Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring FDC Voting Begins!!!

Voting has officially opened for the Spring Fashion Design Challenge Entries!

Voting Starts Today! -- On May 28th, 2014.

Voting Ends June 11th, 2014.

Please vote for an entry by commenting on it directly or 
emailing us at

Vote for Entry #__, by writing -- "I vote for Entry #__."

A comment on an entry, such as "I like this!" won't count as a vote. 
You have to say you are voting for it, or we won't know you are. ;-)

We recommend voting for one newbie entry, 
one intermediate, and one pro, at least.


If you have already voted for an entry or multiple entries, that is okay.

Vote comments will be published starting today, 
so you will be able to see what you have voted for.

Only one vote per entry per person.
So a second vote won't count.

You can tell people about your entry and advertise it.
Feel free to blog, tweet, etc. about it.


Entries will be ranked according to # of votes after June 11th.

The top 50% will be judged to determine the 3 winners.


Each entry has been labeled with a tag "Newbie," "Intermediate," or "Pro." 

The label links can be found in the right-side menu 
if you want to see only the Newbie posts, or only the Pro posts, etc.

The posts are not in any particular order -- sorry about that -- 
but that was for expediency's sake.

Many people chose one category for their entry -- but we put them in another. 

So you might see your category and say "What???"

Sometimes the complexity of an outfit and 
the skill level of the entrant demanded a different categorization.


Please email us at if there is 
something wrong with your entry post or if your entry is not there.

Thank you for entering peeps!!!


Anonymous said...

For newbie, I vote #9
For intermediate, I vote #13
For pro, I vote #7


Anonymous said...

Are you allowed to vote once for yourself?

Carol said...

Hi, I have been thinking about an open letter to the "Newbies". As a veteran seamstress who started sewing at the age of 9, I would suggest the use of patterns to begin a sewing adventure and anable the establishing of good practices. I have been astonished by the calliber of 18" pattern makers and the detail that many of them include in their patterns. The instruction, tips and tricks are priceless and lay a wonderful foundation for the basics of sewing. They also include detailed photos which is an added bonus. I would add that most are downloadable PDFs and very inexpensive.

Nora and Maple said...

Yes -- you are allowed to vote for yourself once. :-)

Evan Brass said...

I vote for # 38

Anonymous said...

I vote for #38 from Mackenzie designs

Melody Silverleaf said...

I am so very glad you allow us to vote on more than one entry. I am amazed by each entry I see.

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