Monday, July 4, 2016

AGIG Stylebook: AGkameo

Come on and follow me into a look at Instagram's AGkameo!


I had a really difficult time choosing pics, 
so I just went with a lot of the ones that are full outfit images.

AGkameo has a lot of very stylish outfits and hairstyles for her dolls.

And she takes beautiful pics!!!

I sometimes feel weird posting so many pics, haha.

But then I think - well, if they take down their Instagram one day - 
at least we'll still have these pics.

That's the problem with being a historian.
I want to save everything.

Thanks for visiting us today!!!

And please go follow AGkameo on Instagram:

p.s. Happy Fourth of July, Americanos. ;-)

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Lydia Louise said...

I love AGKAMEO so much!!!!!! Her photos are so gorgeous!! Haha I want to save everything as well >.< It's so bad 😂
Lydia's Dolls

Melody Silverleaf said...

Super photos! I was going to make a list of favorites, but then I couldn't choose. All are so well done. I think I have the same scarf that was used in the boho photo (#5).

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