Friday, April 11, 2014

What is a Meet Outfit?

Today we will attempt to answer the question: 
What is a Meet Outfit?

This is for the...
Spring 2014 Fashion Design Challenge

Because we wanted everyone to create a Meet Outfit for this challenge. :-)

(Entries are due May 15th.)

So the simple answer is: 
A Meet Outfit is the outfit that the doll comes in 
from the store when you first purchase her.

For example, this is Isabelle's Meet Outfit:

And these are her Meet Accessories:

They say something about her interests and personality, 
as well as provide covering for her lady parts.
So that they aren't selling you a nude doll. ;-)

We can tell which colors Isabelle likes to wear. 
And that she has a thing for ballet.
How she likes to wear her hair.
If she is a trendy or more classic dresser.

What are the items she uses everyday?

Does she need glasses?
What kind of bag does she have?
Does she prefer pants over skirts/dresses?
Does she go commando?

 Does she like bling?

The AG historical dolls also have Meet Outfits and Accessories.

They tell us about their ethnicity, their time period, even their location.
As well as their style.
Their fav colors.
Their most precious possessions, etc.

And of course there are the MyAG Meet Outfits and Accessories.

Which is meant to be everyday attire for the average tween.

So what is a Meet Outfit?

It is whatever you want it to be.
For instance, my Meet Outfit might be my bunny costume.

It is what I am comfortable in.
It says the most about who I am.

So for the Fashion Design Challenge pick one of your dolls, 
a specific character 
and figure out what his/her Meet Outfit should be. :-)

Feel free to revise any American Girl Meet Outfit 
that you would have done differently.

And you can use outside characters, like Katniss Everspleen, 
or even a character of your own invention.

Any questions???

Feel free to ask us!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! I'm entering the contest and I think I had a good outfit but I wasn't sure and you answered all my questions! *Pant* I should really try using commas! :)

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