Friday, July 8, 2016

AGIG Stylebook: AGinMe

We're back with another rousing good time browsing 
through AG outfits and stylings on Instagram.

Today's account for our Stylebook is:


AGinMe has about a billion pics up on IG,
so again I just tried to look for images with complete outfits, 
or almost complete outfits in zee pics.

That way people who are looking for style inspiration 
have more complete outfits to work from.

She has a variety of dolls, poses, backgrounds, and hairstyles.

And she doesn't just stick with one angle or point of view 
when photographing zee dolls.

I have some of the pieces she has in her doll wardrobe, 
but I want other items she has, haha.

She has a lot of staple items that mix and match well together.

Thank you for visiting us today!!!

Please visit the AGinMe Instagram account and follow her today!


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1 comment:

Melody Silverleaf said...

I love the one with the dog.

Is the red-haired model Saige?

We were tagged for a fun survey and are now tagging you with “The Text Tag.” Check out our Humble Beginnings post later today for details.:)

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