Friday, May 9, 2014

Seven More Days! FDC Entries Due May 15th!

Hi there peeps!

So the Spring FDC Entries are due on May 15th -- Next Thursday!

We have about a dozen entries right now -- 
so the chances of winning are pretty high!

Each entry will be placed into one of three categories: 
Newbie, Intermediate, and Pro.

Each category will have a winner!
So three winners!

The winners will received an AG Gift Card for $60!

To read more about this contest go here: 

Thank you for entering friends!!!


Charlotte said...

I just sent my entry- just wondering if you got it? It's the one with the picture numbers in the brackets and the 20+ pictures!

Nora and Maple said...

Charlotte -- We are going through the emails tomorrow and letting people know what we got. So stay tuned!

Charlotte said...

Okay, thanks! I got your email - nice to know you got it!

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