Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Not Just Dancewear:
Isabelle's Funky Leggings
aka Isabelle's New Meet Outfit

Hola! Here is Isabelle's new meet outfit.

Her original attire did not really suit her personality, so we changed it up -- 
incorporating her Funky Leggings.
So it also fits into our "Not Just Dancewear" series.

We also added burgundy acrylic paint as eyeshadow above her eyes.

The top is from Etsy's Made by MoMo Couture.
Skirt by See Joan Sew.
And boots are from Ruby Red Galleria.

RRG used to carry 18" doll outfits, 
but they don't seem to have any right now.

We don't lurve the word "funky" -- 
but that is more of our Isabelle's personality.
She is an older teen.
Edgy. Likes dark colors.
Skulls, bones, and swords are all good.
Wears makeup. Kind of a punk. ;-)

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N said...

It took me a while to see the burgundy paint, but once I zoomed it it looked really neat. My one minor complaint about the ensemble - while the shoes are neat, they kinda obscure the little studs on the leggings that work pretty well with her more edgy persona, so maybe lower shoes would work a little better? (I'm thinking of the Doc Marten style shoes in the 1999 American Girl Blue Jeans Basics outfit, though I don't know what you've got.) Overall, though, Isabelle looks fantastic, and I look forward to seeing more of the Not Just Dancewear series!

Meghan said...


Melody Silverleaf said...

While I'm not fond of the top (I just can't seem to embrace mixing stripes with other patterns, but that is my own peculiarity) I love the new meet outfit. The boots are awesome, the tights work perfectly under the skirt.

misspiggy=awesome said...

I love her new look! Would you recommend Isabelle?

Anonymous said...

I think that outfit does fit her better. I like it! Except the boots are a little too big for my liking.

Nora and Maple said...

misspiggy=awesome -- We would recommend Isabelle, but only if you don't already have a blonde-haired classic mold doll in your doll family. :-)

She is sorta redundant in our collection. Which is why we gave her eyeshadow. ;-)

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