Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spring FDC Voting Ends Today!!!
Please Vote for Your Favs!!!

Voting Ends Today! June 11th, 2014.

Please vote for an entry by commenting on it directly or 
emailing us at

Vote for Entry #__, by writing -- "I vote for Entry #__."

A comment on an entry, such as "I like this!" won't count as a vote. 
You have to say you are voting for it, or we won't know you are. ;-)

We recommend voting for one newbie entry, 
one intermediate, and one pro, at least.


If you have already voted for an entry or multiple entries, that is okay.

Vote comments will be published starting today, 
so you will be able to see what you have voted for.

Only one vote per entry per person.
So a second vote won't count.

You can tell people about your entry and advertise it.
Feel free to blog, tweet, etc. about it.


Entries will be ranked according to # of votes after June 11th.

The top 50% will be judged to determine the 3 winners.


Each entry has been labeled with a tag "Newbie," "Intermediate," or "Pro." 

The label links can be found in the right-side menu 
if you want to see only the Newbie posts, or only the Pro posts, etc.

The posts are not in any particular order -- sorry about that -- 
but that was for expediency's sake.

Thank you for entering and voting peeps!!!


Anonymous said...

Just curious - how will you know when "anonymous" votes are not duplicates? I've noticed a lot of duplicate and even triplicate votes with names attached so I imagine the same error has been committed by anonymous voters as well...

Nora and Maple said...

They have markers that we can see from this end. :-)

Jeneca Rose said...

Uh uoh. I had my grandma + my mom vote from my iPad! where I voted as well. Oops!

Ann Van Doren said...

My aunt and my cousin also voted from my IPad. Maybe for future challenges, names should be included in order for votes to count? Besides, I'd like to know who has voted for me, especially if they're strangers, because I feel these are the most unbiased judges of my work. :)

Shelby-Grace said...

I loved everyone's projects this year, they were great! Good luck to everyone :) By the way, when will the winners be announced?

Nora and Maple said...

Da winners will be announced this week or the beginning of next week. Stay tuned friends!!!

Deonne Gray said...

When will you announce the summer contest? So excited!

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