Monday, August 11, 2014

Camera-Phone Experimentation:
Grey Dress

Camera-phone experimentation continues today!

Saige is wearing a dress from Etsy's Valorie of the Dolls.

The pattern comes from Bonjour Teaspoon and is available through
Liberty Jane's Pixie Faire.

It has been accented by a human headband from Urban Outfitters,
which we put around the waistline.

Another San-X item appears!
A Kutusita Nyanko mini bean bag plush.
(Also sometimes spelled Kutsushita, which is more accurate.)

Available for purchase here:

Nothing like getting lost in the grass on a warm summer day...

And nothing like dropping the phone in the grass on a warm summer day...

Thanks for visiting us today!


The July 2014 photography contest entries 

will be published here soon.

Read about that contest here:

Entries were due yesterday, August 1st.

Please enter our Summer Fashion Design Challenge!!!

We have very few entries so far --

so please enter!

Entries due August 15th.

Outfit theme is "Learning" or "School."


Anonymous said...

What time on August 15th do the entries need to be sent in?

Thanks for your time and this FABULOUS contest!


Nora and Maple said...

Any time on Aug 15th. :-)

The Saltys said...

We're entering you outfit design contest for the first time - and we are so excited! Good luck, everyone!

Kylie G. said...

I am working on my outfit! I'm very nervous on how it turns out! And how many people will vote for me��

Melody Silverleaf said...

Great dress and shoot.

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