Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring FDC Entries Update

It's taking a little bit more time to get everything ready for the Spring FDC entry posts -- but our plan is to have them all up by Saturday. So stay tuned!

ETA: Okay, Monday now. Too many pics to upload, haha.

7 more entries to post -- but we need some sleep sleeps first.

We'll post here when all of the FDC posts are up.


Jeneca Rose said...

Hehe, I wish I could help you post them. I was just thinking, "she needs help" yesterday XD

Carol said...

Yay, because mine isnt' up there yet.
Just a suggestion for the future: it would be nice to have the "Newbie", "Intermediate" and "Pro" categories separated so as to compare Like with Like more easily. I found I need to make a page for each and take notes.
That aside, I am amazed with the complexity of the job you are doing and that you would volunteer to do it more than once. Ha! But thanks for the challenge. It has been fun.

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