Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer FDC Reminder:
Entries Due Aug. 15th

Our Summer Fashion Design Challenge:

Entries due August 15th!!!

There are only a handful of entries -- so the chances of winning are very high!

Incredibly high even!

p.s. July 2014 Photo Contest entries are being worked on now -- 
stay tuned, it takes awhile to upload the pics and 4 ty-pee'ing in da words. :-)


Christian Homeschooler said...

I have a question about the Fashion Design Challenge.
1. If I use a non-AG doll that is 18", will that decrease my chances of winning?

Anonymous said...

Do you think you will have the photo contest entries up by tomorrow?!!!!!

Christian Homeschooler said...

I have more questions about the Fashion Design Challenge:
Should I send one email with ALL my photos and text, or split it up into three, for each step?
Also, should I attach the photos to the email, or insert them into the text of the email? Please reply soon!
~Christian Homeschooler

Nora and Maple said...

If you use a non-AG doll, it will not decrease your chances of winning. The quality of the outfit is what counts. :-)

You can send one email or multiple emails. Many people have to send multiple emails because they can't attach all the pics to one.

So that is up to you.

Attaching them to the email works best for us. :-)

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