need a tutorial when I am left with all these clothes and my reign will come to an end. sigh.

Marisa AG said...

Hello there! You have been nominated for the Liebster Award on my blog! Congrats on having a wonderful blog!
Visit my blog to claim your award. :)


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